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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.

December 31, 1998
ABC & NBC Shunt Technology Transfers to China; Media Missed Liberal $

December 30, 1998
Ted Turner a Friend of Larry Flynt?; Stahl Gushes Over Hillary

December 29, 1998
Starr: "Flynt with Subpoena Power"; "A Legislative Coup d’etat"; GOP McCarthyism

December 28, 1998
Best of Notable Quotables of 1998: Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting

December 22, 1998
Barbara Walters Comes Clean; GOP's "Mindless Cannibalism"; Baldwin Chastised

December 21, 1998
Time: Starr Worse Than Clinton; Avoid Senate Trial Mantra; Maria Shriver's Agenda

December 18, 1998
Pro-Impeachment "Morons"; Nets Impugn GOP Doubts About Iraq Decision

December 16, 1998
ABC: DeLay Will Lead to Defeat; Van Susteren's Galactic Federation

December 15, 1998
Worried Clinton Out of Time; Rivera Advising Clinton; "Stone Henry Hyde to Death!"

December 14, 1998
Donaldson: Press Corps Wants Clinton to Fight; Disgraceful, Unfair & Totalitarian

December 11, 1998
Public Backlash Coming; "Psalm-Singing Zealots"; Today Troubled; Carlson Hit by Car

December 10, 1998
Jennings: Washington "Somber"; GOP Support Plummeting; Couric Gushed Over Clintons

December 9, 1998
White House Plays Nice; Rivera Declares "Love" for Clinton

December 7, 1998
60 Minutes Blames GOP for Loutchansky; Nets Ignore Judge's Pro-Starr Ruling

December 4, 1998
Dan Rather: Hillary for Chief Justice; Smaltz Empty?; Olbermann's Last Days

December 2, 1998
GOP Scrooges Ruining the Holiday Mood; CNN Would Have Hired Lewinsky?

November 30, 1998
Sawyer's 20/20 Starr Slam; Hating McConnell; Starr = "Pure Evil"

November 25, 1998
Sawyer on 20/20 to Hit Starr with Carville-Like Attacks 

November 23, 1998
Dash "Independent"; Starr "Pulled a Clinton"; Starr: "Puritan" or a "Gorilla"

November 20, 1998
ABC's Fairness Decree; Starr Hit in Advance with Democratic Attacks

November 19, 1998
CBS: Starr "Politically Motivated," Tripp Coordinated Betrayer; Starr Looks Like a Nazi?

November 18, 1998
Tripp Cursed, Called "Pathetic...Loser"; Livingston: Will "Grow" & Has "Mature"

November 16, 1998
"Outrageous" Hubbell Indictment Just Like McCarthy; Missing Jones Facts

November 13, 1998
CBS Hits Livingston's PAC; Prosecutions for Lying; FNC Takes on CNN

November 11, 1998
Dangers of "Extreme Right-Wing"; Gingrich Skipped; Livingston's Outburst

November 9, 1998
Gingrich "Hated" by Reporters & Public Won't Miss; "Hamas" Republicans

November 6, 1998
Hyde's Letter is "War"; ABC: Go Left to Replace Newt; No Dems on ABC

November 5, 1998
Rivera Jubilant; Brokaw: Public Disgusted with Attacks on Clinton

November 4, 1998
500th Edition: Networks Hit GOP from Left; End Impeachment, Emulate Moderates

November 3, 1998
CBS: Clinton Broadcasting Service; Jefferson "Clintonized"; Predictions Scorecard

November 2, 1998
Clinton Just Like Jefferson; "Nastiest" Campaign Ever; Hero Feingold

October 30, 1998
Gentler Dem Ads; "Bleh! Sick of It"; CNN's Cold War: McCarthy = Stalin

October 29, 1998
CBS & NBC Led with Clinton's Retort to "Ugly" GOP Ads; Bye-bye Keith?

October 27, 1998
Putzhead Pounce; Pro-Lifers "Incite...Murderous Violence"; Carville's Hate

October 26, 1998
Impeachment Would Ruin Nobel Peace Prize; Rivera's Located HQ/VRWC

October 23, 1998
Liberal Rhetoric Not Blamed for Eco-Terrorism; "Kneepad" Nina Is Back

October 20, 1998
China Military Gains Thanks to Clinton; Justice Before Microsoft

October 19, 1998
Lott & Armey Okayed Gays Being "Destroyed"; Lying Fine with MSNBC

October 16, 1998
Terrorist Killer Tripp; Stale Hit on Starr; Couric Ties Right to Harming Gays

October 15, 1998
Murderers Doing Work of Congress & Right; Cronkite Denounces Starr

October 13, 1998
GOP Budget Views Shutdown; Orwellian Starr "Stained" the U.S.

