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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2003 over 12,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.


December 31 CyberAlert
Lauer Remains in Past, Dubs Reagan’s 1980s the “Decade of Greed”; More Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Awards for the Worst Reporting; New York Post and Denver Paper Run Columns on “Best of NQ”

December 30 CyberAlert
First Runners-Up Quotes in MRC's Awards for the Worst Reporting

December 29 CyberAlert
Bush “Divisive,” But Dean a Uniter Who “Brings People Together”; “Bummest Rap” to Clift: Dean as “An Out of Mainstream Liberal”; Couric Upset No Woman on Time’s 'Person of Year’ Soldier Cover; Winning Quotes in MRC's Annual Awards for the Worst Reporting; List of the 46 Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes

December 22 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Hails Bill Clinton as Great “Character Witness”; CNN’s Zahn Marks 5th Anniversary of Impeachment with Regret; FNC’s Gabler Falsely Impugns MRC as “Almost Always Duplicitous”

December 18 CyberAlert
CBS Gives Platform to Suggestion Bush Team Could’ve Stopped 9/11; ABC Again Worries Saddam Trial Will Prove “Embarrassing” to U.S.; Study Finds Networks Overwhelmingly Negative Toward Bush on Iraq; Why Is Essie Mae Washington-Williams Described as “Black”?; MRC Announces Winners of Annual Awards for Worst Reporting; “Top Ten Other Observations Made by Saddam Hussein's Daughter”

December 17 CyberAlert
ABC’s Barbara Walters Comes Out Against Executing Saddam Hussein; CBS: “Hussein Gave Iraqis Dignity and Pride,” But Also “Tyranny”; ABC Still Won’t Report Hike in Bush Approval Level, But CBS Does; Bernard Goldberg Highlights Jennings’ “Oppressive Pessimism”; “Top Ten Secrets Learned from Saddam Hussein's Papers”

December 16 CyberAlert
ABC Suppresses Poll Showing Post-Hussein Capture Bump for Bush; Hussein Trial Could Prove “Embarrassing” for U.S., ABC Worries; Reuters Frets About Horrors of “Life Under U.S. Occupation”; Jennings Grants Hussein Capture Was “Triumph” of Good Over Evil; CBS’s Storm Bids Biden to Expound on “Internationalizing” Iraq; “Top Ten Questions Asked by Saddam Hussein When He Was Captured”

December 15 CyberAlert
Moran Frets Saddam Trial Will Embarrass U.S., Nazis “Railroaded”; Jennings: “There’s Not a Good Deal for Iraqis to Be Happy About”; Stahl Worries U.S. May “Deprive” Him of Sleep, Make Him Hot/Cold; Dan Rather Delivers the Most Convoluted Question of the Day; CBS and CNN Distort Audit to Hype Halliburton “War Profiteering”

December 11 CyberAlert
Bush “Punishes” Allies, CBS Cites Halliburton “War-Profiteering”; Nets Fret About How Campaign Finance Laws Not Tough Enough; Go Easy on Dean, Couric: Gore “Considered...a Hardcore Centrist”

December 10 CyberAlert
CBS Insists Dean No McGovern, “Had a Moderate Record” in Vermont; Al Gore a “Centrist Southerner” to CBS’s David Axelrod; MSNBC Producer: Reporters “Feel Vindicated” By Setbacks in Iraq; CBS’s Becker Sit-Com Blasts “Stupid” People Who Favor Tax Cuts; “Top Ten Reasons Al Gore Has Endorsed Howard Dean”

December 9 CyberAlert
In Wake of Dean Endorsement, Nets Remind Viewers Gore Really Won; ABC’s Gibson on Hillary Candidacy: “A Lot of Us Can't Take No”

December 8 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos and Russert Plead with Senator Clinton to Run; Totenberg Sees Utilities as “Devils,” Mercury Policy as “Loony”; Rather: Economy “Could Be Adversely Affected by the Big Storm”; Most Think Media Would’ve Endangered Bush and Revealed Iraq Trip; Fox’s Chris Wallace on The Reagans movie: “I Hated It”

December 5 CyberAlert
WH Reporters Suggest Confused Anecdote Mars Bush’s Iraq Trip; WPost Uncovers Turkey Platter Fraud, CNN’s Brown: “Turkey-Gate"; Time’s Klein Smears Conservative Group as “Lunatic...Fanatics"; Lauer: Reagan-Era “Sexual McCarthyism” Preceded Hefner’s Stroke; New HBO Film: “Reaganism” as “Denial and Deadly Indifference"

December 4 CyberAlert
Nets Frame Bush Mercury Reduction Policy as “Gift to Polluters”; NBC Showcases Man “Changing Parties” Over “Bush Energy Policies”; GMA Fails to Correct Dean’s Claim Bush’s Texas Records Sealed; CBS & NBC Trumpet Carville’s Bush Bashing and Tips for Liberals; Only 1.1 Million Watched The Reagans Sunday Night on Showtime

December 2 CyberAlert
Couric Cues Up Clinton’s Talking Points, Assumes Worst in Iraq; CNN’s Morton: Nixon and Clinton Haters, But No Reagan Haters; CNN Veteran to Oversee News on New Left-Wing Radio Network; Liberals Marvin Kalb and Lou Cannon Denounce The Reagans Movie

December 1 CyberAlert
CBS Features Historians Rebuking Bush, Wish Dems Tougher on Him; WashPost's Connolly & Kurtz Fret Over How White House Used Media; Morning Shows Pound Rice on How Baghdad Unsafe, No 9/11-Iraq Tie; Showtime's The Reagans as Belittling and Derogatory as Feared

November 25 CyberAlert
CBS’s Pizzey Takes Swipe, Urges Iraq Policy “Reassessment”; Ann Curry: Indians “Feel Thanksgiving Should Be Day of Mourning”; Director & Producer of The Reagans Movie Blast CBS’s Moonves; Preview of What Script Suggests We’ll See Sunday on The Reagans; Showtime’s The Reagans: Reaganomics Victimized the Poor; Reagan Won the Cold War by Overcoming Conservative Warmongers; Showtime’s The Reagans: “Idiot” Reporters Supported Reagan; The Reagans Centers Narrative on Reagan Flummoxed by Iran-Contra; Showtime: Reagan Began Losing Facilities at Start of Presidency; Showtime Movie: Reagans as a Dysfunctional American Family

November 24 CyberAlert
ABC Deplores Bush TV Ad for Intimating Dems “Soft on Terrorism”; Evan Thomas Denounces Democrats as “Cowards” on Gay Marriage; Peter Jennings: “My Dad Wrote 'Smoke Pot’ in Cloves” on a Ham

November 20 CyberAlert
NBC Sees “Extreme” & “Hardline” Gay Marriage View Only on Right; CNN’s Cooper Contends Mass. Justices Not “Radically Leftist”; Couric Gushes Over Rubin’s Record, Blames Tax Cuts for Deficit; Observers Note Media Suppression of Osama-Saddam Connections; Letterman’s “Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About England”

November 19 CyberAlert
Networks Stress Anti-Bush Protests in Britain Over Pro-Bush Poll; NBC’s Jim Avila Describes Dick Gephardt as a “Moderate”; CNN’s Brown Worries Gay Marriage Could Become a “Wedge Issue”; Gibson Wishes Limbaugh Gentler on Clinton’s “Human Weaknesses”; ABC Claims Probe of Rush Money Laundering, Could Get 30 Years; News Mags Sneer at GOP Highlighting of Dem Judicial Filibusters; Jennings Rejects MRC’s Take on Him, Boasts of Anti-War Slant

November 18 CyberAlert
Networks Rue How Schwarzenegger’s Car Tax Cut Will Swell Deficit; Morning Shows Express Hope Arnold Can Get Around Tax Cut Pledge; ABC “Investigation” of How Rush’s “Troubles Are Far from Over”; Couric: More Killed in Iraq Than in First 3 Years of Vietnam; Showtime to Air Reagan Movie Nov. 30, Matches Initial Version; Character Modeled After Geraldo Gets Shot on NBC’s Law & Order; Reuters Dubs Moyers’ Show as “Self-Improving Educational Fare”

November 17 CyberAlert
Clift Calls Dean “Mainstream,” Dionne Insists He’s “Centrist”; Stephanopoulos Ignores Spending: “What Taxes Would You Raise?”; Schieffer: Comments from Officials Remind Him of Vietnam Era; Reuters: “U.S. War Dead in Iraq Exceeds Early Vietnam Years”; Barnes Challenges Journalists to Persue Hussein-al Qaeda Ties; CBS Skips Kerry Opting Out, Looks at DeLay Subverting Finance Law; Koppel Ridicules Cheney for Appearing Only on Meet the Press

November 14 CyberAlert
Nets Portray Both Parties as Equally Guilty of Blocking Nominees; CBS Solicits Military Advice from Clark, Doesn’t Challenge Him; MSNBC’s Arnot Sees Iraqis Angry at TV Coverage, Who “Love” Bush

November 13 CyberAlert
ABC Rebukes GOP, Ignores Unprecedented Democratic Filibuster; GMA Skips Substance, Focuses on Filibuster’s Printing Costs; Couric to Lynch: Rescue Exploited to “Gin Up Support for War?”; New Hoover Study Finds Labeling Disparity by NY Times, Wash Post; Salon Posts The Reagans Screenplay, Shows a Befuddled President

November 12 CyberAlert
NBC Cues Up Talking Points for Daschle, Pounds at Richard Myers; CNN’s Zahn Tries to Ascribe Anti-Pentagon Views to Jessica Lynch; Apolitical Rooney Refutes Pre-War Bush Claims Bush Never Made; MSNBC’s Arnot Contradicts Media Image of Iraq in Violent Chaos

November 10 CyberAlert
NPR’s $200 Million Benefactor Saw It as “Objective,” Not Liberal; ABC News/Time Joint Effort Describes Both Good and Bad In Iraq; Rather: U.S. Soldiers Bring “Light in the Eyes of a Happy Child”; Katie Couric Reveals Her Mom Bought Stock in Condom Companies; Ingraham’s Criticism of Liberal Elite Upsets ABC’s The View Crew; On FNC, NPR’s Juan Williams Refers to Democrats as “We”; FNC’s Newswatch Liberals Blame MRC for CBS Pulling The Reagans

November 8 CyberAlert
FNC’s Gabler Misconstrues MRC Report on CBS News Reagan-Bashing; Widespread Media Coverage for MRC’s Role in CBS Dropping Movie

November 7 CyberAlert
CBS Rues “Cost” of War, Cites Greenspan But Skips Anti-Tax View; CNN’s Brown Jumps on a “Doozie” of a “What If” in Iraqi Offer; Without Challenge, GMA Promotes “a Campaign Missile” from Clark; Couric Rues “Kid-Gloves” Handling of Reagan, Loss of Free Speech; Showtime Refashioning The Reagans, Will Also Air Panel on Reagan

November 6 CyberAlert
ABC Leads with Vague Claim of “Opportunity Lost” to Avoid War; In “Liberal Cocoon,” NY Times Foresaw Democratic Wins in KY & MS; NBC Avoids “Partial-Birth” Term, Worries About “Slippery Slope”; Moonves Admits Right’s Pressure, Says He Found Movie Too Biased; CBS Decision a “Soviet-Style Chill” & Proof of No Liberal Bias; “Top Ten Inaccuracies in the CBS Miniseries 'The Reagans’”

November 5 CyberAlert
Nets Highlight Fears Conservative Pressure Intimidated CBS; CNBC’s Williams on Ire Over Movie: “Dangerous” and “Extortion”; Gibson: Threat to “Artistic Freedom,” Reagan Was Slow on AIDS; “If Hitler Had More Friends, CBS Wouldn't Have Aired It Either"

November 4 CyberAlert
ABC Highlights Disgruntled Army Medic Scoffing at Bush Claim; Olbermann and Maraniss Expound on “Lot of Parallels” to Vietnam; A 5 Percent Tax Hike Considered a “Deep Cut” by Washington Post; The Reagans Dropped by CBS? Major Media Pick Up on Controversy; Goldberg: MRC “Tells the Truth and the Media Think It’s Hell”

November 3 CyberAlert
CBS Echoes Daschle: “How Much of This 'Winning’ Can We Stand?”; NBC’s Williams Finds Iraq War Amputees Still Aren’t Anti-War; CBS Cites FEMA Funding Delay, Blames Bush for California Fires; Newsweek: “Network Execs Reportedly Loved the [Reagan] Movie”; Martin Anderson & Merv Griffin Contradict CBS Claims on Movie; Reagans Producers Just Following Anti-Reagan Lead of CBS News; What CBS Cuts Will Be in “Blooper Reel” at MRC’s Christmas Party; Actor Tim Robbins: “F*** Compassionate Conservatives”

