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“Tell The Truth!” 2005 Campaign Statement

Latest from "Tell The Truth"
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

“Dear Colleague” letter from Jack Kingston to GOP members of Congress

Letters from Readers

Katrina Takes a Toll on Truth, News Accuracy
Rumors supplanted accurate information and media magnified the problem. Rapes, violence and estimates of the dead were wrong.

Soldier’s Outrage at Anti-War Protests at Army Hospital

Media Use Katrina to Lobby for Higher Taxes
Criticism for budget deficits has been replaced by calls for big government

Media Coverage of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
Check out the most up-to-date information and examples of liberal media bias in the coverage of the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts -- and join in the discussion on the MRC blog,!

Pictures From Iraq That Are Too Shocking & Graphic for The Mainstream Media
Click here to see more!

Media Reality Check
Preparing the Battlefield for a Roberts Ambush?
The three broadcast networks have been mostly silent during the run-up to John Roberts' Senate confirmation hearings, but the Associated Press and big papers like the Washington Post have had stories painting the Supreme Court nominee as growing up in a racist town, a Neanderthal on women's rights, and possibly even a Confederate sympathizer. Could these pre-confirmation potshots be just the opening salvos of a full-scale media war against John Robert?

Feedback from MRC readers
Let our soldiers know we're fighting to get the Liberal Media to Tell the Truth! Contact our troops overseas and show them your support.

ABC Pushes Anti-War Propaganda
ABC gave extensive coverage to the anti-war (and anti-Administration) group Gold Star Moms for Peace, but did not report on the President's three-hour meeting with family members of soldiers killed in Iraq. ABC's Dan Harris noted that only 13 percent of Americans want an immediate exit from Iraq, and then showcased former Senator Gary Hart who explained how to build a larger anti-war movement. NBC Today host Matt Lauer interviewed liberal commentator Chris Matthews to determine whether Iraq is another Vietnam. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann labeled FNC's Brit Hume the "worser" person of the week. NBC and CNN both promoted left-wing propaganda about global warming.

Free Market Project Special Report
Networks Paint Bush Economy As Bleak No Matter What The Facts Really Say

Media’s bad news bears deliver negative news 62 percent of the time despite economic expansion. The U.S. economy is doing well but the top media keep covering bad news or mis-reporting good economic news. Read more

Post Blames Free Market For Starvation In Niger
Timberg’s rant bypasses poverty, drought, locusts and other causes to blame greedy capitalists


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