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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2003 over 12,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.

2004 CyberAlert Archive 

December 27 CyberAlert
Winning Quotes in MRC's Annual Awards for the Worst Reporting
List of the 43 Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes

December 22 CyberAlert
Truth Trickles Out: Unit Cited in Question to Rumsfeld Had Armor
Washington Post's Milbank Confuses CNN's King with CBS's Roberts
Washington Post Buys Slate.com Where Nearly All Voted for Kerry
FNC Notes ABC's Deceptive Use of Activists to Attack Rumsfeld

December 20 CyberAlert
ABC Deceivingly Paints Bush Haters as Average Military Families
Tim Robbins Urges a "Good, Old-Fashioned Impeachment" of Bush

December 16 CyberAlert
Lobby in Favor of SS Tax Hike, Against Extending Income Tax Cuts
Today Puts Rumsfeld "On the Defensive," Cite Critical Neo-Con
Chevy Chase Unleashes F-Bomb, Calls Bush a "Dumb [Expletive]"
MRC Announces Winners of Annual Awards for Worst Reporting
"Top Ten Ways to Improve the Department of Homeland Security"

December 15 CyberAlert
"Aghast" at Bush's Picks for Medals of Freedom, "Hush Medals"?
NBC Focuses on Attacks on Rumsfeld, Raise Comparison to McNamara

December 14 CyberAlert
McCain Speaks Out Against Rumsfeld, CBS & NBC Trumpet His Words
Olbermann Yearns for Ohio Vote Suspicions to Go "Mainstream"
GMA Asks "Doesn't Anybody in the White House Know About Google?"
NPR Repeatedly Describes Far-Left Islamists as "Conservative"
"Top Ten Ways Hussein Celebrated the Anniversary of His Capture"

December 13 CyberAlert
ABC Frets Over Saddam Trial Procedures, He Lacks "Legal Counsel"
NBC Delivers Upbeat Portrait of Americans Moving to Canada
ABC's Tapper Says Rumsfeld Question "May Have Been Planted"
Jennings and Schieffer Pay Tribute to the Late David Brudnoy

December 10 CyberAlert
Reticent to Reform Social Security, Prefer Taxes to Stock Market
Soldier Fronting Question for a Reporter Not of Concern to Nets
CNN Empathizes with Illegals Who "Chauffeur Disabled People"
Newsweek's Meacham: Like McVeigh, Jesus Executed for Sedition
Boston Talk Host David Brudnoy, Friend of the MRC, Dies at 64

December 9 CyberAlert
Now They Tell Us, 9/11 Reform "Could Leave Country Less Safe"
On Polar Global Warming, GMA Trusts Cute Seal Over Science
Olbermann Gives Air Time to Ohio Vote Whining by a Few Democrats
Olbermann Derides CyberAlert as "Crap List," Pines for Inclusion

December 8 CyberAlert
Lauer: Karzai Swearing-In "Tarnished" Since bin Laden Not Caught
Battle Cry for Freedom in a Movie "Baffling" to Matt Lauer
Lauer Lets Crichton Downplay Warming Fears, But Lauer Hypes Them
Olbermann Quotes Claim Bush Win a "Crime Against Democracy"
Gallup Poll Ranks Journalists Very Low on Honesty and Ethics

December 7 CyberAlert
GMA Features "Outraged 9/11 Wives," Don't Note They Backed Kerry
Olbermann Sees as "Tantalizing" Idea Bush Win "All But Certain"
Washington Post Reporter Blames U.S. for UN Oil for Food Scandal
CBS's Safer: "God Bless America" = "God Bless Us and Screw You"

December 3 CyberAlert
ABC Blames Fear of Conservatives for Blocking Pro-Inclusion Ad
Couric: Criticism of Annan "Payback" for Him Opposing Iraq War?
CNN's Schneider Sees Vietnam-Like "Backlash" at GOP Over Iraq
Williams Insists Nightly News "Mirrors the Country it Covers"

December 2 CyberAlert
ABC's Sawyer Frets Ridge Departure "Makes Us More Vulnerable"
Tom Brokaw: "I Reflect the Sensibilities" of Red & Blue States
MSNBC's Olbermann Insists: "I'm Not Political. I Don't Vote"
Kalb Admires Rather's "Inner Strength" to Denounce Conservatives

December 1 CyberAlert
Focus on Anti-Bush Marchers, CBS Features Pirate & "Bush=Hitler"
Olbermann Touts "Obvious" Ukraine/Ohio Analogy, Cues Up Jackson
Woodruff Argues WA Gov. Race "More of a Tie" Than a GOP Win
Newsweek 'Alexander' Review Contrasts Him to "Chicken Hawk" Bush
Rather: CBS News a "Magical Kingdom," Talks to Murrow's Ghost
Moore's Makeover: Suit and Tie, Accepts "Bush Got More Votes"

November 30 CyberAlert
Brokaw Disrespect for '94 GOP Win, Insists Reagan Short on AIDS
Olbermann Touts Jackson's Ohio "Fraud" Claim, Spouts More Rumors
Fineman: "Mainstream Media Abused Its Privilege"; & He Does Too
"Top Ten Signs Tom Brokaw Doesn't Give a Damn Anymore"

November 24 CyberAlert
Bozell Statement on Rather, Wash Post and NY Times Quote MRC
Rather's Denials and Lashing Out at Critics Over Forged Memos
Record of Cheerleading and Softball Questions for Bill Clinton
Rather's History: Lecturing VP Bush to Calling Clinton Honest
CBS Host Cracks Jokes Pegged to Rather's Lack of Credibility

November 23 CyberAlert
CNN's New Chief Defended CBS on Forgery Charge, Aided Gumbel
ABC Graphic Goof: "300,000-500,000 More Soldiers Needed in Iraq"
Newsweek's Alter Praises Clinton for Addressing Raunchy TV
Canadian Journalists Enraged that FNC is Coming to Canada

November 22 CyberAlert
Clift & Moyers Denounce Rice's Lies, Shredding U.S. Credibility
Cronkite Repeats Allegation Karl Rove Arranged bin Laden Video
Rooney Admits CBS's Hostility to Bush Drove Forged Documents Hit
NPR Paints Fullujah as "Holy Resistance" Against U.S. "Genocide"
"Top Ten Things Overheard at the Opening of the Clinton Library"

November 19 CyberAlert
Jennings Praises Clinton Who Rants About ABC Helping Ken Starr
Woodruff Heralds Bill Clinton as "the Quintessential American"
Morning Shows Tout Hillary Presidential Run at Library Opening
"Far Right Groups" Force Senator Arlen Specter to "Grovel"

November 18 CyberAlert
FNC Takes on NY Times's Spin CIA Chief Orders Staff "Back Bush"
Snide Brown: "Must Have Missed" Clinton's Whitewater Indictment
Moyers: "Americans Don't Behead," But "Smart Bombs Do It for Us"
Reed Irvine, Founder of Accuracy in Media, Passes Away at 82

November 17 CyberAlert
Worry Rice Represents "Hard Right Turn," Urge Reliance on UN
Chris Matthews: Iraqi Insurgents "Not Bad Guys Especially"
ABC, NBC and FNC Tag Harry Reid as "Moderate" and "Pro-Life"
Brokaw Counters Liberal Bias with Claim Media Aid and Abet Bush
"Top Ten Things John Kerry Would Do Differently in 2008"

November 16 CyberAlert
Fret Over Powell Exit, How "Hardliners" Have "Emasculated" Him
Couric Insists Harry Reid is "More Conservative" than Daschle
Year After The Reagans, CBS Show Blames Ronald Reagan for AIDS
Letterman's "Top Ten Colin Powell Complaints"

November 15 CyberAlert
"David Duke Effect....Voters Didn't Want to Admit" Vote for Bush
Brokaw Notes Reporters Out of Touch, Boasts of Republican Friend
"If Walter Cronkite Was Around Today...Kerry Would Be President"
Fourth Poll Finds Public Recognized Media Tilt Against Bush
"Top Ten Ways to Mispronounce Barack Obama"

November 12 CyberAlert
On Arafat: "One Man's Terrorist is Another's Freedom Fighter"
NBC Undermines Olbermann, But He Plows Forward on Vote Fraud
CNN's Brown Snidely Hints Purple Hearts in Iraq Will Be Suspect

November 11 CyberAlert
Olbermann Rues "News Blackout" of "Cascade" of Voting Problems
Some Repeat Canard Ashcroft "Ordered Nude Statues Covered"
Dan Rather Delivers Powerful Tribute to Marines in Iraq

November 10 CyberAlert
Olbermann Pursues Contesting Vote: "Did Kerry Concede Too Soon?"
Lauer Equates G. Washington's Rag Tag Army to Iraqi Insurgents
After He Presses Kerry from the Left, 60 Minutes Hires Ed Gordon

November 9 CyberAlert
MSNBC's Olbermann Indulges in Paranoia About Pro-Bush Vote Fraud
ABC's Simpson: Bush Win Means Public "Not Bright," Rush "Scary"
ABC: "Arch-Conservatives" Worry Gonzales Not Conservative Enough
Bush Win Means CBS Will Punish Those in Forged Docs Scandal?
Twice as Many Saw Pro-Kerry Than Pro-Bush Tilt in Media Coverage

November 8 CyberAlert
Al Franken and Susan Sarandon Having Trouble Accepting Bush Win?
Rooney on Journalists: Half Liked Kerry, Other Half Hated Bush
Carlson "Hopes" Senate "Moderates" Block Bush's Policy Plans
Ashcroft Symbolizes "Far Right," Bush "Doesn't Like People"
Conservative Victories Concern NPR, "Moral Values" Confusing
Now that Election Over, Networks Trumpet Booming Economy

November 5 CyberAlert
Fret Over Plight of GOP "Moderates" in Face of Conservative Wins
ABC Strikes Back at Idea "Moral Values" = Conservative Views
Reporter Admits Error in Dismissing Potency of Liberal Tag
Evan Thomas: Bush Endures Media Hostility from Blue State Media
"Top Ten Ways George W. Bush Celebrated His Re-election"

November 4 CyberAlert
"Surprise" at How "Moral Values" Top Issue, Admit Out of Touch
Lauer and Stephanopoulos Urge Bush to Govern from "the Middle"
Incoming Senators: "Ultra-Conservative" and "Hard-Right"
Jennings: "We've Not" Called Ohio; Reynolds: "Everybody Else Has"
Night of Danisms: "Race is Hotter than a Times Square Rolex"
Letterman's "Top Ten John Kerry Excuses"

November 2 CyberAlert
Bush Aides in Kerry-Mocking Halloween Costumes Not Amusing to CNN
Most in Military Back Bush, But ABC and CBS Avoid that Reality
CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll Presumes 90% of Undecideds Go to Kerry
Ex-NBC Reporter Recounts Weekend Campaigning with John Kerry
Letterman's "Top Ten Punch Lines to Dirty Election Jokes"

November 1 CyberAlert
60 Minutes: Bush Tax Cuts Culpable for Lack of Armor on Humvees
Clift, Carlson and Hunt All Predict a Kerry Victory
Public Sees Media Favoring Kerry, CNN Watchers Prefer Kerry

October 31 CyberAlert
Walter Cronkite: Karl Rove "Probably Set Up bin Laden" Video
Stahl Defends Planned Last-Minute Hit on Bush, Hume Scolds NYT
Cite KSTP Video as "Compelling Evidence" U.S. Lost Explosives
NBC's Today Continues Quest to Promote Kerry on Stem Cell Funds
O'Beirne's Outrage: "Media Has Taken Sides in Presidential Race"

October 30 CyberAlert
Jennings Decides It's Wrong to Call Osama Message "Disgusting"
CBS Upbeat on Kerry, Downbeat on Bush & Harps on Confetti Miscue
ABC & NBC Twist 3.7% GDP Into Bad News, ABC Stresses Job Losses
CBS's Early Show Delivers Pre-Halloween Treat to John Edwards
Belzer: Bush "Worst President in History," Coulter a "Fascist"