October 31 CyberAlert
ABC Finds “Talk of a 7.2 Percent Growth Rate Falls Flat” ; NPR Ombudsman Reacts to CyberAlert Item About Nina Totenberg; On 60 Minutes II Dan Rather Raises Jennings/Toby Keith Dispute ; Letterman’s “Top Ten Things Never Before Said By Wolf Blitzer”

October 30 CyberAlert
CBS: Could Fire Cause Schwarzenegger to Void No Tax Hike Pledge?; Fineman: Newsweek’s Bush “Wimp” Cover a “Mistake” & “Juvenile”; Young People Pro-Bush, So Are They “Optimistic or Ill-Informed?”; Olbermann Publicizes Left-Wing Hit on NRA, Calls MRC “Wacko”; Tina Brown Discounts the Right’s “Predictable Flap” Over Reagans

October 29 CyberAlert
Moran: Bush “Dodged” Query; O’Donnell Errs, Yet Corrects Bush; Hume Notes Some Things Media Skipped Over at Anti-War Protest; Only Newsweek Devotes a Page to Partial-Birth, a One-Sided One; Reagan Friend Merv Griffin Blasts CBS for “Cowardly Act”; Ted Danson: George W. Bush a Drinker, Clark “Inspires Hope”

October 28 CyberAlert
Washington Post Whitewashes Protest Which Featured “F*** Bush!”; Poll: Most Think Media Portraying Iraq as Worse Than Reality; Cronkite: Liberals “Humane,” Conservatives “Less Sensitive”; Fox Replaces Snow with Wallace, an ABCer with a Liberal Record; MRC Study: “Censoring the Partial-Birth Abortion Basics”

October 27 CyberAlert
Rather Uses Staged Democratic Event to Justify Leakgate Story; “Finally” a Prescription Drug Plan, But Rather Sees GOP in Way; Jennings Skips Hezbollah Role in Marine Bombing, Rationalizes It; CBS’s Reagans: Reagan the “Anti-Christ,” Ketchup as Vegetable; “Moderate” for Good Schools & Low Crime, “Conservative” Isn’t; Journalist With Tie to MRC Rescues Man in al-Rashid Hotel

October 23 CyberAlert
CBS Ignores Bush’s Bounce Back in Poll; Net Had Stressed Decline; Morning Reporters Distance Themselves from “Partial-Birth” Term; Ben Affleck Sees “Dangerous Right-Wing Agenda” in Bush and Media; Gumbel to Host Another Sci-Fi Channel Look at a UFO Landing

October 22 CyberAlert
Big Three, But Not FNC, Frame Partial-Birth Around Left’s Agenda; CNN Gives Air Time to Anti-Bush Ad Bought in One Small Market; CBS’s Reagan Movie Will Amplify Foibles, Downplay Successes

October 21 CyberAlert
CBS Equates Malaysian PM’s Anti-Jewish Screed with Boykin Remark; Jennings & Johnson Shoot Down Anti-Universal Health Care Points; ABC’s Johnson Points to Medicare as Model of Cost Efficiency; Dr. Tim Johnson Was a Cheerleader for HillaryCare in 1990s; FNC Gives Credence to Silly Attack on NRA “Enemies List”; NBC’s Brian Williams Confuses Vatican with the Pentagon

October 20 CyberAlert
Totenberg on Gen. Boykin: “I Hope He’s Not Long for This World”; NPR’s Bob Edwards Unloads on Failures of Bush’s Foreign Policy; ABC’s Health Care Series Advocates “Right” to “Universal” Care

October 17 CyberAlert
Journalists Rebuke Army General’s Christian Views as “Divisive”; Media Too Negative for Public, Koppel Blames Bush’s Deception; Hume Notes CBS’s “Reluctant Witness” Hasn’t Been Very Reluctant; CBS Castigates the Pope: “His Legacy is Not Without Flaws”; NBC’s Today Promotes Gun Rights-Bashing Movie and Novel; Washington Post Celebrates Left-Wing Award to Joe Wilson; CBS Paints Unregulated Home Schooling as Dangerous to Kids; Letterman’s “Top Ten Perks of Being Stationed In Iraq”

October 16 CyberAlert
CBS Hypes as “New” Anti-Powell Charges Moyers Featured in June; ABC News President Westin Concedes Iraq Coverage Too Negative; NBC Denounces NRA “Enemies List,” Skips How Liberals Using It; “Top Ten Cool Things About Having a Bodybuilder as Governor”

October 15 CyberAlert
Bush Rebounds in Poll, But ABC Insists He “Doesn’t Do That Well”; Top Reporters Agree Media Too Soft on Bush, Too Tough on Clinton; Whoopi: Bush “Doing to Bathroom What He's Done to the Economy!”; Oceans Advocate Ted Danson Admits Relieving Himself in Ocean

October 14 CyberAlert
Rather Frets Over “Soldiers Caught Up in Propaganda Campaign”; Nets Disdain Bush’s Local Interview Strategy to Go Around Them; CNBC’s Bad News Bias, Bush’s Good News Claim Baffles Anchor; FNC Reporter Admits Focus on Violence in Iraq Misses Normalcy; Ex-Wash Poster: “The Echoes Are Immense” Between Iraq & Vietnam; Time’s Joe Klein Smears Bill Clinton Accusers as “Lunatics”

October 13 CyberAlert
CBS’s Schieffer Fixates on How Schwarzenegger Must Raise Taxes; Al Hunt Urges Schwarzenegger to Raise Taxes Just Like Reagan; Andy Rooney Blames Bush’s “Mistake” for Soldiers Dying in Iraq; ABC & NBC Celebrate Pope’s 25th by Attacking Him from the Left; Brown & Franken on CNN, Newsweek Delight in Limbaugh’s Troubles; FNC’s Hume Picks Up on ABC Dismissing Recall as “Temper Tantrum”; “Top Ten Pieces of Advice Gray Davis Has for Schwarzenegger”

October 9 CyberAlert
Nets Raise “Voodoo Economics,” Push Arnold to Rescind Tax Pledge; Network Analysts Paint Recall Vote as Bad Omen for Bush; Jennings Emphasizes How Arnold Got Fewer Votes Than Recall; ABC’s Douglass Dismisses Recall as a “Statewide Temper Tantrum”; GMA Gives Huffington Second Day to Blast Bush and Schwarzenegger; “Top Ten...If I, Gary Coleman, Had Been Elected Governor”

October 8 CyberAlert
Mark Shields on Saturday: “The Recall Will, In Fact, Fail”; Gergen Advises Schwarzenegger to Get Along by Raising Taxes; Jennings Hears Recall Used for “Nefarious Ends” to Reverse Vote; Williams Grants How Conservatives See Liberal Bias at LA Times; GMA Gives Huffington Election Day Forum to Trash Schwarzenegger; On Monday Night Football, Al Michaels Cracks on Huffington; “Top Ten Possible California Newspaper Headlines for Tomorrow”

October 7 CyberAlert
Lying Expert Franken Distorts Schwarzenegger’s Hitler Comment; Morning Shows Obsess Over Sexual Assault Charges Against Arnold; CBS Points Out Hypocrisy of Women’s Groups on Clinton vs. Arnold; Hume Notes Fallacious Idea Bush Cited Iraq’s “Imminent Threat”; CBS Showcases Broadside Against Limbaugh as Hitlerian Racist; Katie Couric Jokes About Limbaugh’s Addiction to Pain Killers

October 6 CyberAlert
ABC Fails to Note Depth of Its Arnold “Admired” Hitler Misquote; LA Times Gets Angry Reader Backlash for its Last-Minute Stories; Kay Lashes Out at How Media Downplayed What He Found in Iraq; Krauthammer: Arnold Went to the Clinton School of Courtship

October 4 CyberAlert
Media Eagerly Slime Schwarzenegger So Democrats Don’t Have To; ABC’s Rooney Exhorts Davis to Be Harsher: “It’s Sexual Assault”; Katie Couric Favorably Compares Arnold’s Reaction to Clinton’s; Dozens of Celebrities Sign Vote No on Recall Ad to Keep Davis; Dan Rather Turns Good Employment News Into Bad News

October 3 CyberAlert
Perfect Storm of Anti-Conservative News Dominates Networks; CBS News Finds Republican Unsure of Voting for Bush Again; ABC Puffs Poll on Desire for Special Prosecutor But 32% Unaware; Media Hype Anti-Arnold Expose, ABC Adds How He “Admired” Hitler; Brokaw’s Hypocrisy: Jumps on Arnold, But He Ignored Broaddrick; Outlets Weren’t So Interested in Broaddrick or Troopers; Koppel: Limbaugh “Offensive” and Not a “Good and Decent Man"

October 2 CyberAlert
ABC Gives Philip Agee, in Cuba, a Platform to Denounce Bush Team; CNN’s Brown: 40-Year-Old Plame’s Been with CIA for 30 Years; CBS: U.S. Winning Hearts and Minds of Iraqi Kids and Adults; Couric Cues Up Dean on Leakgate, But Lauer Pounds Specter; Networks Rush to Defame Limbaugh as a Retrograde Racist; Olbermann Mocks Limbaugh But CNN’s Brown Defends Rush’s Rights; “Top Ten Qs Received by the Schwarzenegger for Gov. Hotline”

October 1 CyberAlert
Networks Focus on “Leakgate,” Skate Over Wilson’s Liberal Views; Bob Novak Undermines Premises Behind Frenzy Over CIA Naming Leak; Early Show’s Unfair and Imbalanced Panel of Page & Vanden Heuvel; Ted Turner Forecasts the End of Humanity Within 50 Years; Support CyberAlert and the MRC by Donating Via PayPal; “Top Ten Things Going Through Laura Bush's Mind at This Moment”

September 30 CyberAlert
Excited Network Reporters Enter Scandal Mode on CIA Name Leak; U.S. Wins Iraq Battle, But CBS Portrays U.S. as Long Term Loser; NBC Faults Kazan for Naming Communists, Raises Stifling Garofalo; Dan Rather Credits Tax Cut for Higher Consumer Spending; Now You Can Support CyberAlert and MRC Via PayPal; NBC to Air Law & Order Episode Inspired by Jayson Blair Case

September 29 CyberAlert
Schieffer Presses Dean on Tenet Resignation, How a Hike is a Cut; Nets Showcase How Poverty Hike Victims Forced Into Soup Lines; FNC and MSNBC Pick Up on CyberAlert Item on Dan Rather’s Caveat; Actor Tony Randall on Bush and Cheney: “I Hated Them!"; NBC Drama Focuses on Hypocritical “Ultra-Conservative” Senator

September 26 CyberAlert
Dan Rather Slyly Suggests Bush Team Knew Iraq Had No WMD; FNCer Sees TV Distortion of Iraq, Nets Deliver More Negativity; Washington Post Stresses Bush Failure When Other Papers Don't; Franken Accuses Hume of “Obscene...Trivializing” of Troop Deaths; CBS Sees a Conservative But No Liberals in California Race

September 25 CyberAlert
Poll in Favor of Cancelling Tax Cut for Rich Delights Russert; Jennings Showcases Poll on How Iraqis Say They’ll Be Better Off; Headlines All Over the Place on Bush Address to the UN; CNN’s Arraf on Iraq: “Reality Is, It Is Pretty Bleak There”; Letterman Audience Applauds Bringing Democracy to Iraq; “Top Ten Ways Arnold Schwarzenegger Prepared for the Debate”

September 24 CyberAlert
Gibson Cues Up Dean to Spout Off About “Extreme Right Wing”; Three Reporters See Media Coverage of Iraq as Excessively Bleak; Cronkite: Torquemada’s “Spirit Comfortably at Home” in Ashcroft; “Top Ten Surprises in Bush's Address to the United Nations”

September 23 CyberAlert
CNN Trumpets How “Bush is Sinking!” & “May Be Beatable in 2004"; Liasson Reveals NPR Listeners Think Braun “Says Sensible Things”; Media’s “Falsely Bleak Picture” in Iraq “Emboldens Our Enemy”; ABC Points Out How Spending is Soaring Under President Bush; Bush Tells Hume He Avoids Media Bias By Avoiding News Media

September 22 CyberAlert
Rather Admits CBS Stories on Mayhem Don’t Match Reality of Iraq; “Bush May Have Only Himself to Blame” for Idea of Iraq-9/11 Tie; ABC Rationalizes Ted Kennedy’s Scurrilous Charges on Iraq; Russert Presses Albright on Her Opposition to Pursing bin Laden; Time’s Klein Advises Democrats on How to Better Attack Cheney; Robbins Jabs Limbaugh to Undo “Shameful” Past of Ducking Vietnam; TV This Week: “Good News from Iraq,” Hume/Bush, Cheney/Letterman

