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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.  


December 6
Bully the Whistle-Blower, Ignore the Bias
In Book, Bernard Goldberg Recounts How He Was Shunned & Vilified For Exposing Truth About CBS 

November 29
One-Sided Questioning of Attorney General
ABC, CBS, CNN & NBC Pressed Ashcroft on Civil Rights Abuses; No Inquiry on Protecting Citizens 

November 28
Would Have Sacrificed Troops in '91, but Wants a Scoop in '01 Terror War
Without Major Media Presence In Afghanistan, Peter Arnett Predicts "GIs In Afghanistan...Will Be Totally Forgotten"

November 5
ABC's War: US Military vs. Afghan Civilians
MRC Study: World News Tonight Showed Afghan Civilian Deaths More Than CBS and NBC Combined

October 18
Another Lecture From Christiane Amanpour
Demands U.S. "Consider Moving the Targeting of Leadership Positions...Away from Populated Areas"  

October 10
Thanks, But No Thanks: Reporters Denigrate U.S. Food as Propaganda
NBCíS Matt Lauer: "You Can't Deny That When You Drop These [Meals], You're Sending U.S. Propaganda"

October 4
Demanding Media Take Peaceniks Seriously 
Phil Donahue: "Donít Make America the Great Big Satan With Big Feet Stomping on Innocent People!"

September 19
September 11, 2001: What Did Jennings Say?
ABC Anchor Never Insulted Bush During Crisis Coverage, But Did Label His Day Trip "A Little Strange" 

September 6
Eight Years Of Praising Reno's Righteousness
Waco Fire, Stonewalling, and Elian Seizure All Greeted By Mass Media Sympathy, Not Skepticism 

August 27
When Surplus Shrinks, Punish Taxpayers
Networks Doubted Large Surplus Estimates That Bolstered Tax Cut Arguments, But Like These Numbers 

August 22
Unbiased? Media Never Hid Helms Hatred
"Good News?" Asks CBSís Gumbel, as Networks Stress Retiring Senatorís Opposition to Liberal Causes

August 14
The Press Corps: Liberal, Liberal, Liberal 
Every Major Survey Has Found That Most Elite Journalists Hold Liberal Views and Vote For Democrats

August 10
Katie Couricís One-Sided Stem Cell Questions 
Co-host of NBCís Today Only Worried That Ban on Embryo Destruction Ends "Potential to Save Lives"

August 3
Embryo Research Is News, Newscasts Are Silent On Bush's Approval Rating

July 25
"Completely Non-Partisan" Stephanopoulos 
Diane Sawyer Praised Objectivity of Former Clinton Aide Currently Auditioning for Morning Host Job

July 23
"High Road" Anchor Baselessly Slammed GOP In 2000
CBSís Dan Rather Condemns Condit News As "Speculation," But He Aired False Report Of GOP Dirty Trick

July 19
Ratherís Bizarre Boycott of Condit Scandal
Anchor Silent On Story Featured On CBSís Early Show, Face the Nation, and Weekend Evening News 

July 12
Avoiding Gary Conditís Democratic ID
MRC Study: Networks Failed to Label California Congressman as a Democrat in 92% of Levy Stories

June 28
No Tough Questions For Cuban Dictator
On First Anniversary of Elianís Return to Communism, NBCís Mitchell Stresses Castroís Point of View 

June 18
Newsweek Boss Admits Bias

June 12
Spin Wins Over Global Warming Science
On ABC, CBS and NBC, Every Reporter and 9 Out of 10 Talking Heads Insist Scientific Debate Is Over 

June 7
Conservatives Blamed For Bombing

May 30
Media Advise GOP to Dump Conservatives
Jeffords Is a "Man of Principle" and a "Profile in Courage," but Conservatives Likened to Wife Beaters

May 24
Blaming Conservatives For A Liberal Coup
Reporters Scold "Very Conservative" Senate Leaders and White House "Insults" For Jeffordsí Defection

May 16
Rather Praises Clinton As An "Honest Man"
CBSís Top Watchdog: "I Think You Can Be an Honest Person and Lie About Any Number of Things"

May 10
TVís One-Sided Global Warming Nonsense
Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Never Mentioned That Thousands of Scientists Disagree With Doomsayers

May 3
ABC Tries To Shoot Down Missile Defense 
To Jennings, Stopping Missiles Is a Waste of Money, But Sawyer Is Afraid of More Dangerous World

April 26
Grading TV Coverage of Bush's 100 Days 
Worst Spin Came From CBS's Four Horsemen of Liberal Bias -- Rather, Gumbel, Schieffer and Roberts

April 12
Dan Ratherís Donation to Liberal Tax Lovers 
New FMP Study: During Bushís First 10 Weeks, The CBS Evening News Was Most Hostile To Tax Cuts

April 4
Perky Katieís Decade of Loving Liberalism 
According to Couric, Reagan Was "An Airhead" While Dictator Castro Was A "Charismatic Leader"

March 27
One-Sided PBS Show Is "A Badge of Honor" To Bill Moyers 

March 20
Twenty (Softball) Questions For McCain 
No One Who Disagreed With McCain Allowed on ABC, CBS or NBC Monday Morning Interview Shows

March 8
20 Years of Liberal Spin From Gunga Dan
Rather in Ď99: "I Remained an Independent Reporter Who Would Not Report From the Left or the Right"

February 28
Shielding Big Government From Taxpayers 
Matt Lauer Demands "Guarantee" That People Will Not Get Back More Money Than Bush Promised

February 22
Clinton Is Victim In Latest Hugh-Done-It 
Bryant Gumbel Worries Latest Revelations Will Feed "Cottage Industry of Republican Clinton Bashers"

February 14
Finally Discovering Clintonís Dirty Deeds 
After Years of Disparaging Ex-Presidentís Critics as Cynical Haters, Media Now Notice Billís Bad Side

February 6
Talking Heads Talk Trash About Tax Cuts 
Networks, Following Democrats, Insist George W. Bushís Tax Cut Is Big, Massive and Controversial

February 1
Networks Spike Latest Twist in Jesse Jackson Pay-Off Scandal 

January 23
Bush's Tough Line v. Clinton's Promise Kept 
Networks Celebrated Clinton As Man Who Kept His Word, But Bush's Reverse Order Is "Controversial"

January 18
Will Jesse's Love Child Hurt Our Cause? 
ABC Had No Criticism For Reverend's Sex with Employee, But Worried About Impact on Liberals

January 17
Is Bryant Gumbel an "Extremist Liability"? 
CBS Morning Star Spars with Pro-Ashcroft Guest, But Lays Out the Red Carpet for Anti-Ashcroft Guest

January 10
If Ashcroftís "Extreme," Whatís the Left? 
NARAL, NAACP, Handgun Control Assail A.G. Pick, But Media Outlets Resist Using Labels for Them


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"No organization better informs the public or holds the big media accountable for its incredibly biased and unprofessional ways than the Media Research Center. There is not an email or a printed publication of theirs that I do not read. MRC is the best at what it does and is having an impact on how the news is covered."
~ Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist

L. Brent Bozell III, Publisher; Brent Baker, Rich Noyes, Editors; Jessica Anderson, Brian Boyd, Geoffrey Dickens, Patrick Gregory, Ken Shepherd, Brad Wilmouth, Media Analysts; Kristina Sewell, Research Associate; Liz Swasey, Director of Communications. For the latest liberal media bias, read the CyberAlert at www.mrc.org.


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