October 9, 1998
Geraldo Depressed; Gloomy Network Reporters; Judge Stops Abortion

October 7, 1998
"Clique" of "Clinton Haters"; Moyers' Liberal Diatribe; Blumenthal Admonished

October 6, 1998
Rivera: Hillary "Right About a Right-Wing Conspiracy"; "Easy" to Hate Tripp

October 5, 1998
"More Ammunition" for the VRWC; Tripp as the "Conniving Villain"

October 2, 1998
Starr = Stalin; Did Turner Tilt CNN's Cold War?; Lockhart's Spins

October 1, 1998
Surplus Credit; CBS Admired Hillary; Starr "Worrisome" to Time

September 29, 1998
Middle East Summit Motives Skipped; Nickelodeon: Lying Legally OK

September 28, 1998
"Burned Out;" Who's Behind "Storming Out"?; Charming: "I Hate Tripp"

September 25, 1998
CBS: Public Wants No Punishment; Celebrities Denounce Starr

September 24, 1998
Gingrich Intransigence; Scandal Just Sex; Vilifying Tripp

September 23, 1998
Lewinsky Exculpates Clinton; Wicked Tripp vs. Dignified Hillary

September 22, 1998
"I Hate Linda Tripp"; "Don't Cry to Mommy"; Clinton a Victim of Technology

September 21, 1998
GOP Abused Power, Not Clinton; Afraid of Video But There's Sex in Prime Time

September 19, 1998
GOP Blamed for Partisanship & "Lynch Mob Mentality"; Tape Release "Smells"

September 18, 1998
Video Will Help Mafia; Clinton Enticed; Geraldo: Gingrich a Misogynist

September 17, 1998
Hyde Hit Topped ABC; NBC: Starr Gone Too Far?; Starr's "Sexual McCarthyism"

September 16, 1998
Who Owes $36M; Just Sex Lies, So Let's Move On; Court-Martial Clinton?

September 15, 1998
Polls Back Clinton; Rivera: Media Must Apologize to Clinton; Probe Starr?

September 14, 1998
Starr Went Too Far; Reagan & Bush Like Clinton?; Hillary the Idol

September 12, 1998
Nets Refrain from Sex; How's Hillary "Coping?"; Awed by Prayer Address

September 11, 1998
Geraldo Lost?; Clinton "Hurting" & "Close to Tears"; A Witch Hunt?

September 10, 1998
Rivera Suicidal; Starr "Very Violent"; Actress Believed Clinton

September 8, 1998
Light on Lieberman; Zuckerman's Late Grasp; NPR's "Balanced Journalism"

September 2, 1998
NPR Blacklists; Chronology of Media Deceit for Clinton; a Lewinsky Top Ten

August 28, 1998
Clinton's Field Trip; Cronkite Quiet; Mum on Nunn's Call for Resignation

August 27, 1998
Gephardt Accepts Impeachment as Possible, but Nets Ignore

August 26, 1998
Clintons & Cronkites Set Sail; Hillary's Conservative "Moral Compass"

August 25, 1998
Hillary the Clueless; Everyone Lies but Clinton Just Got Caught

August 24, 1998
Clinton the "Amazing" Compartmentalizer; No More Medicine and Candy

August 21, 1998
Wag the Dog?; Lewinsky Buried; Rock Crushed; Starr: Face of Nazi & a Persecutor

August 20, 1998
Rivera Linked Starr to Bombings; "Whip Starr's Ass;" Starr Nazi-like

August 19, 1998
Carville Still Credible; Starr's Zealotry; "We Like a Virile Leader"

August 18, 1998
CBS: "Extraordinary" Speech; Hillary as Victim Not Perpetrator

August 17, 1998
Starr's Arkansas Abuses; Hillary "Deeply Religious;" Starr's "Panty Raid"

August 14, 1998
Dan Rather Linked Bombings to GOP "Cutbacks;" MRC in FNC Ad

August 13, 1998
Clinton the Provider; Geraldo Gunning for Brokaw; Gumbel's Staff Sacked

August 12, 1998
Perry Smith Denounced Turner & Arnett; ABC Castigates Itself on Global Warming

August 11, 1998
Stop the "Madness" of Starr's Probe; Embracing Gore's Global Warming Jihad 

August 10, 1998
Richardson's Lewinsky Job Creation Skipped; CBS Marked Starr's 4th