October 29 CyberAlert
Fresh CBS Hit on Bush, Imply "Criminal Probe" of White House
ABC and CNN Tout Video of Powder in One Bunker as Vindication
Nets Promote Claim, Tied to Election, 100,000 Killed in Iraq
Couric Sees Parallels Between Nazi Sympathizer and Bush-Cheney
Interviewing Kerry, Brokaw Informs Him Bush "Has a Higher IQ"
Curt Schilling's Admonition to "Vote Bush" Jolts GMA Crew

October 28 CyberAlert
All But CBS Relay Info Which Casts Doubt Explosives Lost by U.S.
Gibson & Couric Presume Credibility of Explosives Allegation
ABC & CBS Take Shots at Bush on Global Warming, Proof Suppressed
NBC's Today on Embryonic Stem Cells: Brad Pitt and Two Advocates

October 27 CyberAlert
Like with Forged Memos, CBS Plows Forward with Explosives Story
CBS vs. CBS: Use of Missing Explosives in Attacks on Troops?
ABC Applies Negative Descriptions of How Bush Court Would Rule
GMA Pounds Bush from Left on Gays and God, Kerry Let Off Easy
West Wing Actor Takes Shot at Bush as "Cheerleader from Andover"

October 26 CyberAlert
Nets Follow NY Times and Kerry, Hype Missing Explosives Cache
ABC Sees 30,000 at Clinton's Philly Event, CBS Touts 100,000
ABC's Gibson and Stephanopoulos Aghast at Charges Against Kerry
Jennings Rebukes Ohio's Blackwell, But Silent on Vindication
Clift: Bush Can't Keep Us Safe from the Flu or from Small Pox

October 23 CyberAlert
"Brazen Attack Ad," Using Wolves, "Approved by the President"
CBS: "Most Americans Are Worse Off" After Fours Years of Bush
Rather: Cheney Doesn't Think It's Fair, But I'll Do it Anyway
GMA & Today Trumpet Dana Reeve's "Star Power" Kerry Endorsement
Kerry Copies CBS and Describes Bush as Beholden to "Far-Right"
Kurtz Calls Sinclair Program Slanted, But NY Times Saw Balance

October 22 CyberAlert
CBS's Pitts Paints Breitweiser as Random Voter Swayed by Kerry
NBC Picks Up on Guantanamo Detainees' Return to Terrorism
Koppel Hits Edwards on Liberalism, Desirability of Outsourcing

October 21 CyberAlert
Jennings Focuses on "Black Leaders Angry" at Ohio's Blackwell
Olbermann Denounces Bush Themes, Appeal to "Our Lizard Brains"
NPR Highlights Supposed Fearmongering by Cheney, but Not Edwards

October 20 CyberAlert
CBS Scolds Bush for Hiding How "Kerry Talks Tough" on Terrorism
ABCNews.com Blasts Bush Distortions; On Air Corrects Kerry Too
Moore: Iraq War Part of Effort to Keep Poor in Their Place
Matthews: U.S. Stuck in Iraq Like British Mired in Colonies?

October 19 CyberAlert
CBS Gratuitously Portrays Bush as Driven by "Far-Right Ideology"
NBC Focuses Stories on Charges Republicans Suppressing Vote
Newsweek's Thomas Reaffirms Media "Absolutely" Want Kerry to Win
Networks, Especially CBS, Barely Touch UN 'Food for Oil' Scandal
Koch Scolds Media for Going Soft on Kerry, Raises Halperin Memo

October 18 CyberAlert
Clift & Carlson Reject "Liberal" Kerry Tag, Yet He's Left of Ted
NBC Touts Newsweek Poll with Kerry Lead, Skips When Bush Ahead
Couric Slobbers to Boies: "You've Done So Many Exciting Things"
Jon Stewart Backs Kerry, Blasts Bush Administration as "Absurd"
Al Hunt Praises Nightline and Smears John O'Neill and Swifties

October 16 CyberAlert
Rather Leads by Exaggerating Order Refusal Into "Mutiny" in Iraq
Nightline Uses Ex-Viet Cong to Discredit Swifties and O'Neill
Both Kerry Supporters and Detractors Contradict Nightline
Four Earlier Nightline Shows Fail to Explore Swift Boat Charges

October 14 CyberAlert PM Edition
CBS Analyst: "Presidency Slipping Away From George Bush"
NBC's Campbell Brown Corrects Bush But Ignores Kerry's Errors
ABC, CBS and NBC All Mention Kerry's Mary Cheney Comment
ABC and NBC Give O'Reilly Sex Suit Equal Time with Debate
Dan Rather Defender Tom Shales Jabs FNC's Coverage As Biased

October 14 CyberAlert AM Edition
All Three Network Polls Declare Kerry the Winner Once Again
FNC Sees Bush Win, But Other Nets Paint Kerry as the Victor
Some Denounce Liberal Label as "Tinny" and a "Tired Horse"
Decrying & Admiring Kerry for Raising Mary Cheney's Sexuality
Moderator Schieffer's Questions Hit Candidates from the Left
"Top 10 President Bush Explanations for the Bulge in His Jacket"

October 13 CyberAlert
Since Memo, ABC Does Twice as Many Fact Checks on Bush as Kerry
Shows Ignored or Denounced Swifties Now Upset by Sinclair

October 12 CyberAlert
Brokaw Features Gorbachev's Denunciation of Bush's Iraq Policy
"Facts Are Firewall Against Bias," News Not Driven By "Ideology"
Sinclair's Anti-Kerry Film So Annoys Brown He Takes 13 Minutes
Springsteen Rant to Dramady's Bush-Bashing: Sundance Helps Kerry
NBC Catches Up on School Diagrams in Iraq, But Downplays Danger

October 11 CyberAlert
CBS and ABC Decry TV Chain for Running Anti-Kerry Documentary
Washington Post All Wrong on "Almost All Wrong" Headline

October 9 CyberAlert
ABC and CNN Post-Debate Polls Make Kerry the Winner, Barely
Consensus: "Jack-in-the-Box" Bush Better, But Kerry Better Still
Kerry's Anti-Tax Pledge Appalls Russert & Brokaw, Redolent of 41
ABC: Bush Distorts More than Kerry, So Must Be Held to Account
NBC Analysts Praise Questions, Russert: "I loved the Questions!"
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Shares How He Gave Up Sex Before Boxing
Nets, Especially CBS, Paint 96,000 New Jobs as Bad News for Bush
CBS's Julie Chen Calls Woman Ex-Convict a "Political Prisoner"
CBS Catches With Story on U.S. School Diagrams Found in Iraq
"Top Ten Questions Audience Not Allowed to Ask During Debate"

October 8 CyberAlert
In BET Interview, Ex-NBC Reporter Presses Kerry from the Left
ABC: U.S. School Diagrams Found in Iraq, CBS Skips Iraq Origin
CNN's Brown Suggests Bush "Apologize" for Bad Intel on Iraq
Letterman's Unaired "Top Ten Presidential Debate Rules"

October 7 CyberAlert
NBC Uses Clintonista to Claim Bush-Cheney "Don't Shoot Straight"
Olbermann Uses Selective Edits to Show Cheney Tied Iraq to 9/11
Bias Blast from the Past: NY Times Put "RATS" Ad on Front Page
"Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Cheney's Mind at this Moment"

October 6 CyberAlert PM Edition
Four Times, Early Show Touts CBS Poll Showing Edwards Debate Win
Network Morning Hosts Upset at Negative Tone of VP Debate
Fact Check #1: Correcting "Dishonest" Cheney on Edwards Meeting
Fact Check #2: Matthews Scolds Cheney on 9/11 but Tape Backs VP
ABC Touts Dr. Phil Chat with Kerry, but Bush Aired Last Week

October 6 CyberAlert AM Edition
CBS: Edwards Won, ABC: Cheney; CBS Says Cheney "Scares" Voters
CBS Grouses Cheney "Nasty," Iraq Untenable; MSNBC Praises Cheney
NBC Tries to Prove Cheney Saw "Connection Between Iraq and 9/11"
CNN Analysts Differ on Cheney Attack, Brown Reminded of Vietnam
Stephanopoulos Presses to Prove Cheney Had Met Edwards Earlier
Reporters Saw Bush as Debate Winner, But Swayed by Media Line
CBS: Cheney the "Least Popular U.S. Politician Since Nixon"
NBC Calls "ILIE" Complaints "Silly," But With 2000 "RATS" Ad...

October 5 CyberAlert
Bush Leads in Poll, Jennings Sees "New Enthusiasm" for Kerry
Newsweek Poll with Kerry in Lead Sampled More Dems Than Repubs
NBC Nightly News Puts "ILIE" in Graphic Next to Bush's Face
Reuters: Cheney "Dour" Swearer, Edwards: "Energetic" and Sexy
At the Debate, Journalists Reserved "Loudest Cackles" for Bush
NBC Fails to ID Expert Critical of Bush Policy as a Kerry Donor
CBS's Mapes a "Passionate Practitioner of Advocacy Journalism"

October 4 CyberAlert
Jennings and Brokaw Defend Rather Who Sees Effort to "Smear" Him
Brokaw Scolds MRC for Damaging the Credibility Network News
View that Kerry Won Debate a "Rare Degree of Unanimity" in Media
On Debate Night, Daily Show Beat MSNBC; Viewers Fled CBS News
MRC-Highlighted Media Quotes in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911
"Top Ten Highlights of Last Night's Presidential Debate"

October 1 CyberAlert PM Edition
CBS's Schieffer Declares: "You Now Know Where John Kerry Stands"
Katie Couric Throws a Couple of Hardballs At John Edwards
ABC and NBC Feature Anti-Bush, Pro-Kerry Voter Groups
CBS's Smith Presents Libertarian Group's Anti-War Views as New

October 1 CyberAlert AM Edition
TV Analysts: Kerry Won; Media to Shape Coverage in Kerry's Favor
Brokaw Hits Both Edwards and Giuliani with Tough Questions
Newsweek's Meacham: Kerry a Flip-Flopper Just Like Abe Lincoln
NBC & ABC Hype Allegation GOP Set to Steal Election in Florida
CBS Defends Draft Story, NBC's Student Not Really Independent

September 30 CyberAlert
ABC: Kerry Finally Fighting Back, Matching Bush's Fearmongering
CBS's Duplicity: Average GOP Mom Really an Anti-Draft Activist
ABC Fails to Correct Kerry Claim to ABC About Time of $87B Gaffe
Stephanopoulos' This Week Falls Behind Fox News Sunday in DC

September 29 CyberAlert
CBS Legitimizes Draft Fear, Driving Mom from Bush to Howdy Doody
Nets Resurrect "Mission Accomplished," Scold Bush for Gaffe
Only "Grain of Accuracy" in Bush Ads, "Real Truth" in Kerry Ads
Late Show Mocks CBS News: "We'll Make Something Up by Air Time"

September 28 CyberAlert
Bush Up 51-45, But Jennings Stresses Negatives for Bush in Poll
Top Producer on Forged Memo Story Worked for Liberal Democrats
GMA Avoids Swifties But Promotes Pro-Kerry Author/Filmmaker
NPR Challenges Bush Operative on Policy, Coddles Kerry Operative
Network News as Positive for Kerry as It Is Negative for Bush
Letterman's "Top Ten George W. Bush Debate Strategies"

September 27 CyberAlert
Rather Pounces on "Hitting Below the Belt in the Bible Belt"
Now CBS Decides It's "Inappropriate" to Influence Election
Dan Rather's Ratings Simultaneously Plummeting and Rising
Confidence in Media Falling, Major Media "Biased to Help Kerry"
NPR Delivers Glowing Look at Edwards, Critical Take on Cheney
Cox on MRC: "Watchdog Group Sees Vindication in CBS Scandal"

