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April 24, 2003
Katie Wright at (703) 683-5004 ext. 132

Bozell Statement on Santorum Coverage:

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- The liberal media are once again displaying a blatant double standard in covering the remarks of liberal and conservative politicians. In December, Sen. Patty Murray, then the leader of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, compared Osama bin Laden favorably to the United States, saying he allegedly built hospitals and day care centers in the Third World, and "We have not done that." The national media, print and television, almost completely ignored it. In 2001, Sen. Robert Byrd, the former Democratic majority leader, said "There are white niggers, Iíve seen a lot of white niggers in my time" on Fox News Sunday, and nobody held a will-he-survive vigil over that.

     But now, the media are breathing hot and heavy with reports that Sen. Rick Santorum should have to sacrifice his leadership post for being critical of homosexual behavior. With this, the media show not only liberal bias, but contempt for free speech and open debate on crucial social issues. This isnít Saddam Husseinís Baghdad. This isnít a George Orwell novel. This is still a democracy, and legislators ought to be free to talk about the law without the media acting as publicity agents for gay groups as they try to pick off conservative Republican leaders.

     Gay-left pressure groups like the Human Rights Campaign have shown that they believe that traditional religious values are obscene and should not be expressed by any public official. In other words, they are censors, out to blacklist any conservative who dares condemn homosexual behavior. They are trying to impose a religious test for public office, and the media are aiding this campaign at their request. For the media, homosexuality isnít a desirable topic for public debate. Itís a topic that comes up only when itís time to tell conservatives to shut up.


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