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December 20, 2000
Katie Wright (703) 683-5004, ext. 132

The 13th Annual Awards For The Year’s Worst Reporting

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     ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman took home the “honor” for “Quote of the Year,” one of 18 “awards” announced today by the Media Research Center as it released The Best Notable Quotables of 2000, The 13th Annual Awards For The Year’s Worst Reporting. The “winners” were determined by the votes of 46 judges, among them editorial writers, syndicated columnists, and radio talk-show hosts.

Quote of the Year: Thomas Friedman, New York Times

“Yup, I gotta confess, that now-famous picture of a U.S. marshal in Miami pointing an automatic weapon toward Donato Dalrymple and ordering him in the name of the U.S. government to turn over Elian Gonzalez warmed my heart. They should put that picture up in every visa line in every U.S. consulate around the world, with a caption that reads: ‘America is a country where the rule of law rules. This picture illustrates what happens to those who defy the rule of law and how far our government and people will go to preserve it. Come all ye who understand that’” – former New York Times reporter and current columnist Thomas Friedman, New York Times, 4/25/00.

Aiding and Abetting in an Election Theft Award: Margaret Carlson, Time

“Here we will have possibly a bunch of tax dodgers deciding the election” – Time magazine columnist Margaret Carlson on Florida’s absentee ballots from military personnel, Imus in the Morning, MSNBC, 11/8/00 (Florida does not have an income tax.)

Good Morning Morons Award: Bryant Gumbel, CBS

“In a macro-political sense, do you think the Gore preoccupation with morality is a frightening turn for the party?” – Bryant Gumbel to Hugh Hefner, host of a fundraiser moved to another location, The Early Show, CBS, 8/15/00.

Carve Clinton Into Mount Rushmore Award: Geraldo Rivera, CNBC

“You’re going to miss that guy. Don’t tell me you’re not gonna miss that guy. This is a master. He may be a rogue, but he is an artful and pleasant rogue and done a hell of a job as President. I’m gonna miss the guy” – Geraldo Rivera, Rivera Live, CNBC, 8/21/00.

I Am Woman Award for Hillary Rodham Clinton Worshipping:
Lesley Stahl, CBS

“I’m endlessly fascinated by her. … She’s so smart. Virtually every time I’ve seen her perform, she has knocked my socks off” – CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl, quoted by reporter Gail Shister, Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/8/99.

Politics of Meaninglessness Award for Silliest Analysis: Lesley Stahl, CBS

“I had my opinions surgically removed when I became a network correspondent” – Stahl, denying liberal media bias, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel., 1/25/00.

Semper Fidel Award: Jim Avila, NBC

“What is deprogramming? What is reeducation? The young man [Elian] will go back into the, into the school system in Cuba. The school system in Cuba teaches that communism is the way to succeed in life and it is the best system. Is that deprogramming or is that national heritage? That’s certainly what he’ll be learning. He’ll also be living in a different kind of society, a society that many people here in Cuba like. The CIA, in fact, says that if the borders were open that most, 90 percent of the population here in Cuba would stay in Cuba because they like it” – NBC News reporter Jim Avila from Cuba, Upfront Tonight, CNBC, 6/27/00.

Kiss Me Too, Al Award for Gore Gushing: Ted Koppel, ABC

“At the same time, he will have to find a way to disassociate himself from the President’s extremely low personal approval ratings. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Al Gore has been perhaps the most active Vice President in American history, and there’s not a hint of scandal associated with Gore’s personal behavior. So much for logic” – Ted Koppel previewing Al Gore’s convention address, Nightline, ABC, 8/14/00.

Other Award Winners

Real Reagan Legacy Award ... Bryant Gumbel, CBS
Damn Those Conservatives Award … Bryant Gumbel, CBS
Bring Back The Iron Curtain Award … Eleanor Clift, Newsweek
Little Havana Banana Republic Award … Katie Couric, NBC
Galloping Ghost Of Gingrich Award … Matt Lauer, NBC
Kosher Kiss-Up Award (for Lauding Lieberman) … Dan Rather, CBS
If He Didn’t Sink Send Him Back To The Clink Award … Dan Rather, CBS
Flirting With Disaster Award (for Proximity to Conservatives) … Charles Gibson, ABC
‘W’ Is For Woeful for Bush Bashing … Dean Reynolds, ABC
Media Hero Award … Margaret Carlson, Time


Media Interviews
To receive a full copy of the awards, the winners and a list of judges go to www.mrc.org, and to schedule an interview with Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham, or another MRC spokesperson, contact Katie Wright at (703)-683-5004, ext. 132



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