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 Media Reality Check

Top reporters, editors, producers, talk show hosts and columnists, as well as members of Congress and heads of public policy organizations receive documented proof of the media's liberal bias in the News Analysis Division's usually weekly Media Reality Check. Written by Director of Media Analysis Rich Noyes, the Media Reality Check serves as an excellent reference for the most egregious examples of media bias.

December 23, 1998
To Us a Secular Liberal Savior is Born?
Christmas Reminds Us That Media Figures Have Exploited Their Idea of Jesus in Political Terms

December 17, 1998
Will Liberals Waive Their War-Powers Stand?
John Conyers, Jesse Jackson, and Activist Groups Backed Impeachment for Reagan's Military Actions

December 10, 1998
Diane Sawyer's Judgment of the "Judgmental"
Ken Starr Might Have Thought Twice About An Interview If He Knew ABC Host's Body of Work

December 2, 1998
The Idaho Shrink: Washington's Missing Link
Major Media Ignored Case of VA Psychiatrist Barbara Battalino's Perjury About Sex in a Civil Case

November 18, 1998
Ken Starr Gets His Day; Media Had All Year
Will Media Continue To Resemble James Carville's Marionettes as Starr Finally Speaks on Capitol Hill?

November 12, 1998
"Bombastic and Ruthless" Gingrich Haters
Media Called Him Lenin, McCarthy, Scrooge, the Grinch, Manson, A Threat to the Human Species

November 6, 1998
"Cold-Hearted Governors Now "Moderates"
Networks Promote "Pragmatic Centrist" Republican Governors Who Used to Be Media Targets

October 30, 1998
What's Worse? "Putzhead" or "Fascist"?
TV Pounds D'Amato's Yiddish Slap at Schumer, But D'Amato's '92 Foe Allowed to Call D'Amato Worse

October 22, 1998
No DNA, No Cigars, No Berets, No Story
It's Not Sex! It's Clinton Policy, Handing Over Technology to the Chinese Military! But Networks Yawn

October 16, 1998
Public Broadcasting: Still a Partisan Tool
Your Tax Dollars Brought You Wall-to-Wall Watergate and Iran-Contra, But Not Live Clinton Coverage

October 8, 1998
Will Sid's First Amendment Army Recant?
Grand Jury Scolded White House Aide for Misleading the Media; Now Will the Media Follow Suit?

October 1, 1998
If It's Bad Here, Isn't It Bad Worldwide?
News Weeklies Note Moral Hazards of Long Term Capital Management Bailout, But Not IMF Bailouts

September 24, 1998
Tripp-Bashers of the Media, Unite!
Networks Ignore Ongoing Probe Into Pentagon's Illegal Leak of Tripp's Confidential Personnel File

September 18, 1998
The Newest "Family Values" Hypocrites
The Same Networks Wary of "Salacious Language" on Monicagate Air It Nightly in Prime Time Sitcoms

September 10, 1998
Will 1998 Be the Year of "That Woman"?
Few Media Outlets Emphasize Anita Hill and Her 1991 Chief Legal Adviser Lending Support to Clinton

September 3, 1998
IMF: Immune from Media Fire
Networks and News Magazines Ignore Charges That Agency Has Worsened Problems Overseas

August 27, 1998
No Cigar for Kenneth Starr?
News Magazines Give Little Credit to Starr for Extracting Confession Out of a Very Reluctant Clinton

August 18, 1998
Drop It, and Reward Seven Months of Lies
TV Morning Shows Highlight Polls Asking If Starr Probe or Impeachment Hearings Should Be Stopped

August 13, 1998
ABC's Guillen: Beware of Climate Hype
One Reporter Punctures Global-Warming Hysteria; Others at Networks Prove His Point

August 6, 1998
Should Bill Confess to Messing the Dress?
News Weeklies Indulge Wishful Thinking That A Late Apology Will Make Clinton Scandals Go Away

July 30, 1998
Clinton Capers Left to Die in the Papers
Throughout July, the Networks Have Ignored New Developments in the Fundraising Scandal

July 23, 1998
Only Scientists Who Agree With Us Matter
Networks Continue to Ignore Legions of Experts Who Question Drastic Climate Change

July 16, 1998
Hillary Visits the Servants at NBC's Today
First Lady's Publicity Demands Eagerly Met In 16-Minute Shriver Soft-Toss Segment at Edison's Lab

July 9, 1998
Flagrant Feminism Thrives at Time
Nina Burleigh Offers Her All for Abortion Rights, While Cover Story Hits Feminists, Media from the Left

July 2, 1998
Cheers for Clinton Relaxing "Tensions"
News Magazines Join Networks in Ignoring Clinton's China Scandals As He Kisses Chinese Rings

June 25, 1998
Only Liberal HMO Solutions Allowed
Networks Push for New Regulations of Managed Care, Disregard Free Market Ideas

June 17, 1998
Friends of Bill Become Friends of Brill
Networks Ignore Story of Deputy White House Counsel Contacting Lewinsky Probe Witnesses

June 12, 1998
Will Koppel Let Clinton Get Away With It?
Where Are Nightline's Investigative Resources Now That Clinton's Charged with Dangerous Exports?

