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August 18, 1998

The Gephardt Gap:

Pro-Clinton Media Continues to Spin for the White House
Bozell: Sympathizing with President and First Lady, and Trashing Ken Starr, Some Liberal Reporters Continue to Misinform the Public

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- Media Research Center Chairman Brent Bozell chastised members of the establishment media for carrying President Clinton's spin on his admission that he lied under oath, lied to the American people and perpetuated that lie for seven months.

"The President effectively established he has no credibility last night by once more lying to the American people and some in the establishment media are giving him a free pass. When the President attacked Ken Starr instead of telling the truth, some picked up that refrain and repeated it throughout their coverage. It is a misinformation campaign with both the President and his left-wing media allies continuing to misinform the American people about his disgraceful activities. With both the President and the networks withholding the truth, the American people continue to be misinformed about the most powerful man in the world," Bozell said.


"This is the President's pursuer, Ken Starr, the self righteous prosecutor who relentlessly forced today's historic and unprecedented confrontation" - CNBC's Geraldo Rivera.

"I'm going to take a deep breath here, Dan [laughs]. That was just an extraordinary statement. ... This was just an extraordinary statement tonight, just the fact that the President of the United States would come on television and discuss something like this, that in itself is extraordinary" - CBS's Bob Schieffer to Dan Rather.

"But once the President does make the kind of critical lapse in judgement, the wrong mistake, as he described it tonight, once he says he regrets that, is that not also a lesson for the nation's children?" - NBC's Tom Brokaw.

"I saw a man who seemed very saddened, he is saddened by these events and he also reflected a certain amount of anger, and I think that perfectly reflects the emotions of the American people tonight" - Newsweek's Eleanor Clift on FOX.

"For seven months, she has been the first defender as well as First Lady. Had she not done her job so well, it's not likely the President would have stood up so well in the opinion polls. While other Clinton supporters froze in shock after the initial Lewinsky story seven months ago, Mrs. Clinton went on television to attribute the charges to political foes" - CBS's Eric Engberg to Dan Rather.

"The reaction I pick up from overseas is: 'Oh you Americans make too much about sex. We do this in France, we do this in other countries, it's never reported, it's not an issue.' True enough. But the other and in a way more telling point that they make is that we Americans have lost a sense of proportion. This is not worth this attention. This press coverage. This special investigation. That somewhere we've loss a sense of balance and have lost our senses" -- CNN's Garrick Utley.

"It was honest. People wanted him to really say what was on his mind and this does reflect Bill Clinton's true attitude toward this investigation" - Newsweek's Jonathan Alter on NBC.


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