September 24 CyberAlert
CBS Sets Out to Show Bush Just as Much a "Flip-Flopper" as Kerry
"Is Anybody Here from CBS?" But Only CBS Not Showing Press Conf
ABC, With Jennings Off, Showcases Allawi's "Thank You America"
Sawyer: Rather Opposed CBS Hiring Me Because of Work for Nixon
Brokaw Takes Shot at Bloggers and Paints Dan Rather as a Victim
"Top Ten Messages Left on Cat Stevens' Answering Machine"

September 23 CyberAlert
Rather Still Sees Memos as Real and Is Upset at Thornburgh Pick
Fineman: Mapes Wished to "Save the World from a Bush Presidency"
Lauer Revives Bush Physical, Cues Up Lockhart on Bush NG Duty
Wire Vets Fret CBS Controversy Distracting from Bush Record
To Run Fake Memos, CBS Bumps Look at Forged Niger Uranium Letter
"Top Ten Ways CBS News Can Improve Its Reputation"

September 22 CyberAlert
ABC Features Denigration of Bush Service Record, Corrects Bush
CBS Admits Mapes' Kerry Contact, Denies "Any Political Agenda"
Rather Still Thinks Memos Real, Saw Burkett as "Truth-Teller"
Brown: "Smarter" People "Know" No "Willful Deception" by CBS
Washington Post's Tom Shales: Rather "Can't Really be Blamed"
Rooney and Olbermann Perceive GOP "Plan to Embarrass Rather"
Abu Ghraib Storyline in Season Premiere of NBC's Law & Order

September 21 CyberAlert
Rather Fails to Admit Forgery or Apologize for Impugning Critics
In Exchange for Memos, CBS Asked Kerry Campaign to Call Burkett
ABC Frets Memos Distract from Bush Record, Confirms Liberal Bias
The Father of the CBS News Producer Calls Her "Typical Liberal"
Late Show Mocks CBS: "We Report 9 Real Stories and One Fake One"

September 20 CyberAlert
Staudt Undermines CBS's Case, CBS "Experts" Say They Are Not
CBS to Concede Obvious? Burkett a Source for Past Bush-Bashing
More Integrity at CBS News Than with Swifties and Fox News
Comedy Central's Tough Crowd Sees Liberal Bias in CBS Agenda
Derogatory Movie, The Reagans, Shut Out at the Emmy Awards

September 17 CyberAlert
Guard Vets Contradict Knox's Claims, CBS Experts Not Accredited
Andy Rooney Realizes Memos Fake and Prods CBS to Admit It
Rather: His Conservative Critics "Know I'm Fiercely Independent"
Rather: If I Got Facts Wrong "I'd Be Selling Insurance Now"
Backlash? Ratings Plummet for CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes
Jay Leno Echoes Howard Dean's Views, Praises Michael Moore

September 16 CyberAlert
Dan Rather Showcases Secretary Who Says Memos Fake But True
CBS Statement Regurgitates Same Lame Rationalizations, Experts
Rather Lashes Out at "Partisan Political Ideological Forces"
On Vietnam Service, CBS Pounds Republicans & Excuses Democrats

September 15 CyberAlert
CBS Has Chutzpah to Lecture George and Laura on Guard Evidence
ABC: Two Experts Warned CBS Beforehand Memos Were Forgeries
Rather Threatened Effort to "Dig Anew" into Bush Guard Record
FNC Relays Vets' Claim Kerry Coached Him to Lie About War Crimes

September 14 CyberAlert
Dan Rather's Defense, Memos "Could" Be Authentic, Grows Lamer
Olbermann Lays Out Right-Wing Conspiracy Behind Faked Memos
Killian Colleague Calls Memos "Absurd," Experts Doubt Signature
CBS Expert Denies Authenticating, WPost: Likely Word Processor

September 13 CyberAlert
Fret Forgery Issue Distracts from "Bush's Questionable Record"
More Mainstream Outlets Pursue Evidence CBS's Memos Are Fakes
Hume: CBS's Memos "Look Almost Certainly...Like Forgeries"

September 11 CyberAlert
Rather Stonewalls, Fails to Address Evidence, Derides Critics
Wash Post, NBC, CNN and FNC Feature Experts Who See Forgeries
Earlier in Day Rather Paints Effort to Suppress Truth-Telling

September 10 CyberAlert
Nets Concede Memos May Be Fake, But Only After Reciting Them
Less to Forgery Than Content in AM, ABC Suggests GOP "Set UP"
CNN Fails to Note Left-Wing Views of Prof Cited to Undercut Bush
NBC to Promote Kelley's Bush-Bashing, Same as in '91 with Reagan

September 9 CyberAlert
Squelched Swifties, But Now Pounce on "New Questions" About Bush
Swift Ad Ignored, Yet ABC Showcases "Was Bush AWOL in Alabama?"

September 8 CyberAlert
CBS's Roberts Lays Out Case for How Kerry is No "Flip-Flopper"
ABC Frets Over Kerry's "Muddled Message" and Cheney's Attack
Olbermann Outs Himself as Someone "Who Didn't Vote for Cheney"
CNN: U.S. Troops in Iraq "Much Like the Soviets in Afghanistan"
60 Minutes Tonight to Air 4th Anti-Bush Hit Job So Far This Year
ABC's Charles Gibson Pegs Bush's Lead at "Just" 7 Points

September 7 CyberAlert
Nets Turn 144,000 New Jobs & Lower Unemployment into a Negative
Clift: Bush Policies Are "Frauds," He "Rarely Uses His Brain"
Mock Purple Hearts, Miller's "Bookends of Hatred" Infuriate Hunt
Unlike Stephanopoulos, Wallace Explores Kerry's Cold War Record
FNC and Fox News Sunday Pick Up on Convention Bias MRC Documents

September 3 CyberAlert PM Edition
Russert and Couric Assume Kerry Ignored Swift Vets Ad in August
ABC's Stephanopoulos Terms Democrat John Edwards a "Big Loser"
Dan Rather Blames Bad Ratings on Lack of Time for CBS Reporters
Highlights of TimesWatch.org Articles Exposing NY Times Bias
A Rundown of National Public Radio's Biased Convention Approach

September 3 CyberAlert AM Edition
CBS Belittles Bush's Convention Speech After Fawning Over Kerry
Removal of Hecklers for "Political Expression" Baffles Jennings
ABC, FNC & MSNBC Praise Speech, NBC Cites NO WMD or Out-Sourcing
Joe Klein Applauds Kerry Attack on Cheney: "About Time"
Gergen Recalls Maddox in Calling Miller's Speech One of "Hate"
FNC's Hume Picks Up on Slams at Miller as "Ugly" and "Racist"
Peter and Dan Raise Fairness of Swift Boat Ads with Mrs. Bush
CBS and ABC Fact Checks: Kerry Just Like Cheney on Defense
Rather Frets Campaign Will Force "Prairie Dogs...in Their Holes"

September 2 CyberAlert PM Edition
Network Morning Shows Offended by Zell Miller's Negativity
In ‘92, ABC Called Zell's Bush Attacks "Time Honored Tradition"
Democratic VP Nominee John Edwards On ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC
CBS: More than 800 Americans Died Since Mission Accomplished
CNBC's Borger Now Wonders If Democratic Convention Fell Short
Ex-President Bush Tells ABC's Sawyer: We Didn't Go It Alone
Matt Lauer Helps Set Up a Bush Aide's Slam on Flip-Flopper Kerry

September 2 CyberAlert AM Edition
Zell Miller "Angry," "Harsh" and "Ugly," Reminiscent of Buchanan
Miller Tells Matthews to "Shut Up," Wishes to Arrange a Duel
Zell Miller's Segregationist Past Suddenly Relevant to Matthews
CBS Publicizes "Cheney & Halliburton Made Killing in Iraq" Sign
Gregory Tags Cheney "Dark Figure," Charges He Must Change Policy
Bush's Visit to Firefighters Has "Kind of Hokey Exploitive Feel"
CBS Lays Out Case that Bush's Anti-Terrorism Policies a Failure
CBS and ABC Stress How GOP Trying to Disguise True Agenda
Brokaw: GOP Platform Alienates Women, Convention Skips Bad News
After Tribute to Reagan, PBS's Lehrer Blames Deficit on Tax Cuts

September 1 CyberAlert PM Edition
Networks Rougher on Lynne Cheney than Elizabeth Edwards
Wondering If Bush-Backing Zell Miller Is Really a Democrat
Washington Post Shows How NBC Nightly News Skews Its News
NBC's Today Hosts GOP Critics; No Anti-Democrats Five Weeks Ago
CBS's Smith Asks Ex-President Bush About Loony Left Theory
During Both Conventions, Leftist Moore Shows Up on NBC
ABC Reporter Still Fretting Over "No Girlie Men" Buttons

September 1 CyberAlert AM Edition
Brokaw Rues Missing Bad News, Shriver Shows "Clenched Teeth"
CNN: Bush Loss Means GOP "Too Far Right," Rue Moderate Hesitancy
MSNBC Sees Conflict Between "Compassion" and Gay Marriage Ban
NBC Blames Conservatives for Alienating Log Cabin Republicans
Brokaw Tells Moderate: "You Have No Place in This Convention"
ABC: Bush "Surrogates" Spreading False Charges Against Kerry
ABC's Snow Suggests Anti-"Girlie Men" Button Will Offend Some
CBS Frets About How GOP Stars Overwhelm Democratic Spin
Hosts of ABC's The View Gang Up on Giuliani for Backing Bush

August 31 CyberAlert PM Edition
July's "Electrifying" Democrats vs. Nasty Republicans of August
ABC and NBC Suggest a Second Bush Term Means Another War
Charles Gibson Scolds "Divisive" and "Partisan" Rudy Giuliani
ABC Sees "Fighting Laura Bush," CBS Sees "Secret Moderate"
Good Morning America Ignores Band-Aids that Upset Stephanopoulos

August 31 CyberAlert AM Edition
CNN and ABC Aghast Over Purple Heart Band-Aids Mocking Kerry
MSNBC: Military "Really Happy" with Hillary, "Effective Night"
CNN's NewsNight Scolds GOP Agenda, Raises "Voter Intimidation"
Kondracke Predicts Media Will Tag McCain & Giuliani as Negative
CBS and NBC Fret GOP Disguising Its True Conservative Agenda
For Media Hostility to Swifties, Mag Cites "Indefatigable" MRC

August 30 CyberAlert PM Edition
NBC's Matt Lauer Presses President Bush to Raise Taxes
ABC's Shipman Tells Cheney He's Labeled "Mr. Doom and Gloom"
Pressing McCain on Swift Vets, No Room for GOP Moderates?
Reporters Fudge Record to Cast McCain as Pro-Abortion
Reuters Editor Sends E-mail Blasting Abortion Foes
Meredith Vieira Marched in NYC Protests Against Iraq War

August 30 CyberAlert AM Edition
Brokaw Warns GOP Playing "Con Game" in Its Showcased Speakers
No GOP Stars on Sunday Shows Before Democratic Conclave, But...
If Bush Wins We'll Have "Same Diseases We Have Now in 20 Years"
Nets Hype Pro-Kerry Witnesses, But Only NBC Notes Schachte
NPR's Nina Totenberg: Swift Boat Ad "Nothing More Than a Lie"
CBS & NBC Describe Powell-Hating Communists as "Greek Activists"

August 27 CyberAlert
CBS: Kerry Offers "Impassioned" Retort, Bush Message "Undercut"
NBC's Falsehood: "Increasing Number of Americans Live with Less"
Jennings: Judge Denounces Partial-Birth Abortion as "Barbaric"
Ben Ginsberg Fights Back, Confronts ABC's Bury With His Bias
FNC Examines Circumstances for Kerry's First Purple Heart
"Top Ten Ways NY City is Preparing for Republican Convention"

August 26 CyberAlert
Nets Jump on Cleland Stunt, Hype Ginsburg Overlap with Swifties
CNN and AP Promote Flimsy Evidence O'Neill "Lied" About Cambodia
"Top Ten Questions on the Osama Bin Laden Driver Application"

August 25 CyberAlert
ABC Champions Cheney Noting Gay Daughter, Disagreement with Bush
ABC: Kerry Made Vietnam "Central Pillar," NBC Gives Swiftie Case
O'Neill Finally Gets on Morning Show, Challenged by CBS's Smith
USA Today Resurrects Bush Guard Service, Presses for His Records
Derogatory Matthews Continues to Distort Exchange with Malkin
Schneider: Kerry a "Military Hero" Who Is Victim of a "Smear"

August 24 CyberAlert
Networks Dissatisfied, Complain Bush "Refuses to Condemn the Ad"
Focus Is on Pro-Kerry Vets; CNN's Brown: "Kerry Was a War Hero"
ABC's "The Note" Scolds Media for "Embarrassing" Hype of Rood
Longing for "Integrity," Actress Marcia Gay Harden Praises Kerry

August 23 CyberAlert
Probed Bush Guard Record, But Now Want Bush to Condemn Swift Ads
Chris Matthews Hammers Malkin Over "Self-Inflicted" Kerry Wounds
NYT Delivers "One-Sided Lawyer's Brief" for Kerry on Swift Vets
Caution on Stem Cells Redolent of Bush's "False Hope" for Iraq
Koppel Rues Success of FNC's "Ideological...Waving-the-Flag"
ABC Edits Claim Ridge "High-Fiving" Kennedy on "No Fly" List?

