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 L. Brent Bozell


Founder and President of the Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. Established in 1987, the MRC has made “media bias” a household term, tracking it and printing the compiled evidence daily.  Mr. Bozell is a nationally syndicated writer whose work appears in publications such as Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Post, The L.A. Times and National Review.  Below is a collection of this year's News columns or click here for an archive of Mr. Bozell's Entertainment columns.

December 30
Sweet on Caroline

December 23
The Year of Leg Thrills

December 17
What Democrat Scandal?

December 9
Inauguration Impatience Syndrome

December 2
Barbara Walters Falters

November 26
Liberalism = Genius?

November 19
No Tears For National Review

November 7
Media Defeats McCain?

October 28
Obama’s Media Landslide

October 22
Joe the Bumbler

October 14
Who's "Fierce" on Abortion?

October 7
Saving Liberal Fannies

September 30
Obama, Taxes, and "Facts"

September 24
Obama Tries to Flush Rush

September 17
Charles Gibson's Palin Double Standard

September 10
MSNBC's Doomed 'Experiment'

September 2
Savaging Sarah Palin

August 26
No Nastiness in Springfield?

August 25
Bracing For the Goo

August 12
Our Sick Edwards-Excusing Media

August 6
Doubting Helen Thomas

July 29
Barack's No Reagan

July 23
McCain vs. "Destiny"

July 16
Less Accessible Obama

July 8
Jesse Helms and Mangled Manners

July 2
Who Dares Oppose the Obamas?

June 25
Liberal Smears Unchallenged

June 18
Gore Endorses Obama: So What?

June 13
Dan Rather, Journalism Guardian?

June 10
A Complete Hillary Whitewash

June 3
Hurricane Lieberman-Warner

May 28
Barack Potatoe Obama?

May 23
Hillary Cries "Sexism"

May 13
The Big, Bad Right-Wing Wolf

May 6
Roseanne vs. Rush

April 29
Moyers Loves Rev. Wright

April 22
Censorious Left-Wing Bloggers

April 16
Media Messengers and Pope Benedict's Message

April 9
"Remarkable" Ted Turner

April 2
An Upside-Down World

March 25
Obama's Clintonesque Speech

March 18
Obama's Church of Slurs

March 11
Eliot's Mess

March 4
Obamaholics Unanimous

February 29

February 26
N.Y. Times Slimes McCain

February 20
Castro: Not A President

February 12
MSNBC's Chelsea Confessions

February 7
Move On, Obama

January 30
McCain vs. Limbaugh

January 23
McCain: Again a Media Darling

January 16
Ban the Word "Fetus"

January 9
Ludicrous Lionel

January 3
Reform the Reporters

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