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MRC Special Section
On the Latest Media Coverage of Supreme
Court Nominee John Roberts

Check out the most up-to-date information and examples of liberal media bias in the coverage of the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts

...and join in the discussion on the MRC blog, NewsBusters.org!

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Totenberg Again Discovers & Warns Roberts is "Very Conservative"

Based on One Edit, WashPost: Roberts Sympathetic to Confederacy

NPR’s Totenberg: Roberts “Much More Conservative” Than I “Guessed”

Washington Post Reporter Finds Roberts Offensive Toward Women

Washington Post Page 1 Blast: "Roberts Resisted Women's Rights"

AP: Judge Roberts' Hometown Nearly All White and No Jews Allowed

GMA "Pores Over" Roberts Memos on "Comparable Worth" and Abortion

Approaches from Right on Anti-Roberts Ad, "Un-Reaganesque" Pork

Roberts' Work for Gay Rights Portrayed as Illustrating "Nuance"

Totenberg "Surprised How Very, Very Conservative [Roberts] Was"

Mrs. Roberts Against "Abortion Rights," Fed Society "Dogging" Him

Totenberg: Roberts a "Hardline Conservative," "Very Conservative"

ABC Hypes "New Questions" on Roberts, "Disappointment" No Latino?

Networks Express Concern About Where Roberts Stands on Roe v Wade

NBC's Today Frets About Roberts' Threat to Abortion "Rights"

ABC and CNN Raise Possible Influence of Roberts' Catholic Faith

"Very, Very, Very Conservative" or "Very, Very Conservative"?

ABC Tags Roberts "Very Conservative," Zahn Frets Woman Not Picked

Blog: NewsBusters.org:

Wash. Post’s War of Aggression on John Roberts

Wash. Post’s Really Big Scoop – Not! – on John Roberts

Totenberg: “Roberts Much More Conservative than I Ever Would Have Guessed”

Washington Post Reporter Finds Roberts Offensive

John Roberts is a Bigoted Caveman?

Wash. Post Blast: “Roberts Resisted Women’s rights”

AP: Judge Roberts’ Hometown Too White!

Roberts vs. Ginsberg in the New York Times

‘Fact Stripping’ by the Associated Press

John Roberts and the Naked News

John Roberts on John Roberts

CBS Legal Eagle Hopes Roberts is the New O’Connor

Reality Check:

Preparing the Battlefield for a Roberts Ambush?

Notable Quotables:

We Get It – He’s Conservative

Press Releases:

Associated Press’ Hatchet Job on John Roberts

Brent Bozell’s News Column:

Confirming John Roberts

Video and Audio

Timing of Court Announcement to Deflect from Karl Rove?




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