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top MRC's DisHonor Awards
Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of 2005
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Grand Hyatt Washington



DisHonors Awards Home Page

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Iím Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award
"Most Republicans who are registered Republicans are decent, honest good people who you have a difference of opinion with. The leadership of the Republican Party are a bunch of sociopathic maniacs who have their lips super-glued to the ass of the conservative right."
ó Actor Alec Baldwin during an appearance on HBOís Real Time with Bill Maher, April 1.


"The President is a moron! Iím saying it. I donít care. Heís an idiot. Cheney is evil. Iím sick of, impeach them, get them out! I hate them! I hate them. Get them out. They got to go!...You shouldnít give any money to religion, religion should be free, what are you sending money to religion for, itís such BS....What do you watch OíReilly for? Heís a moron, heís a fool. OíReillyís an idiot! He and Hannity can suck it! I hate those two idiots...Itís disgusting! What is it going to take for you people? Get Bush out! Impeach. Out! Out! Out!"
ó Actress/comedienne Kathy Griffin on Comedy Centralís Weekends at the DL, September 10.


And the winner is...
Rosie OíDonnell: "This President invaded a sovereign nation in defiance of the UN. He is basically a war criminal. Honestly. He should be tried at The Hague. This man lied to the American public about the reasons for invading a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11. And as a Democrat, as a member of this democracy...I feel I have a responsibility to speak out, as does every other person who disagrees with this administration. And itís scary in a country that you can say something against the President and then worry about your career. That Dan Rather gets taken off CBS News for writing, for saying a report that essentially was true, that George Bush did not show upĖ"
Geraldo Rivera: "Okay, okay, we get it, we get it!"
OíDonnell: "Okay, there you go. But anyway, it infuriates me."
ó Exchange on FNCís At Large with Geraldo Rivera, April 30.



Video from MRC's 2006 gala


The nominees for the I'm Not a Geopolitical Genius But I Play One on TV Award were introduced by nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin


Stan Evans accepted the award on behalf of Rosie O'Donnell





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