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Roe v. Wade
Media Coverage of the 30th Anniversary

A Quick Look at the Media's Pro-Abortion Coverage

The MRC has documented numerous instances of media bias against the pro-life movement and pro-life politicians. Listed below are the worst examples of this bias since January of 2000. For those interested in MRC information on abortion coverage prior to 2000, use the search engine on the home page.


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Roe Warriors: The Media's Pro-Abortion Bias, July 22, 1998


ABC and CBS Promote Liberal Supporters of Abortion
ABC and CBS highlighted the claims of pro-abortion activists, who were concerned that abortions were unavailable in a large portion of the country.
(CyberAlert, January 23, 2003)

Roe v. Wade Didn’t Legalize Abortion
Abortion was already legal in several states at the time of the 1973 decision. The court decision struck down state laws that barred the procedure.
(CyberAlert, January 23, 2003)

Pro-Abortion Campaign Announced…on ABC
November pro-life victories were practically ignored by the major media but a new NARAL campaign received network news coverage.
(CyberAlert, January 6, 2003)

Pro-Abortion View “Moderate” and “Non-ideological”
In story on Secretary of State Colin Powell, New York Times claimed supporting “abortion rights” and affirmative action makes one a “moderate” and “nonideological.”
CyberAlert -- July 26, 2002)

Live Baby Still a “Fetus” to AP
AP insisted on referring to live baby as a “fetus” in reports on the Born Alive Act.
(CyberAlert, March 14, 2002)

Extending Health Care to the Unborn Upsets Pro-Aborts
and Networks

CBS trumpeted pro-abortion groups upset with Bush plan to include unborn children in a health care program for the poor. Correspondent John Roberts noted the decision would “play well with conservatives,” but that “abortion rights advocates” called it “an assault on women’s rights under the guise of compassion.”
CyberAlert, February 1, 2002)

“Abortion rights supporters” versus “abortion rights opponents.” Reporting on the Bush administration decision to allow states to provide health care coverage to the unborn, CNN, like CBS the same night, ran a story based upon the complaints of those opposed to the coverage expansion.
CyberAlert, February 4, 2002)

ABC Correspondent Equates Pro-Life Movement With
Islamic Terrorists

Pro-lifers as bad as 9-11 terrorists? ABC’s Jami Floyd said they were, equating “anti-abortion crusaders” to radical, Islamic terrorists on 20/20.
(CyberAlert, November 29, 2001)

Pro-Lifers Opposed to the “Sick and Dying”
MSNBC anchor Monica Novotny framed the embryonic stem cell issue as one that “pitted Republicans against Republicans and the sick and dying against abortion opponents.”
(CyberAlert, August 10, 2001)

Abortion As “Reproductive Rights”
CBS News promised a one-sided look at abortion and then delivered it, complete with the Orwellian language of the pro-abortion movement. “We're not here to debate the right and wrong of abortion, just different generations' commitment to reproductive rights,” The Early Show’s Jane Clayson said.
(CyberAlert, February 5, 2001)

Pro-Life Executive Orders Described As Partisan Actions
ABC, CBS and NBC called a Bush executive order re-instituting a ban on U.S. funding of groups promoting abortion overseas a “controversial” decision in which he "did something to quickly please the right flank.” When Clinton lifted the ban exactly eight years earlier, the networks claimed “he had delivered on a campaign promise.”
(CyberAlert, January 23, 2001)

A Media Reality Check further contrasted Bush’s “controversial” move with Clinton’s campaign promise. “A conservative President who keeps his word is provoking ‘controversy,’ while a liberal who helps his base with equally divisive orders will be showered with good press,” the Reality Check noted.
(Media Reality Check, January 23, 2001)

Today’s Matt Lauer characterized Bush’s executive order on abortion as a bone for the “far right.”
(CyberAlert, January 30, 2001)

CBS News insists that pro-life policies were at odds with President Bush’s “uniter” language. 
(CyberAlert, January 29, 2001)

Pro-Life “Extreme Conservative Position”
Former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos characterized opposition to abortion as an “extreme conservative position.”
(CyberAlert, October 3, 2000)

Conservative GOP Platform Still “Too Anti-Abortion”
The media grumbled about the GOP’s pro-life platform.
(CyberAlert, July 31, 2000)

NBC Believes Republicans “Held” Hostage to Pro-Life Views
Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams both took shots at pro-lifers, claiming they were damaging the Republican Party.
(CyberAlert, July 26, 2000)

Nina Totenberg Claims Partial-Birth is a Misleading Term
NPR’s Nina Totenberg defended partial birth abortion, claiming the term was “misleading.”
(CyberAlert, July 6, 2000)

NY Times Claims a Constitutional Amendment Protects Abortion
There’s pro-abortion stances and there’s pro-abortion stances. The New York Times went so far as to claim there’s a constitutional amendment protecting abortion.
(CyberAlert, June 30, 2000)

Shields Defends Casey; Abortion is Liberal Litmus Test
Columnist Mark Shields defended the late Bob Casey, former Governor of Pennsylvania, on CNN’s Capital Gang. Casey was an old-style liberal, according to Shields, who was called conservative by the press simply because of his pro-life stance. “The litmus test to be a liberal by contemporary press standards is simply to be an unqualified supporter of legal abortion,” Shields said.
(CyberAlert, June 5, 2000)

A Devout Catholic Equals Ultra-Conservative
MSNBC anchor Brian Williams eulogized former Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey, a Democrat, as “a devout Catholic and thus was ultra-conservative on the topic of abortion.”
(CyberAlert, June 1, 2000)

ABC News Avoids “Partial Birth Abortion” Term
ABC News refused to use “partial birth” terminology but didn’t have a problem at all with “abortion rights.”
(CyberAlert, April 26, 2000)

Pro-Life Movement Incites Violence
A Media Reality Check examined how the media often accuse conservatives of inciting violence. Includes quotes from CBS's Richard Schlesinger and NBC's Jane Pauley, who condemn the pro-life movement as violent and unreasonable.
(Media Reality Check, March 16, 2000)

Russert Presses McCain About Pro-Life Stance
NBC’s Tim Russert pressed Republican Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain on his support for a constitutional amendment banning abortion.
(CyberAlert, February 1, 2000)

“Hard Line” on Abortion May Hurt Republicans
CBS News claimed Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes were helping push George W. Bush and John McCain “too far to the right” in the 2000 New Hampshire primary.
(CyberAlert, January 28, 2000)

Shaw’s Loaded Question
Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw asked George W. Bush: “So will the Republican Party platform plank on abortion be your Bible?”
(CyberAlert -- January 27, 2000)

ABC and CBS Claim Pro-Life Forces Hurt GOP
The networks claim Republican primaries are full of pro-lifers who hurt the candidates in general elections.
(CyberAlert, January 27, 2000)

Networks Avoid “Partial Birth” Term
The networks just couldn’t bring themselves to use the term “partial birth abortion” in this story on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case.
(CyberAlert, January 18, 2000)

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