September 18 CyberAlert
Hell to Freeze Over? Jennings Less Anti-Bush Than CBS and NBC; CNN’s Brown Wonders If We Can Afford Prescription Entitlement; CBS’s Storm Cues Clark About Oil Company “Gouging” on Gas Prices; Gumbel Denies Liberal Bias, Yet Sees Conservative Bias on FNC

September 16 CyberAlert
Jennings Cites Hussein’s “Alleged” Weapons of Mass Destruction; Amanpour: Scribes Too Pro-Bush/FNC, Burns: No, Too Pro-Saddam; ABC on Tax: “Who Could Say No to an Extra Dime to Help Kids?”; CBS’s Smith Assumes Kerry Just Entered the Presidential Race; Gumbel's Show Avoids Liberal Bias, Brokaw Justifies No Flag Pin

September 15 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos: “Striking Similarities” Between LBJ and Bush; Russert: “If You Froze the Tax Cut for the Top One Percent...”; Washington Post: “87 Billion Reasons to Revisit Those Tax Cuts”; CNN: “Soviet-Style Purge” in Alabama, U.S. “Imperialism” in Iraq

September 12 CyberAlert
ABC Frets Over Lack of Civil Rights for Guantanamo Detainees; During Names Reading, Couric Relays How Bush Has Alienated World; MSNBC’s Olbermann Focuses on EPA’s “Indefensible Deception”

September 11 CyberAlert Extra
Morning Shows Bait Bush Officials on Policy But Cuddle Hillary; On 9/11 Anniversary NBC Bashes Bush Team Over Air Quality Report; Reuters More Critical of Bush's “War on Terror” Than of al-Qaeda

September 11 CyberAlert
Cronkite: “We Were Misled on Iraq,” “Impressed” by Democrats; Jennings on Ashcroft: One of the “Most Divisive Public Figures”; CBS’s Storm Cues Up Graham’s Spin, Skips His Bizarre Claims; Lauer Presses Actor Gary Sinise to Confirm Poor Morale in Iraq; CBS Complains About Effort to End Buying Drugs from Canada; “Top Ten Things to Remember When Packing and Shipping Yourself”

September 10 CyberAlert
CBS: Bush’s Actions “Raising New Questions About” His Leadership; John “Even Republican” McCain, Nets Trumpet His Iraq Criticisms; On Iraq Money Request, a Sudden Concern About Too Much Spending; CBS’s Smith to Kennedy: Bush Guilty of “Sexing-Up Intelligence”?; CNN: “Another Drawn-Out, Inconclusive Vietnam War in the Making?”; Wall Street Journal Features MRC Column on Jennings and Brokaw; USA Today Story Tags Coulter as “Ultraconservative” Extremist

September 9 CyberAlert
CBS Worries Money for Iraq Will “Jeopardize” Other Spending; ABC Sees “Doubts” Across U.S., CBS “Starving” Kids in Illinois; Morning Shows Grill Condoleezza Rice, Serve Up Softballs to Dean; Rather Gives Rumsfeld Time to Extol Success, Scold Candidates; Newsweek: Rumsfeld “Sounding More and More Like Baghdad Bob”; “Top Ten Surprises in President Bush's Address to the Nation”

September 8 CyberAlert
Brokaw and Blitzer Raise Obey’s Demand That Rumsfeld Resign; ABC: Bush “Imposing” Pax-Americana, MSNBC: Like Nixon on Vietnam; Rather to Rumsfeld: “Is This Going to Be Another Quagmire?”; Reviewers Denounce Showtime’s 9/11 Movie as Too Pro-Bush; Unemployment Rate Down, But Networks Stress “Surge in Job Cuts”

September 5 CyberAlert
Networks Ignore Unprecedented Use of Filibuster to Block Estrada; Rather Asks Sanchez to Name Media Inaccuracies in Iraq Coverage; “Sympathy Soured as Bush Declared a Vague 'War on Terror'”; ABC & NBC Feature White’s Blasts at Bush, Ignore His Enron Ties; Weekend TV: Limbaugh on FNC, Showtime Movie on Bush on 9/11; Letterman’s “Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Debate Conditions”

September 3 CyberAlert
Peter’s Back from Vacation, Liberal as Ever, Attacking on Iraq; ABC & CNN Skip Kerry’s Distortion About Only “Threatening” Force; Kerry’s Repeal of Bush Tax Cuts Doesn’t Go Far Enough for Sawyer; Olbermann Denigrates FNC as Bunch of McCarthyistic “Demagogues”; “Top 10 Things Overheard at President Bush's Labor Day Barbecue”

August 29 CyberAlert
The Best of CyberAlert from Over the Summer

August 27 CyberAlert
NBC’s Today Promotes Al Franken’s Book About Lying Conservatives; CBS’s Bob Schieffer Apologizes for Offending Atheists; ABC Revamps This Week by Amplifying Stephanopoulos/Reducing Will; Sheen Defends Davis, Names Rob Reiner as Best Actor for Governor; FNC Shows Pick Up on CyberAlert Items on Cronkite and Olbermann; “Top Ten Things Overheard at Schwarzenegger Campaign HQ”

August 22 CyberAlert
ABC News on Hamas: “A Political and Social Welfare Organization” ; NBC’s Today Gives Platform to Albright to Denounce Bush Policy ; Olbermann Highlights Dead Woman’s “Whistle Ass” Blast at Bush ; Schwarzenegger Too Conservative for Some Fellow Celebrities

August 21 CyberAlert
Battle Against Terrorism a Failure, Leads to “Chaos and Blood”; Garofalo on Bush: “It Is...a Conspiracy of the 43rd Reich”; MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Dubs Iraq as “21st Century Vietnam”; Fear Judge “Trying to Restore Morality,” Equating Him to Wallace; CNN Lauds Arnold for “Savvy” of Rejecting “No New Taxes Pledge”; For David Broder, “Realism” Always Means Raising Taxes; Hunting Scenes Mar Film for Today Crew, “Mankind’s Stupidity”

August 19 CyberAlert
Pointing Out Schwarzenegger’s Buffett Tie “Down & Dirty” to CBS ; CNN Gives Garofalo Liberal Crossfire Chair from Which to Rant ; USA Today Claims Lauer and Couric “Avoid Revealing Their Biases” ; Cronkite Uses New Column to Defend Liberalism, Advise Democrats

August 18 CyberAlert
Blackout a "Metaphor" for Inadequate Government Regulation; Schieffer Suggests Companies, Not Customers, Pay for Grid Fixes; ABC's GMA Obsesses Over Possibility Terrorism Behind Blackout; Stewing Over Too Low CA Taxes, Applauding Buffett for Saying So; CNN's Jack Cafferty Sued for Leaving the Scene of an Accident

August 15 CyberAlert
Rather Proposes Given Blackout, Bush Cancel Fundraiser Speech; Koppel’s “Happy Note,” Gray Davis Sure Blackout No Threat to CA; Networks Give Hillary Time to Denounce Deregulation and Bush; Thanks to Outage, No HRC on Daily Show, TV Stars Sans Blow Dryer

August 14 CyberAlert
On CNN’s NewsNight, It’s the “Far Right” Versus Schwarzenegger ; ABC Trumpets How Davis “May Top” Buffett with Bill Clinton ; ABC: Casualty Numbers “Surprisingly Large”; ABC: Rate Not High ; Clancy Chides Media for Not Backing CIA, Accuses Media of Hubris

August 13 CyberAlert
CBS’s Smith Claims Prop 187, Blocking Handouts to Illegals, Lost ; Condemning Schwarzenegger for Backing “Anti-Immigration Measure” ; ABC Admires “Idealism” of Human Shields, Victims of U.S. Fines

August 12 CyberAlert
CBS & ABC Describe as “Controversial” Bush’s EPA and New Nominee; Network Vet: “Dukakis Was No Liberal and Neither Was Mondale”; “Conservative” Rohrabacher Endorsing Schwarzenegger Worries Time; GMA Frets About Bush’s Vacation, “Shouldn't He Be Hard at Work?”; Job Opening at MRC: Assistant Archivist for Media Conversion

August 11 CyberAlert
Couric Tags Arnold as Nazi’s Son, Then Condemns “Dirty” Tactics; Lauer Worries About “Collusion...All the Way to the White House”; Koppel Pleads with the “Sensible” Panetta to Get Into Race; NBC News Reporter Pushes Schwarzenegger to the Left; NBC: Like Reagan, Schwarzenegger Pretends to Not Hear Questions; Newsweek: Dean “Centrist” While Schwarzenegger “Conservative”; Dean Gave VT High Taxes, Yet Media Tag Him “Fiscal Conservative”; NBC Backtracks on Blaming Global Warming for Heat Wave; FNC Picks Up on PBS Affiliate’s NIMBY Efforts to Avoid Laborers; “Top Ten Things Overheard During George W. Bush's Vacation”

August 8 CyberAlert
ABC Blames “Determined Group of Well-Financed Conservatives”; Gergen Mocks Schwarzenegger’s Inexperience, But Touts Huffington; CNN, MSNBC, Wash Post & NY Times Disguise MoveOn.org’s Ideology; ABC Catches Up With NBC, Blames London Heat on “Global Warming"; “Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign Promises”

August 7 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Stephanopoulos Delivers Dem Attack Strategy on Schwarzenegger; Couric on Schwarzenegger: “He's the Son of a Nazi Party Member”; NY Times Contrasts Nuclear Proliferation with Arnold’s Bikini Wax

August 7 CyberAlert
NBC Blames Global Warming for European Heat Wave; Time’s Tumulty: “A Lot” in Dean’s Record That’s “Conservative”; Episcopal Battle: “Conservatives” Versus the “Inclusive”; Reuters: “N. Korea Hails 100 Percent Poll Support for Leader”; Schwarzenegger a “Social Democrat” Republican Hollywood Can Back

August 6 CyberAlert
CNBC: “On Many Issues” Dean “Centrist,” But Lauer: Too Liberal?; Hollings Stories Laud Racial Record, Skip Segregationist Work; Conservatives Follow “Like the Members of a Moose Lodge”

August 5 CyberAlert
CBS Re-Runs Soldier Derisively Chortling, “Morale? What’s That?”; Newsweek’s Alter Fears Less “Diversity of Opinion” Sans Powell; Will Derides NY Times for Not Seeing How Imprisonment Cuts Crime; “CNN Unfortunate Word Choice of the Night” A Bishop or A...; “Top Ten Real Reasons Colin Powell is Stepping Down”

August 4 CyberAlert
Clift: Baghdad “More Hospitable” to al-Qaeda Now Than Pre-War; Stephanopoulos Asks Qaddafi for Advice on Battling Terrorism; Dean No Liberal, He’s a 'No Jews Allowed’ Bush-Like Conservative; Fox News Channel Really Annoys Dean Donor Alec Baldwin

August 1 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CBS Finds al-Qaeda Aiding Saddam Day After it Discredited Tie; CBS Ignores David Kay’s Optimism About Finding WMD Evidence; Lauer Picks Up NY Times’ Anti-Bush Polemic, Buries Pro-Bush Poll; ABC Runs Two Stories Misconstruing the Gay Marriage Debate; ABC’s Cochran Trumpets Hillary’s Victory Over Conservatives; CEO of DC’s PBS Station Mad About Day Laborers Next to Studio; CBS Ideologically Tags GOP Candidates in CA, But Not Democrats; “Top Ten Reasons Schwarzenegger is Not Running for Governor”

July 31 CyberAlert
Most See Intel Criticism as Political Game, But Media Obsessed; Reporters Focus on Tax Cuts, Ignore Bush’s Soaring Spending; LA Times Reporter: Is Recall “Legitimate, Democratic Exercise?”; “Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Harboring Saddam Hussein”

July 30 CyberAlert
Jennings Showcases Biden’s Tantrum Doubting Wolfowitz’s Honesty; Public “Soured” on “Right-Wing” and “Too Hawkish” Bob Hope; Brian Williams Contends NBC’s “Traps and Filters” Kill All Bias; Senior Calls ABC “Misleading” for Not Noting Her Activist Role; NY Times Food Column Uses Monkfish to Castigate Cap Gains Tax Cut

July 29 CyberAlert
CBS’s Glumness on Iraq: Low Morale, Kids Yell “Go Home Bastards”; “Thoughtful” & “Better Educated” Iraqis Don’t Want Saddam Killed; ABC Delivers Another Story About Poor Missing Child Credit; Threat in BBC Series on A&E: “Far Right” & “Pro-Life Terrorists”

July 28 CyberAlert
Clift Suggests Sons Killed to Silence Them on Lack of WMD; CBS Seeks Out Soldier’s Mother Who Feels Bush “Betrayed” Her; NBC: Handling of Sons “Quite Offensive to Islamic Sensibilities”; Negative Reports Out of Iraq Versus Much More Positive Reality; CBS & ABC Again Mis-Portray Liberal Activist Seniors as Typical

July 25 CyberAlert
ABC’s Martha Raddatz Suggests Hypocrisy in Dead Photo Release; Networks Give Cheney Short Shrift, Undermine His Credibility ; Reuters Changes Reporter’s Story to Match Liberal Spin ; More Fretting About Unfairness of Who Gets Child Credit Hike

July 24 CyberAlert
Miklaszewski Relays Gripe Son Killing Used “Too Heavy Firepower”; Will We Follow Geneva Convention? Weren’t Killings a “Failure”?; AP: Bush Hasn’t “Bothered” to Enforce Assassination Prohibition; A Good News Day, But NBC’s Katie Couric Stresses the Negative; CBS on Celebratory Gunfire: “Some of It...Most Certainly Anger”; “There is an Ocean of Blood on the Hands” of Blair and Bush; ABC: GOP Takeover in CA in Conflict with State’s Best Interests?