August 20 CyberAlert
Kerry Blast at Bush Moves Nets to Finally Show Swift Boat Ad
Kerry at VFW Doesn't Prompt Nets to Look at Vietnam Record
NY Times Admires Kerry's Audience Q&A Day After Deriding Bush's

August 16 CyberAlert
Media Push Kerry Spin on How Tax Cuts Help Rich the Most
Hume: Swift Vets Deserve "as Much Attention" as "AWOL" Bush
USA Today Takes Seriously Cuba's Claim Citizens Will Live to 120

August 13 CyberAlert
Nets Fret Over Cheney's "Scathing" and "Harsh Attack" on Kerry
Brokaw Makes Stem Cells the Focus of Bush Visiting Nancy Reagan
Admire McGreevey's "Moving" Speech, Regret His Resignation

August 12 CyberAlert
ABC Sees "Harsh" Attack from Bush While Kerry is "Hitting Back"
On Kerry's Cambodia Backtrack Only FNC Cares, Sawyer All Tease
Media Treatment of Kerry Vietnam Record Echoes Jones & Troopers
Rundown of CyberAlert Items on Coverage of Kerry in Vietnam

August 10 CyberAlert
Bush Wrong on Stem Cells, Not Kerry's False Claims on Cambodia
ABC: Democratic "Mistake" of Not Playing Up War Service Has Hurt
Al Hunt Rages: John O'Neill, "a Liar" and "Pawn of Chuck Colson"
Hume: Kerry Admits "Unable to Think" for 40 Minutes on 9/11

August 7 CyberAlert
NBC/MSNBC Team Up to Repress Anti-Kerry Ad, Fret Over "Loophole"
Time Warner CEO: CNN Not Liberal, Bias for "Revealing the Truth"
Reporters: Journalist Crowd Cool to Bush, Enthusiastic for Kerry

August 6 CyberAlert
Nets Condemn Anti-Kerry Ad by Vets and Focus on Bush's 7 Minutes
Media Treat McCain Condemnation as More Newsworthy than Charges
"Top Ten Signs Tom Ridge Needs a Vacation"

August 5 CyberAlert
Olbermann Lashes Out at Editorial that Cited CyberAlert Quote
CBS Fumbles Iowa's Population and Number of Electoral Votes
NPR Tags Knights of Columbus, But Not a Far-Left Group
FNC Asks Franks to Expound on How "Combat Over" Was His Idea

August 4 CyberAlert
Franks Admits "Combat Over" His Idea, Koppel Takes Shots at Bush
Lauer Illustrates Influence of NYT, Cites It in Three Questions
Today Gives Robert Kennedy Time to Rant About Bush as Dangerous
Reporter Who Found Journalists Back Kerry Denies Coverage Bias

August 3 CyberAlert
CBS Trumpeted Gore’s Bounce, But CBS Ignores Kerry’s Non-Bounce
Olbermann Sees Politics in Terror Warning, “From McCarthy...”
ABC Fuels “Wag the Dog” About Bush, But Dismissed it for Clinton

August 2 CyberAlert
ABC News on Ridge’s Sunday Warning: “Timing Smacks of Politics”
Russert Rejects Idea Kerry’s Policies Would’ve Kept Soviet Union
Stephanopoulos to Kerry: Did We “See Into Your Soul Last Night?”
By 12-to-1! Washington Reporters Prefer Kerry Over Bush
Late Night This Week: Franken, Reagan, Miller, Clinton & Franks

July 30 CyberAlert PM Edition
ABC Continues Praising Kerry Speech: “Doubts Dispelled.”
CBS Political Analyst Offers Rare Criticism of John Kerry
MRC’s TimesWatch Helps Expose Kerry Home Movie Flip Flop

July 30 CyberAlert AM Edition
Rave Reviews for Delivery and Substance of Kerry’s Speech
Sycophantic Pitts Passes Along Fawning Spin Points About Kerry
ABC Puts Up Live Kerry Speech as Broadcast by Al-Jazeera
FNC: Delegates More Liberal Than Party, Applaud Bush-Bashing
CNN Touches on Swift Boat Vets Against Kerry, CBS Ignores Again
Matthews Rejects Idea Kerry Filmed in Vietnam to Promote Himself
End of Political Civility Coincided with “Gingrich Revolution"?
“Top 10 Ways Kerry Celebrated Winning the Democratic Nomination”

July 29 CyberAlert PM Edition
CBS’s Byron Pitts Narrates Fawning Profile of John Kerry
CBS Again Avoids Sharpton Rant, But NBC’s Couric Presses Him
Reporters Help Kerry Campaign Lower Expectations for Speech
Katie Couric Touts Maureen Dowd as “Witty” and “Insightful”
Stephanopoulos Also Likes Fact that the Edwardses Go to Wendy’s
NPR Fails to Label as Liberal Some Far-Left People and Groups
Alec Baldwin: GOP “Hijacked by These Fundamentalist Wackos”
Two Pro-Kerry Celebrities Featured on ABC This Morning

July 29 CyberAlert AM Edition
Gush Over Edwards, Pitts: Now Up to Kerry to Give Party “Soul”
Jennings: If Edwards Upbeat “Who's Going to Attack” Bush/Cheney?
NBC’s Brown Presses Vet to Say Bush Lessened Pride in Military
Jennings Hails How Conclave “Energized” By “Turned-On Preacher”
FNC Notes Questions About Whether Kerry Vietnam Film Re-enacted
CBS: GOP Commits “Foul” With “Nasty” Video on Kerry’s Iraq Views
CNN: Will GOP “Get Away With” Calling Democrats “Too Liberal”?
Matthews: Seeing Son Campaign for Dean “One of Happiest Moments”
“Top Ten Things Overheard During Teresa Heinz Kerry's Speech”

July 28 CyberAlert PM Edition
Media Praise for Barack Obama, Less for Teresa Heinz Kerry
CBS’s Storm Tosses Softballs to Edwards’ Wife and Daughter
Mitchell Scolds MSNBC’s Scarborough for Anti-Teresa Point
CBS Features Michael Reagan to Rebut Ron’s Anti-Embryo Speech
ABC and NBC Tout Michael Moore’s “Rock Star Reception”
Katie Couric Joins Liberal Stars Hobnobbing with John Kerry

July 28 CyberAlert AM Edition
MSNBC and CNN Lionize “Rock Star” Obama, See a Future President
Matthews: “Goose-Stepping Through the World,” Cleland Canards
Ron Reagan Speech Touted as “Powerful,” Claims Also Questioned
Boosting a Convention Theme, CBS Touts Stem Cell Work in China
CBS Shows Photo of George W. Bush “With a Dukakis-Like Grin”
ABC & CBS Skip Kerry’s “Un-American,” But Brokaw Confronts Her
Some Reporters Point Out Liberal Views of Kennedy and Obama
Woodruff Hits GOP’s “Intolerance” & Lack of “Musical Diversity”
CyberAlerts Annoy Brokaw Who Blasts Brent Bozell’s “Newsletter”

July 27 CyberAlert PM Edition
Gushing Over Bill and Hillary, the Democratic “Rock Stars”
Teresa’s Free Pass Over “Un-American” Blast at GOP Continues
MSNBC Puffs Hillary Clinton and Michigan Governor Granholm
Gibson Rues Small Role for Gore, “Who Won the Popular Vote”
CBS and NBC Complain About Circulating Kerry Safe Suit Pictures

July 27 CyberAlert AM Edition
Clinton’s “Very Clever” Speech Enthralls Brokaw and Russert
MSNBC: Dems Not Anti-Bush Enough, Scarborough: “I Trust” Kerry
CNN: Carter Has “Improved with Age....An Honest Man, Truthful”
FNC Doesn’t Show Gore, Notes Platform v Delegate Iraq Disparity
Jennings Notes How in ABC Poll Kerry “Losing Ground” to Bush
Neither CBS nor NBC Show Teresa Kerry’s “Un-American” Accusation
“Top Ten Signs Your Convention Speech is Boring”

July 26 CyberAlert PM Edition
Not Much From CBS and NBC on Teresa’s “Shove It” Outburst
Hillary Skips FNC, Gets Softballs from ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC
CBS Crowns Teddy the “Grand Marshal” of Dem. Convention
NBC’s Mitchell: Kerry Not as Liberal as Delegates
Since 1972, Democrats Always Gain More from Convention Coverage

July 26 CyberAlert AM Edition
Delegates on Far-Left, CBS: “Liberals” Will “Take a Back Seat”
Cokie Roberts Notes Ticket to Left of Public, a “Real Problem”
Borger Claims Cheney Got as Glowing a Reception as Did Edwards
CBS’s Pitts Touts “Sincerity Sells” Kerry’s “Passion and Caring”
Fox News Sunday Gave a Few Seconds to How Kerry Cut Into Lines
NY Times Public Editor Lambastes His Paper’s Liberal Skew
Actor Matt Damon Boasts: “I’m Voting for John Kerry”
“Top Ten Ways Bill Clinton Can Sell More Books”

July 23 CyberAlert
Rather to Kerry: Angry at Attacks from Vietnam-Avoiding Bush?
Jennings Nearly Brings Kerry to Tears, Brokaw Sticks to Policy
Reporters Over-Simplify Commission Finding on Iraq-al-Qaeda Ties
9/11 Commission Report Chides Media for Inattention to Terrorism

July 22 CyberAlert
Move on From Berger, Give Equal Weight to Timing as Substance
Brokaw & Rather Fairly Tough on Kerry, CBS Touts “Candid Kerry”
More Listen to O’Reilly Than Franken, Reuters Says Opposite

July 21 CyberAlert
CBS Shows More Concern for Timing Than Substance of Berger News
Rather Reserves “Carefully Orchestrated Leak” to Items on Dems
Newsweek’s Fineman: Democrats “Down the Middle” & “Moderate”
CBS Complains Kerry Would Raise Minimum Wage “Only” to $7

July 20 CyberAlert
Katie & Keith: “Did the United States Invade the Wrong Country?”
ABC: Two Reviews “Have Lent Credibility” to Bush's Iraq Claims
Media Tizzy Over Schwarzenegger’s Joke, Use Huffington as Expert
NPR Sees “Ultraconservatives” in Georgia But No Liberals

July 19 CyberAlert
Guest Raises Wilson Claims with Schieffer Who Sticks to Cheney
Ted Koppel Not Sure If Stephanopoulos Prefers Kerry or Bush
FNC Picks Up on Evan Thomas Admission Media “Want Kerry to Win”

July 16 CyberAlert
Cable Networks, CBS and NBC Pounce on Cheney to Be Dropped Rumor
Ted Turner Wants Women to Run the World, Kerry to Run the U.S.
Couric to Edwards: “What Do You Say, 'One Frosty, Two Straws?'”
NBC Nightly News, Sort of, Examines Joe Wilson’s Claims
Denigration of Ronald Reagan Awarded with Emmy Nominations
“Top Ten Signs Bush Might Be Getting Ready to Dump Cheney”

