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“Tell The Truth!” 2005 Campaign Statement

Letters from Readers

I have a cousin who returned from Iraq a few months ago, and was TOTALLY amazed at the news coverage of the war; even from Fox News. He thought the war was very unfairly represented in the news. He was angry because the GOOD things were not highlighted along with the bad, in order for our citizens here to have a more complete view of the war. He spoke of laughing with the Iraqi children, the soldiers gathering for prayer, of schools open and people working. He told of many re-building projects, of sick and frail Iraqi citizens being treated by qualified doctors, of the locals who would ask for and get, help from our troops. He told of the many who would come up to the troops and thank them for what they were doing.

It is my opinion that the media is, in a large way, responsible for helping to turn the citizens of the US against the war, by always highlighting the negatives, and none of the positives. If I had my way, that would border a treasonous act against our nation.

And now, we have Cindy Sheehan, whom the liberal media has taken up as their latest "cause". I wonder how many of the thousands that were killed in the Towers by the terrorists would support her if they could speak to us? Hmmmmmmm?!?!?!?!?

Thank you for your time, and for keeping us informed.


Bonnie F. Hollingsworth
Rosman, NC 28772

I have decided you are best source for accurate, timely, truth-filled news each day. Brent Bozell's columns are must-reads. I was musing last night (after hearing once again--on local news channels; I avoid national news other than Fox) that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (read BUSH) was to blame for all of New Orlean's woes. My fear is that, of course, if a lie is repeated enough times, it becomes truth. Which made me write this:

The Blame Game in New Orleans/Louisiana is a classic example of MSM liberal bias. Can you imagine the torrent of abuse from the MSM had the federal government not waited for the city/state to request, let alone offer compliance to their coming in? ABROGATION of STATES RIGHTS, HEAVY-HANDED ARROGANCE, GESTAPO TACTICS (indeed, all the abuse they DID NOT heap on Reno/Clinton for the Waco/Ruby Ridge debacles) would be shouted from every MSM outlet in the country, time and time again. Conservative/Reublican governments do exhibit extremes of caution, temerity, and hesitation. But no wonder.

They know every word, every action, will be scrutinized, torn apart and spun by their adversaries (yes, I said adversaries. The MSM IS just a part of the DNC.) The city of New Orleans Mayor, the waffling of the State of Louisiana's governor (both, REMEMBER, Liberal Democrats) should bear some of the blame...but the greater portion of blame should be borne by the MSM. It is their constant carping, their constant search for "Gotcha, Conservatives!", that shackles and inhibits conservative governments.

And I do think, thanks to MRC and the other truth-seekers, out here in the boondocks of Middle America, we do understand what is going on. I do not believe Democrats understand that there is an America other than that in Washington..or New York..or LA.

Mary Lou Yankaitis




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