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The Best Notable Quotables of 1988:

Reagan Record

Don Regan: "What's the bottom line of the Reagan Administration? It's a great record."
Lesley Stahl: "Bottom line. Largest deficits in history. Largest debtor nation. Can't afford to fix the housing emergency." 
-- Exchange on Face the Nation, May 15.

"I think it's a dangerous failure at least in terms of programs. A mess in Central America, neglect of the poor, corruption in government....And the worst legacy of all, the budget deficit, the impoverishment of our children." 
-- U.S. News & World Report Editor Roger Rosenblatt during CBS News GOP Convention coverage.



"The nation's unemployment rate fell a tenth of one percent in March to 5.6 percent. That's the lowest it's been since May of 1979. But this low unemployment rate is not entirely good news. Fewer people are looking for work." 
-- Connie Chung on the April 1 NBC Nightly News.

"Unemployment in America in April was the lowest it's been in fourteen years, 5.4 percent. That, coupled with other encouraging signs in the economy, is obviously good news but, you guessed it, it may mean bad news in the form of higher inflation." 
-- Tom Brokaw opening the NBC Nightly News, May 6.

"Inflation rate dips slightly in May" 
-- Washington Times, June 22

"Consumer Prices Up Slightly During May" 
-- Washington Post, same day

"Greenspan Sees Stable Rates" 
-- New York Times, July 14

"Greenspan Signals Higher Interest Rates" 
-- Wall Street Journal, same day

"Greenspan Warns of Inflation" 
-- Washington Post, same day

"Greenspan expects growth, low inflation" 
-- Baltimore Sun, same day

-- Reprinted from The New Republic



"And, so we choose Betty Friedan because she had the ability and the sensitivity to articulate the needs of women, which means that she did us all a favor." 
-- Peter Jennings on ABC's February 19 Person of the Week.





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