July 15 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Skip Kerry & Edwards Absence on Same-Sex Marriage Vote
Newsweek on Edwards: “He Speaks to the Crowd, They Speak to Him”
ABC: “Sharply Personal Attacks” on Kerry, NYT: “Fierce Attack”
Couric Poses Some Tough Questions to Edwards, But Also Softballs

July 14 CyberAlert
ABC’s Moran Chides Bush for “Sharply Personal Attacks” on Kerry
Gay Marriage a “Wedge” Issue and “Red Meat for Conservatives”
CNN’s Brown, But Not Zahn, Ignores NAACP’s Vicious Anti-Bush Ad
Nets Ignore How Senate Report Discredited Joe Wilson’s Claims
FNC Picks Up on How Senate Report Affirms Iraq Help to al-Qaeda

July 13 CyberAlert
Excitement for MSNBC’s Ron Reagan Speaking at Dem Convention
Matthews Goes on Rant About Iraq War as Illegal and “Bogus”
Couric and Time Photographer Admire Kerry/Edwards Family Team
USA Today Reveals Outfoxed Film Ignores FNC’s Quest for Balance
MRC Sponsors Special “Media Issue” of National Review

July 12 CyberAlert
Mag Editor: Media “Want Kerry to Win,” Cover: “Sunshine Boys”
Stahl Gushes and Giggles with the Kerry and Edwards Couples
Carlson Equates Goldberg’s Sexual Crudity with Limbaugh’s Quips
Olbermann and NY Times Praise FNC-Bashing “Outfoxed” Film

July 10 CyberAlert
Networks Initially Ignore Crudity and Hate at Kerry Fundraiser
CNN’s Brown Rebukes Paper for Putting Controversy on Front Page
Compilation of Anti-Bush Tirades and Insults at the Kerry Event
AP Poll Finds Bush Up 49-45%, Headline: “Kerry Solidifies Base”

July 9 CyberAlert
Koppel Gives Credibility to Political Motive for Ridge’s Warning
NBC’s Williams Ties Bush’s “Kenny boy” Nickname and “Handcuffs”
In 2000 CBS Pursued Anti-Cheney Agenda, This Year Pro-Kerry One
Looking at Edwards’ Qualifications, NBC Shows Bush Flubbing Quiz
“John-John” Democratic “Dream Team” Warm Enough to Melt Cameras
Couric Pleads with McCain to Accept Offer to Replace Cheney
New CNBC Host John McEnroe Tells Conan O’Brien that “Bush Sucks”
Pro-U.S. Intervention in Iraq Episode of JAG to Re-Run on CBS

July 8 CyberAlert
CBS Trumpets “Humanity” and “Passion” of “Democratic Dream Team”
Borger: Kerry-Edwards “Kennedy-esque Picture” Will Attract Women
Today Detailed Cheney’s Conservatism, Skips Edwards’ Positions
Newspaper Profiles Deflect Edwards’ Liberalism, Play Up Charisma
Cheney: “Combative & Blunt,” Edwards: “Stirring & Expressive”
New CNBC Prime Time Host Concedes He “Registered as a Democrat”

July 7 CyberAlert
Nets Treat Liberal Label for Edwards as Unsupportable Accusation
CNN & FNC Tag Edwards “Moderate,” GMA Tags NY Post Not Edwards

July 6 CyberAlert Extra
Nets Pounded Cheney’s Conservative Ideology, But on Edwards...

July 6 CyberAlert
NBC News: “Any Recovery in This Country is a Work in Progress”
ABC Lets Willey Call BC a Liar, But Raises Right-Wing Conspiracy
Bias Flashback: Dan Rather Blasted Cheney & Praised Lieberman
“Top Ten Things Overheard at Saddam Hussein's Court Appearance”

July 1 CyberAlert
One Quarter Percent Rate Hike: Layoffs and No Dream Houses
ABC’s Gibson Paints Surprise Handover as Sign of Failure
FNC Reveals How Moore Distorted Scene with Bush at Golf Course
Today Airs Katie Playing Badminton Over New Saddam Hussein Video

June 30 CyberAlert
Brokaw Corrects Allawi When He Claims Saddam-al-Qaeda Link
Jennings Highlights Negroponte’s Anti-Palestinian UN Votes
“Surprise” Turnover Really “Highlights the Problem” of Security
Handover Moved Up Because WH Wanted to “Stay Ahead” of Moore
Rather Finds High Morale Amongst Troops, Brokaw Happier Iraqis
“Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About 'Fahrenheit 9/11'”

June 29 CyberAlert
“Many Will Not” Miss Bremer Who Left “Crumbling Infrastructure”
Reminds Olbermann of How U.S. Fled Vietnam in Helicopters
Stress Bush’s Low Approval, Bury Bush Rebound Against Kerry
60 Minutes Plugs Moore’s Film with Excerpt of Classroom Scene

June 28 CyberAlert
CBS, CNN & NBC Skip Iraq Outreach to bin Laden Over Saudi Arabia; CBS Evening News Too Right Wing for Michael Moore; Celebrities Come Out for Big Kerry Fundraiser in Los Angeles; “Top Ten Questions Ralph Nader Asked Potential Running Mates”

June 24 CyberAlert
Networks Jump on “Anonymous” Book Author’s Critique of Iraq War; Gibson & Couric Tougher Than Rather on Bill Clinton, But...; Clinton Complains About Media, But Starr, Dole, Reagan Got Worse; “Top Ten Things Overheard in Line at the Clinton Book Signing”

June 23 CyberAlert
GMA Showcases Moore’s Mocking of Bush’s 7 Minutes in Classroom; Clinton Book Matches “Harry Potter Mania,” 3rd Clinton Term?; CNN’s Zahn Forwards Notion Impeachment Hurt Hunt for bin Laden; CNN Viewers and NPR Listeners Overwhelmingly Favor John Kerry; MRC Job Opening: Director of Communications

June 22 CyberAlert
Couric and Stephanopoulos Tout Bill Clinton Book as “Candid”; Upset Over Innocent Detainees, Not Terrorists Mistakenly Let Go; Jon Stewart Denounces War in Iraq as “a Big Cluster[bleep]”; “Top Ten Surprises in the Bill Clinton 60 Minutes Interview”

June 21 CyberAlert
Klein: No 9-11 If Only Clinton “Had Been Free to Fire Freeh”?; Margaret Carlson Rails Against Outrages and Abuses by Ken Starr; Rather Touting Clinton Book as Best Since Grant Too Much for NYT; Totenberg Uses 9-11 Report as Hook to Denounce “Star Wars”

June 19 CyberAlert
CBS and NBC Spike, CNN Forgets, Putin Disclosure of Iraq Threat; NBC Disputes Bush on Zarqawi Tie to al-Qaeda, But NBC Said So ; Madonna: Bush and Hussein “Alike” in Wanting “World Domination”

June 18 CyberAlert
Media Suppress Hamilton’s Scolding of Misreporting of Iraq-Qaeda; FNC Follows CyberAlert and Recounts Distorted Reporting on Link ; Vieira Declares “Entire Pre-Text for War” Was “Built on Lies” ; Kerry Campaign Uses Network Reporting to Bolster Its Cause ; Update: Reporter Who Documented bin Laden-Saddam Ties Now at CBS

June 17 CyberAlert
Nets Pounce on No bin Laden-Saddam Link, But Bush Believed Media; NBC & MSNBC Fuel Kerry’s Spin About a “Middle Class Squeeze”; Gumbel Endorses Fahrenheit 9/11 as “Extremely” Important

June 16 CyberAlert
CBS Celebrates Popularity and Sexiness of Teresa Heinz-Kerry; NBC News Passes Along Kerry’s “Middle Class Squeeze” Claims; News Media and Entertainment Stars Turn Out for Fahrenheit 9/11; “Top Ten Real Reasons John Kerry is Running for President”

June 15 CyberAlert
Jennings Questions Accuracy of Ashcroft’s Terror Plot Warnings; Safer on RR: “I Don't Think History Has Any Reason to Be Kind”; Newsweek’s Fineman Wished Gorbachev Spoke at Reagan Funeral; Conservative Blacks “Decry Negative Reagan Media Coverage”; Kerry Earned “Best Press” of Any Nominee Ever Tracked by CMPA; Bette Midler Disses George W. Bush, Rowe Praises Schwarzenegger; Top Ten Things Going Through 41's Mind as He’s Skydiving

June 12 CyberAlert
If Any Talk of Reagan on Rushmore, Koppel Promises Media Attack; Donaldson: Reagan Nice, But Would Kill School Lunches for Kids; Jennings: Gingrich “Less Civil” Than Reagan Would’ve Approved Of; Rather Concedes Befuddlement Over Why Reagan Admired Coolidge; Brokaw Declares “People of Color” Not “Beneficiaries” of Reagan; NY Times’ Apple Delivers Left-Wing Anti-Reagan Spin as Fact; Russert: “There's No Doubt, He Stood Up and Ended the Cold War”; 1981 NBC Story Frets Reagan “Perceived as Too Rough on the Poor; CNN’s Shaw Scolds Media for Missing the “Essences” of Reagan; Rather: “Sad to Lose Him, But We Are Happy to Remember Him”

June 11 CyberAlert
Jennings Delivers Liberal Cliches on Reagan and Taxes and Blacks; Today Trumpeted Reagan for Raising Taxes and Backing Gun Control; Stem Cells Unlikely to Benefit Alzheimer’s, But Media Don’t Care; Under Reagan “America Had a New Household Term: 'The Homeless’" ; NBC’s Mitchell Uses Rotunda Service to Take Shot at Bush ; Washington Post Photo Captures MRC Staffers at Reagan Procession

June 10 CyberAlert
ABC’s Jennings Repeatedly Raises How Blacks Didn’t Like Reagan; CNN’s Cooper and Gupta Bemoan Reagan’s Indifference to AIDS; Four Major Papers and AP Rail Against Reagan’s Policies

June 9 CyberAlert
Rather: Bush “Now Has What He Once Said He Didn’t Need,” the UN; CNN Worries If Those at Reagan Viewing “Look Like America?”; Brokaw Relays How Reagan Ignored AIDS & “the Disenfranchised”; Page One WPost Story Regurgitates Old Liberal Attacks on Reagan

June 8 CyberAlert
9/11 Reagan’s Fault? CBS Suggests Tie to “Iran/Contra Debacle”; In Reagan Coverage, ABC Raises Rodney King & “Voo-Doo Economics”; Olbermann Cites SDI’s “Awful Legacy,” 30 Reaganites Went to Jail; Exploiting Reagan’s Death to Push Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Slate.com’s Noah: “Pandering” Is Reagan’s “Most Enduring Legacy”

June 7 CyberAlert
CBS News Turns Huge Bush Lead Amongst Veterans Into a Negative; ABC’s GMA Can Only Find WWII Veterans Opposed to War in Iraq; News of 248,000 Jobs Created Leads CBS to Focus on Ohio Layoffs; Sunday CyberAlert Examines Initial Coverage of Reagan’s Passing

June 6 CyberAlert
Some Journalists Don’t Refrain from Liberal Shots at Reagan; Rather’s Tribute: “Think of Him Always When the West Wind Blows”; FNC & MSNBC Go Ad-Free, Not CNN; ABC & NBC Bring in Top Anchors

June 4 CyberAlert
Tenet Painted as “Scapegoat,” Those With Jennings Applaud Exit; CBS Highlights Eroding Support for Bush in “Swingtown USA”

June 3 CyberAlert
Brokaw Features Movie Trailer Promoting Moore’s Bush-Bashing; CNN’s Blitzer Showcases Demand Armed Forces Radio Drop Limbaugh; Howell Raines Goes on Anti-Bush and Conservative-Bashing Tirade; O’Reilly Confronts Wallace Over Saying Iraq “Not a Good War”

