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Team Clinton
The Starting Line-Up of the Pro-Clinton
Press Corps

August 1, 1996

Katie CouricKatie Couric
Co-host, NBC Today

"I also read, in the many things that have been written about your son and his childhood, that he used to walk to church alone with a bible under his arm."
-- To Virginia Kelley, Bill Clinton's mother, July 15, 1992 Today.

"Do you think the American people are not ready for someone who is as accomplished and career-oriented as Hillary Clinton?"
-- To Hillary Clinton, August 24, 1992 Today.

"Some people are very concerned about talk shows...Most of them around the country have a decidedly conservative bent. The rap that some people give them is that they reflect the views of a very vocal minority, the extremists in this country, and don't really reflect the true nature of political debate in the United States. And, as a matter of fact, they tend to be quite divisive and sort of have a bad, a negative impact on the country."
-- To Oliver North, March 13, 1995 Today.

"Speaker Gingrich and company's Contract with America was ultimately rejected by the majority of Americans and few people believe it was really behind the GOP sweep of the congressional elections in 1994."
-- To House Minority leader Richard Gephardt, June 24, 1996 Today.

"The school lunch program, by all accounts, has been incredibly successful, as has the WIC program, and obviously provides good nutrition for children which is so crucial for development and education. Since the states won't have to adhere to any federal guidelines and they can basically do their own thing, aren't you worried that we're going to go back to the days when Ronald Reagan suggested that ketchup and relish be designated as vegetables?"
-- To Rep. Randy Cunningham (R-CA), February 22, 1995 Today.

"Do you think that the NRA has contributed to an anti-government feeling in this country that might lead to incidents like the one that took place in Oklahoma City?"
-- To Handgun Control Inc.'s Richard Aborn, May 19, 1995.

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