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Stop the Spin

Al Gore Gaffes


Campaign 2000

Media Coverage of the Candidates

FNC Reports NYT Had to Correct Clymer’s Cheney Hit Piece
The New York Times reporter who Hillary Clinton says "is a superb, fair-minded reporter" but whom Bush called a "major league ass****" for his bias, was the subject of a Special Report with Brit Hume segment that appears to support Bush’s claims.

Media Quote of the Day
Find out why Tuesday’s award for most biased media quote goes to CBS’s Dan Rather.

USA Today Reports Stars in SUVs Line Up for Hillary
USA Today reported on what could not, by any measure, be deemed a mainstream campaign event in support of Hillary Clinton’s senate race.

Clift on Hillary Campaign Letter: "That’s Not Lying"
A letter from the Hillary Clinton for Senate campaign urged supporters to defend her in the media against charges of anti-Semitism but specifically requested supporters identify themselves as mere "concerned citizens" not acting at the campaign’s urging. Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift, predictably, came to Hillary’s defense.

NBC Reveals It Knew About Hillary’s Slur Since Last Year
The silence of ABC — not even mentioning the hot story Tuesday night — was bad, but nothing compared to that of NBC which, Andrea Mitchell let slip on NBC Nightly News, decided to forego the story of Hillary’s racial slur back in 1999.

U.S. News Redefines "Sexist"
On CNN Late Editon, U.S. News & World Report’s Steve Roberts (husband of Cokie Roberts) claims being anti-Hillary is being sexist.                                         

U.S. News Highlights Pro-Hillary Book
A U.S. News & World Report writer highlights how a "new book says Giuliani has thuggish family ties" but offers no labels for the far-left author, even though it did not don such kid gloves earlier in reporting on pro-Bill Clinton books.

Early Show Contributes First Hour to Hillary’s Campaign
CBS’s Early Show, dead last in the morning show ratings war, managed to spend its first 45 broadcast minutes Wednesday with First Lady Hillary Clinton and still not break any news.

CBS’s Rather Votes for Hillary
On the CBS Evening News Thursday, anchor Dan Rather passed along news that Hillary Clinton will not be indicted over the Travel Office firings "that happened just when the Clintons were coming into office." Since when is First Lady an elected office?

Katie Couric on Hillary: "Can You Really Pretend to Understand?"
On the Wednesday, June 6 Today show, NBC’s Couric interviewed Laura Ingraham, author of The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places, portraying Hillary as a victim of how people like Ingraham project onto her their views of the role of women.

Hillary "Compassionate"
If you thought George W. Bush had a corner on the word, think again. In an appearance on HBO’s Dennis Miller Live on Friday June 2 to plug a new movie, actress Christine Lahti, who recently played a doctor on CBS’s Chicago Hope, proclaimed of Hillary: "I really think she is...compassionate about all people, and I think she’s a true, earnest public servant."

NPR’s Liasson: Hillary’s No Ted Kennedy
White House correspondent Mara Liasson decries Hillary’s "conservative" views.

NPR’s Totenberg on "Intestinal Animus" Towards Hillary
Nina Totenberg reveals on Inside Washington she just doesn’t get it.

Tough-to-Beat Pro-Abortion Gingrich Clone?
Reporters cover all bases in covering Long Island congressman’s entry into the New York Senate race Giuliani abandoned.

CBS, ABC Swift to Scold Lazio
Over the weekend, CBS’s Bob Schieffer upset by "what this campaign’s going to be about" while ABC’s Cokie Roberts label Lazio "nasty."

Cokie Roberts Asks Weekend’s Dumbest Question
Catch the query she posed to NY Senate candidate Rick Lazio on Sunday.

Newsmags Use Rudy to Benefit Clinton
In their May 22 editions, Newsweek, U.S.News and Time all use the alleged infidelity of Rudy Giuliani to defend Bill Clinton.

NBC News: "Together Again, Bill and Hillary"
During the May 17 NBC News ‘In Depth’ story about Hillary’s acceptance of the NY State Democratic Party Nomination, reporter Andrea Mitchell said, without irony, that Hillary accepted it with "her loyal husband at her side."

Letterman’s "Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans"
... from the comic’s May 17 broadcast.

Letterman’s "Top Ten Signs Mayor Giuliani Is In Love With You"
... from the comic’s May 11 broadcast.

NBC Today’s Leftist Hillary Town Meeting
The hour-long gab-fest on Thursday 5/11 featured 15 audience questions, 73% of which came at the First Lady from the Left or Far Left.

NBC: "Poor Hillary" May Get Tougher Opponent
NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell speculated on the May 10 Nightly News that "if Giuliani drops out, Mrs. Clinton could face an even tougher opponent: New York’s popular Governor George Pataki."

Networks Donate Air Time to Liberal "Town Meetings"
NBC’s Today show will donate its first full hour on Thursday 5/11 to a "town meeting" with Hillary Rodham Clinton, while over on ABC the next morning, Good Morning America will return to the White House for a broadcast devoted to gun control in honor of the "Million" Mom March" (in which "tens of thousands" are expect to participate).

GMA’s Snyderman Reveals Hillary Was Her Lawyer
On the May 1 edition of ABC’s Good Morning America, medical reporter Nancy Snyderman lets slip her 1988 affiliation with the First Lady/Senate candidate.

U.S. News on Hillary’s Hunting Heritage
Paul Bedard of U.S. News & World Report relays how even aides laughed out loud at Hillary’s most recent claim to be "just like you," made to an audience of hunters in vote-rich upstate New York.