August 7, 1998
Reno Doing Her Job; A Goose Almost Cost Clinton Big Hollywood $; More Top Ten

August 5, 1998
Freeh Named Clinton & Gore, But ABC & CNN Ignored; Top 10 Clinton Nicknames

August 4, 1998
Only One Side to Campaign Finance "Reform;" Clarence Thomas is "Wrong"

August 3, 1998
Starr Ruined Lewinsky's Credibility; Clinton Jumps Out for Christie

July 31, 1998
"S" Word Avoided; CBS Says Public Doesn't Care; Shooting Tied to Reagan

July 30, 1998
DNA Dress; Rivera "Deeply Ashamed" About Treatment of Clinton

July 29, 1998
CNN: Fight Subpoena; Clift Believes Clinton; "Idiots" Penetrate CNN

July 28, 1998
Shooting Shows Need for Gun Control; Top 10 Post-Impeachment Plans

July 27, 1998
Shooting: Blame the GOP; Tax Cut = "Spending Government Money"

July 24, 1998
LaBella Ignored by 2 of 3 Nets; New Press Secretary an ABC & CNN Vet

July 23, 1998
Rather Rhymes; Arnett "Heavily Involved;" Geraldo Sings His Anti-Starr Zing

July 22, 1998
Starr Leaker; Catholics Worse Than HMOs; Pentagon Condemns CNN

July 21, 1998
Tripp's FBI File & Freeh's Condemnation of Reno Skipped

July 20, 1998
Now Starr's Too Fast; Silberman's "A Righty;" Russert's Misread

July 17, 1998
Facilitating Clinton; Shriver Idolizes Hillary; Grodin's Back

July 16, 1998
Clinton Shouldn't Talk; More Nina: Kneepads for All Women

July 15, 1998
Not a Lot on Lott; Pumping Up Global Warming; Shriver Gushes Over Hillary

July 14, 1998
Kanchanalak Chucked by NBC; New New Yorker Disgusted by Limbaugh

July 13, 1998
Ted "Let Me Whip Myself" Turner; Un-American Limbaugh & Prejudiced Talk Radio

July 10, 1998
Arnett Attacks "Right-Wing Media;" NBC Embraces Cosby's Hateful Tirade

July 8, 1998
Showcasing Clinton's "Safety Net" Solution; CNN Staffers Angry at Bosses

July 7, 1998
Reporter Offers Clinton a Blewinksy; GOP Candidates Hit as Too Far Right

July 6, 1998
"Gorbachev of China;" Funneling Fumbled; Competition or Liberal Bias?

July 2, 1998
Starr No Man of Justice; Conservatives Yearn for an Enemy

July 1, 1998
Tripp "Ratted Out" Monica; Rivera: Clinton Liberated the Chinese

June 30, 1998
Are There Any Clinton China Critics? Clinton's Satellite Clairvoyance

June 29, 1998
"Hosannas" for Clinton's "Virtuoso" Performance; "Good-for-Nothing" Tripp

June 26, 1998
Donaldson Gets Chinese Arrested; Geraldo Protects Clinton

June 25, 1998
Gumbel Hits Starr; ABC, CBS & CNN Skip Encryption; Tax Cut Enrages NBC

June 23, 1998
U.S. News Tapes Correct Record for Rather; China Connection Disconnected

June 22, 1998
Clinton Lied, Then So What?; Affidavit Waved by 3 Nets; "Hitlerian" CNN

June 18, 1998
Tobacco Disappointment; Gays Before Starr; CNN "Has Damaged" the U.S. 

June 16, 1998
Starr's "Secret Briefings" Alarm Reporters Who Already Knew About Them

June 15, 1998
Brill a Clinton Lapdog, Not a Media Watchdog; Nets Skip China & Lindsey

June 12, 1998
ABC & CBS Skip Waivers; Clinton Gets Better Press than Starr; Latest NQ

June 11, 1998
Baptist Women Submitting Recalls Slavery; AP Errors; "Neanderthal" MRC

June 10, 1998
Bad Photo Images; Forced Abortion for a Good Reason; Tiananmen = South Lawn

June 9, 1998
Starr's Threat; Going Warm with Gore; Hitting Heston; Gumbel on Slavery

June 8, 1998
Heston's Hate of Minorities; CIA Report Rift; Latest NQ

June 5, 1998
Tiananmen Tanked; Stonewalling Admired; Assume Worst When Newt Talks

