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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham and Research Director Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.

2004 Archive

December 14
Moyers Ends With a Silly Whimper, Not a Bang
PBS Omnipresence Retires with Ridiculous Claim that There’s No Liberal Bias, Only Conservative Bias

December 08
CBS’s Bias Won’t End When Rather Exits
John Roberts, the Front-Runner to Take Rather’s Chair, Twists News Stories to Favor a Liberal Agenda

November 30
New Anchorman, Same Old Liberal Bias
NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Lionizes Liberals, Castigates Conservatives and Blames America First

November 10
Peddling a “Cure” Worse than the Disease
FMP Study: Networks Tout Alleged Harm of Global Warming But Hide Massive Costs of Kyoto Treaty

October 29
How Will Media Spin Best Pre-Election Growth in 25 Years?
Under Democrats, Slower Growth was Seen as Good News

October 28
Late Hit Proves Media’s Urge to Help Kerry
Al-Qaqaa Bombshells Prove Anti-Bush Media Can’t Resist Trying to “Push Undecideds the Other Way”

October 25
ABC Asks Bush How He’ll Lose, Leave Iraq
Charles Gibson Devoted Half of His Presidential Interview Emphasizing the Human Costs of the War

October 21
The Times: All the News That Fits Our Spin
Paper Smears Its Front Page With Bad News for Bush, Editor Worries Press Is Too Nice to the President

October 20
Bill Clinton Boom, George W. Bush Gloom
Economic Numbers in 1996 and 2004 Very Similar, But the Media Spin Depends on Who's President

October 14
TV (Again) Hails Kerry as Debate Champ
Reporters Frown on Bush’s Mention of Kerry’s Liberalism, Calling It a “Tinny” Charge, a “Tired Horse”

October 12
Meet Bob Schieffer, CBS’s Dan Rather Echo
Rathergate or No Rathergate, CBS’s Face the Nation Host Has Given Brickbats for Bush, Kudos for Kerry

October 11
No Balance Until November 3?
ABC Political Chief Says Bush is Biggest Distorter, Urges Staff Not To "Artificially Hold Both Sides 'Equally' Accountable"

October 08
Will the “Uncommitted” Be Mostly Liberals?
Letting the Moderator Pick the Gallup Questioners Led to a Bigger Slant in Liberal Questioners in 2000

October 07
Charlie Gibson, ABC’s Liberal Question Man
Friday’s Debate Moderator Loved July’s Democratic Convention but Scolded “Icy” Tone of VP Debate

October 06
Scolding “Gratuitously Mean” Dick Cheney
Only CBS News Claims Edwards Won the Debate; CBS Reporter Says Cheney’s Words “Did Not Take”

October 04
PBS’s Gwen Ifill: No Moderate Moderator
Running-Mate Debate Host Has Likened Conservatives to Terrorists, Truck Bombers, and Assassins

October 01
Media Decide Kerry Gets the “Momentum”
Networks Crown Kerry Winner of First Presidential Debate, Deride Bush as “Angry” and “Self-Pitying”

September 29
Lehrer Favored Liberal Questions in 2000
Forget the Fuss About Debate Rules: Will Bush and Cheney Get a Fair Shake from Four Liberal Anchors?

September 23
Lining Up in Dan Rather’s Valley of Forgery
Geraldo Feels Sorry for Rather, Helen Thomas Says He’s “Magnificent,” Diane Sawyer Finds “A Giant”

September 09
Pro-Kerry Media Expose Their Partisanship
ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC Ignored or Disparaged Swift Vets Against Kerry but Hype Anti-Bush Charges

September 08
60 Minutes Has Pounded on Bush All Year
CBS Interview with Texas Democrat Only the Latest Salvo in an Undeniable Trend of Bush-Bashing

September 03
CBS Belittles Bush but Fawned Over Kerry
Republican Convention, Day 4: "Compassionate Conservatism" Mantra Rings Hollow to CBS Reporter

September 02
Decrying Miller’s “Ugly” “Raw Meat” Speech
Republican Convention, Day 3: ABC's Stephanopoulos Hears Echoes of 1992 Houston Convention

September 01
Brokaw: Platform Doesn’t Speak to Women
Republican Convention, Day 2: MSNBC Reporter Suggests "Compassion" = Supporting Gay Marriage

August 31
Reporters Shocked by Anti-Kerry Band-Aids
Republican Convention, Day 1: CNN's Aaron Brown Scolds GOP Speakers' Focus on National Security

August 26
TV: Take the Fair and Balanced Challenge
In Boston, Networks Avoided Labels, Social Issues, Anti-Kerry Vets, Quibbles on Facts or Policy Ideas

August 23
TV Focuses on Kerry’s Spin, Not Kerry’s History
ABC, CBS & NBC Morning Shows Have Failed to Interview A Member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

August 18
TV Gives No Respect to Swift Boat Vets for Truth
ABC, CBS & NBC Gave 75 Stories to Bush ¡°AWOL¡± Charge, 9 to Claims Kerry Embellished War Record

July 30
TV Networks Applaud John Kerry’s Speech
Democratic Convention, Day 4: On ABC, CBS and NBC, No Liberal Labels For Kerry's Proposals

July 29
Network Reporters Swoon Over Edwards’ Speech
Democratic Convention, Day 3: Edwards Is So Nice, ABC's Jennings Frets, Who'll Attack Bush/Cheney?

