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The Weekly Worst

Tom Brokaw’s Squeals on Wheels;
Peter’s Prison Population Puzzle

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Tuesday, June 1, 2004 Weekly Worst PDF

     The so-called mainstream media never admit their liberal tilt, so the news analysts at the Media Research Center tirelessly document the media's bias and expose their left-wing agenda. The "awards" for last week's lowlights:

» Tom Brokaw's Squeals on Wheels. On Thursday night, the Commerce Department reported strong first-quarter economic growth of 4.4 percent, and the strongest 12-month period of growth since 1984. But the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw didn't utter a syllable about the good news. NBC made time for a full story on radiologists in Israel who use the Internet to read MRI scans from a Philadelphia-area hospital — but not for historic economic growth. NBC skipped the big picture. NBC's Tom Brokaw
NBC's Tom Brokaw prefers bad news instead of good news.

Yet on Monday night, NBC found time for a microcosm of bad news: one woman worried that "seniors will go hungry." Anne Thompson found a food scare in the "ripple effect" of rising gas prices: "Meals on Wheels is a lifeline to seniors in Spokane, Washington. Its lifeline: Volunteer drivers. But soaring gas prices are forcing some, like Bob and Doris Swehla, to cut back on miles and others to drop out altogether."

For more, see the May 28 CyberAlert.


» Peter's Prison Population Puzzle. Some journalists have a hard time relating cause and effect. Prison population up, crime down? It didn't make any sense to Peter Jennings, who reported on the May 27 World News Tonight: "The government said that America's prison population grew 2.9 percent last year to nearly 2.1 million. That's a record number of people in jail and prison. One out of every 75 American men was incarcerated. The number went up even though the crime rate continued to fall." In a statement ignored by ABC, Attorney General John Ashcroft explained: "Violent and recidivist criminals are getting tough sentences while law-abiding Americans are enjoying unprecedented safety."

For more, see the May 28 CyberAlert.





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