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January 28, 1998
Keith Appell/Bill Cimino (703)-683-5004

Bozell Identifies Leader of Vast Anti-Clinton,
Right-Wing Conspiracy
Media Need To Look No Further Than Jay Leno

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- Media Research Center Chairman Brent Bozell has identified the leader of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" bent on destroying President Clinton.

Jay Leno"There is no longer any need for the national media to take up Hillary Clinton’s clarion call to search and find the leader of this ruthless cabal," Bozell declared. "Tonight Show host Jay Leno is our leader and he is behind the right-wing conspiracy."

Today, Bozell released a list of Leno’s relentless rumor mongering that has the Clinton presidency teetering on the edge.


The Leno Log

"Al Gore is now just an orgasm away from the presidency" (1/21/1998).

"I don’t want to imply President Clinton is getting a lot of sex on the side, but today Pamela and Tommy Lee asked to see his movie" (1/21/1998).

"What’s it gonna be like … twenty-five years from now, when they’re giving tours of the White House? ‘This is the Lincoln Bedroom here, and this is FDR’s study, and this room [is] Clinton’s Booty Palace’" (1/22/1998).

"We shouldn’t assume President Clinton is guilty. We all thought Richard Jewell was guilty, and then we were wrong about him. Can you really compare Richard Jewell to President Clinton, though? I mean, one’s a big, southern doofus, the other’s a wealthy, respected former security guard" (1/22/1998).



Jay Leno"Clinton says he wants to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The problem is, to Clinton, those are three different things" (1/23/1998).

"Mike McCurry … said today the President denies ever having an affair with this woman and he is going about his normal daily routine. Denying having an affair with a woman pretty much is Clinton’s normal daily routine" (1/23/1998).

"Friends of President Clinton say they have finally decided on a site for the Clinton presidential library. It’s gonna be here in California: Roy’s Adult Book Store in Pacoima" (1/25/1998).

"The Super Bowl … was so exciting. Bill Clinton jumped right up and knocked the intern off his lap" (1/26/1998).

"Insiders say the President is saddened and depressed over this scandal. In fact, he was so down today, he canceled his nooner" (1/26/1998).

"I don’t want to say that President Clinton is in big trouble … but today, his buddy Vernon Jordan was seen sitting in front of the White House in a white Bronco with a fake beard and $10,000 in cash" (1/26/1998).

"Do you realize, Roger Clinton is now the one going, ‘What’d my idiot brother do now?’" (1/26/1998).

"Remember … when Clinton was telling young people they should wait to have sex? Now we know who he wanted them to wait for: him" (1/27/1998).

"This was the first State of the Union speech that was simulcast on the Spice Channel" (1/27/1998).

"Last year, at the State of the Union, [Clinton] had to compete with [the] O.J. Simpson [civil verdict]. Now, he’s competing against himself. … He’s always up against a lying golfer known for attacking women and leaving DNA behind" (1/27/1998).

"Today on ‘Sesame Street,’ they named a new character after President Clinton: the Nooky Monster" (1/27/1998).

"Jay Leno’s relentless attacks on President Clinton, night after night on national television, make him the chief suspect as the leader of Mrs. Clinton’s ‘vast right-wing conspiracy.’ There is no one person in this country inflicting more damage upon the image and legacy of Bill Clinton than Jay Leno. Unless, of course, you count Bill Clinton," Bozell said.


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