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FLASH is the MRC's monthly newsletter. The eight-page publication features a letter from MRC President L. Brent Bozell and reviews MRC and CNSNews.com activities and projects.

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Issue 12: December/January
• Liberal Media Continue to Twist War News to Hurt President
• Liberal Media Still Insist Dean is a Moderate
• L. Brent Bozell Condemns ABC Coverage of Hussein Capture

Issue 11: November/December
• Victory! MRC Forces CBS to Cancel The Reagans
• Media Hypocritically Accuse MRC of Censorship
• Best-Selling Author Praises the MRC...Again

Issue 10: October/November
• Joy Over Limbaugh's Addiction Shows Liberal Hypocrisy
• MRC Exposes Liberal Media's Anti-Schwarzenegger Bias
• The Networks on the Pope

Issue 9: September/October
• The Media Declare War on Bush
• ABC Refuses to Label Terrorists...Again
• Jennings & Brokaw's 20th Anniversaries

Issue 8: August/September
• Making a Radical Into a Moderate
• Katie's Liberal Double Play
• Working Poor Not Welcome at PBS

Issue 7: July/August
• Hammering Away at Bush
• Fighting the Good Fight
• MRC Praises MSNBC for Firing Savage

Issue 6: June/July
• ABC's Hidden Partisans
• Hillary's Pity Party
• Hypocrisy Now: Moyers' Outrageous Taxpayer-Funded Behavior

Issue 4: April/May
• The DisHonors Awards: The Best Yet
• Media War Predictions: More Egg on Their Faces
• The MRC: Quoted Coast to Coast

Issue 3: March/April
• ABC: The Anti-Bush Company
• Hollywood's Geopolitical Geniuses
• The Truth Behind the "Peace" Protests

Issue 2: February/March
• ABC's Anti-Bush Anchor
• Bashing More Bias Than Ever
• Harsher Memories of Clinton

Issue 1: January/February
• The Liberal Media's Double Standard
• Best Notable Quotables of 2002
• The MRC: Always on Their Mind

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