June 4, 1998
Chinagate by U.S. News & World Rebuttal
Clinton's Gift of Loral Missile Expertise Rationalized Away In Magazine's Belated First Stories

May 29, 1998
Responsive to Questionable Data
Reporters Cite Flawed Campaign Numbers from Supposedly Nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics

May 21, 1998
Take the Money and Duck
Networks, News Magazines Slow to Note Chinese Contributions, Improvements to Chinese Missiles

May 14, 1998
Queen of Schmooze or Queen of Bribes?
Like Other Cabinet Probes, Networks Mostly Ignore Charges Against Labor Secretary Alexis Herman

May 7, 1998
The Strange Crusade Against Dan Burton
Same Media Outlets That Question GOP's Objectivity Hailed Democratic Partisan Henry Gonzalez

April 30, 1998
Washington Soaks Poor, Reporters Yawn
Networks Fail to Report that Proposed Tobacco Tax Increases Target Low-Income Americans

April 23, 1998
Clubbing the "King of the Clinton Haters"
Starr's Rejection of a Malibu Future Doesn't Slow Down Richard Scaife Conspiracy Theories in the Press

April 15, 1998
Facts Exempt: Network News and Taxes
Reporters Ignore Arguments for Tax Cuts, Present all Reform as Politics

April 9, 1998
Champagne Toasts to the Jones Dismissal
How Can the Reporters Buying Clintonites Drinks Be Relentless Pursuers of Paula's Charges?

April 3, 1998
Amnesia on Partisan Counsel Archibald Cox
Media Detractors of Whitewater Counsel Ken Starr Never Make Historical Comparisons to Watergate

March 26, 1998
Who Cares?--If the Liar's a Liberal
Media Stars Echo "Primary Colors" Thesis that Compassion Trumps Dishonesty

March 20, 1998
Willey: First Ignore Her, Then Destroy Her
Skeptical Media Treatment Is Proper, But Not When Applied Only to Accusers of Democrats

March 12, 1998
Democrats' Woody Allen Family Values
If Clinton's Party Approves of Affairs with 21-Year-Old Interns, Will the Media Apologize to Gingrich?

March 5, 1998
Susan McDougal, Celebrity Crook
Who Knew A "Decade of Greed" Savings & Loan Robber Would Become So Popular with the Media?

February 27, 1998
Sidney "Chilling Effect" Blumenthal
White House Spin Artist's Cries of Attacks on Free Speech Don't Match His Truth-Squashing Record

February 18, 1998
If the Truth Worked, We'd Have Tried It 
Networks Fail to Pounce on Spokesman's Suggestion that President Has No Innocent Explanation

February 12, 1998
Who Bashed the Partisan Leaker?
Networks Asking if Ken Starr is "Partisan and Political" Forget Lawrence Walsh's Last-Ditch 1992 Leak

February 4, 1998
Shooting Down Starr's Credibility
Media Buy into the Battle Plan Alleging Starr is Tainted by Conservatives

January 30, 1998
Tonight's Top Story: We Stink
"Feeding Frenzy" Followed by "Rush to Judgment" Breast-Beating Without Conservative Counterpoints

January 29, 1998
Media Should Say Whoops Over Whoopee
After Years Of Insisting Sex-Related Abuses of Power Weren't Relevant, Media Refuted by Monicagate

January 28, 1998
Why Hillary Ought to Shut Up
Media Carry First Lady's Fight Song, Worry About Going Too Far with Too Little Information

January 22, 1998
Five Ways the Media Promote Abortion
Five Years of Media Studies Confirm Reporters Favor Abortion Advocates at Expense of Pro-Lifers

January 7, 1998
Will Taxpayers Eat $285,000 for Ira's Lies?
Lying to Federal Judge Gets Clinton Health Care Czar Magaziner Fined, But Who Knows About It?


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"No organization better informs the public or holds the big media accountable for its incredibly biased and unprofessional ways than the Media Research Center. There is not an email or a printed publication of theirs that I do not read. MRC is the best at what it does and is having an impact on how the news is covered."
~ Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist


L. Brent Bozell III, Publisher; Brent Baker, Rich Noyes, Editors; Jessica Anderson, Brian Boyd, Geoffrey Dickens, Patrick Gregory, Ken Shepherd, Brad Wilmouth, Media Analysts; Kristina Sewell, Research Associate; Liz Swasey, Director of Communications. For the latest liberal media bias, read the CyberAlert at www.mrc.org.


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