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The Weekly Worst

ABC Catches Kerry Fever;
CBS Tilts Against Bush and Cheney

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 Weekly Worst PDF

     The so-called mainstream media never admit their liberal tilt, so the news analysts at the Media Research Center tirelessly document the media's bias and expose their left-wing agenda. The "awards" for last week's lowlights:

» ABC Catches Kerry Fever. The ABC News/Washington Post poll released October 4 put President Bush ahead of John Kerry by a 51 to 46 percent margin, just one point closer than the week before. But on World News Tonight, Peter Jennings buried the lead so he could trumpet how "the latest ABC News poll indicates a new enthusiasm for the Kerry campaign." Jennings touted how "Senator Kerry did benefit from his performance in the debate last week — 47 percent of likely voters now say they have a favorable view of him. That's up eight points from a week before." Only then did Jennings finally mention Bush's five-point lead in "what we delicately call ‘the horse race.'"

On, ABC polling expert Gary Langer listed some of the results Jennings excluded from his broadcast, including how Bush leads Kerry "by substantial margins in trust to handle terrorism and Iraq, as well as in personal attributes including strong leadership, honesty and trust-worthiness, making the country safer and qualifications to serve as Commander in Chief." ABC's World News Tonight
ABC's poll showed Bush leading, but Peter Jennings touted "enthusiasm" for Kerry.

    • For more, see the October 5 CyberAlert.

» CBS Tilts Against Bush & Cheney. Going into last Tuesday's debate, CBS's Jim Axelrod preposterously claimed that "Mr. Cheney, the administration's attack dog, may be the least popular U.S. politician since Richard Nixon." What about Jimmy Carter, or Gray Davis, each of whom had approval ratings in the 20s? After Cheney's debate with Edwards, CBS's Bob Schieffer saw failure:"The arguments that Vice President Cheney was making tonight clearly did not take." But Schieffer was mild compared to White House correspondent John Roberts' snotty take on Bush's feisty Friday debate performance: "Is it the sort of thing that, you know, little kids are going to jump behind the couch and hide from him?"

    • For more, see the October 6 and October 9 CyberAlerts.

CBS's John Roberts
CBS's John Roberts suggested President Bush's debate performance might have scared little children





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