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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grand Hyatt Washington


2007 DisHonors Awards Home Page

Award 1 Award 2 Award 3 Award 4 Award 5 Quote of the Year & More
1st Annual William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence


Tin Foil Hat Award for Crazy Conspiracy Theories Award 4
Anchor Katie Couric: "Gas is the lowest itís been all year, a nationwide average of $2.23 a gallon. It hasnít been that low since last Christmas. But is this an election-year present from President Bush to fellow Republicans? Hereís Anthony Mason."
Reporter Anthony Mason: "For two months now, gas prices have been in free-fall, plunging 81 cents a gallon since August and giving the President some rare good news."
George W. Bush: "Gas prices are down."
Mason, over "GOP: Grand Oil Party" bumper sticker laying on a dashboard: "Gas started going down just as the fall campaign started heating up. Coincidence? Some drivers donít think so."
Man in a car: "And I think itís basically a ploy to sort of get the American people to think, well, the economy is going good, letís vote epublican."
ó CBS Evening News, October 16.

"There is an extraordinary amount of academic work that you quote in the book [Deanís book, Conservatives Without Conscience]. A lot of it is very unsettling, it deals with psychological principles that are frightening and that may have faced other nations at other times in ó Germany and Italy in the Ď30s coming to mind in particular. How does it apply now? And to what degree should it scare us?...This whole edifice requires an enemy ó communism, al-Qaeda, Democrats, me, whoever ó for the Two-Minute Hate....Are you actually saying here they [conservative Republicans] would set up, encourage, terrorism from other countries to set them up as a bogeyman to have again that group to hate here, that group to more importantly be afraid of here?...Youíve been at one of the central moments of history in the 20th century. What kind of danger ó are we facing a legitimate threat to the concept of democracy in this country?"
ó MSNBCís Keith Olbermann to ex-Nixon White House lawyer John Dean, who claimed in his book that modern conservatives are moving the Republican Party toward "authoritarianism," July 10 Countdown.

And the winner is...
"The last time we got a tape from Osama bin Laden was right before the 2004 presidential election. Now here we are, four days away from hearings starting in Washington into the wiretapping of Americaís telephones without bothering to get a court order or a warrant, and up pops another tape from Osama bin Laden. Coincidence? Who knows."
ó CNNís Jack Cafferty during the 4pm EST hour of The Situation Room, January 19.


Video from MRC's 2007 gala

The nominees for the Tin Foil Hat Award were presented by former White House official Mary Matalin

ĎOsama bin Ladení accepted the award on behalf of Jack Cafferty

2007 DisHonors Awards Home Page

Award 1 Award 2 Award 3 Award 4 Award 5 Quote of the Year & More
1st Annual William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence






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