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The Best Notable Quotables of 1988:
Best Notable Quotables of Campaign '88

Sam Donaldson

"You'd better be glad I'm leaving the White House beat in November, because if Bush gets elected, I'd savage him." 
-- ABC White House correspondent Sam Donaldson, at the Republican Convention, quoted in Newsweek's "Overheard" column, August 29.


The Primaries

"When he entered the race nearly a year ago he had the courage to say that as President he would probably have to raise taxes. And he never recovered from his courage." 
-- ABC's Peter Jennings on Babbitt's withdrawal from the race, World News Tonight, February 18.

"Jesse Jackson toured Chicago and brought tears and excitement wherever he went. Watch him as he walks to the Robert Taylor project, home of some of this city's poorest people. They gave him what they had, they gave him love. This week Jackson has been king. Greeted like a rock star, in a campaign more emotional, perhaps, than Robert Kennedy's in 1968." 
-- Reporter Bruce Morton, CBS Evening News, March 15.

"Dukakis is a centrist." 
-- Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Scheer on The McLaughlin Group, weekend of June 11.

"Dukakis would junk SDI, MX missiles" 
-- Washington Times, June 15

"Dukakis Adopts Centrist Stance: On National Security Policy, He Seeks to Reassure Establishment" 
-- Washington Post, on same speech, next day

"George Bush wants to convince voters that Michael Dukakis is a big spender who will raise taxes, coddle criminals, and disarm America. In other words, a 'liberal.' But does the dreaded 'L' word stick to Dukakis? Probably not." 
-- Newsweek table of contents summary of lead story in the July 4 issue.

"Not only is the campaign getting stale, it's getting a little gruesome, and Dukakis may be sending the wrong message. He may be convincing voters the issue is: 'Do you vote for Bush and hope he lives, or Dukakis and hope he doesn't?'" 
-- CNN political analyst Frederick Allen, October 11.

"Obviously, I am for Dukakis." 
-- Convicted murderer Willie Horton in USA Today, October 19.


Democratic National Convention

"Jesse Jackson succeeded in conducting a brilliant presidential campaign in which he enlisted white support as well as black support...and conducted a mainstream campaign." 
-- Walter Cronkite, July 20.

"He [Jackson] has become here, a kind of new, he's acquired a new status. He's almost like Hubert Humphrey was, a sort of conscience of the country." 
-- Eric Sevareid during CBS News coverage, July 20.

"Nobody almost is an old-fashioned liberal anymore in a sense of 'let's throw some money at a problem.'" 
-- Reporter Bruce Morton on CBS, July 19.

"Today's Jane Pauley, perky as ever on her Wednesday morning broadcast, has resilience. She arose for work at 4 a.m., as usual, after having stayed up until the wee hours. The compelling draw to keep her out late Tuesday night? Visiting the convention. 'I'm a Jesse fan,' she says." 
-- USA Today, July 21.















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