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The Best Notable Quotables of 1992:

The Linda Ellerbee Awards
For Distinguished Reporting

Clinton Camelot Award

First Place

"While George Bush -- all whiteness -- talks about `family values,' the Clintons demonstrate them by confessing to adultery."
-- Former Washington Post reporter Sidney Blumenthal in The New Republic, Feb. 17.

"I must say I was struck by the expanse of their chests. They may have to put out their stats."
-- Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on Clinton and Gore, CNN's Inside Politics, July 10.

"It would have been outrageous if he [Clinton] had been done in by the draft thing because that was a bum rap. The word `draft dodging' does not belong in any sentence with Bill Clinton's name in it."
-- Time Editor-at-Large (and Clinton friend) Strobe Talbott, March 7 Inside Washington.

"When they appear with their wives, Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore, they look like two suburban couples, perhaps old college friends, out on the town for a good time. And whether they are playing miniature golf with their wives, tossing a football around or gleefully backslapping each other at campaign rallies, the images and the message are always the same: Youth, vigor, energy. And change."
-- Washington Post reporter Edward Walsh, July 23.


The I Am Woman Award
(for Hillary Rodham Hero Worshipping)

First Place

"When you hear yourself held up, as you were at the Republican convention, some people have used the word `demonized,' does it make you hurt or make you mad?....What was the worst thing you've heard said about you?....Alright, what was the grossest distortion of your record?"
-- Jane Pauley's questions to Hillary Clinton, September 8 Dateline NBC.

"You might think Hillary Clinton was running for President. Granted, she is a remarkable woman. The first student commencement speaker at Wellesley, part of the first large wave of women to go to law school, a prominent partner in a major law firm, rated one of the top 100 lawyers in the country -- there is no doubt that she is her husband's professional and intellectual equal. But is this reason to turn her into `Willary Horton' for the '92 campaign, making her an emblem of all that is wrong with family values, working mothers, and modern women in general?"
-- Beginning of Time cover story by Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Margaret Carlson, September 14 issue.

"Do you think the American people are not ready for someone who is as accomplished and career-oriented as Hillary Clinton?"
-- Today co-host Katie Couric interviewing Hillary Clinton, August 24.


The Henry Luce Would Roll
Over in His Grave Award

First Place

"During the darkest days of the tax battle, did you have the urge to tell the state residents `Oh, grow up?'"
-- Time reporter David Ellis interviewing Connecticut's tax-hiking Governor Lowell Weicker, April 13 issue.


"Put an international tax on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases....Find a way to put the brakes on the world's spiraling population, which will otherwise double by the year 2050....Give the United Nations broad powers to create an environmental police force for the planet."
-- Time list of "What They Should Do But Won't" at the United Nations "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, June 1.

"Increase taxes on gasoline and other fuels. This would help finance cuts in other taxes -- each penny-per-gallon increase in the gas tax would generate $1 billion in new revenues -- and would also encourage energy conservation, cut down pollution and traffic congestion, and reduce the U.S. trade deficit. A good start would be an increase of 25 cents per gal. -- less than the amount by which prices rose during the Gulf War -- with further increases of five cents a year."
-- Time suggestion for a tax package, Dec 9, 1991.



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