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Stop the Spin

Al Gore Gaffes


Campaign 2000

Campaign & Convention 2000 Media Bias Videos
Campaign 2000
Convention 2000

Campaign 2000 Media Bias VideoAl Michaels

  • 11/20/2000: Al Hunt went into a tirade when Bill Bennett suggested Gore operatives have used "thuggish tactics." for more details

  • 11/17/2000: Lynne Cheney contested ABC's Jack Ford on polls; Dick Cheney argued the networks "distorted the process." for more details

  • 11/14/2000: ABC showed how a Gore fundraiser "used cigarettes to get residents of homeless shelters to vote." for more details

  • 11/13/2000: Alec Baldwin denounced GOP hypocrisy in not following the "legal process" and urged a re-vote. for more details

  • 11/09/2000: The Late Show audience booed when David Letterman brought up Hillary Clinton. for more details

  • 11/09/2000: Tom Brokaw suggested people will "get sufficiently aroused" to get the Electoral College "yanked." for more details

  • 11/09/2000: CBS focused on Florida voting "improprieties" that are "adding up as fast as the votes are being recounted." for more details

  • 11/06/2000: CBS quizzed the agenda of fly-fishing capped "eccentric" Tom Connolly. for more details

  • 11/06/2000: ABC's 20/20 gave Barbra Streisand a forum to defend Bill Clinton, denounce George Bush and promote Al Gore. for more details

  • 10/30/2000: Fox's Brit Hume argued media focus on the "Daisey II" ad over the NAACP ad was "a wonderful example" of media bias. for more details

  • 10/26/2000: FNC played an NAACP ad which equated Bush's opposition to a hate crimes bill to a man getting "killed all over again." for more details

  • 10/20/2000: Letterman argued against Bush's environmental plans and asked why Texas has the "worst" air pollution. for more details

  • 10/18/2000: Dan Rather listed three errors made by Bush, but only admonished Gore for not outlining a policy. for more details

  • 10/17/2000: ABC's quiz show ruled that "Al Gore was the basis" for Love Story. Regis: "It's true, it's true." for more details

  • 10/12/2000: Criticizing Bush's "circle of advisors" Rather asked if Cheney would be "the hidden hand President?" for more details

  • 10/10/2000: Brit Hume confronted Gore aide Tad Devine with how in Yugoslavia Clinton did "exactly" what Bush proposed. for more details

  • 10/05/2000: Treading where the media won't, ABC's quiz show asked who urged "eliminating the internal combustion engine?" for more details

  • 10/04/2000: George Stephanopoulos cheered Gore's performance: "He was strong, he was detailed, he was specific..." for more details

  • 09/27/2000: FNC's Jim Angle corrected Al Gore's claim that Bush-backed Gingrich tried to "cut" Medicare. for more details

  • 09/22/2000: MSNBC's Brian Williams conceded the media's bias: "Had that happened to Bush the news media would have..." for more details

  • 09/19/2000: FNC showed Al Gore fumbling over mammograms and making up drug costs for his mother-in-law and dog. for more details

  • 09/18/2000: Julia Roberts at Gore event: "Republican in the dictionary comes just after reptile and just before repugnant." for more details

  • 09/18/2000: New York Times reporter Rick Berke conceded "it took me several viewings" by a Gore operative "to notice the Rat." for more details

  • 09/05/2000: CBS's Gloria Borger scolded Joe Lieberman for crossing the line on religion. Oops. George Washington said that. for more details

  • 09/01/2000: A new ad prompted ABC to recall how Bush treated McCain: "Negative campaigning is nothing new for Governor Bush." for more details

  • 08/24/2000: The August 4 CBS Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn put "Snipers Wanted" over video of George W. Bush. for more details

  • 08/24/2000: Networks treated cancelled ad as unfair, but Clinton had already lied when in 1994 Gore said he hadn't. for more details

  • 08/21/2000: Dan Rather falsely reported a "carefully orchestrated story leak" tied to the "Republican-backed special prosecutor." for more details

  • 08/09/2000: Case study of Dan Rather's Bias: Introducing the Democratic ticket he relayed their glowing spin ...for more details

  • 08/09/2000: ...but when he set up CBS's July story on the Bush-Cheney debut he highlighted liberal attacks on them. for more details

  • 08/09/2000: Bryant Gumbel asked if Republicans, "however quietly," will make Lieberman's Judaism "an issue?" for more details

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Convention 2000 Media Bias Videos


Campaign 2000
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