CNN’s Fake Hillary Town Meeting
Promoted as a Town Meeting, CNN’s Hillary Clinton special was more of an infomercial. On the 4/26 edition of Inside Politics, CNN’s Bernard Shaw asked colleague Wolf Blitzer about the program, but Blitzer failed to mention that all audience questions were pre-screened.

Rather Trumpets "Right-Wing Venom Machine"
In interviewing President Clinton on his wife's candidacy for the New York senate seat, CBS anchor Dan Rather gives credence to the liberal’s latest version of the VRWC out to "get" them.

Lauer to Authors: Did You Find Hillary’s VRWC?
Today co-host Matt Lauer reminds viewers: "First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on the Today show back in January of 1998 just after the name Monica Lewinsky had surfaced in the Paula Jones investigation" and plays that infamous soundbite from Hillary Clinton. Now, Lauer introduces his March 31 Today show guests: "Well, guess what, two writers took up that challenge and are out with a new went out looking for that vast right wing conspiracy. Did you find it?"

Rather Pounces on Pro-Hillary Poll
It appears anchor Dan Rather only reports on polls with findings he likes....

News Makes The Case Against Peggy Noonan
Network stars sure don’t like Peggy Noonan’s new book, The Case Against Hillary Clinton. CNN’s Bernie Shaw is flabbergasted, while CBS’s Jane Clayson tries to dismiss Noonan’s work as "Democrat bashing" by a "Republican partisan."

Networks Mute on Dem. House Members’ Hollywood Fundraising
The Washington Post reports "Kevin Spacey, the wisecracking Academy Award nominee known for playing a murderer and a pot smoker, does not have much in common with the rather strait-laced Richard A. Gephardt, except for this: Both men are pushing hard for the Democratic Party to regain control of the House." TV news has yet to pick up the story, apparently loathe to report on what is already record-breaking fundraising by Democrats from Hollywood’s ultra-liberal elites. 

Politics in Prime Time: NBC’s Third Watch Bashes Hill-Bill
In a surprising move, the NBC entertainment show featuring NYC police and paramedics working the late-shift, Third Watch, placed its characters behind the scenes at an imaginary Rudy-Hillary event where they spent some time bashing the candidate’s husband.

Bryant Muses about Clinton "Third Term"
While many political observers see Hillary’s campaign for the Senate seat as, in part, a referendum on the Clinton presidency, CBS’s Early Show co-host Bryant Gumbel asks a pollster to predict presidential poll outcomes if Bill Clinton were among the candidates.

Media to Hillary: What About Grocery Shopping?
The Lifetime cable network debuted a new talk-show co-produced by ABC News, Lifetime Live. First guest: Hillary Clinton. Among the probing questions, a discussion of the candidate’s grocery shopping experience.

TV’s Judge Judy on Hillary
On the 2/25 Tonight Show appearance, Judge Judy Sheindlin rendered a verdict on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Media "Enchanted" by Hillary
In a 2/14 New York Observer opinion piece, Nina Burleigh (formerly of Time) laments, "You’ve Changed, Hill."

Newsweek’s Valentine to Hillary
In the 2/14 edition, Newsweek’s Debra Rosenberg sought to give Hillary a record of accomplishment.

Who’s Hostile to Religion?
Dueling pundits on 2/12, with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell claiming it’s Rudy who’s hostile towards religion and National Review’s Kate O’Beirne taking the alternate position on CNN.

CBS Condemned Questions as "Below the Belt"
CBS News’ Early Show correspondents huffed on 1/20 about questions asked of Hillary – including marriage, fidelity, and use of pot or cocaine – that they deemed "below the belt," even asking "What does all that have to do with being a Senator...?" Yet the same "below the belt" questions are above board when posed to other candidates.

Why Should Hillary Hate the Press?
After all, reporters praised her stunt on the Late Show with David Letterman show, protested her treatment at the hands of a local interviewer, and all but censored her meeting with racist demagogue Al Sharpton. Read the 1/20 Campaign 2000 Media Reality Check newsletter.

U.S. News:  Donors Give to Hillary to Influence President
In the 1/24 issue, U.S. News & World Report magazine’s investigative reporters found that "in her race for the New York Senate...the First Lady has tapped White House connections time and again for contributions and support...".

Media Can’t Get a Hillary Story Straight
With less than 50% of New Yorkers holding a favorable opinion of her, Hillary Clinton caved to pressure by comedian David Letterman to appear on his popular NYC-based show 1/12. After praising her, the media on 1/13 speculated whether she cheated on the host’s "pop quiz."

60 Minutes II Said Giuliani Nasty
Not satisfied with that slamming of the NYC Mayor, in the 60 Minutes II profile that ran 1/4, CBS News Anchor and Managing Editor, Dan Rather highlighted reports of Giuliani as an "authoritarian."

ABC Battles the Conspiracy
ABC News fired reporter Bob Zelnick for writing a Gore book and fired conservative commentator Bill Kristol while keeping his liberal counterpart, but has no problem with its own "legal analyst" Jeffrey Toobin publishing a book that concludes Hillary’s conspiracy theory was right.

Gail Sheehy’s Unlimited Access
Syndicated column by L. Brent Bozell.

If Media Fail to Report on Hillary’s Failed Left Hook, Did it Really Miss?
Hillary’s swipe at Rudy Giuliani was an attack from the left on his homeless program, but the 1/12 Late Show with David Letterman audience didn’t laugh, so the press passed on reporting this ideological indicator.

Desperately Seeking Silence on Hillary
Syndicated column by L. Brent Bozell.


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