July 23 CyberAlert
ABC and NBC See Celebrating Iraqis in Baghdad, CBS Not So Sure; Couric Asks Lynch’s Doctor If Rescue Was “Pentagon Propaganda”; NY Post Shows How BBC, Not Blair, is Guilty of “Sexing Up” Story; Dan Rather Chokes Up as He Recites John Denver Lyrics; Washington Post Again Champions “Mainstream” Anti-War Groups; Dennis Miller on Tonight Show, Weekly Standard Recites His Jokes

July 22 CyberAlert
CBS “Exclusive” Features Iraqi Men Who Are Killing U.S. Soldiers; Half of NBC’s Newscast on Bush “Under Fire,” “Smearing” Critic; NBC Finds Lynch’s Hometown Against War, Fear Another Vietnam; Today Pounds Away on Iraq, Couric Marvels Story Won’t Fade; CNN’s Woodruff Fails to Point Out Distortion in DNC Ad She Plays; And Woodruff Touts How Huffington Has “Evolved” Into a Liberal; Networks Virtually Ignore Anti-Regime Protests in Iran; Fox Newswatch Picks Up Evidence of Bias that CyberAlert Detailed

July 21 CyberAlert
Snow Wonders Why Democrat Didn’t Doubt Bush Claim When Said; Clift and Brown Suggest David Kelly Will Be Blair’s Vince Foster; Russert Sees SOTU Flap as Just Partisan, Ignores Media Role; Totenberg Sees Anti-Bush Shift “In the Entire Public Demeanor”; CBS Raises Specter of Johnson Using Bad Info to Escalate Vietnam; Russert Rails Against Deficit, Then Demands More Spending; Wash Post Cites Gephardt’s “Pledge to Fill Taxpayers' Pockets”; On HBO, Bob Costas Delivers a Sycophantic Session with Hillary; Stephanopoulos a “Journalistic Leader for the Next 30 Years"

July 18 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CNN Relays How Republican Troops Won’t Vote Republican Again; ABC Loves Clip of Soldier Demanding Rumsfeld’s Resignation; NY Times Reporter Finds Trust in Bush, Headline Says Opposite; Dan Rather Notes Report on How Recession is Long Over; Jake Tapper Responds to Liberal Image CyberAlert Painted of Him; Fleischer Most Annoyed by Thomas, Sees Extra Hostility to GOP

July 17 CyberAlert
Jennings Rues Discipline for Troops Who Blast Mission, Rumsfeld; Matt Lauer Cues Up and Reads Aloud John Kerry’s Talking Points; NBC: Iraqis Grateful for Saddam’s Ouster, Creating Newspapers; USA Today Spikes Poll Finding on How Public Sees Liberal Bias; Letterman’s “Top Ten Jerry Springer Campaign Promises”

July 16 CyberAlert
Bush for Hurricanes, Claudette Bumps Iraq from Lead News Spot; ABC Features Soldiers in Iraq Lashing Out at Army and Rumsfeld; ABC Treats Levin & Kennedy Attacks on Iraq Policy as Fresh News ; Couric’s Questions Take More Time Than GOP Guest Has to Answer; Brokaw Highlights David Kay’s Assurance He’ll Find Proof of WMD; “No Outrage” by White Women Over Profiling Incenses Gumbel; ABC’s New Reporter Was Press Secretary to a Liberal Democrat

July 15 CyberAlert
Brown Skips Own Error, Scorns Bush’s Clinton-Like Word Parsing ; NBC Reporter Fred Francis Rejects Vietnam Comparison ; ABC’s Gibson Sees Bush Team Breaking Promise Not to Parse Words ; ABC Hires Liberal Pundit/Reporter Jake Tapper as a Correspondent; Nets Use Political Activists as Repeat “Victims” of Drug Costs

July 14 CyberAlert Extra Edition
NY Times Replaces One Liberal Executive Editor with Another One

July 14 CyberAlert
“Daily Drumbeat of Media Questions” Aiding Democratic Candidates; Clift Puts Bush Team’s Credibility Gap at 9 on 1 to 10 Scale ; Couric Provides Benevolent, Non-Ideological Tag for MoveOn.org ; By 2-to-1, Public Sees Liberal Over Conservative Bias; Vermont Media Have Never, Ever Labeled Howard Dean as Liberal; Gumbel Launches Name-Calling, Rebukes MRC’s Bozell as “Bozo”

July 11 CyberAlert
“Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False,” CBSNews.com Distorts Story; After Two Days in Baghdad, NBC’s Aspell Sees “Easy” Solution; CNN Offers No Correction for Brown’s Faked “Bush Knew" Citation; CBS Finds More “Hunger in the Heartland” -- Once Again in Ohio; Vieira Says Hillary Clinton Should Thank Walters for Book Sales; NY Times Reveals that Pluto is Suffering from Global Warming

July 10 CyberAlert Extra Edition
CNN’s Brown Spread “Bush Knew” Web Rumor After It Was Retracted; Ex-CNN Chief Isaacson Insists CNN a “Pure Journalistic Network”

July 10 CyberAlert
ABC Hypes Anti-Bush Protest and Media Question in South Africa ; CNN’s Brown Forwards Rumor Bush Knew in Advance Evidence False; CBS’s Roberts Claims New Food Label “Could Help Save Your Life”; Jennings and Reynolds Belittle Meagerness of Tax Cut; CBS Sees “Hunger in the Heartland” with Car Lines for Food

July 9 CyberAlert
ABC and NBC Paint Bush Concession as Undermining Case for War ; Peter Jennings, "Raised with Anti-Americanism," Now U.S. Citizen ; ABC's Bury Scolds Bush's Remark, "Pretty Macho, Almost a Taunt" ; Couric Prompts Mother of Killed Soldier Who Denounces Bush; AP Tags Judicial Watch But Sierra Club Goes Unlabeled ; Watch Liberal Journalists Wishing Death for Conservatives

July 8 CyberAlert
Franks Defending Bush’s “Bring 'Em On” Comment Astounds ABCers ; Howard Dean No Liberal to Washington Post, Really a Conservative; NYT Editor Admits He’s a Democrat, But Still Sees Liberal Bias

July 7 CyberAlert
Most Homeless Ever, Numbers “Not Seen Since Great Depression”; NBC Sends Engel Back to Iraq Where He Finds Anti-U.S. Sunnis ; Gibson’s Bedroom Sported Anti-War Poster, He Couldn’t Be Prez; Columnist Samuelson Notes Media Bias in Prescription Coverage

July 2 CyberAlert
CNN's Brown Admits Focus on Iraqi Attacks Skewing Public's View ; The CBS Evening News Hit a Record Ratings Low Last Week ; ABC Hires CNN Reporter Who Gushed Over Castro's “Safety Net” ; With a Book to Sell, Ex-CNN Chief Isaacson Finds Virtue in FNC; Garrett and Russert Note Biggest Tax Cuts Go to Middle Class ; NBC to Celebrate July 4th with Look at the “New Homeless”

July 1 CyberAlert
Isaacson: Ben Franklin Would Make Fun of Bush's Foreign Policy ; Newsweek v. Newsweek on Whether O'Connor in Sync with America ; Refusal to Hike Taxes, Not Soaring Spending, Behind State Crises; More Whining About Prescription Plan Not Going Far Enough ; Another Late Night Host Pokes Fun at NY Times for Making Up Stuff; James Carville Shares with CNN Audience How He's Poorly Endowed

June 30 CyberAlert
Bob Schieffer Obsesses Over How Iraq is Now “Guerrilla War” ; Thomas Admits Affirmative Action “Assuages Us Guilty Liberals”; CNN's Woodruff's Cues up Hillary Clinton from the Left ; Olbermann Mocks Fears of Hillary, Admires Fears of FNC

June 27 CyberAlert
“Ferocious” Conservatives Block Equality, Limbaugh in “Extreme”; ABC, NBC, NY Times & Wash Post All Find Unsatisfied Seniors; NBC's Drug Price Victim Really a Lobbying Group's Operative; MRC’s “DisHonors Awards” on C-SPAN Saturday Night, June 28; “Top Ten Perks of Being a Member of the Blue Angels”

June 26 CyberAlert
Lester Maddox (?-GA), Nets Refuse to ID Party of Segregationist ; A Governor CBS Can Admire: Alabama's Tax-Raising Bob Riley ; Brown Champions Public Campaign Funding, “Let's Use Tax Dollars” ; Boston Globe Decides it Should Be “Free of Any Political Agenda”; Ann Coulter Sends ABC's The View Crew Into a Tizzy ; “Top Ten Things the Iraqi Information Minister Has Admitted...”

June 25 CyberAlert
CBS Wails: “With Only $400 Billion to Spend”; NBC Rues Tax Cut ; Woodruff Hits Kennedy and Santorum from Left on Drug Coverage; Limbaugh and “Best of the Web” Pick Up on CyberAlert Item; Ann Coulter's Defense of McCarthy Appalls ABC's Diane Sawyer ; You're Either a “Civil Rights Supporter” or a “Conservative”; Reporters Tag Howard Dean as “Centrist,” “Fiscal Conservative”; “Top Ten Signs You're in Love with Howard Dean” ; Leno Mocks Gore on No Liberal Media, Grammer Zings Jennings

June 20 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Nets Treat EPA Report Change as Scandal, CNN Sees Flat-Earthers ; CNBC's Sawyer Questions Assumption of Liberal Environmentalist ; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Perplexed by Bush's Popularity

June 19 CyberAlert
CBS Rationalizes Rioting as “Smoldering Ash of Race and Rage”; Walter Cronkite Declares: “We Ought to Be Increasing the Taxes"; Torie Clark Departing Because She's “Frustrated” Over No WMD?; Woodruff to Kennedy: Plan Not Big Enough, Seniors “Undercut” ; Two Years Apart CBS & ABC Feature Same Woman as Drug Cost Victim; Actor Kelsey Grammer Avows He's a “Pro-Bush Guy” ; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day, Flag Symbolizes Murder and Greed; “Top 10 Things Going Through Bush's Mind” as Falling Off Segway

June 17 CyberAlert
Prescription Drug Entitlement Spending Doesn't Go “Far Enough” ; NBC Airs Promotional Video for Americorps in Guise of News Story; Newsweek Denounces DeLay for Denying Tax Cut to Non-Taxpayers ; DeLay Represents “the GOP's Tightfisted, Meanspirited Wing” ; Newsweek's “Neoconservative” Mania, Uses Tag 25 Times in Article; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Democrats' “Cowardly Betrayal”

June 16 CyberAlert
PBS's Rose Admires Hillary's Emerging “New Independence”; Time's Gibbs Pressed About Assuming VRWC Even “Bigger” ; ABC's Rooney: “Ironic” GOP Pushing Recall Over a Deficit; Jennings Rues How “Low Income Families” Must Wait for Tax Cut; Nets See “Cycle of Violence” in Israel with “Mutual Hatr; Rather Believes Iraq Had WMD, Holds Raines a “Great Journalist”; Magazine Article About War Coverage Based on MRC Research; Actor John Cusack Upset Nader Voters Allowed Bush to Win; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Osama's Agenda Being Advanced

June 12 CyberAlert Extra Edition
David Brinkley Passes Away; In Later Years He Saw Liberal Bias, Denounced a Loaded Paula Zahn Question and Called Bill Clinton a “Bore” Who Spouts “Nonsense”

June 12 CyberAlert
Networks Jump on Liberal Group's Anti-DeLay “Stroller Protest”; Nets Celebrate Congress “Finally” Agreeing to Prescription Plan; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Iraqis Like Us for Our Food ; “Top Ten Things Heard in Line to Buy Hillary Clinton's Book”

June 11 CyberAlert
Moyers: Right Wing Implementing “Intentional Destruction” of US; Couric Treats HRC as Victim, But Also Raises Unfavorable Topics; Carlson Advices Martha Stewart to Look to Hillary for Guidance ; ABC's Martin Believes HRC, Time's Klein Faults Clinton Critics ; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Profiting via “Collateral Damage

June 10 CyberAlert
CBS: Bush's WMD Intel Skewing “Potentially Worse than Watergate”; NYT Writer Questions if Bush Can “Honorably” Remain President; “Friend of Bill” Rick Kaplan the New Senior VP of ABC News; “Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Media “Thwarted” the Truth

June 9 CyberAlert
Walters Delivers Hillary Book Infomercial, Paints Her as Victim; ABC Highlights Hillary's “Pain” Over Bush Ruining the Economy ; ABC Insists “Everyone” Excited by Hillary, Her Presidential Bid; “Is the 'Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy' Bigger Than You Thought?”; NBC Again Distorts Topic by Saying People “Left Out” of Tax Cut; Hume: Clinton “Waving His Wand at Everyone Who Walked By...”

