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Special Sections:


NY Times Hypes Peace Movement

Leave it to the New York Times to turn a couple of hundred protesters in different spots around the country into a “growing wave of popular dissent.” Article called protesters “diverse” but also noted the presence of left-wing stand-bys such as Veterans for Peace and the Green Party. 
(CyberAlert, December 13)


Dissident Iraqi General Fears Bush and Hussein

ABC’s World News Tonight aired the views of an Iraqi General who wants Hussein overthrown but doesn’t want the U.S. to attack. The General, who’s going on trial in Denmark for war crimes against the Kurds, claims the U.S. policy is turning ordinary Iraqis into enemies.
(CyberAlert, December 12)


But CBS News Reports That Iraq Almost Had One

60 Minutes claimed Iraqi nuclear capability was overrated but a day later CBS News reported that Saddam Hussein's government had been close, real close, to developing a nuke.
(CyberAlert, December 10)


60 Minutes Disputes Bush's "Six Month" Nuclear Estimate

Was President Bush's claim that Iraq was six months from developing a nuclear weapon before the Persian Gulf War an exaggeration? 60 Minutes' Bob Simon sure seemed to suggest that.
(CyberAlert, December 9)


Huh? Jennings Says Inspections Going Well but Rather and Brokaw Say They're Not

Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw both reported that UN weapons inspectors are having problems in Iraq. Over on ABC, though, Peter Jennings said the inspections were going "quite well" and wondered why President Bush disagreed.
(CyberAlert, December 3)


What A Shock! Liberal Leadership Opposes War

The Washington Post reported that an "extraordinary array" of groups are questioning the Bush policy on Iraq. The array was comprised of the usual left-wing suspects, including campus groups, the National Council of Churches and the leadership of the AFL-CIO.
(CyberAlert, December 3)


Jennings: Is the Administration "Goading" Iraq?

Peter Jennings asked a question from the Bush critics' handbook, suggesting that U.S. enforcement of the no-fly zone in Iraq was little more than a taunt. The ABC anchor also claimed there were "rising anti-American sentiments in Saudi Arabia" and other Arab countries over Iraq.
(CyberAlert, November 21)


Torture by Air Conditioning

The use of air conditioning to alleviate the brutal tropical heat of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is nothing less than torture, according to ABC News. A released Pakistani told reporter Bob Woodruff that he was put in a cell where they "pumped cold air from a hole in the ceiling. This was the punishment."
(CyberAlert, November 20)


ABC Highlights Anti-Islamic Comments

Peter Jennings and ABC News showcased a poll indicating Americans felt Islam encouraged violence and was disrespectful of other religions. Correspondent Dan Harris then did a story on the anti-Muslim comments of evangelical leaders and quoted critics who said the Bush administration didn't condemn the statements because they didn't want to isolate a key constituency before the elections.
(CyberAlert, November 19)


Helen Thomas Poses Left-Wing Question to President Bush

Old liberal reliable Helen Thomas asked a two-part leftist question of the President during his post-election press conference on November 7. There are two impressions of the President, Thomas told Bush. "One is that you have an obsession with going after Saddam Hussein at any cost. And also that you covet the oil fields."
(CyberAlert, November 8)


Newsweek Editor Declares Bush Policy on Iraq a "Crock"

Michael Hirsh told a crowd at Yale University that the U.S. was headed to war in Iraq and that President Bush's policy was a crock. "This is a hugely risky operation for potential gains that probably won't justify the risks," Newsweek's Senior Editor said.
(CyberAlert, November 8)


Fight Terrorism with Gun Control

Nina TotenbergNPR's Nina Totenberg insisted that banning certain kinds of weapons would prevent future terrorism. "If we think we are going to fight the war on terrorism without some sort of significant gun control, we are crazy," she lectured fellow panelists on Inside Washington.
(CyberAlert, October 28)


FNC Warns Viewers of Iraqi Manipulation

Unlike his counterparts on ABC, CBS and NBC, Fox News Channel anchor Brit Hume made sure viewers were aware that FNC's man in Baghdad isn't necessarily able to report freely. Greg Palkot, Hume warned, "like all correspondents in Iraq, works under close Iraqi monitoring of where he goes and what he reports.”
(CyberAlert, October 22)


Celebrating Mockery of Democracy

Lots of journalists from major media outlets decided to take the Iraqi “election” seriously, treating it as something more than a sham and using it as an opportunity to highlight “genuine” celebrations by Iraqi citizens of Hussein’s leadership.
(CyberAlert, October 17)


ABC Promotes Only Anti-War Opinions

Peter Jennings promised viewers that ABC would "take 'A Closer Look' tonight at the mood in the country as the President’s determination to wage war against Iraq becomes more defined." But Bill Redeker's story only showcased those hostile to the President's Iraq policies.
(CyberAlert, October 15)


TV’s “Congress” Rejected Bush’s War Call

While most Representatives and Senators approved the President’s request for authority to use military force against Saddam, an MRC study found TV reporters were a megaphone for Bush’s congressional critics in the weeks leading up to the vote.
(Media Reality Check, October 14)


ABC Mocks Bush & Shows Iraqis “Praising” Saddam

Martha RaddatzABC decided not to interrupt prime time in the Eastern and Central time zones to carry President Bush’s speech outlining the reason behind his Iraq policy. On World News Tonight the next evening, anchor Charles Gibson acknowledged “Bush’s speech last night on Iraq laid out a very extensive argument,” but ABC suppressed that “extensive argument” and instead ran a “Reality Check” that tried to undermine Bush’s “hard to verify” assertions.

