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"Tell the Truth!" 2004

The average cost of one full page insertion in a well known newspaper can be as high as $36,000 dollars. Please consider a donation to the Tell the Truth Campaign to help us place this ad during the course of this very important campaign.

See the actual advertisement in PDF format.


Join our campaign to make the media
Tell the Truth!

According to a Pew Research Center for People and the Press poll of the national news media published this spring, the media themselves admit their bias. By a factor of 5-1 they see themselves as liberal over conservative.

     The public is on to this bias. By a factor of 2-1 Americans believe there is a leftist tilt to the news media. But many Americans don’t realize the extent to which the liberal media are slanting the news. 2004 is a critical year for America. Americans need to see exactly how the press is distorting the truth. And with your help, the Media Research Center will do just that.
     For more than 17 years the Media Research Center – America’s Media Watchdog – has been documenting, exposing and neutralizing the left wing press. We don’t want a “conservative” news media. We want, and demand, truth. We want the news media to strive for objectivity at all times. We want balance. We want fairness.
     And now we want you to join us in a national campaign to demand that the liberal media “Tell the Truth!” It costs you nothing to join. But the MRC does rely on tax-deductible gifts from individuals and corporations to get our message out, so if you can help with a contribution, it would be most appreciated.
     All gifts received from this appeal will be used to buy more newspaper ads like this, as well as to place billboards all over America with our message.
     We know we can neutralize the leftist press if we expose their agenda to enough Americans. We believe in the American spirit and we know there is strength in numbers. Together we can make a difference. We know you are tired of the bias too. Help us do something about it today! Join our national campaign – help us make the media Tell the Truth!
     To learn more about the MRC and the “Tell The Truth!” campaign, log on to

Don’t believe the
liberal media!

The national liberal “news” media are using a partisan viciousness not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan, tossing any pretense of objectivity aside, distorting the truth, and simply refusing to report real news that doesn’t fit their liberal agenda.

This must stop. It’s time for the American people to demand that the news media “Tell the Truth!”

The country has been through a recession …and the worst terrorism attack in our history …and two wars — all since just 2001. And yet our economy is now booming. Ten straight months of growth. 1.4 million new jobs since August. The US economy over the past four quarters has grown faster than at any time in the past 20 years. All this and a massive tax cut, too.

And what of the War on Terrorism? We’ve toppled the terrorist regime in Kabul. We’ve ended the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein. Terrorists the world over are on the run. Or in prison. Or dead. America has been safe since 9-11.

Sure, things could be better. Things can always be better. But by any stretch this is a time to be optimistic. And yet you’d never know that reading the papers or watching the evening news. Day after day, night after night the news media question, denounce or just plain ignore our accomplishments. They want higher taxes
to fund massive new federal spending for more liberal experiments like socialized health care. They want America – and the world – to see our military as corrupt and barbaric. And they’ll denounce anyone or anything that stands in the way of that message.

It’s time for Americans to come together with a simple message to the so-called “news” media: “Tell the Truth!” Please join our campaign to put expose the leftist agenda of the national “news” media. Our leaders, our military, our country – deserve better. Join our campaign to make the media Tell the Truth!


Join the "Tell the Truth!" 2004 Campaign Now!


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