June 4, 1998
Koppel: Chinagate Unproven; Contradictory Reports on SUV Danger

June 1, 1998
Goldwater: Better With Age; Murphy Brown Says Quayle Was Right

May 29, 1998
Starr's "Personal Life" Probe; Avoiding China Morning & Night 

May 27, 1998
Great Surplus News Ruined by Starr; Stop Tax Cuts; Rivera Awed by Clinton

May 26, 1998
NBC Finally Got to China; NBC VP Lobbied Clinton for Loral

May 21, 1998
CBS Finally Takes China Connection Seriously, But Not NBC

May 20, 1998
Gingrich on China Gets Seconds; Fearing Social Security Reform; Latest NQ

May 19, 1998
CBS & NBC Skip China in the AM, All in the PM; Only FNC Recalls Huang 

May 18, 1998
CBS & NBC AWOL on China Connections; Gap on Clinton's "She" Gaffe

May 14, 1998
Immunity Immune from Coverage; More Cancer Deaths the Better

May 13, 1998
Underwear Drawers; Starr’s Demand =Assassination; Herman’s 20 Seconds

May 11, 1998
Burton & Bossie: Hitler & Wacko; Sidney Blumenthal Special Report

May 8, 1998
GOP "Attacks" Hillary Over Palestine; Only Conservatives are "Haters"

May 7, 1998
Starr the Sieve?; Reporters Had Full Access to Tapes; CNN Denies Bias 

May 6, 1998
CNN Dedicated Special to Disparaging Burton; "So-Called Scandal" 

May 5, 1998
Inappropriate to Ask Clinton Cooperation; Hillary Makes Us "Nicer"

May 4, 1998
Starr Asked Small Fish to Lie; Brunt Burton Before Hurting Hillary 

May 1, 1998
Economy Rules; Gingrich Ruined Bipartisanship; NBC Goes Left, Fox Right

April 29, 1998
Judging Gingrich; Scumbag vs. Nazi; Jennings’ Denouncements Upset NY Post

April 27, 1998
Hillary Cheered, Paula Jeered; Kaplan Sorry CNN Showed Clinton's Hug

April 24, 1998
Peter Backs Jane; Fox Conspiracy; Education IRAs Hurt Poor; Miss America Missed

April 23, 1998
Disreputable Right-Wing; Slamming Deregulation; Hot for Global Warming

April 22, 1998
 Make "Killer" SUVs "Kindler & Gentler;" Gore Charity Shortchanged 

April 21, 1998
Starr Too Old for Pepperdine; Russert on the MRC: "Holy ****" 

April 17, 1998
Millionaire, Billionaire Godfather Scaife; Reagan Ignored His Grandchildren

April 15, 1998
Bank Merger; Clinton's Donor Payoff Pays for China; Hale Tale

April 13, 1998
Big Tobacco Should Go Out of Business; Al Gore, Please Save Us

April 10, 1998
CNN's Hale Tale; Communion OK; Savaging of Clinton Reagan's Fault

April 8, 1998
Armey's Harsh Name-Calling; Clinton's Communion Not News; Latest NQ

April 7, 1998
Reporters Buy the Champagne; Starr the Peeping Tom of Salem

April 3, 1998
Tying Conservatives & Scaife to Hale; Starr's Cost Rises by the Minute

April 2, 1998
Jennings Worries About Anti-Clinton Clique; CBS Wrong: Jones Ignored

April 1, 1998
April 1 Cyber Alert: Special April Fools Edition. Not Available.

March 31, 1998
GOP Blocks Great Reform; Hitting Jones for a "Scurrilous" Attack

March 30, 1998
Sex Assault in '78 "Unsubstantiated"; Breast-Rubbing Squeezed Out

March 27, 1998
Nets Skip Scandal; Don't Blame the Shooters; Hollywood's Clinton Excuses

March 26, 1998
Jonesboro: Blame NRA & Southern Culture; Priviledge & Hill Blackout

March 24, 1998
All But FNC Ignore Hillary’s Tie to Brown’s Scheme; Latest NQ

March 23, 1998
Executive Privilege Protected; Primary Colors Primarily Boosts Clinton

March 20, 1998
Steele & Star Sting Willey; CNN’s Liberal Women; Travolta Hugs Clinton

March 19, 1998
Book & Debt Discredit Willey; Clinton’s Orchestration Barely Touched

March 18, 1998
Gumbel Whacked Willey; McCarthyite Fears; Willey’s Motives

March 17, 1998
Willey’s Weak Credibility?; Flowers Found; Emma Thompson: Yes to Clinton

March 14, 1998
Nets Led with Depositions, But Where Were They When Willey First Arose? 

