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Press Releases 

Dec 22, 2006:
ABC, CBS, NBC Evening News Shows Ignore New Facts in Berger’s Theft of National Security Documents

Dec 18, 2006:
New York Times Publisher Headlines the Best Notable Quotables of 2006 With ‘Worst Quote Of The Year’

Nov 15, 2006:
Liberal Media Herald Potential Housemajority Leader John Murtha Because He Fills Their Cut-And-Run Prescription for Iraq

Nov 8, 2006:
Blatant Washington Post Dishonesty

Nov 6, 2006:
CBS Spins Good News into Bad to Influence Voters

Nov 2, 2006:
Olbermann Preaches Hate Speech, Liberal Media Silent

Nov 1, 2006:
MRC Denounces Liberal Media for Downplaying Kerry’s Insult

Oct 31, 2006:
ABC’s Good Morning America Pushes Bad News for GOP

Oct 30, 2006:
MRC Applauds Cheney’s Challenge of CNN’s Terrorist Propaganda Video

Oct 27, 2006:
ABC’s Pelosi Coverage is Slanted to Help Liberal Democrats

Oct 26, 2006:
NBC Today’s Story about Gas Price Conspiracy is Goofy Journalism

Oct 24, 2006:
Pentagon Should Remove CNN Reporters from Embedding Program

Oct 19, 2006:
TV News Networks Give Free Ride to ‘Speaker Pelosi’

Oct 18, 2006:
MRC Launches Culture & Media Institute

Oct 16, 2006:
Liberal Air America Radio Files for Bankruptcy

Oct 12, 2006:
Networks Air 152 Foley Scandal Stories, But Only 19 Reynolds Scandal Stories

Oct 4, 2006:
Media Calls for Hastert’s Resignation are Premature

Sep 19, 2006:
Bozell: Media Blast Pope Over Muslim Violence, Ignore Radical Islamic Hate Speech

Sep 8, 2006:
Special Report: Five Years of Media Attacks on the War on Terror

Aug 29, 2006:
The Real Katie Couric: 15 Years of Clobbering Conservatives And Promoting Liberals

Aug 28, 2006:
ABC, CBS, NBC Promoting Illegal Immigration As Heroic, Painting Tough Curbs On Illegals As ‘Far Right’ Harshness

Aug 22, 2006:
Latest Hateful Comments May Cost Bryant Gumbel His Job at NFL Network

Aug 3, 2006:
The Bell Tolls for Air America

July 17, 2006:
Bozell: Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center Movie is a Masterpiece

July 7, 2006:
MRC Calls on Media to Stop Promoting Gay Marriage Agenda

July 6, 2006:
NYT Editor Bill Keller Admits Media Not ‘Neutral’ on War Against Terrorism

June 27, 2006:
MSNBC’s Olbermann Slams Conservatives as “Worst” Persons

June 26, 2006:
Bozell: “The New York Times Just Doesn’t Give a Damn about American National Security”

June 23, 2006:
More Than 500 Wmd Found In Iraq Since 2003

June 13, 2006:
Bozell: Coulter Critics Are Moral, Editorial Hypocrites

June 12, 2006:
Study: TV Trumpets Military Scandals, But Continues To Hide Heroism

May 26, 2006:
ABC’s Bogus Story on Hastert and Abramoff Is Another CBS Phony Bush National Guard Story

May 23, 2006:
NBC, ABC, CBS Promote Da Vinci Code but Trashed The Passion

May 23, 2006:
ABC Blows Chance For Balanced Coverage By Moving Gibson To World News Tonight

May 4, 2006:
CBS, ABC, NBC fuel gas price hysteria.

April 6, 2006:
NBC Hires a “Megaphone for the Liberal Cause” to replace Couric at Today Show

April 5, 2006:
Couric’s Move to CBS Will Not Help the Sinking Network or the Evening News

March 31, 2006:
Ted Turner “Wins” MRC’s Award for Worst Liberal Bias

March 30, 2006:
Media Research Center hosts 19th Annual DisHonors Awards Gala

March 28, 2006:
Media Research Center Hosts Annual Dishonors Awards Gala

March 20, 2006:
TV’S Saddam: Courtroom Mischief-Maker, Not Brutal Mass-Murderer

March 3, 2006:
‘Mainstream’ Media Rush to Promote CBS’s Skewed Poll on Bush’s Approval Rating

 February 16, 2006:
Statement from MRC president Brent Bozell regarding racist comments by Bryant Gumbel

January 17, 2006:
Media Ignore Positive News from Iraq

January 12, 2006:
Media Must Stop Enabling Character Assassination of Judge Alito


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