June 6 CyberAlert
NBC: Conservative Bias and FNC Undermining Trust in the Media; NBC Uses Military Families to Distort Tax Cut for Non-Taxpayers; CBS's Storm Dreams of HRC Jumping into 2004 Presidential Race; Previews Suggest Very Empathetic Look at Hillary by Walters ; Walters Calls HRC “a Very Good Senator,” Predicts Re-Election; “Sean Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Getting a “Taste” of Baghdad; “Top Ten Surprises in the Walters-Hillary Clinton Interview”

June 5 CyberAlert
Networks: Hillary “Candid,” She “Unwittingly” Defended Husband; Hume Notes How Blumenthal Book Contradicts Hillary's Claims ; Jennings Fears Israelis, Not Palestinians, Will “Sabotage” Peace; “Sean Penn's Pugnacity of the Day,” Feeling the Pain of Dissent

June 4 CyberAlert
“Thelma and Louise” Real Heroic Villains to CNN's Aaron Brown?; Cronkite to Write Column, Says Reporters Not Political; “Kilroy’s Still Here” and Other Sage Thoughts from Sea; “Top Ten Things Agreed Upon at the G-8 Summit”

June 3 CyberAlert
Klein, Alter and Clift All Denounce Tax Cut, “Cruel” to Poor ; Brokaw Uncomfortable About DeLay's Tough Words on China? ; NBC News Presumes Beneficiaries of Racial Quotas Are “Qualified"; NBC Undermines ABC & BBC Reports that Belittled POW Lynch Rescue; Newsweek Cover Story Puts Abortion Advocates on Defensive, But...

June 2 CyberAlert
Dividend Tax Cut Over 11 Million Kids “Not a Negative Attack”; Stephanopoulos: 11 Million Kids the “Big Losers” in Tax Cut; Another Liberal Press Release in the Guise of a NY Times Story; Moyers: Rich “Rewarded” by the Tax Cut, Poor Kids “Punished”; Fresh Weekly Standard Expose of Bill Moyers' Hidden Conflicts; As If It's Not Liberal Enough, Bryant Gumbel to Join PBS Line-Up

May 30 CyberAlert
All Nets Jump on Distortion That Low Income Left Out of Tax Cut; Terry Moran: White House Chose "to Leave These Children Behind"; NYT Serves as Conduit for Liberal Agenda, CNN's Brown Impressed; Mention of Lewinsky Irritates Walters: "Let's Move On!"

May 29 CyberAlert
NBC Greets Tax Cut Signing by Ruing Lack of Money for Cities; LA Times Editor Fingers and Addresses Liberal Bias in Own Paper; Poll Finds Most Think Media Don't Get Facts Straight; Nightline Trumpets Activist's Quest to Count “Victims of War”; Actor Yells at FNC, Plus Writers Guild 99% “Leftist Liberal”; ABC Claims “We’ve All Been Waiting” for Walters with Hillary

May 28 CyberAlert
Intel “Manipulated by Hawks,” So War “Under False Pretenses?”; Time Champions Robert Byrd as “Overnight Internet Sensation”; NYT: “Willie Horton” Republicans Rough Up “Softball” Democrats; Brian Williams Waxes Over “a Tanned, Slim and Fit Bill Clinton”; Stephanopoulos Drives This Week to Lowest Ratings Since 1987; Bryant Gumbel on President Bush: “Don't Get Me Started!”

May 27 CyberAlert
ABC's Martin Condemns “Yuppie Tax Cut” for “Starving” Government; “Play of the Week” from CNN's Schneider: Tax Raisers in Oregon; Couric & Koppel Treat Warren Buffett as Wise Anti-Tax Cut Sage; Scientology Drove Actress Kirstie Alley to Vote for Bush

May 23 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
ABC Pushes Liberal Spin: Top 5% Get More Than Half of Tax Cut; London Paper Documents How Baghdad Museum Looting Exaggerated; CNN & MSNBC Falsely Claim Bush Said al-Qaeda “Not a Problem”; Catholic Bishop to Boycott Chris Matthews Getting Honored

May 22 CyberAlert
Tax Cut Plan Cut in Half, But Dan Rather Still Calls it "Big"; CBS Chases Phone Call Scandal, "Coverup as High as...Tom DeLay"; ABC Obsesses Over Bush's Claim that "Al-Qaeda's on the Run"; Barone: Hedges' Anti-American Views "Qualify" Him for NYT Job; CNN Admits Legal "Assault Weapon" Fired Into Ground, Not Target; Jennings Lashes Out at MRC for Giving His War Coverage an "F"; "Top Ten Signs Ari Fleischer Doesn't Care Anymore"; "Top Ten Chapter Titles in Jayson Blair's Autobiography"

May 20 CyberAlert
Rather and Auletta Discover Media Bias...On Fox News Channel; Moyers Features Left-Wing Rants on Abortion, Texas Legislature; “Pinch” in '94: Diversity “the Single Most Important Issue”; CNN Concedes, Sort of, Distorted “Assault Weapon” Demonstration

May 19 CyberAlert
All Three Journalists on ABC's This Week Denounce Tax Cut; NPR's Nina Totenberg Lambastes Tax Cut as “Really Stupid”; Texas Dems Who Fled Earn CNN's “Political Play of the Week”; FNC Expert Faults Military-Belittling Stories About Lynch Rescue; Lange Lets Loose Against Bush Again in Commencement Address; FNC's Newswatch Discusses Two Topics in CyberAlert Last Week; SNL Mocks NY Times Ad: “I Like the Fabricated Interviews...”; Letterman's “Top Ten Surprises in the New Hitler Movie”

May 16 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Texas Democrats Walk Out But DeLay & GOP the Ogre to CBS & CNN; Stephanopoulos Drives This Week Ratings Down to Lowest Ever; Raines Admits His White Guilt Impacted How He Treated Blair; Geraldo Rivera: "I Think the Jews Need Me Right Now"

May 14 CyberAlert
Jennings: Saudi Bombings Mean al-Qaeda Stronger Than Bush Admits; WashPost Declares Bush Tax Cuts “Clearly Do Favor the Affluent”; Rather Describes Poll as Finding Tax Cut “A Problematic Sell”; Time Tags Mondale “Moderate” and Dean a “Fiscal Conservative”; Howard Dean Gets a Tough Session from Diane Sawyer on GMA; Liberals Auletta and Cohen Cite “Diversity” for Blair Scandal

May 13 CyberAlert
States “Forced to Raise Taxes,” But Zilch on Soaring Spending; Ifill Not Upset About Bush Judges Being Blocked, But in 1999...; Sawyer Insists Blair Couldn't Occur in TV; Recall Food Lion; Olbermann Dismisses Blair Affirmative Action Hints as “Ignorant”; Media Observers Speculate About Role of “Diversity” Efforts; Ex-Timesman: “This is a Great Indictment of the American Media”; “Top Ten Signs Something is Wrong at the New York Times

May 12 CyberAlert
ABC: Bloomberg “Forced” to Raise Taxes, Most Oppose Bush Tax Cut; Pundits Evoke & Reject Blaming Affirmative Action in Rainesgate; Washington Post Picks Up on Couric Treating Parody as Real; Michael Moore: Bush Knows Osama's Location, Won't Go After Him; “Top Ten...Questions Asked of the White House Switchboard”

May 9 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Olbermann Outs Jennings' Military-Deriding Source on POW Rescue; New York Times Mislabels Senator Bob Graham a "Moderate"; Collins Elaborates on How Jennings Made Story Pro-Sandinista; Dennis Miller Blasts Senator Byrd as a Doddering "Moron"

May 8 CyberAlert
CBS, CNN and CNBC Jump on Attacks on Bush's Carrier Landing; FNC Panel Laughs Off Moran's Concern Bush Mars Civilian Control; ABC Frets About Doorknobs Broken By POW-Rescuing Commandos; Couric Mistakes Parody of Bob Graham Diary for the Real Thing; Asner Defends Castro: “We Didn’t Have a Free Election in 2002”; “Top 10 Reasons Joe Lieberman Would Make a Great President”

May 7 CyberAlert
Jennings Showcases Liberal Shots at Bush's Carrier Landing; Prominent NY Times Reporters More Error-Prone Than Plagiarist; Today Promotes Cause of “Environmental Researcher” Brockovich; Dennis Miller Delivers Jibes at Clinton & Anti-War Protesters; “Top 10...Excuses for Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction”

May 6 CyberAlert
PBS's Ifill Preposterously Pegs 6% Unemployment as “Record High”; Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria Takes on Bush Tax Cuts from the Left; ABC & NBC Worried About Jackson But Revel in Bennett's Hypocrisy; Journalists Sees Distorted Baghdad Reporting Unfavorable to U.S.; Miller Takes on Mailer; Miller on Tonight Show Again Tuesday

May 5 CyberAlert
SC Primary Arranged to Boost “Conservative” Candidate?; George Stephanopoulos: Raising Taxes Helps the Economy; ABC Touts Democratic Theme of Bush Vulnerability on Economy; ABC: Returning Sailors Face Bad Economy, Bush's “Giant” Tax Cut; CBS Backs Up Dean's Claim He's Not Liberal, But...; Belafonte and Glover Come to Castro's Defense Against Bush; “Top Ten Things Never Before Said By a Pulitzer Prize Winner”

May 2 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Stephanopoulos: Removing Helmet Saves Bush from Dukakis Moment; NBC Misleads Friends Viewers with Promise of “Brief” Speech; MSNBC's Matthews: “These Guys Would Take a Bullet for This Guy”; Lauer Upset Carrier Landing “Symbolism Overshadowing Safety"; Oh, Never Mind; Jennings Concedes Museum Looting Exaggerated; Jennings Dictated Pro-Sandinista Language to a Reporter; Garofalo Goes on Rant Mocking Intelligence of Fox News Staff; Hutton: Men in Charge “Shameful,” But Better in Bed Than Women

May 1 CyberAlert
Networks Mischaracterize Greenspan as Opposed to Bush Tax Cuts; Newsweek & Time Say Gephardt Plan Requires No Bureaucracy; NY Times' Burns Scolds Media for Not Conveying Terror in Iraq; NBC News Hires ABC's Richard “Peter Arnett” Engel; CNN Caught Live With FNC Showing on Navy Carrier's TVs

April 29 CyberAlert
British MP Who ABC's Sawyer Commended Was on Hussein's Payroll; Tariq Aziz Too Soft on Israel for Helen Thomas; NBC Distances Itself from Banfield's Attack on War Whitewashing; Actors Grammer, Priestley and Duvall Denounce Anti-War Celebs; NBC More Interested in Santorum Than Murray's Osama Remarks; Weekly Standard Delivers Spoof of Post-Revolutionary War Media

April 28 CyberAlert
Maher Admits Naivete, Thought “Right to Privacy” in Constitution; On State Spending, USA Today: Way Up; NY Times: “Deep Cuts”; MSNBC's Banfield Upset By Impact of Sanitized War Coverage; Ted Turner Denounces Murdoch as a “Warmonger”