June 2 CyberAlert
Bush Will “F------ Whack This S---” for Enron, “Crude, But True"; CBS MarketWatch Rips Media for Falsely “Dreary” Economic Picture; Lauer Complains About Oil Company “Profits,” Urges Car-Pooling; CNN Features Glowing Tribute to Kerry’s Heroic Vietnam Exploits

June 1 CyberAlert
Mike Wallace Doubts Bush’s “Validity,” Says Iraq Not “Good War”; Koppel Catches Up, on Friday Lists Those Killed Beyond Iraq; Bob Woodward’s Colleagues: Bush Has “Never Read a 21-Page Memo!”; NPR’s Williams Sees No Liberal Bias, NYT “Mainstream Journalism”

May 28 CyberAlert
Dan Rather Trumpets 14-Point Lead of Kerry-McCain “Dream Team”; On National Security, Kerry Pursuing a “Path Down the Middle”; Jennings Flummoxed by More in Prison “Even Though” Crime Down; NBC Skips GDP Jump, But Has Time for Gas Prices Causing Hunger; USAT Touts “Good News on Economy,” WashPost Sees Only Bad Sign; CBS: Threat Warning a “Campaign Tactic” to Distract “from Iraq?"; Students Learn About Internment Camps, Not WWII Battles

May 27 CyberAlert
Olbermann: Terror Threat a Ruse to Get Tom Ridge on Morning TV; CBS & NBC Find “Deepening” and “New” Questions on Prisoner Abuse; Harvard Launches Web Site to Push Reporters Further to Left; Russert Claims He’s Not Shown Any Bias Since Campaigning for JFK; Letterman Takes Shot at CBS for Airing Sit-Coms Over Bush Speech

May 26 CyberAlert
Jennings Spikes Confirmation of Sarin, Highlights Damaged Mosque; CBS Misconstrues Report, Claims Bush Failing in War on Terror; Chicago Tribune Finds Girls Who “Had More Fun” Under Hussein

May 25 CyberAlert
Jennings Implies Army Concedes Video Shows It Bombed a Wedding; GMA’s Mantra: Wedding Video a “Public Relations Disaster”; Jennings Cites Bush’s Low Approval, Not How He’s Even with Kerry; CBS Skips How By 10-1 Public Thinks Prisoner Abuse Over-Covered; CNN & USA Today Spike Poll Showing Journalists Lean Way to Left

May 24 CyberAlert
Pew: Five Times More Journalists Are Liberal Than Conservative; Those Who See "Lefty Spin" in Iraq Stories "Fooling Themselves"; CNN and NBC Show Iraqi Men Whose Hands Hussein Cut Off; Cicadas Are People Too: Letters to the Editor Upset by Abuse

May 21 CyberAlert
Nets Push New Abuse Storylines, Jennings Agrees with Rumsfeld; Citing Reagan, Lauer Scolds Hastert for “Pot Shot” at McCain; “Top Ten Questions on the John Kerry Running Mate Application”

May 20 CyberAlert
Nets Use Supposed “Wedding Party” Killing to Show Iraqi Morass; Media Claim Gas Prices at “Record High,” But They’re Far From It

May 19 CyberAlert
Couric: Aren’t “Liberals Controlling the Mainstream Media?"; Now That He’s Attacking Bush, Reporters Have Respect for Hersh; Top CBS News and NY Times Execs Deny Any Agenda in Iraq Coverage

May 18 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Tie Assassination to al-Qaeda Terrorist, But Not ABC; Rooney Wants “Smart Board” of Professors to Block Tax Cuts; USA Today Founder Neuharth Urges Bush to Not Seek Re-Election; Desegregation & Marriage: “Struggles for Rights and Inclusion”; Morning Shows Trumpet Gay Marriage as “Landmark” & “Milestone”; 60 Minutes Chief Don Hewitt Says He’ll “Probably Vote for Kerry"

May 17 CyberAlert
NY Times, CBS and NBC Yearn for a Kerry-McCain “Dream Team” ; Concern Kerry “Has Failed to Capitalize on Bush’s Vulnerability” ; MSNBC Focuses on Iraqi-American “Offended” by President Bush ; Jennings Touts “Enormous Anti-American Demonstration” in Cuba ; U.S. Reporter Wants More Iraqis to Die So that Bush Will Lose ; Hail Historic Same-Sex Mass. Marriage, Worry Right “in Jeopardy”

May 14 CyberAlert
Jennings Refuses to Link al-Zarqawi to al-Qaeda or bin Laden ; Brokaw Frets That Prison-Abuse Coverage Blocking Kerry’s Message; Lauer Fails to Press Ted Kennedy About His Outlandish Claims; ABC’s Sawyer Picks Up on England’s Claim Tactics Saved Lives; On JAG, Reporters Want Grieving Mother to Say Bush Lied on Iraq

May 13 CyberAlert
Jennings Spikes Beheading Culprit al-Zarqawi’s Ties to al-Qaeda ; CBS Skips Own Poll on Prison Photo Over-Coverage, NBC Takes Up ; Networks Bury England’s Claim that Tactic Elicited Valuable Info ; CNN’s Brown Worries Media Haven’t Been Negative Enough on Iraq; NBC’s Prime Time ER Takes Swipe at Bush, Gushes Over Molly Ivins

May 12 CyberAlert
ABC & CNN Discount Tie to al-Qaeda of Beheading Perpetrators ; On Beheading Reaction, ABC Labels Conservatives But Not Liberals ; “Growing Public” and “Bipartisan” Demands for Rumsfeld to Quit? ; CBS Marvels Bush Support Not Hurt by Disillusionment with War; CBS Back Tonight with More Video Showing Disdain for Prisoners

May 11 CyberAlert
NBC Relays View of Rumsfeld as “Neo-Nazi,” and Raises Mein Kampf ; ABC’s Charles Gibson Forces Laura Bush to Discuss Prison Abuse ; “Pictures Shred the Last Good Reason to Feel Righteous” on War

May 10 CyberAlert
Rumsfeld Must Go, Shields Takes on “Armchair Commando” Limbaugh; After No WMD, and Now Torture, U.S. Has lost “Moral” Authority; MSNBC’s Olbermann Stresses Calls for U.S. to Get Out of Iraq; Fox News Sunday Airs “What We’ve Accomplished” in Iraq Segment; ABC News Finds Downside to Job Growth and Lower Unemployment; News Media Stars on the Jeopardy Quiz Show This Week

May 7 CyberAlert
Rather: “Bush Finally Apologizes, But Will He Fire Rumsfeld?”; CNN Focuses on How Brits “Appalled” by Bush Hiding U.S. War Dead; Koppel’s Topic Thursday Night: “Is Iraq an Unwinnable War?" ; CBSNews.com Chief Rails Against “Chickenhawks” Bush and Cheney

May 6 CyberAlert
Networks Stress How Bush Didn’t Apologize for Prisoner Treatment; CNN’s Aaron Brown Scolds Bush for Not Taking Responsibility; Morning Shows Hold Rumsfeld Culpable, Seek Apology & Resignation; Media Like Story Since It “Validates Notion” the Military is Bad; Brokaw & Russert Stress Bad News for Bush, Not His Lead in Poll

May 5 CyberAlert
CBS Employs McCarthyistic Tactics to Smear Anti-Kerry Veterans; CNN Uses Iraqi Prisoner Abuse to Bring Up Vietnam’s My Lai

May 4 CyberAlert
Lesley Stahl: Press Corps “Assumes” Cheney Tells Bush What to Do; AP: “Dole Rises to Kerry's Defense Over Vietnam”; But He Didn’t; CNN’s Brown Admits Own Net Doesn’t Show Much of Normalcy in Iraq; Koppel’s Reading of Names of Those Killed in Iraq Boosts Ratings; Letterman More Skeptical Than CBS News About Clarke’s Motivation; On ABC’s The Practice: Bush “Lying” So “He Could Start a War”

May 3 CyberAlert
Johnson-McNamara Phone Call Reminds NBC’s Brian Williams of Iraq; Clift Frets Kerry Doubted as “Bush Gets Away With Lying” on WMD; Time’s Duffy Has Absolutely No Interest in Pursuing Gorelick; Fox to Feature What Those Killed in Iraq “Accomplished There”; New Liberal Group Hopes to Be “As influential as the MRC”

May 1 CyberAlert
Koppel Denies He’s Against War, But Lectures on Sharing Its Cost

April 30 CyberAlert
Nets Ignore Gorelick Role, Highlight Bremer Rebuke of Bush Team; NBC Nightly News Focuses on “Dark Side” of 4.2% GDP Growth; Koppel’s “Roll Call” Generating Controversy, But CBS Has Done It

April 29 CyberAlert
CBS Reports Kerry Ahead of Bush in Poll, Ignored When Bush Led; CBS: Cheney Defense Spending Record “Much the Same” as Kerry’s; John Kerry Scolds Chris Matthews for Impugning Bush and Cheney; ABC: Battle in Fallujah Contradicts U.S. Claim of Wanting Peace; CNN’s Brown: PA Race a “Test” of GOP’s “Tolerance for Moderates”; “Top Ten Ways Saddam Hussein Celebrated His 67th Birthday”

April 28 CyberAlert
Nets Spotlight College Chief’s Complaint About Cheney Speech; Kerry Distracted from Jobs Issue by “Harsh Attacks” from Cheney; NBC’s Curry Pushes Blinded Vet to Say He’s “Angry” Over No WMD; Wash Post Reporter “Against the War Before, During and After It”; Letterman’s “Top Ten Chapter Titles in Bill Clinton's Memoirs”

April 27 CyberAlert
John Kerry Portrayed as a Victim of Aggressive Bush Team Attacks; “Keep Your Laws Off My Body!” Screamed Left-Wing Celebrities; CBS Followed NY Times in Pairing Tillman with Homeless Vet

April 26 CyberAlert
CBS Discovers Problem of Iraq War Veterans Homeless in America; Koppel Scolds Bush for Barring Dover While Using 9/11 Shot in Ad; “Exclusive” GMA Guest Blames 1991 Dover Photo Ban on Patriot Act; Editor’s Association Lawyer Yearns for a Kerry Presidency

April 23 CyberAlert
CBS Avoids Kerry’s Atrocities Claims, Paint Him as a Victim; Unlike with Bush/Guard, Morning Shows Limit Kerry to One Story; CNN’s Brown Emotionally Moved by Anti-Iraq War Comic Strip Plot; Jennings Frets More About Plight of Those Held at Guantanamo; In a Tribute to Mary McGrory, Jennings Ignores Her Liberal Views

April 22 CyberAlert
ABC Defends “Kerry’s Distinguished War Record,” CBS Skips Topic; Stahl Regrets Not Trusting Saddam on WMD as She Did on al-Qaeda; Greenspan Upbeat on Economy, CBS & NBC Note It, But ABC Downbeat; Brokaw Reads Short Item on Corruption in UN’s “Oil for Food”; Dallas Morning News Urges Journalists to Admit Liberal Bias

April 21 CyberAlert
Jennings Considers Plight of Guantanamo Detainees the Top Story; ABC Highlights Claims of UN Corruption in “Food for Oil” Program; ABC Skips Own Poll With Bush Beating Kerry, But When Kerry Led...; NPR Ties the Right & Limbaugh to Death Threats Against Gorelick; New York Post Features Op-Ed on Woodward Adapted from CyberAlert

April 20 CyberAlert
Woodward Provides Positive Take on Bush, Nets Focus Elsewhere; NY Times Picks Up False Claim PDB Referred to “Lower Manhattan”; It Takes Death Threats to Get ABC to Mention Gorelick Memo; Parting Shot at Bush, Leave “Liberating Iraq to Someone Else"

April 19 CyberAlert
CBS’s Wallace Mocks Bush’s Smarts and Belief in Freeing People; ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Presses Tony Blair to Name Mistakes; Washington Post Ombudsman Concedes “Political Bias” in PDB Story; Couric Delivers Giddy and Upbeat Session with Hillary Clinton; ABC’s Charles Gibson Still Dreaming About John McCain for VP

