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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Tim Graham and Research Director Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.

2003 Archive

December 09
“Centrist” Al’s Boost for Hard-Left Howard
TV, Print Journalists Largely Avoid the L Word, See New “Centrist” Credibility for Dean After Gore Nod

November 17
MSNBC’s Arnot Balances Dismal Iraq News
Hardball's Week of Reporting Included Genuinely Good News Most Americans Have Never Heard

November 06
So Reagan’s Friends Are the Real Villains?
New York Times Blames Conservatives for “Soviet-Style Chill” While NBC’s Williams Faults “Extortion”

November 04
Anti-Reagan Agenda of CBS News Exposed
CBS News Bashed Reagan Long Before Liberal Producers Invented Dialogue to Denigrate Ex-President

October 29-- Quick Take
Merv Griffin Blasts “Cowardly” & “Cruel” Hit on Dying Reagan
Will CBS Include Unfair, Partisan Attacks in Final Script?

October 29
Only Government Can “Fix” Health Care
Liberal Bias: ABC News Spends a Week Campaigning for Single-Payer, Canadian-Style Health Care

October 27
Censoring the Partial-Birth Abortion Basics
MRC Study: ABC and NBC Haven’t Described the Outlawed Horror-Movie Procedure On Air Since 1998

October 21
Won’t Blame Big Spending for Big Deficits
MRC Study: Reporters Say Tax Cuts & War Caused Federal Deficit; Poor Economy Led to State Gaps

October 20
NPR’s Totenberg on Christian General Boykin: “I Hope He’s Not Long For This World”
Taxpayer-Salaried Reporter Forced to Backtrack – Only Wants General Fired for Speaking in Churches About His Religious Views

October 16
The “Antiquated, Authoritarian” Pope Party
Will John Paul’s Historic 25th Anniversary Today Become Another Moment for Demanding Liberalism?

October 6
Smearing Arnold So Democrats Don’t Have To
Brokaw Questions Schwarzenegger’s “Criminal” Conduct, While ABC Has Yet to Fix Hitler Misquote

October 1
The Networks’ Highly Selective Outrage Over “Criminal” Leaks
While They Help Hype Joe Wilson's “Leakgate,” the Networks Barely Noticed in ‘02 When Congress Illegally Leaked Secrets

September 25
NBC Pumps Public Demand for Higher Taxes
Today’s Matt Lauer Fantasizes How Democrats Could Beat Bush With a Promise to “Increase Taxes”

September 17
Cruising Past Cruz’s Racial Controversies
Bustamante May Be Leading, But Networks Stay Focused on Arnold’s Raunchy Magazine Comments

September 3
20 Years of Bias From ABC's Peter Jennings
Can’t See Bias: “ABC, CBS, NBC Are Mainstream Media...Largely in the Center...Without Ideologies”

September 3
Marking Tom Brokaw's Twenty Years of Tilt
NBC Anchor Boasted “We’ve Worked Hard to Drain the Bias” but Viewers Still Swimming in Liberalism

August 19
The Future First Lady of California Liberals?
Posing as a Neutral Reporter, Maria Shriver Praised Hillary and Questioned California Voters’ Judgment

August 14
Is TV News Mocking the California Recall "Circus" or Making It?
CBS “Early Show” interviewed Gary Coleman and thong-undies candidate, but ignored every candidate for governor in 2002

August 5
News Magazines Plug “Centrist” Howard Dean
Time, Newsweek, U.S. News Raised Prospect of Liberal Trouble, But Maneuvered Dean to the Middle

July 24
National Media Hostile to California Recall
No Labels for Gov. Gray Davis, But Recall Funder Issa Tagged as “Perfect Demon” of the “Fringe Right”

July 15
Howard Dean: Not a Fierce Liberal Force?
Media Brand Vermont Governor “Populist,” “Anti-War,” and a Magnet for “Middle-Class Resentment”

July 10
CNN Anchor Pushes Anti-Bush Rumor — Four Hours After Its Retraction!
When Castigating George Bush for Passing on Bogus Information, Aaron Brown Passes on Web Story He Should Have Known was False

July 2
NBC’s Dateline Grills Up Some Liberal Guilt With Your Fireworks Display
Mourn on the Fourth Of July, Put Aside Your Celebrations for “An American Nightmare: The New Homeless”

June 27
How Disgraceful Democrats Lose the “D”
TV Networks Often Develop Amnesia When Democratic Politicians Bring Embarrassment to the Party

June 18
New Senior Subsidies Won’t Make Deficits?
Media Worried Over “Big” Bush Tax Cuts, But Complain Endless Medicare Entitlement is “Not Enough”

June 12
Bill Clinton Lapdog Is Now ABC’s Top Dog
Rick Kaplan, Impresario of Food Lion and Tailwind Disasters, Takes the Reins of ABC Political Coverage