March 12, 1998
Hubbell’s Scam; Couric’s McKinney Connection; Conservatives on Brock

March 11, 1998
Willey "Adds Up to Nothing;" Brock Makes the Morning Show Rounds

March 10, 1998
Brock Bought; NBC’s Widow Labeling; ABC’s Shot at Limbaugh

March 9, 1998
Crediting Clinton for Economy; Starr’s Perjury; Latest NQ

March 6, 1998
Deposition Leak Speculation; "Darth Vader" Scaife Hit by NBC 

March 4, 1998
Public Afraid of Ken Starr and Should Fear Bill Gates

March 3, 1998
CBS Highlights Starr’s "Police State Tactics;" Clift’s Warning 

March 2, 1998
Indignation About Starr Clients; North’s Wife & Jones’ Mother Did It Too

February 27, 1998
Should Starr Go?; GOP, Not Clinton, Blamed for Sleazy Fundraising 

February 26, 1998
CBS: "Trigger-Happy" Starr & His Unethical Team; Blumenthal Bio

February 25, 1998
White House Plays Dirty But Nets Castiagte Starr; PBS’s Reagan Hit

February 23, 1998
Most Networks Skipped Starr’s Whitewater Success; Latest NQ 

February 20, 1998
No Jumping on Jordan’s Meetings; CBS Hires a Clinton "Shill"? 

February 19, 1998
Hsia Shunned by ABC & NBC; Bruce Lindsey’s Flight Attendant Cover-Up

February 18, 1998
McCurry: Nothing "Innocent" About Bill & Monica but Nets Unmoved

February 17, 1998
NBC’s Turn: "Has Starr Gone Too Far?;" Puppet-Master Scaife

February 16, 1998
ABC: Starr "Too Aggressive?" & An IC Leaking in 1992 Not So Bad 

February 13, 1998
Qualms About Agent Fox; Starr Abusing Mother & Daughter; Killer SUVs

February 12, 1998
ABC and CBS Shut Out Secret Service Agent; Left Coast Admirers

February 11, 1998
Dissembling on a Non-Sex Scandal Skipped; Raines Rained Out by CBS

February 9, 1998
Starr "Suborning Perjury;" Conspirator Scaife; Special Monicagate NQ 

February 7, 1998
Starr Leaks Before Currie Coaching; CNN Takes on Starr 

February 6, 1998
Broken Immunity; CNN Gives Credibility to Hillary’s Attack; Dan Rather & Frogs 

February 5, 1998
Tailgate Tailing Off; NBC Gives Susan McDougal Prime Time to Tar Starr

February 3, 1998
Clinton’s Budget Tops; Tripp the Betrayer; Hollywood Defends Clintons

February 2, 1998
Newt’s as Immoral as Bill; Liberal Bias is "Absurd;" Real Scandals Skipped

January 31, 1998
Tripping Tripp; Starr’s Rush to Judgment; Media Self-Flagellation

January 30, 1998
Clinton’s "Comeback;" Clinton Perjury or Not; Producer Condemns Starr

January 29, 1998
Complaints About Over-Coverage; Hillary's GMA Slide; Rather Nutty 

January 28, 1998
Nets Conspire to Court Conspiracy; One Journalist Crushed 

January 27, 1998
CBS Suggests Tripp Out for $; More Clift; Letterman's Top Ten 

January 26, 1998
Pope Split; Years of Ignoring Clinton Sex Scandals; Clift Again

January 25, 1998
Nixon Link; Too Much Coverage?; Deposition Wouldn't Hurt?

January 23, 1998
Putting the Burden on Starr; More Sex = Better President

January 21, 1998
Reporter Denounced for Investigating Clinton Team; Latest NQ

January 20, 1998
Reporters Interested in Jones, When Clinton Hurt; Rather in Cuba

January 19, 1998
ABC's Multi-Media Pro-Abortion Drive: Net Plus Web

January 16, 1998
Espy Erased; Cisneros Mistress Missed; Donaldson to the Rescue?

January 15 1998
Hillary & Starr Avoided; Nets Skipped Judge's Sanction; CD Giveaway

January 14, 1998
CNN's Kaplan: Clinton Buddy Mixes His Politics & News

January 12, 1998
Warm Air or Network Hot Air?; MRC Web a Prop for Nightline

January 8, 1998
Tagging Bono; Caring Clinton Helps Kids; Iranian Excess

January 6, 1998
Hubbell's in an ABC Reporter's Home; December 29 NQ





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Robert D. Novak
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