April 23 CyberAlert
NBC Worries Hussein's Ouster Could Be “Setback” for Women; Jennings Stresses Greenspan's Doubts About Bush's “Huge Tax Cut”; NPR Host Goes on Far-Left Rant Against Bush & Pro-War Media

April 22 CyberAlert
Koppel Expresses “Cynicism About Reasons that Took Us to War”; Fox's Snow Mocks NYT's Apple for Saying “Nobody” Got War Right; NY Times Reporter Reveals How Iraqi Regime Terrorized Him; Actor Rick Schroder on President Bush: "He's a Fantastic Guy”; Miller Fires Back at Liberal Who Criticized Bush's Praying

April 21 CyberAlert
Moyers: Cheney “Poster Boy” for “Military-Industrial Complex”; Carlson, Hunt and Russert Return to Tax Cut Bashing Mantra; Jennings: U.S. Violated “International Law” in Museum Looting; Sarandon Ludicrously Claims $200 Billion Cut in Vet Spending

April 18 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings Blames U.S. for Leaving Deadly Germs “Unguarded”; CNN: Museum “Plundered Under the Very Noses of U.S. Troops”; Fidel Castro's Fresh Round of Repression: Bush Drove Him to It; ABC on New Threat to Iraqis: Christians Bearing Food; “Top Ten Reasons I am Proud to Be an American”

April 17 CyberAlert
Chiding Anti-War Celebs Reminds ABC of McCarthy and Blacklists; MSNBC Chief Goes from Scorning Patriotic Coverage to Hyping It; Eason Jordan: “Nonsense” that CNN Kowtowed to Hussein; Late Show Taping Almost Makes Brokaw Late for Nightly News

April 16 CyberAlert
Brokaw: Can't Trust CNN Anymore, Jordan Should've Kept Quiet; Washington Post Blames CNN for Not Exposing Ruthlessness; Ex-CNN Reporter Recalls CNN Exec's Groveling Before Hussein; Iraq's UN Ambassador Gives CNN's Richard Roth a Goodbye Kiss; Thomas Questions Administration Credibility on Syria; Jennings Warns of “Aggressive Efforts” to Hush Anti-War Celebs; Newsweek and FNC Pick Up on Garofalo's Promise to Apologize

April 15 CyberAlert
"They Come for Oil, Not to Protect Us from Saddam"; Media Moving On, NBC Grumbles About Bush's "Massive" Tax Cut; CNN's Jordan Defends Self; CNN Refuses to Let U.S. Use Its News; "Easy" Victory vindicates War Foes, Statue Toppling Ridiculed

April 14 CyberAlert
ABC Covers 40 Masters Protesters But Ignores Pro-Troops Rally; Stephanopoulos Presses Franks About “Massacre” of “Innocent”; Rumsfeld and Franks Reject Premises of Russert and Blitzer; Fox News Sunday Panel Castigates CNN's Eason Jordan; No More Richard Engel on ABC? Only He Finds Hatred for America; Washington Times Documents Media's Doomsaying Predictions; Washington Post Stands by its Quote, Sans “a Bit”

April 12 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
ABC's Engel in Baghdad Finds Disillusion and Disgust with U.S.; “War Worked Better than Expected,” But Winning Peace, Well...; Jennings Showcases “KILL Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld...” Sign; CNN's Juxtaposition: Pro-War Rally vs. Spray-Painting Vandals; CNN's Eason Jordan Denounced for Lying and Selling His Soul; Actress Shannen Doherty: Loves Rumsfeld and Supports Bush; A Reporter Delivers a Good One-Liner at the CENTCOM Briefing

April 11 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Only Jennings Ignores Pro-Troops Rally in New York City; Couric Asks Marine's Family if Proud Despite U.S. Flag Display; Koppel Rebukes “a Mockery of Objective Reporting” -- Abroad; Olbermann Mocks Dire Media Predictions on War Disaster; On NBC's Today, Miller Praises Bush, Ridicules the French; Time Yet for Janeane Garofalo's Apology? She Promised One

April 10 CyberAlert
Jennings Distances Himself from “Liberators” Tag for U.S.; Statue Toppling Conspiracy? Almost Seen as U.S. “Conquest”; Jennings Wonders If Hussein Cares What People Think of Him; Koppel: “Hard Part” Ahead; Potter: U.S. “Conquering” Iraq; Arrival of U.S. Marines Makes ABC's Engel Feel Safe; Jennings Rues Loss of Hussein Sculpting Jobs; NBC Throws Cold Water on Military Triumph, Iraqis “Fear” U.S.?; Now Reporters Admit that “Minders” Blocked the Truth; CBS's Logan Claims Sight of Hussein on TV “Buoyed” Iraqis; Cronkite Rues How "We're Still Not Seeing the Bloodletting”; Brokaw and Russert Argue Victory in Iraq Should Bar Tax Cuts; “Top 10 Things Iraq’s Info Minister Has to Say About the War”

April 9 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Quotes from Notable Quotables last year and early this year which now look, if they didn't already at the time, really foolish.; More recent quotes collected for consideration for inclusion of the new edition of Notable Quotables we're sending to the printer tonight.; Relevant CyberAlert items from this year.

April 9 CyberAlert
ABC Features Arnett in Look at U.S. Conspiracy to Kill Reporters; CBS's Logan & CNN's Amanpour Don't Appreciate Clarke's Advice; “War of Aggression” Claim Too Much for NBC's David Gregory; Reuters: Minute Men of 1770s Just Like Hussein's Guerrillas; Dennis Miller on Media Tour Leading to Saturday HBO Special; “Top Ten Things Overheard at Saddam Hussein's Dinner”

April 8 CyberAlert
Bombs Target Hussein, But CBS Finds Anti-Bush Civilian Victims; Miklaszewski: Saddam's Walk in Baghdad Occurred Before War; Brit Hume's “Favorite Journalist Question of the War So Far”; Eleanor Clift on Peter Arnett: “He’s a Good Reporter”; U.S. Policies and Procedures in Iraq Disgust “Scud Stud”; Jennings Squeezes in Mention of New Cuban Political Crackdown; ABC Demands to Know Why Women Can Fight But Can't Join Augusta

April 5 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
On Successive Nights Jennings Cites Same Mosul Civilian Deaths; ABC: “Long War” Ahead; CBS: Iraq's Military Status “Disastrous”; ABC Exec “Wary” of Pro-U.S. Sentiment, U.S. Troops Intimidating; NY Times Frets Over “Uneven” Casualties, No Dead Bodies on TV; “Top Ten Saddam Hussein Weekend Plans”

April 4 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
RIP to Michael Kelly Who Countered Claims There is No Liberal Media Bias

April 4 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
ABC's Koppel Sees Only “Modestly Enthusiastic Onlookers”; ABC's Engel/Jennings Civilian Decimation Tag Team; U.S. Gas Giveaway “Purchased Patriotism” Just as Bad as Iraq's; Clift: “More Like a War of Conquest Than a War of Liberation”; CNN Showcases Lunacy of a “Human Shield”; Stephanopoulos Driving Sunday Morning Viewers Away from ABC; Fans Walk Out on Band Which Impales Bush Mask on Mike Stand; Dennis Miller Takes on Peter Arnett and Michael Moore; NYPD Blue Star Dennis Franz: “We're Doing the Right Thing”

April 3 CyberAlert
Rather, Brown and Even Jennings Acknowledge Coalition Success; ABC Paints Iraqi Support for U.S. as Reluctant and Novel; On ABC, Richard “Peter Arnett” Engel: Iraqis Enraged at U.S.; Williams Realizes Bombing of Baghdad Not Like Dresden; Bernard Shaw: This War is "Vital to America's Security"; Pew Shows that All Polls Find Public Backs War Overwhelmingly; FNC #1 Cable for War Coverage, But ABC Soars Too in Ratings; Washington Post's Different Takes on Supreme Court Protests; “Top Ten Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of Iraq”

April 2 CyberAlert
Jennings Relays How Iraqis “Don't Wave at Us Any More”; NBC's McCaffrey: Military Plan a Success, No It's a Failure; Oops. TV Guide: “Arnett is the Comeback Kid in Iraq”; FNC Contributor Says If Geraldo Annoys General, He Should Go; Stephanopoulos and Russert Recommend Tax Cut Be Rejected; NBC's The West Wing: Global Warming is Killing Alaskans

April 1 CyberAlert
Arnett Blames “Right-Wing Media” Who Fear His “Truth” Telling; NBC Story Cites MRC Monitoring of “Alleged Liberal Bias”; Newsweek: Bush as “Red Buttons” and Cheney as “Arrogant”; Hersh: “Never Too Early” to Brood About Another Vietnam; AP Reporter Worries About U.S. “Demonizing the Iraqis”; Garofalo: “Stupid People” Watch Fox & Talk Radio Hosts Lie

March 31 CyberAlert Extra Edition
NBC Condemns Arnett for Sharing Personal Views, Not for Them; Perfect Timing: Today NY Times' Frank Rich Fawns Over Arnett; Media Reality Check. “Arnett’s Propaganda Meets an End at NBC”; U.S. POWs To Be “Treated Well,” U.S. Uses “Cluster Bombs”; Avoiding Liability, Rails Against Right-Wing Over “Tailwind”; Arnett: “I’m an Agent of the Cause of Truth and Information”

March 31 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Suggests Blair Resign If WMD Not Found; AP: Not Terrorism But “Legitimate Resistance”; ABC: “Patriots”; Opposite of ABC, CBS Shows How Iraqis Forgive U.S. Error; ABC Finally Realizes Iraqis Chanted for Hussein Out of Fear; Ken Starr Reminds MSNBC's Newest Host of Heinrich Himmler

March 28 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
MRC's “DisHonors Awards” Presented on Thursday Night; The Judges Who Selected the Winning Quotes; Audience Awarded the “Quote of the Year” to Bill Moyers

March 27 CyberAlert
ABC: Iraqis Hate U.S.; NBC: Iraqis Still Fear Hussein's Wrath; Jennings and Stahl Raise Vietnam, “Are You...Feeling Deja Vu?”; Stahl Frets Over War Problems, Powell Dismisses Her “Nonsense”; NBC's Couric & Miklaszewski Refute Arnett's Baghdad Reporting; “Financial Compensation” for Victims of U.S. Bombing Errors?; BBC Reporter “Gobsmacked” by BBC's Distorted War Reporting

March 26 CyberAlert
ABC Stresses U.S. Failures & Harm, CBS U.S. Success & Help; People in Baghdad Feel Safe Because Regime Says War Going Well; ABC's Moran Holds Bush Culpable for “Plight” of People in Basra; No Flowers for U.S. Troops, So Do Iraqis Really Like Hussein?; Peter Arnett: Hussein Orders U.S. POWs “Be Treated Well”; War's Reality Versus Video Reminds Alter of Schindler’s List

March 25 CyberAlert
ABC Sees Coalition Forces as Threat to Iraqis, CBS as Helpers; ABC Passes Along Claim Copter Shot Down by Farmer with Rifle; Dan Rather Upbeat on War Progress, Jennings and Brokaw Not; Koppel Hopes Public “Can Handle the Truth” About War Setbacks; Bush “Cavalier” About Treaties But Expects Saddam to Adhere; CNN Producer: Iraq Just Like U.S. in Wanting to Control Media; Brokaw Editorializes About Railing “Against Immigrants”; Shipman Rues Daschle “Tarred & Feathered” for Criticizing Bush; CBS Corrects Moore's Claim that Most Oppose Bush on Iraq; CNN's Hinojosa: Protesters Indoors to Deal with Shock of War; Edmonton Fans Cheer U.S. National Anthem

March 23 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
ABC: Celebrating Iraqis a Ruse, Donvan Find Anti-U.S. Anger; Jennings Highlights WMD as “a Big Lie” to Justify Invasion; ABC's “Baby Milk Factory”: U.S. Bombs Hit a “Community Center”; ABC's Cuomo: Government Should Heed “Prescient” Protesters; CNN's Hinojosa Hypes “Very Diverse” March of Over a Million; Jennings, But Not Brokaw, Leads with Dissent and Problems; Moore's Anti-U.S. Rant Up for Oscar, “Resonated” with Oprah

March 22 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
Jennings Promotes Protest Leaders, Laments “Quiescent” Campuses; Pentagon Reporter to Rumsfeld: “We'll Be Seen as the Bully”; Rumsfeld Chides Those Comparing Baghdad Bombing to Dresden; U.S. Bombing Will Either Kill or Starve Iraqi Civilians; Smith Treats Daschle as Aggrieved One Since Patriotism Doubted