June 5
Acolytes of the “Candid” Gospel of Hillary
Fox Is Lonely Exception to Networks Recycling Hillary’s Tales of Woe With No Trace of Fact-Checking

June 3
Can Moyers Be an Anchor and a Funder?
PBS Star Gives Publicity to Liberal Groups, But Won’t Tell Viewers He’s Underwriting Their Activism

May 30
Among the Tax Cut Losers: Biased Journalists
Networks Recycle Liberal Group’s PR Spin, Pound Bush for Not Giving Tax Cuts to Non-Taxpayers

May 15
Howell Raines Admits: Race Mattered
Raines in ‘98: “If You Have to Choose Between a Worthy But Erring Colleague and The Newspaper Itself, You Choose for The Paper”

May 8
They Saved Private Jessica Lynch, But They Ruined All The Doorknobs?
Jennings Finds Another U.S. Military Action To Complain About

April 30
Where’s the Media on Saddam’s Payoffs?
ABC, CBS, NBC Featured A Bribed British Leftist Lawmaker, But Now There’s Nothing But Silence

April 23
Gulf War II: Grading Television’s War News
Fox News Channel and Embedded Reporters Excelled, While Peter Jennings and Peter Arnett Flunked

April 17
Peter’s Sympathy for Hollywood Hypocrites
ABC Covers Anti-War Actors By Playing Up Their “Punishment,” Not Their Errors or Radicalism

April 11
CNN Admits Honest Reporting Was Impossible, So Why Go To Baghdad?
Will Other Networks Now Reveal The Saddam Secrets They Kept?

April 10
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on the “Arab Street”
Baghdad-Based Reporters Issued Piles of Unreliable, Inaccurate “Reporting” On Iraqi Public Opinion

April 9
Quick Take -- Newsweek's “War Whiplash” Injury
Alter's “Conventional Wisdom” Box Exposed as Very Unwise

March 31
Arnett’s Propaganda Meets an End at NBC
NBC Fires Its Baghdad Correspondent Based on Iraqi TV Appearance, But His Work Was Also Shoddy

March 24
ABC’s War News Touts Doubt and Dissent
The Most Biased Network During the Pre-War Months Now Offers the Most Biased Iraq War Coverage

March 18
World News Tonight’s Anti-War Agenda
MRC Study: Despite Pledge of Objectivity, ABC Spent Pre-War Period Undermining Support for Bush

March 6, 2003
Ignoring Miguel Estrada, Liberal Nightmare
ABC, CBS Have Skipped Over Senate Filibuster of ”Latino Clarence Thomas”; NBC Aired One Story

February 27, 2003
Dan Rather Stars in “Gullible’s Travels”
In 60 Minutes II Interview with Saddam, CBS Anchorman Wastes Time on Trivia and Silliness

February 25, 2003
Quick Take -- CBS’s Rerun Publicity Gimmick: Saddam Floated Debate Idea in ‘90
In ‘90, Rather Asked About “A Vietnam In The Sand” For The U.S.

February 20, 2003
Jane Pauley’s “Unusual Empathy” for Liberals
NBC Host Won’t Renew Contract, But She Leaves a Legacy of Promoting Controversial Women

February 13, 2003
Peter Picks a Peck of Pesky Protester Points
ABC Anchor Stands Out Like Sore Thumb As He Daily Scorns Bush’s and America’s Opposition to Iraq

February 5, 2003
Quick Take -- CNN-USA Today Poll Suggests: Colin Powell Will Lie Today
How to Build a “Credibility Gap” Before War Even Begins

January 27, 2003
Reporters Push Spin of Anti-Tax Cut Liberals
Echoing Daschle, Reporters Assert Bush’s Tax Cut Is Lousy Stimulus, Favors Wealthy & Worsens Deficit

January 23, 2003
Networks Ignored Massive March for Life
MRC Study: ABC, CBS, and NBC Aired 26 Segments on Anti-War Rallies, But Just Nine on Abortion

January 22, 2003
Quick Take -- Mainstream Peace Protesters, Murderous Pro-Lifers?
NBC’s Today Ignores Pro-Lifers Massing in Washington, Goes to Buffalo to Find Cheerleaders For Killing Abortionist

January 20, 2003
Out of Touch, Out of Time for Pro-Lifers
MRC Study: Big Three Networks, News Magazines Ignored Popular Pro-Life Initiatives in 2002

January 16, 2003
Pushing Liberal View of Affirmative Action
ABC’s Gibson Defends Michigan Race Plan: “It's Not a Quota System. It Is a Consideration of Race.”

January 8, 2003
Shocked by Plan to Cut Taxes for Taxpayers
Operation ATM (Audit the Media): Media Ignore Free Market Perspective In Coverage of Bush Tax Plan


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~ Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist



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