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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham and Research Director Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.

2005 Archive

December 13
No End to Media’s Defeatism on Iraq War
MRC Study: Amid Iraq Progress, Networks Continue to Emphasize Violence and Calls for Withdrawal

November 21
New Anchor’s Record of Liberal Advocacy
As ABC’s White House Correspondent, New Nightline Anchor Terry Moran Pushed a Liberal Agenda

November 09
Media’s Post-Election Spin Favors Democrats
In 1997, GOP Wins Spun as Happiness with Clinton’s Status Quo; Now Reporters See Anti-Bush Anger

November 01
Alito the Extremist, Ginsburg the Moderate?
In 1993, Networks Touted Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a “Moderate” and Omitted Her Conservative Critics

October 26
Morbid Networks Tout Iraq War’s “Milestone”
ABC, CBS and NBC Skip Army Soldier’s Heroics; ABC and CBS Downplay Democratic Constitution

October 17
TV’s Depressing, Defeatist Coverage of Iraq War
MRC Study: Networks Paint Dark Picture of War Effort, Emphasizing Terrorist Attacks and U.S. Deaths

September 08
Celebrating the Media's Bush-Bashing "Passion"
Journalists Refused to Tilt in America's Favor after 9/11, But Are Praised For Biased Hurricane Coverage

September 01
Preparing the Battlefield for a Roberts Ambush?
“Very Conservative” Supreme Court Pick Portrayed as a Confederate, Racist and Male Chauvinist Pig

August 23
Outraged By Pat Robertson, But Silent On Anti-American Chavez
Dictator Hugo Chavez Is Wrecking Democracy In Venezuela & Allying Himself With America-Hating Terror States Like Iran

August 16
Interested in Connected Dots or Blaming Bush?
In 2002, Network News Breathlessly Touted Charge That “Bush Knew” In Advance of 9/11 Plot

August 11
Announcing Another Way to Fight Liberal Bias
MRC Launches NewsBusters.org, an Interactive Web Log Dedicated to Exposing the Media’s Tilt

August 02
"Defiant" Bush Sends "Damaged Goods" to UN
Networks React with Indignation to Bush’s Recess Appointment, But Praised Clinton’s ‘97 “Solution”

July 19
Media Now Roast Rove, But Wouldn’t Fry Bacon
Networks Pile On With 58 Rove Stories in 10 Days, But Helped Bury Pentagon’s Abuse of Tripp in 1998

July 01
Sickening Moral Equivalence From NBC Anchor Brian Williams
Happy Fourth Of July: NBC Nightly News Suggests“The First Several U.S. Presidents Might Have Been Called Terrorists,” Just Like Ayatollah Khomeni's Radical Hostage Takers In Iran

June 29
Going Over Easy for Democrats in the Morning
Network Anchors Tenderly Offer Senators Chance to Rebut and Criticize President’s Fort Bragg Speech

June 16
Nets Target U.S. Military "Abuses," But Skip Dick Durbin's "Nazi" Rant
A Democratic Senate Senate Leader Compares American Soldiers To Pol Pot, Stalin's Gulag, and Nazis- Why Is That Not News?

June 09
PBS on Tom DeLay: Favors “Virtual Slavery”?
Replacement for Bill Moyers Is Becoming the New Poster Boy for Blatant Liberal Bias on Public TV

June 1
Anchors Gush Over Heroism of "Deep Throat"
Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Aaron Brown Offer the Passionate Liberal Rebuttal to Mark Felt’s Critics

May 20
Ignoring Saddam's Mass Graves, Covering Undies Photo “Outrage”
Today Show Seeks Out Saddam Defense Lawyer To Express His Outrage Over Brutal Iraqi Dictator's Unfair Treatment

May 09
MRC Study: Six Times More “Conservative” than “Liberal” Labels on Network News Since Election Day
Extreme Conservatives vs. Unlabeled Liberals

April 28
Ignoring the Pro-Pope Polls of Catholics
Networks Claimed "Many Catholics" Opposed "Ultraconservative" Ratzinger, "God’s Rottweiler"

April 15
Washington Post’s Robin Givhan and Her Hair-Raising Fashion Bias
Bolton, Bush, and Cheney Hair Mocked, but Kerry Should “Gloat,” and Edwards Should be “Tousled” and “Nuzzled”

March 30
Jesse Jackson Gets No News Mojo in Supporting Terri Schiavo’s Life
Networks Unimpressed with the Liberal Reverend When He Arrives in Florida to Put a Democratic Face on the Side of Life

March 22
Slanting the News Against Terri Schiavo
ABC, CBS and NBC Evening News Coverage Favors Those Who Would Stop Feeding Disabled Woman

March 07
Good Riddance to Dan Rather’s Rotten Bias
For Decades, the Liberal CBS Anchorman Twisted the News to Help Liberals and Hurt Conservatives

February 23
CNN Anchor Helps Promote HBO’s Offensive Anti-Faith “Comedian”
Just Last Week, Maher Mouthed Off on MSNBC: “Religion Stops People From Thinking....Religion is a Neurological Disorder.”

February 18
NBC, MSNBC Find the Major Media Scandal at Talon News, Not CNN
NBC Only had 30 Words for CNN Executive Eason Jordan’s Charge That American Soldiers Murdered Journalists

February 11
Is Bush “Ripping the Heart” Out of People?
Budget Coverage Is Low on Big-Picture Numbers, High on Hyperbole About Government Beneficiaries

February 03
A Faked Hug? U.S. Coerced Iraqi Voters? MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Pushes Crackpot Conspiracies
Liberal Radio Host Mocks Iraqi Voters with Nazi Salute

January 31
Election Triumph Belies Network Naysayers
Strong Turnout by Iraqi Voters and Relative Calm Contradict Many Journalists’ Pessimistic Predictions

January 25
Will They Dismiss a Real Vote, When They Fell for a Fraud?
ABC, CNN, and NBC Touted Saddam 100-Percent “Vote” in 2002

January 11
Morning Shows Give Short Shrift to CBS Hoax
Overnight, CBS’s Dan Rather Fiasco Goes From Big Story to Minimal Story on ABC, NBC, and CNN


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"No organization better informs the public or holds the big media accountable for its incredibly biased and unprofessional ways than the Media Research Center. There is not an email or a printed publication of theirs that I do not read. MRC is the best at what it does and is having an impact on how the news is covered."
~ Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist



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