March 21 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings Showcases Video of Injured Girl in Baghdad Hospital; Koppel: “Tenuous” al-Qaeda Link Behind U.S. Invasion; Jennings Features Guest Who Rues U.S. “Destruction of Iraq”; Moran Claims: “The United States Has Left the United Nations”; ABC's Zeal for Protests, Jennings Laments Stifling of Foes; NBC's Avila Discovers Pro-War Iraqi-Americans

March 20 CyberAlert
ABC Caught Unprepared, Continues Airing 'The Bachelor'; Jennings Muses that Iraqis Won't Know What “Coalition” Means; ABC: U.S. War Driving Iraqi Women Into Caesarian Sections; NBC's Gregory Portrays Daschle as Victim Not Perpetrator; Arnett Relays Iraqi Propaganda About 10 Million Deaths, But...; Cronkite Denounces Bush, Calls Carter “Smartest President”; Couric Admits Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Opposes the War

March 19 CyberAlert
ABC & NBC Paint Daschle as Victim of “Harsh” Intimidation; ABC's McWethy Ridicules Coalition for Featuring Eritrea; Jennings Decides Anti-War Vatican Offers Wise Counsel; NBC's Avila Insists America “Divided” with “Soft” War Support; CNN's Flock: Anti-War Side Says Criticizing Them “Un-American”; ABC's Gibson: France Just Being a Good Friend; Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Question “Motives Behind” War; On Today, a Woman Declares 10-Month Old Baby is “Anti-War”

March 18 CyberAlert
Nets Ignore Daschle's Blast at How Bush “Failed Miserably”; Peter Jennings Obsesses About the U.S. “Going It Alone”; ABC Finds Hatred Abroad, “Jittery” Nation at Home Facing Slump; Jennings: Israelis “Accuse” Hamas “of Sponsoring Terrorism”; CBS's Ed Bradley: “Exactly Where is This Liberal Media?"; Hollywood Liberals Didn't Mind Clinton's Bombing

March 17 CyberAlert
Jennings Advances His Anti-War Agenda as Sunday Night Anchor; George W. the “Dumbest” President? Plausible to Andy Rooney; CNBC Notes Difference in Media Interest in Moran vs. Lott; Boston Globe Editor Defends Reporting as Helpful to Hussein

March 14 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings to Franks: Want “More Time”? WMD “Legitimate...Tools”; Glover: “Patriotism” Being Used to “Quiet Us and Detain Us”; FNC Explores France's Record of Enabling Saddam Hussein; CBS's Hartman Finds Anti-War Teenage Protesters are Clueless; All Nets Refer to “What Critics Call 'Partial-Birth Abortion'”

March 13 CyberAlert
Moran: Bush Won't “Budge” Despite View He's “Rushing to War”; Moran Bemoans Bush Not “Sufficiently Challenged” by Reporters; CBS Looks at Backlash Against France and French Products; NBC Notes How Liberal MC Blames Jews for Fueling the War; CNN's Aaron Brown vs. Winston Churchill on Pre-Emptive Action; NBC's Historian: Civil War Longer Than Predicted, So...; A Return of Blacklisting? Actor Says: “I'm Afraid of Bush”; Today Show Again Cites Tax Cut as Negative Force on Economy

March 12 CyberAlert
ABC Frets About Bush's “Hardline” and Cameroon “Setback”; CBS's Logan on Hussein: “Remarkably Relaxed, Almost Paternal”; CBS Suppresses Own Poll Finding on War Support Sans UN; ABC's Jennings Skips How 71% Pro-War Sans UN But With Allies; GMA Showcases Anti-Bush Comments of a “Pint-Sized Peacemaker”; FNC Picks Up MRC Item on Lange Resenting Anti-American Image

March 11 CyberAlert
CBS Admits Support Up for Iraq Action, UN Not Trusted, But...; Klein Complains Bush is Causing France to be “Humiliated”; “Coalition of the Coerced” & Tax Cuts Contradict War on Terror; Lange “Resents” Equating of “Being Anti-War and Anti-American”; Vaughn & Grammer Show Not All Actors Enjoy Bashing America

March 10 CyberAlert
Jennings Argues to Powell that Inspections are Working; NBC's Typical Iraqi: “America is a Terrorist Country”; GMA Duo Marvel: Iraqis “Love” Hussein Who Earned 100% Vote; Iraq “Distracting” from War on Terror? No Says 9-11 Victim; Totenberg Calls Iraq Buying U.S. Uniforms “Disinformation”; CBS Skips Over Poll Showing Backing of Military Action on Iraq; Jane Hall Scolds MRC for “Demonizing” Those Against War; Hume: Thomas is “Nutty Aunt in the Attic of the Press Corps”; NBC's Matt Lauer Says Now is Time to Raise Taxes

March 7 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings Laments Bush Unmoved by Views of Allies or Blix; Moran's Question Encapsulates ABC's Blame Bush Attitude; Bush's Brain Author Says Iraq “Distracts” from Bush Failures; Nightline: Kristol's Cabal Bringing Us “To the Brink of War”; NBC's Expert on How Israel is Targeting Civilians: Hamas; Garofalo Defends Seeing Bush as Just as Dangerous as Hussein

March 6 CyberAlert
ABC Suggests White House Trying to Suppress Pope's Envoy; Jennings Stresses How Anti-War Marchers Back Homeland Security; Ex-CBS Reporter Vieira Wants Anti-War Marches “Every Day”; ABC and CBS Treat Pro-Saddam March in Baghdad as Newsworthy; Helen Thomas: Why Does Bush Want to “Bomb Iraqi People?”; Jennings Notes Anniversary of Stalin's Death; Rooney: Bush Team Hopes Some Journalists “Will Get Killed”; ABC's Diane Sawyer Worries About “Massive Tax Cuts”

March 5 CyberAlert
11 of 13 Questions on Nightline Express Anti-War Agenda; Despite Allies, CNN's Brown Cites How U.S. May “Go It Alone”; “The Iraqis Continue to Comply With the UN Weapons Inspectors”; Jennings Worries If U.S. Torturing Captured al-Qaeda Operative; Jennings & Brokaw Rue Lack of Congressional Dissent on War; Democrats “Pulling Together” or “Divided on Agenda”?; Jay Leno Mocks Need for Liberal Talk Radio Network; Dan Rather is No Jennings: “Lest We Forget, the Price Paid”

March 4 CyberAlert
ABC: Bush's “Hard Line” Complicating the UN's Peace Efforts; Moran Tells Fleischer Iraq's Disarmament is “Substantive”; Bush “a Pro-War Zealot” Who is “Changing the Rules” on Iraq; NBC: Missile Destruction “Too Painful for People Here to See”; Today's Town Meeting: Iraqi Disarmament Undercuts Bush Case; Chris Matthews Goes on a Tear Against “Kid” Bush on Iraq; NBC Anchor Suggests al-Qaeda Arrest Undermines Bush Critics

March 3 CyberAlert
Moyers Wears Flag Pin to Protest Hijacking by Ideologues; ABC's Martin Upset Bush Gave Speech at “Conservative” Dinner; ABC Emphasizes How U.S. Will Kill Babies and Kids in Iraq; Bush Marching to War “Even As” Iraq Pledges to Disarm; Dan Rather Too Nice to Hussein Even for Bill Maher; Fred Thompson in Pro-War Ad, But CNN Hits Sheen from the Left

February 28 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Rather Confirms Ramsey Clark a “Big Help” in Landing Hussein; CBS Shows Iraqi Calling Bush a “Coward” for Rejecting Debate; Rather Demurs on If Hussein Is “a Lying Son of a Bitch”; ABC's Moran Blames Bush's “Hard Line” for “Bitter” UN Debate; Jennings Champions Iraq Missile Dismantling Offer; “Right-Wing, Bible-Belting” Bush “a Wake-Up Call” for Sawyer; Peter Arnett is Back, Now on MSNBC, Relaying Iraqi Propaganda; NBC on AEI: “Conservative,” “Conservative,” “Conservative”...

February 27 CyberAlert
Rather Gives Saddam Platform, Worries He Won't See Him Again; ABC Offers Sympathetic Looks at “Human Shields” in Iraq; ABC and CNN Hype the “Virtual” Protest Despite No Proof; It's Pre-War and Yet CNN Worries About “Another Quagmire”; MSNBC's Plight: Donahue Was Its Most-Watched Prime Time Show

February 26 CyberAlert
Dan Rather Cues up Hussein to Make Propaganda Points; ABC Drums Up “Controversy” Over Idea of Assassinating Hussein; MSNBC's Donahue Goes Out with Rosie O'Donnell's Rantings; FNC's Brian Kilmeade Takes on Janeane Garofalo; Dennis Miller Delivers Some More Anti-Liberal Jibes; “Top Ten Surprises in Rather's Interview with Saddam Hussein”

February 25 CyberAlert
ABC's Raddatz Cites Blix's “Very Hardline” with Iraqi, But...; Ramsey Clark Helps Rather Land Hussein Who “Respects” Americans; Brits Complain About the BBC's Anti-American Slant; NBC: A Terrorist “Helped Elect the Leader of the War on Terror”; 9-11 a Way for “Right-Wing” AEI to Get Hegemony Over Iraq; Kid Rock Hangs With Crow & Gumbel, But He Backs Bush on Iraq; USA Today's Contrarian Take: AIDS Vaccine “Appears to Work”; On ABC's Dragnet, McCain-Feingold Solves a Murder

February 24 CyberAlert
Clift: Bush “Stupid” to Dismiss Anti-War Protests, a Bully; Bernstein Absurdly Claims Protests Were Treated Dismissively; Obnoxious Maher is Back, Crow's Message and CBS's 2-to-1 Tilt; “This is CNN” Voice, James Earl Jones, Not Opposing Iraq War; Raines Lashes Out at Liberal Bias “Disinformation” Claims; A New Book on How Media Were “Useful Idiots” During Cold War; “Top Ten Ways Dumb Guys Are Preparing for a Terrorist Attack”

February 21 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Terrorist Arrest & Guantanamo Conditions Disturb Jennings; Cokie Roberts Admonishes Journalists: “It's 'Our' Country”; Janeane Garofalo: Bush and Hussein Both “Threaten World Peace”

February 20 CyberAlert
PJ: Bush Admin. Imperiling Friends “To Get Its Way About Iraq”; Terry Moran: Blame Rumsfeld and Powell for France's Ire; Yet ABC Acknowledges Iraq's Lack of Cooperation with UN; Bush the “Worst President,” But There's “Room for Redemption”; Jamie Lee Curtis and The View Crew Rail Against Bush on Iraq; FOB Rick Kaplan Returns to ABC News as a Top Executive

February 19 CyberAlert
Jennings Touts “Momentum” of “Enormous Anti-War” Rallies; Belying Jennings, CBS Reports UN Can't Interview Scientists; Anti-U.S. Demonstrators a Second “World Superpower”; Ted Turner Hopes Audience Gets Anti-War Message from New Film; “Top Ten Good Things About Having 19.8 Inches of Snow” in NYC

February 18 CyberAlert
Claims of “Unilateral” U.S. Action Exasperate Brit Hume; Nets Marvel at “Diverse” Marchers, “Elderly” to “Soccer Moms”; NY Times Celebrates Rally: “Throwing a Party With a Purpose”; CBS and CNN Avoid Labeling a Far-Left Think Tank; Laudatory Reagan Profile, But Couric Relays a Liberal Canard; Keith Olbermann: FNC Staff Should Feel Humiliated

February 15 CyberAlert Weekend Extra Edition
Jennings Touts “Another Concession” by Iraq & Insight of French; Sawyer Suggests Hussein's “Spectacular Move” Could Prevent War; Jennings Finds Public Dissent, Rues How Bush Ruining Alliance; Blitzer Says French Case “Compelling,” But Guest Dissents; “Top Ten Valentine's Day Traditions in the Marine Corps”

February 13 CyberAlert
Jennings Focuses on Iraqis in Phoenix Against U.S. Policy; Fleischer: Does ABC News “Acknowledge Hussein Has WMD?”; Koppel More Suspicious of Bush Motives Than is Ex-Clinton Aide; Actress Queen Latifah Implies “Whole Cold War Thing” a Ruse; Clinton Grumbles that Media “Sympathetic” to Conservatives; Dennis Miller Takes on a Whining Phil Donahue; “Top Ten Things I, Saddam Hussein, Want to Get Off My Chest”

February 12 CyberAlert
Jennings Again Delivers Most Anti-Bush Spin of the Night; Impugning the Worst of Motives to Why Alert Status Raised; CNN's Morton Derides How Bush Does Opposite of Clinton; Actor Danny Glover Calls Bush a “Racist”; Letterman on the French, plus Miller and Goldberg on MSNBC