April 15 CyberAlert
Nets, Especially NBC, Obsess Over Bush Not Admitting Mistakes; AP: “Once Again, President Bush Misspoke on a Weapons Issue”; Gorelick Memo Gets Some Traction on CNN, But ABC Downplays It

April 14 CyberAlert
Network Reporters Fret About Bush Not Admitting Mistakes; White House Press Pound Bush to Admit Errors, Apologize for 9/11; Focus on Ashcroft’s Heedlessness Over Gorelick-Imposed Barrier; GMA Quizzes Gorelick About Ashcroft Failures, Ignores Her Record

April 13 CyberAlert
CBS Cites Clinton Official to Say Bush Missed PDB’s “Alarm”; Widow on CBS: Bush “Didn't Take Seriously,” So Husband Dead; MSNBC’s Olbermann Sarcastically Mocks Bush on PDB as Too Vague; New York Times Stories: "PDB" Meant "Pin Damage on Bush"; Newsweek and Today Ask: “Is Iraq Turning Into Another Vietnam?”; Rooney in Column: Soldiers Forced to Iraq by Bad U.S. Economy

April 12 CyberAlert
Some Outlets Distort and Exaggerate Meaning of August 2001 Memo; NBC’s Myers Points Out Clinton and Media Underestimated Threat; CyberAlert Bias Flashback to May '02: “Bush Knew” Attack Coming; Unlike CBS News, FNC Reports Bush-Rice Bounce in a CBS Poll; CNN Gives Over Most of Rice Highlight Time to Attacks on Her; Media Feature Bush-Bashing 9/11 Families, Exclude Bush Backers

April 8 CyberAlert
Peter Jennings, Voice of al-Jazeera? Relays Anti-U.S. Complaints; Rather Treats as Newsworthy Enemy’s Claim Iraq “Another Vietnam”; Retired General Sets Gibson Straight on His Dour View of Iraq; For Expertise on Rice’s Appearance, CNN Turns to...Anita Hill; Sawyer Retorts Willis Claim Same President Needed to Stay Course

April 7 CyberAlert
Nets Pounced on Rice Inattention to al-Qaeda, Skip Clinton’s; Today Features Dad of Proud Marine Killed in Iraq, Supports War

April 6 CyberAlert
Iraq “Spinning Out of Control,” An Up Side to Saddam’s Rule; Olbermann Embraces John Dean’s 'Worse Than Watergate’ Book; Pulitzers Go to Liberal Columnist and Liberal Agenda Stories; NY Times Picks Up on How Prime Time TV Features Bush-Bashing; Celebrities Come Out for Kerry Fundraiser in Beverly Hills

April 5 CyberAlert
CBS Trumpets Case of Returning Soldier Who Now Supports Kerry; CBS Actually Fails to Highlight How Their Poll Puts Kerry Ahead; CBS Flashbacks: GOP for Whites Only, No More Clinton Womanizing; NBC Gives Credence to Idea Jobs Number “Too Good to Be True”; WashPost Editor Admits He Can’t Defend Paper’s Anti-Rice Story; In WSJ, Professor Praises Jennings’ Special on Jesus and Paul

April 2 CyberAlert
CBS: Job Slump Driving People to Accept Dangerous Jobs in Iraq; Jennings Admits TV Focus on Violence “Overshadows” Gains in Iraq; NBC Wonders If Liberals “Too Nuanced” to Succeed in Talk Radio; CNN’s Cafferty & NBC’s Leno Mock Idea Media Lack Liberals; Most Say U.S. Safer Than Before 9-11, But WashPost Flips Finding; Moyers Rants Over Bush “Deception,” Urges Gore for Bush Cabinet; “Top Ten Questions You're Afraid to Ask Condoleezza Rice”

March 31 CyberAlert
Clarke’s Conflicts Skipped But Rice’s “Contradictions” Stressed; Walters Scolds Hughes Over Bush Ads with “Graphic” 9-11 Scenes; Outsourcing Politically Detrimental, Not Economically Beneficial; WashPost: Kerry at “Philosophical Center of Party” and “Country”

March 29 CyberAlert
Al Hunt: “Clarke Dealt a Lethal Blow Against” Bush’s Re-Election; ABC Paints Clarke as Victim of “Ferocious and Personal Attacks”; Stahl Concedes Negative Viewer Feedback to Promoting Clarke; Reporters Laughed But Now Condemn Bush for WMD Jokes at Dinner; CBS: “Truth Be Told” Bush and Kerry Both “Favor Tax Cuts”

March 26 CyberAlert
Morning Shows Pound Bush, Bolster Clarke and Ignore Clinton; Reporters Praise Clarke: “Undermines Whole Bush Administration"; CBS Notes Clarke Never Objected to Bush in 22 Hours of Testimony; Banfield, Who Fretted About Pro-War Coverage, Let Go by MSNBC

March 25 CyberAlert
Networks Undeterred by Any Doubts About Clarke’s Credibility; Ex-NBC News Reporter Star Jones to Emcee Democratic Fundraiser

March 24 CyberAlert
ABC Spikes President Bush’s Retort to Clarke’s Charges; Stephanopoulos Forgets Role in Discrediting Anti-Clinton Book; Lack of Interest in Kerry’s 'Voted for & Against’ $87B Gaffe; NPR Ousts Leftist Bob Edwards from Its Morning Show; “DisHonors” Videos Up: Limbaugh, Donaldson & Award Presentations; “Top Ten Surprises in John Kerry's FBI File”

March 23 CyberAlert
Nets Relay Clarke’s Charges Against Bush, Ignore Clinton Years; Morning Shows Focus on Bush’s 8 Months Over Clinton’s 8 Years; CBS’s Stahl Cites Only Clinton’s Laudatory Efforts on Terrorism; Same CBS Reporter Describes Iraqis as “Optimistic” & “Terrified”; ABC Notes How FBI Documents Show Kerry Claims Are “Inaccurate”; “Top Ten Ways Dennis Kucinich Can Still Be the Next President”

March 22 CyberAlert
Jennings: Iraqis Humiliated, French Foreign Minister Upset; Network Stars Keep Pressing McCain to Join Ticket with Kerry; NBC’s Mitchell Spins for Kerry, Tagging Bush Ad as “Distortion”; Walter Cronkite Urges John Kerry to Run as a Proud Liberal; Carl Bernstein: Bush “the Most Radical President” of the Century; Fox Newswatch Picks Up on How CBS Spiked Poll With Bush in Lead; Rush Limbaugh Recounts His Good Time at the MRC’s “DisHonors”

March 19 CyberAlert
Rush Limbaugh & Sam Donaldson Appear at MRC’s “DisHonors Awards”; The Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes ; Audience Awarded the “Quote of the Year” to Charles Pierce

March 16 CyberAlert
CBS Evening News Ignores Own Poll Finding on Bush Leading Kerry; CBS Skips Hard-Left Agenda of Anti-War Protest It Publicizes; Stress Defeat for Bush in Spain Over Victory for Terrorists

March 15 CyberAlert
Juan Williams Claims Kerry Lacks Friendly Media, Hume Chortles; Schneider Awards "Play of Week" to Bush-Bashing 9/11 Families; A Year After the War, "Freedom" and Normalcy in Baghdad ; Carlin: U.S. "Paying the Piper" for "Exploiting" the World

March 12 CyberAlert
Fretting Over 9/11 in Bush Ads, Yet Bush “Piker” Compared to FDR; ABC Runs Kerry’s Point By Point Retort to New Bush TV Ad; NBC Relays Kerry on “Attack Squads” Out to “Destroy People”; Will CBS Bring Balance This Sunday to “American Voices” Series?; Nets Skate Over Liberal & Media Background of Accused Iraq Spy

March 11 CyberAlert
Not as Eager About Kerry’s “Crooked” Charge as Bush’s “Asshole”; Salivating All Day Over Kerry-McCain “Dream Team” to Beat Bush

March 10 CyberAlert
CBS Touts Anti-Bush Anger in Florida, But It’s Greater Elsewhere; CBS’s Pitts Castigates “Nasty” Bush, Paints Kerry as the Victim; ABC Focuses on U.S. Human Rights Breaches, Not Good Treatment

March 8 CyberAlert
WashPost Reporter Advises Dems “Connect the Dots” Against Bush; CBS Hypes How “Buffett Says the Bush Tax Cuts Favor the Wealthy”; Stephanopoulos Pleads to McCain for “Dream Ticket” with Kerry; CBS’s Early Show Doesn’t Move On, Leads Friday with Bush TV Ads; Curry Gushes to Jane Goodall: “You've Given So Many People Hope”; LA Times Changes “Pro-Life” to “Anti-Abortion” in Opera Review; Tribute to Ted Kennedy’s Liberal Spending Ideals Wins Award; “Top Ten Signs Hillary Clinton Wants to Be Vice President”

March 5 CyberAlert
Bush Has $100M, But Kerry Has Media to Discredit Bush TV Ads; Will Media Hold Kerry to Same Standard: No Vietnam in TV Ads

March 4 CyberAlert
CBS: Angry Democrats and “Polarized” Voters Are Bush’s Fault; Jennings Lists Kerry’s “Combat Record” as Advantage Over Bush; McCain Running with Kerry is “Everybody's Wishful Thinking”; Describing Kerry as Liberal Has Nothing to Do With “Issues”?; ABC’s Random Group of “Very Intelligent Voters” All Against Bush; Liberal Ex-Senator Takes Over ABC, Reuters Dubs Him “Peacemaker”; “Top Ten Things Governor Schwarzenegger Hears in a Typical Day”

March 3 CyberAlert
Interviewing Cheney, Blitzer Distorts Greenspan on Tax Cuts; Cronkite Jokes About Marrying Men, Does Video for Liberal Group; NBC’s Today Trumpets the “Liberals' Answer to Rush Limbaugh”; Maria Shriver Uses Pillow Talk Time for Liberal Advocacy

March 2 CyberAlert
CBS: Bush Team Failed Democracy in Haiti, Just as in Iraq; NBC Acknowledges Ranking of Kerry as the Most Liberal Senator; Early Show Crew: Morning Democratic Debate Occurred “Last Night”; CBS Presents Anti-Bush Repubs Upset by Tax Cut, Lies About Iraq; Two Non-Conservatives Recognize Media’s Pro-Gay Marriage Tilt

March 1 CyberAlert
Dan Rather: Does “Kerry Have Enough Elvis to Beat George Bush?”; CNN’s Morton: Kerry No More Opportunistic Flip-Flopper Than Bush; CBS & ABC Celebrate O’Donnell’s “Marriage” and “Hopes” of Others; Lauer & Schieffer: Contrarian Points on Gay Marriage & Tax Cuts; Oscars Nearly Apolitical, Reporter More Anti-Bush Than Robbins

February 27 CyberAlert
NBC Features Workers Demanding Social Security Not Be Touched; ABC’s GMA Showcases 50-Somethings Pleading for Maximum Payout; Rooney Jokes About Crucifixion, Belittles Religion in General; Time of Jesus “Not Unlike” the “Imperial Occupation” Now of Iraq; Sawyer Gives O’Donnell Platform to Denounce Bush as “Vile”; Matt Lauer Prods and Pushes Tim Robbins to Castigate Bush; FNC Picks Up on Misleading CBS Take on Repubs “Furious” at Bush; “Top Ten Things Heard Outside the New Mel Gibson Movie”

February 26 CyberAlert
Greenspan Urges Budget Cuts, But NBC Distorts & Blames Tax Cuts; Morning Show Interviewers Let Kerry Off Easy on Gay Marriage

February 25 CyberAlert
Conservatives “Browbeat” Bush on Marriage, GOP May Be “Split”; Kerry “Fighting Back” Against “Hard-Right” Attack from Bush; CBS’s Roberts Insists “Many Republicans” Are “Furious” at Bush; Democratic Candidates Earn Positive Media, Unlike GOP in 1996; NBC’s The West Wing Suggests Example of Liberal Media Bias

