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August 13, 1998

On The Eve Of His Grand Jury Testimony:

Top Five Clinton Lies for the Media to Ponder

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- As media prepare to cover the pivotal event of the President's testimony, the public should receive the story in its fullest context: how can the President be trusted given his terrible record for telling the truth? The Media Research Center presents the Top Five list of Clinton's numerous lies for the media to ponder as the day of testimony approaches:

5) The Flowers Flap: In the 60 Minutes interview, Steve Kroft asked: "I'm assuming from your answer that you're categorically denying you've ever had an affair with Gennifer Flowers?" Clinton replied: "I've said that before, and so has she." In his deposition in the Paula Jones case, Clinton admitted having sex with Flowers.

4) The Draft Notice: "All I've been asked about by the press are a woman I didn't sleep with and a draft I didn't dodge." - ABC News' Nightline, February 12, 1992. On April 6, 1992, former Clinton friend Cliff Jackson revealed that Clinton had received a draft induction notice in the spring of 1969, correcting months of Clinton claims he "wasn't called."

3) From Whitewater to loral: "When the ripoff artists looted our S&Ls, the President was silent. In a Clinton administration, when people sell their companies and their workers and their country down the river, they'll get called on the carpet." - Clinton's presidential campaign announcement speech, October 1991. Currently, Congress is investigating why the President granted waivers for Loral Corporation to assist China in strategically significant missile launches.

2) Trashing the Travel Office: "There is nothing funny going on. We were just trying to save money for everyone." - Clinton on Travelgate, May 28, 1993. In fact, Hillary Clinton and Clinton pal Harry Thomason schemed to fire the Travel Office staff and replace them with Thomason's firm, and then sicced the FBI and IRS on Travel Office chief Billy Dale, accusing him of embezzlement and fraud. After two years of legal battles that exhausted his life savings Dale was cleared by a jury in two hours.

1) What Stonewalling? "More rather than less. Sooner rather than later." - Clinton responding to Lewinsky questions, January 22, 1998, almost seven months ago.


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