February 11 CyberAlert
Ross Verifies What Jennings Mocked: Scientists Face Death; 66% Favor Military Action, But Jennings Finds “No Consensus”; ABC's Sawyer Prods Blix to Say “This War is Not Justified”; Reporters Warn Against “Going It Alone” & “Unilateral Force”; Turner Compares U.S. War on Iraq with Using Nuke to Get Sniper; Actor Richard Gere Sees Nefarious Motive for Bush...; But Actor Ron Silver Stands Up for American Values & Bush

February 10 CyberAlert
Jennings' Phraseology Suggests U.S. Unreasonable on Iraq; Tom Brokaw's Bad Joke About Why Terror Alert Upgraded; Clift Blames U.S. for Not Upholding Promises to North Korea; Oliphant: Clinton Would Attack North Korea Militarily; Dustin Hoffman: Manipulative Bush Going to War for Oil; CNN's Aaron Brown Challenges Gore Vidal on Iraq; Evan Thomas: “A Serious War President...Would Increase Taxes”; Unemployment Moves 0.3%: “Large” When Up, “Slight” When Down; New York Times: “Worst Hiring Slump”; Oh, Never Mind; ABC Skips Unemployment Drop, CBS: “Not as Good as it Looks”; “Top Ten Messages Left on Colin Powell's Answering Machine”

February 7 CyberAlert
U.S. Convinced by Powell, So Jennings Looks Overseas for Ire; Brokaw Tells Letterman Iraqis Afraid to Say What They Think; NBC's Curry Relays: “We Will Fight America Like the Vietnamese”; Thomas Berates Fleischer About U.S. “Divving Up” Iraqi Oil; Turkish Man's America-Bashing Appalls Even ABC's Sawyer; Mary McGrory Knows “Nobody” Who Favors War on Iraq; An “Unborn Child” Becomes a “Fetus” When Pronounced Dead; Brokaw Pivots off Reagan's Birthday to Complain About...; Slate.com: MRC's CyberAlert Able to “Tweeze” Out Bias Daily

February 6 CyberAlert
Jennings Expresses Skepticism Toward Powell's Case; CBS Notes More European Support, NBC: Biden a Bush “Supporter”; CBS Actually Labels Tony Benn a “British Lefty”; FNC Undermines Case that Bush Just After Iraq's Oil; Wallace Raises Only One of Turner's Obnoxious 9-11 Remarks 

February 5 CyberAlert Extra
Powell Convinces NBC's Panel But Not ABC's Martha Raddatz; NBC's Curry Again Relays Anti-U.S. “Public Opinion” in Baghdad; MRC's Bozell in National Review Online Debate on Liberal Bias; “Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Think the U.N. Does”

February 5 CyberAlert
Jennings Covers Up Agenda of Left-Wing Saddam Interviewer; Brokaw Again Cites “Huge Tax Cuts” in the Bush Budget; Rather Depicts NASA Budget Cuts as Continuous Since Nixon; Columbia Disaster Stirs Bush-Despising Letters to SF Chronicle; Ted Turner to Be Interviewed on CBS's 60 Minutes II; “Top Ten Cool Things About Living on an Aircraft Carrier”

February 4 CyberAlert
Bush's Budget: “Record Deficits” and “Huge Tax Cuts”; ABC's Ross Traces NASA Budget Cutting to Clinton Years; CNN's Cooper Wonders If “Peace Activists” Criticize Hussein?; More Dennis Miller, Praising Bush and Zinging Liberals; Kerry and Dean Pick Up Hollywood Left Supporters; Limbaugh Quotes Column Which Praised the “Always-Alert MRC”; Behar Admits Not Hearing of Shuttle Disaster Until Sunday

February 3 CyberAlert
Dan Rather Suggests Bush Tax Cut Will Impede NASA's Mission; Stern Caller Fools Rather Who Concedes: “I'm an Idiot”; Prophetic Words from CNN's Miles O'Brien at 8am CST; Showcasing Mandela Blast at Bush; Downplaying European Support; President Bush Takes Some Jabs at Stephanopoulos & Clinton

January 30 CyberAlert
NBC Finds “Nation Impressed” by Bush Speech, ABC Disagrees; Ruing “Delay” in New Prescription Drug Entitlement; GMA's Line-up: Aziz, Daschle and Stephanopoulos; Matthews: Bush Sounding Like “a Sadistic Murderer”; Shales Chides Bush for “Sop to the Far Right” on Abortion; Newsweek Editor Guarded Against Any “Rightward Deviationism”; Investor's Business Daily Picks Up MRC Tax Cut Coverage Study; Miller Delivers Zingers Against Penn, the French & ACLU

January 29 CyberAlert
Bush Fails to Address How His Tax Plan “Favors the Rich”; ABC Goes to Baghdad for Reaction: U.S. Wants to “Enslave Iraq”; Treating as Relevant the Inability to Convince Ted Kennedy; Stressing How Top Republicans Oppose Dividend Tax Cut; Ceci Connolly Laments What “Clintonesque” Bush Left Out; Juan Williams “Touched” by Bush's Caring Attitude; Chris Matthews Ridicules Bush on Hydrogen Car; Helen Thomas: Bush “Is the Worst President in...History”; Couric: “Everybody Thinks” Dividend Tax Cut Favor the Rich; Lauer Feels Guilty for Owning SUV, Exceeding “Fair Share” of Gas

January 28 CyberAlert
Jennings Emphasizes How Inspectors Are “Pleading for Time”; Time: Bush “Paying Homage” to Confederacy “Champion”? Never Mind; Today Examines How “Racism” & “Bigotry” Are “Alive and Well”; Garofalo Blasts Bush for Protecting Cells, Killing Iraqis

January 27 CyberAlert
Bush So Awful That Clift Yearns for Nixon's Return; Great Headline: “Homeland Lost to D.C.”; Thomas: Only Bush and “His Courtiers” Want War; NY Times Finds Average “Republicans” to Denounce Tax Cuts; Williams Deplores Opinion in Cable News: He Should Know; MRC Bias Documentation Makes it All the Way to Jerusalem; “Top Ten Army Reservist Pet Peeves”

January 24 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
NBC Insists Frigid Temps Don't Undermine Global Warming; NBC Showcases Bill Clinton Blast at Bush Tax Cut Plan; Everyone Against Bush on Iraq, But Jordan's King Says...; Rather Elevates Anger & Threats of Gun-Toting Iraqi Citizens; NBC Focuses on “Tourists” and “Farmers” in Iraq Mad at U.S.; McCaffrey Blasts Arnett for “Baby Milk Factory” Story

January 23 CyberAlert
Ruing Less Abortion Access, One Justice Away from Roe Overturn; Conveying Misnomer That Roe “Legalized” Abortion; Bush Tax Plan Not Favored, But...; ABC Blames Bush for Impact of “Proposed” Spending Cut; CNBC's Williams Raises Sharpton's Racial Hucksterism; Actor Ed Harris Insults Bush's Manhood; Actor George Clooney Denounces Bush Iraq Policy

January 22 CyberAlert
Jennings Delivers Saddam Spin, “Encouraged” by U.S. Death; Jennings Also Relays How Saddam Sleeps Well; Washington Post Admires Fox News = Nazis Sign; Reality of America-Hating Protesters That Nets Ignore; Goldberg Sees Bias in Protest Coverage; Nets Skip Over Sharpton's Racial Hate-Mongering; Pro-Life Guest Appalls Hosts of ABC's The View

January 21 CyberAlert
CBS Showcases Diversity & Strength of “Peace” Marchers; Williams Worries About “Hot Breath of Patriotism Police”; Malpractice Victim Uses Morning Shows to Blast Bush; CBS Uses Victim's Emotional Tale to Counter Bush; Cal Thomas Stumps Stahl Who Can't Name a Conservative at CBS; Liberal Bias Not a Concern to New CNN Chief; LA Times Reporter Admits Every Media Bias But a Liberal One; “Top Ten Saddam Hussein Weekend Plans”

January 20 CyberAlert
“Peace” Marchers: “Republicans,” “Soccer Moms” & “Grandparents”; Whitewashing Radical Agenda of Organizers; Newspapers Ignore What Official Speakers Said on Stage; ABC's Peace Marchers Really Pro-Saddam; ABC News Prez: “Patriotic Duty” to Not Wear Flag Lapel Pin

January 17 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
ABC Showcases Anti-Bush “Daisy” Ad, But in 2000...; GMA: Anti-Gore Ad “Nasty”, Anti-Bush Ad: “Inspiring”; ABC & CBS Champion How Public Turning Against War, But...; Media Bias? Tax Cut Plan “Unfair,” But Every Element Favored; NY Times Repeats Itself on Bush Using Loaded “Quotas” Term; ABC's Shipman Rues Lewinsky Scandal Anniversary; “Top Ten Ways Kim Jong Il Can Improve His Image”

January 16 CyberAlert
“Conservatives” Against “Affirmative Action”; CBS Hypes “A Growing Anti-War Backlash”; NBC's Economist a Democratic Donor Too; ABC's Gibson Thinks Lieberman Should Be More Bitter About 2000; Comedy Central Channels CyberAlert; “Top Ten Ways Bush Can Raise His Approval Rating”; “Top Ten Ways the Army is Different in 2003”

January 15 CyberAlert
ABC Again Hypes Small Anti-War Protests; NBC's “Reality Check” from the Left on Bush's Tax Cut Plan; Time Magazine at Least Showed Percentage Cuts; Stephanopoulos Recalls: “We Were Fighting” Bush's 2001 Tax Cut; Very Strange Washington Post “Clarification”; Fawning Tributes to Carter by Hopkins and Lange; Sheryl Crow's Insight on How to Avoid War; Is West Wing Channeling Frustrations of Real Reporters?

January 13 CyberAlert
CBS Challenges Don Evans on Tax Cut But Not John Breaux; Al Hunt Equates Bush Tax Cut to Teapot Dome; NY Times Distorts Impact of Tax Cut on Family; WashPost Showcases Left Wing Group's Class Warfare Numbers; Tony Snow Suggests Poorer Not Paying Fair Share; Kennedy Would've “Brought Comfort” to Kopechne “in Her Old Age”; NBC's Senator Sterling: Bush a Bad President

January 10 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Trumpeting Lack of “Smoking Gun” to Justify Iraq War; Blaming Bush for Making North Korea Feel Threatened; GMA's Expert on Bush Tax Plan a Big Democratic Donor; CBS's America Under Bush: Depression- Era Food Lines; NBC's New Political Drama by a Liberal Debuts

January 9 CyberAlert
ABC Blames Bush But Ignores Soaring State Spending; Kim Jong Il “Rational” Until Bush Made Him Go “Crazy”; NY Times Headlines Display Antipathy to Bush Tax Plan; Dividend Tax Benefits Only the Rich, But Not Really; Real Stats: The Richer You Are the Smaller Your Tax Cut; NBC Again Publicizes SUVs Support Terrorism Claim

January 8 CyberAlert
Portraying the Tax Cuts Through a Liberal Prism; NBC Vaguely Concedes That Rich Pay More; Rather Says Few Want Tax Cuts, But CBS Poll Doesn’t Prove That; CBS’s Expert Bush Tax Cut Basher a Democratic Donor; Market Rose on Tax Cut News, But Not Enough for CBS’s Smith; GMA Hits Frist from Right, Today Presses McCain from Right; Whole Donahue: “Is There a Conservative Bias in the Media?”

January 7 CyberAlert
Bush’s Tax Plan “Gives the Most to the Rich”; ABC Finds Millionaire Against Tax Cuts for the Rich; Another Anti-Bush Harangue from Helen Thomas; NBC Reveals Saudi Terrorist Wanted to Donate to Bush, But...; CBS’s Enron Movie Spikes References to Clinton

January 6 CyberAlert
CBS’s Enron Movie Blames Reagan for Starting It All; ABC & NBC Trumpet McCain’s Opposition to Bush Tax Cut Plan; NY Times Story Supports Daschle’s Anti-Tax Cut Spin; Time & FNC Mislabel Edwards as “Moderate”; ABC Warns of Frist’s Threat to “Abortion Rights”; James Warren: Coulter a “Venomous...Two-Legged Pez Dispenser”

January 3 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Return to the “Fiscal Discipline” of Bill Clinton?; Glowing Evaluations of John Edwards from ABC & NBC; Giving Credence to How Bush Tax Cuts Tilted to the Rich; AP's Skewed Poll Question; CNN's Morton's Winter Holiday Blast at Bush; More Coverage of the MRC's “Best of NQ” Awards





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