February 24 CyberAlert
ABC Touts Sierra Club’s Scalia Recusal Demand Based on Jokes; Nets Channel Democratic Angst About Nader, Push Him to Get Out; Andy Rooney’s Insult via God: “Mel [Gibson] Is a Real Nut Case”; Newsweek Denigrates as a “Rant” a Book About Liberal TV Women

February 23 CyberAlert
Russert Relentlessly Pushes Schwarzenegger to Raise Taxes; Pryor Painted as Extra-Legal Abortion and Religious Extremist; Koppel Uses Guard in Iraq to Note Bush’s Guard Time to Avoid War; CNN’s Schneider Awards “Play of the Week” to San Francisco Mayor

February 20 CyberAlert
CBS News Producer Prompts Kerry to Refine Attack on Bush on Jobs; ABC Re-Airs Story on Mrs. Bush’s “Harsh” Words About McAuliffe ; CBS’s Hartman Scolds Media for Obsession Over Vietnam Service ; NBC Forces Out Bob Arnot Who Delivered Upbeat Stories from Iraq ; “Top Ten Signs Bush is Considering Dumping Cheney”

February 19 CyberAlert
ABC’s Moran Condemns Mrs. Bush’s “Harsh Words” About McAuliffe; ABC & CBS Morning Shows Hit Sean Hannity With Liberal Claims; Couric Raises Criticisms of Nancy, Ignores Them With Hillary; NBC Makes a “Friend of Bill” the New President of MSNBC; MRC Job Openings: News Analyst and Media Archivist; “Top Ten Good Things About Being Named George W. Bush”

February 16 CyberAlert
Roger Simon of U.S. News: “Nobody Died When Bill Clinton Lied”; Timing and Content of Friday Document Release Displeases Media; CNN’s Schneider Awards “Play of Week” to Dems for AWOL Charge; Nets Promote Burkett’s Charges Without Noting Animosity to Bush; Margaret Carlson Salutes 41's “Courage” to Raise Taxes

February 13 CyberAlert
ABC Poll Finds Most Say National Guard “Not a Legitimate Issue”; CBS Devotes Story to How Bush Agents Sought to “Purge” Records; CNN Gives Hour to Bush, In '92 Ignored Clinton’s Draft Scandal; Time’s Joe Klein: Bush Getting What He Deserves on Guard Issue; Matthews Notes Clinton’s Draft Avoidance Never “Revisited”; Lauer in Russia: “For Many, Life Worse Than in Soviet Times”

February 12 CyberAlert
CBS: Jane Fonda/John Kerry Photo the GOP’s “New Willie Horton”; Bush Simultaneously in Mainstream & Too Extreme on Gay Marriage; Network Morning Shows Presume Bush Guilty Until Proven Innocent; In 1992 the Washington Press Corps Defended Clinton on Draft; ABC Political Team Concedes Press Corps Hostile to Bush’s View; News Corporation & Viacom Chiefs Are Big Bundlers for Kerry; CNN: John Kennedy Won Primary, Touting “Vagina-Friendly Men”

February 11 CyberAlert
Nets Dissatisfied with Bush National Guard Records, Won’t Let Go; A Very Contentious WH Briefing, Reporters Snap at McClellan

February 10 CyberAlert
Nets Not Fazed by Gore Tirade that Bush “Betrayed the Country!”; Couric Highlights Anti-Bush NYT Editorial, But Not Corroboration; CBS’s JAG Trumpets U.S. Goals in Iraq, Hack Denigrates Effort

February 9 CyberAlert
Russert Grumbles Tax Cuts Are “Draining Money from the Treasury”; Reuters: “Kerry Presidency Seen a Boon for U.S. Markets”; Plante Frets McCain Willing to Give Bush “a Pass” on Intel Use; CBS Emphasizes the Negative in Declining Unemployment Numbers; Donaldson & Plante Credit Reagan with Hastening End of Communism

February 6 CyberAlert
CBS Paints Tenet as Anti-Bush, Nets Insist Bush Said “Imminent”; Olbermann Dismisses Relevance of Kerry’s 1992 Defense of Clinton; On AWOL Charge, Woodruff Assumes Bush Guilty til Proven Innocent

February 5 CyberAlert
CBS Frets GOP May Make Gay Marriage Kerry’s “Willie Horton”; CBS & NBC Push “AWOL” Charge But Skip How Kerry Defended Clinton; 60 Minutes II Re-Runs Ex-Official’s Attack on Powell’s UN Case; ABC’s Shipman Acknowledges How Kerry is Getting Great Press; JAG Takes on U.S. War Crimes, NBC Re-Runs Bush-Bashing Sit-Com; "Top Ten Things Never Before Said by a Presidential Candidate"

February 4 CyberAlert
“Amazing” How Democratic Primary Voters Dislike President Bush; Couric Praises Edwards’ Liberal Stump Speech as “Quite Moving”; Jennings Called “Deserter” Charge “Reckless,” But Relays “AWOL”; Upset at Rebuke of BBC, Reporters Suggest Bush & Blair Resign

February 3 CyberAlert
Moore Blasts Jennings On “Deserter” Bush, Nets Undermine Charge; Resignation to Protest Award to Hume, But Not When Libs Honored

February 2 CyberAlert
Schieffer Prompts Edwards to Agree Tax Cuts Must Be Stopped; ABC on Kerry: “Long Record of Fighting for Balanced Budgets”; CNN’s Morton: Kerry No “Dukakis-Style Effete Eastern Liberal”; CBS Emphasizes the Negative in 4 Percent GDP Growth; CBS Evening News Twice Features Move-On.org’s Anti-Bush Ad; PBS: Reagan and W Built on “Resentment Tapped Into by Wallace”; Oprah “Changed Way Americans Think of Themselves and the World”?

January 30 CyberAlert
Prescription Plan Too Small Last Year, Now Blame It for Deficit; ABC’s Ross Shows How Saddam Bought Off Politicians with Oil $ ; At ABC, “People Say 'Conservative’” Same as 'Child Molester’"

January 29 CyberAlert
Olbermann Rues Wasteful “Destruction” of Soldiers, Wilson’s Wife; CBS Cuts “Another McGovern...Ted Kennedy Disciple” Kerry Label; ABC’s Nightline Champions “Burgeoning Internet Group” MoveOn.org

January 28 CyberAlert
In NH Exit Polls, Networks See “Bad News for the White House”; No Matter What the Point, Jennings Showcases Bush-Bashing Bites; Russert: 80% Want Tax Cut Revoked, But FNC Notes Issue Hurt Dean; MSNBC Analyst Ron Reagan Jr. Accuses Bush of “Dementia”; Koppel Avoids Kerry’s Liberal Record, But Not CNN and Others; CBS Uses Kay to Undermine Bush, But on NBC Kay Backs Iraq War

January 26 CyberAlert
CBS Distorts Halliburton Case Into Cheney-Led “War Profiteering”; Olbermann Salivates Over a “Watergate Junior” Scandal for Bush; Brokaw Adopts Liberal Spin: Health Insurance Based on Luck; Couric Pleads: “Let's Hope” Jokes Will “Soon Be Over for Dean”; CNN’s Aaron Brown: Dean “More Moderate than Ultra-Liberal”; CNN Taps Head of Its Most Liberal Show to Be New DC Bureau Chief; The Stars of The Reagans Lose Out in Golden Globe Awards

January 23 CyberAlert
ABCNews.com Pushes Abortion Agenda, But on Air Notes Clark’s...; ABC’s Nightline Knocks Down Gumbel’s Claim of Klan Influence ; Month-by-Month Rundown of the Media’s Liberal Bias in 2003 ; “Top Ten Ways I, Howard Dean, Can Turn Things Around”

January 22 CyberAlert
ABC: Bush’s $250 Million for Job Training “Not Nearly Enough”; CNN Features Angry Reaction from Europe and Iraq to Bush Speech; Now and 15 Years Ago CBS’s Smith Sees Only Economic Dark Side; ABC & NBC Morning Shows Express Hostility to Extending Tax Cuts; Unusual Source Defending How Tax Cuts Work: CNN’s Meteorologist; Tom Shales: Bush, “Scary”; Ted Kennedy Worthy of Mount Rushmore; “Top Ten Reasons I'll Make a Good Talk Show Host”

January 21 CyberAlert
ABC Cites Claim Bush “Shredding Constitution,” Sees “Red Meat”; CBS’s Schieffer Names “Best Line,” Frets “No Great Initiatives”; NBC Dubs Ashcroft “Keeper of Patriot Act,” Regurgitates '99 Quiz; CNN: “Remarkably Combative Speech,” Patriot Act Vow a “Red Flag”; On FNC, Kondracke Laments Tax Cuts Over Big New Health Care Plan; Olbermann Equates Bush List of Iraq Coalition with Dean’s Rant; Letterman’s Mock Iowa PSA: “Nominee Loses to Bush in Landslide”; MSNBC’s Nachman Passes Away, Recognized Media’s Liberal Bias; “Top Ten Howard Dean Excuses”

January 20 CyberAlert
Jennings Notes Public Trust in Democrats, Skips Trust in Bush; CNN’s Woodruff Frets About Bush Speech Overshadowing Democrats; Morning Shows Feature Dem Candidates, Not So for GOP in 2000; Pre-Caucus GOP Guests in 2000 Greeted with Ideological Hostility; In 2000, NBC Reporters Warned that Bush Moved Too Far Right; Few Liberal Labels, Four Years Ago CBS Issued 20 Right-Wing Tags; Hunt, Novak, Kristol and Carville Correctly Predicted Kerry Win

January 19 CyberAlert
ABC Denounces Bush’s Recess Appointment, But Trumpeted Clinton’s; Reporters Donate to Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean; John Kerry Popular with Listeners to National Public Radio; Most Pundits on TV Over Weekend Predict a Dean Victory in Iowa

January 16 CyberAlert
NBC Promotes Al Gore’s Attack on Bush’s Environmental Record; Couric Challenges Kennedy on How Democrats Failed to Oust Saddam; Record Low Temps, Yet USA Today Plugs Movie on Global Warming

January 15 CyberAlert
Bush Over Dems by 21 Points, MSNBC: “No Groundswell for Bush”; NBC Trumpets Robert Rubin’s Success in Eliminating Deficit; ABC: People Must “Downsize Their Paychecks and Their Dreams"; Democrats More Likely Than Republicans to Watch ABC, CBS and NBC; Human Events Publishes Highlights from the MRC’s Awards Issue; FNC’s Hume Picks Up on ABC & CBS Spiking O’Neill’s Backpedaling; “Top Ten Reasons George W. Bush Wants to Put a Man on Mars”

January 14 CyberAlert
Paul O’Neill Backpedals, But CBS and ABC Pretend He Didn’t; Couric: O’Neill Candid, But Stephanopoulos Was “Turncoat”; “Top Ten Signs You've Been on the Campaign Trail Too Long”

January 12 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Fails to Correct Dean’s False $304 Tax Cut Claim; Media Love O’Neill’s Blast, CBS: Bush Said Tax Cuts Went to Rich; FNC’s Hume & Columnist Cal Thomas Pick Up on CyberAlert Findings

January 9 CyberAlert
CNN Contends: “Governor Howard Dean Was No Left-Wing Liberal”; CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Insists Again That Gore Really Won Florida; Actor Robert Duvall Denounces Steven Spielberg for Castro Visit; Brokaw Finds MRC “Wearying” Since MRC “Everywhere Every Day”

January 7 CyberAlert
Halliburton Cleared, But on CBS: Dean “Offers America New Love”; Brokaw: Bush is President “Representing Corporate Interests”; Dr. Ted J. Smith III, Leading News Media Scholar, Passes Away

January 6 CyberAlert
“Everybody’s Up in Arms,” Process Reminiscent of “Nazi Horrors”; Matthews Panel Sees “Crony Capitalism” as Good Anti-Bush Issue; NRO: “Just Think of MRC as the Fourth Estate’s Ombudsman”



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