ABC followed Raddatz’s mocking of Bush’s concerns with a piece from David Wright in Baghdad who relayed rote responses from Iraqi citizens. One girl in school insisted: “I have the trust for my leader, President Saddam Hussein. I am sure he will protect us.” Her teacher praised Hussein’s wisdom: “As our President put it, he put it very beautifully...”
(CyberAlert, October 9)


CBS and NY Times Twist Own Poll

The latest CBS/New York Times found that a majority of Americans reject the suggestion that President Bush has been “spending too much time on foreign policy problems,” but both the New York Times and CBS News ignored that finding so they could report the opposite.
(CyberAlert, October 8)


ABC’s War Against Bush’s Anti-Iraq Policy
ABC’s World News Tonight has been uniquely biased against President Bush’s Iraq policies. An MRC study found ABC reporters were nearly four times more likely to voice doubts about the truthfulness of statements by U.S. officials than about Iraqi claims, and the newscast gave more airtime to anti-war viewpoints.
(Media Reality Check, October 3)
Peter Jennings
Sound familiar? Before the 1991 Gulf War, Peter Jennings predicted the creation of new "monsters" and a "bitter aftertaste" -- even if America won the war.

Cronkite Makes Common Cause With Cuomo

Former CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite joined with liberals, including Mario Cuomo, who are using the stalling tactic of demanding the Bush administration answer “questions,” in order to prevent a war with Iraq. Cronkite added his name to a full page ad in the New York Times paid for by Common Cause.
(CyberAlert, October 2)


Stephanopoulos Scolds Critics of Liberals

When Republican Senator Don Nickles observed of two liberal Congressmen in Baghdad, one of whom had just claimed that President Bush would lie in order to justify a war, “they both sound somewhat likes spokespersons for the Iraqi government,” he was scolded by ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos, who had not rebuked the Congressmen, pounced on the conservative Senator: “That’s a pretty harsh charge.”
(CyberAlert, September 30)
George Stephanopoulos
Stephanopoulos interviewing Democratic Congressmen David Bonior and Jim McDermott in Bagdhdad


Fretting About Too “Powerful” Bush

To Peter Jennings, President Bush asking Congress to approve of using force against Iraq and saying, “very forcefully,” that if the UN doesn’t go along the U.S. will act on its own means, smacks of bullying. On World News Tonight, Jennings rued that “what we appear to have here is an administration powerful enough to have its own way.”
(CyberAlert, September 20)


NBC News, Mouthpiece for the Enemy?

NBC Nightly News featured Ron Allen in Baghdad reporting about Iraqi public opinion toward the U.S. and President Bush, as if people in an oppressive dictatorial society have the option of disagreeing with the official line or have enough accurate information to form their own independent opinion.
(CyberAlert, September 18)
Ron Allen
NBC's Allen relayed how "many Iraqis believe America's true motive is to...install a puppet government and seize Iraq's vast oil wealth."

Bush’s “War Drums” and Iraq “Preoccupation”

Just before President Bush addressed the United Nations about Iraq, ABC’s Peter Jennings referred to how “the sound of war drums being beaten in Washington has become unmistakable” and described the administration’s concern about Saddam Hussein’s weapons as a “preoccupation,” as if there were something misplaced about the worry.
(CyberAlert, September 13)


ABC’s Anti-American Anchor

It already appears that the United States will go to war without support from many in the American media, those who just don’t like to take sides against Middle Eastern despots preparing weapons of mass destruction. Taking a leading role is ABC, and the perpetually pompous Peter Jennings.
(Bozell’s syndicated news column, September 10)


Jennings's Iraq Obsession

Peter Jennings was so obsessed with Iraq that he then blamed Bush’s policy for causing the stock market to plunge. While CBS’s Dan Rather and NBC’s Tom Brokaw blamed new disappointing manufacturing numbers for the stock market’s dive on Tuesday, Jennings claimed “the prospect of war with Iraq caused anxiety on Wall Street today.”
(CyberAlert, September 4)


Is ABC’s “Road to War?” Really Anti-War?

World News Tonight’s in-depth reporting on the prospect of a U.S. war with Iraq has ignored the danger and duplicity of Saddam Hussein, and instead pushed the arguments of those opposed to using force.
(Media Reality Check, September 3)


Times Too Eager to Promote Anti-Bush Story

The New York Times built an entire story around how Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had changed British policy as he declared removing Saddam Hussein from power was not “an object of British foreign policy.” But the Times had to admit its story was bogus: “The assessment that removing Saddam Hussein is ‘not an object of British foreign policy’ was made by a BBC interviewer, not by Mr. Straw.”
(CyberAlert, August 28)


ABC: O’ Canada, Let Us Follow Thee on Iraq

ABC’s Terry Moran ominously warned: “Mr. Bush’s drive to topple Saddam Hussein received another sharp rebuke today from a close ally.” A drum roll please, that all important ally would be...Peter Jennings’ native Canada! This development was so unimportant that neither CBS or NBC mentioned it.
(CyberAlert, August 21)


NBC Repeated NY Times’s Erroneous Anti-Iraq War Spin

NBC Nightly News’s Andrea Mitchell misinformed viewers when she cribbed from a New York Times’ story headlined “Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy.” Both NBC and the Times falsely asserted that Henry Kissinger is opposed to attacking Iraq preemptively. As columnist Charles Krauthammer outlined, the very op-ed by Kissinger cited by the Times makes clear his support for a preemptive move.
(CyberAlert, August 19)


War on Terrorism: The Celebrity View

Many celebrities feel obligated to share their political opinions and the war on terrorism has been no exception. From novelist Norman Mailer’s rants about “what if the perpetrators were right” to singer Steve Earle’s soon-to-be released tribute to John Walker Lindh, the celebrity community has been a source of anti-American commentary since the war started.

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War on Terrorism: The Celebrity View
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