July 28
Obama the “Rock Star” & America “Goose-Steps”
Democratic Convention, Day 2: Tom Pops the Question: "What Did You Mean" by "Un-American"

July 27
Clever Bill, Honest Jimmy, but No Bush-Bashing?
Democratic Convention, Day 1: CBS¡¯s ¡°Shove It¡± Story Skips Teresa¡¯s Calling GOP ¡°Un-American¡±

July 22
Television's Biased Convention Coverage
As Networks Prepare for 2004 Conventions, MRC Review Shows Liberals Get Kinder, Gentler Coverage

July 21
Sandy Berger’s Defense Lawyers in the Press
Dan Rather Disparages “Carefully Orchestrated Leak” That Upsets His Carefully Orchestrated Newscast

July 16
Tonight’s Big Story: Ridiculous Rumors!
They All Report Dumping Cheney Is “Far-Fetched,” But Promote Fable “Privately Advanced” by Dems

June 21
Dan Rather Nods Through Clinton Whoppers
CBS Anchor Buys Hillary’s Ignorance, Bill’s Couch Sleeping, Outrage at Kroft; Glosses Over Buckraking

June 17
For Clinton, Dan Rather is Putty in His Hands
CBS Anchorman Has Long Track Record of Cheerleading and Softball Questions for President Clinton

June 09
Liberal Media’s Reagan-Bashing Record
While Reporters Now Praise Reagan's Humor & Optimism, They Disdained His Conservative Policies

June 04
All Abu Ghraib Zeroes, Not Decorated Heroes
Networks Highlight Soldiers Smiling in Prison Abuse Photos, Ignore Those Showing Bravery in Combat

May 27
Why Are Gas Prices the Only Economic News?
ABC, CBS, NBC Aired 50 Stories Playing Up “Skyrocketing” Gas Prices, 22 Falsely Said “Record High”

May 20
Hyping Liberal Radio’s Rise, But Not Its Fall
National Media Outlets Piled Publicity on Air America¡¯s Launch, But Have Gone Silent On Its Struggles

May 12
MRC Study: NBC Devoted Ten Times More Airtime to U.S. Humiliations Than Saddam’s Mass Murders
Prison Abuse Trumps Saddam’s Mass Graves?

April 21
The TV Elite Downplays Kerry vs. Russert
Papers Highlight Kerry Backing Away from Vietnam “Atrocity” Claims, But TV Networks Stay Quiet

April 15
Hyping Bush Bashers, Ignoring Bush Backers
MRC Study: Throughout the Hearings, Networks Favored a Handful of 9/11 Relatives Who Fault Bush

April 08
NBC Trumps Rice With Anti-Bush Widows
NBC and MSNBC Allowed No Pro-Bush Mourners to Express Their Feelings About Condi Testimony

March 31
Liberal Media vs. Conservative Talk Radio
Media Elites Show Their Bias as They Gleefully Push Liberal Talk Radio “Network” With Few Stations

March 25
Credible Clarke vs. Ferocious White House
Network Reporters Treat the Former Anti-Terrorism Advisor¡¯s Testimony As Authoritative, Not Biased

March 23
Kerry Gaffes in Front of the Press, But They Don't Notice?
Only FNC Covered Kerry's $87 Billion Flub the Day He Said It

March 10
ABC Can’t Stop Blabbing About Kerry-McCain “Dream Ticket”
Why Won’t ABC Ask McCain About Democrats Subverting McCain-Feingold Law With Their New Anti-Bush Ads?

March 03
A Liberal Candidate Gets Media Makeover
Study: Networks Portray Kerry’s Liberalism as a Partisan GOP Charge, Not a Well-Documented Fact

February 24
Anti-Bush Anecdotes Trump Pro-Bush Poll
While CBS’s Poll Shows Huge GOP Majorities Backing Bush, CBS Reporter Finds a “Fury” on the Right

February 23
Networks to Nader: Drop Out!
ABC, NBC Flay Nader as Spoiler of Gore’s 2000 Victory, Suggest He’s Only Running to Stoke “Enormous Ego”

February 17
Kerry’s Partisan Partners in Smearing Bush
ABC, CBS and NBC Give Bush "AWOL" Charge Double the 1992 Coverage of Clinton's Draft Dodging

February 11
Partisan Tools, Not Objective Observers
ABC, CBS, NBC Pound Bush, But Protected Draft-Dodging Clinton from the
Willie Horton Crowd

February 05
DNC “Warning Shot” Feisty, Not Dirty?
Was Bush “AWOL” From the National Guard? Reporters Find Accuracy and Civility Not the Point

January 27
Dan Rather Makes Nice, Not News
Sixteen Years After Yelling at Bush The First, CBS Anchor Stays Mellow with Democratic Contenders

January 21
“Red Meat” Previews “Angry Campaign”
Reporters Rebuke Tone and Substance of State of the Union While Inviting Democrats to Castigate Bush

January 07
Morning Donations to Democratic Dreams
MRC Study: Dean and Clark Get Most Network Airtime; Reporters’ Questions Favor a Liberal Agenda



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"No organization better informs the public or holds the big media accountable for its incredibly biased and unprofessional ways than the Media Research Center. There is not an email or a printed publication of theirs that I do not read. MRC is the best at what it does and is having an impact on how the news is covered."
~ Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist



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