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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.

December 29
Clinton Outsmarted Racist GOP

December 28
 "Proud" of New Yorkers for Electing Hillary

December 27
 "A Sop...To Buy Off the Wing Nuts"; "Dangerously Big Tax Cut"

December 26 
Ashcroft "Calms the Far Right"; Bush Hit From the Left by CBS, NBC & CNN Reporters

December 22 Weekend Edition
Bush Worsening Christmas Sales; FNC to Take Up MRC Awards

December 21
Bush’s Fault Blacks Opposed Him; No Disenfranchisement Found

December 20
As "Rough" on Bush as on Clinton?; Rather Gullible to Clinton Whoppers

December 18
"Did Al Gore Cry?"; "Use DeLay’s Extremism" As a "Foil"

December 15 Weekend Edition
Bush’s Short & Lax Work Day; "BEWARE" of "THE HAMMER"

December 14
Bush Hindered by Conservatives; Brokaw Pushed McCain's Agenda

December 13 Extra Edition
Thomas: Scalia’s "Rubber Stamp"; Reagan Made Court Political

December 13
Rather Saw No Victory for Bush; Not a "Just and Fair Verdict"

December 12
Court Swayed by Media Hostility?; Showing "True Political Colors?"

December 11
SC Handing Election to Their Party

December 10
Extra: Florida Over U.S. Supremes; 4 to 3 Not "Sharply Divided"?

December 09  Weekend Extra Edition
"Republican" U.S. Supreme Court, Non-Partisan Florida Supreme Court

December 08  Weekend Edition
Sauls Made It "Difficult"; Politics-Free FSC?

December 07
Legislature’s "Hammer"; Hillary’s "Deference" to Conservatives?

December 06
Tax Cut "Bad for the Economy"; Hillary’s "Modern Fairy Tale"; Gore Has Lost Gumbel & Rivera

December 05
Gore Urged to Fight On; Toobin's "Whack"

December 04
"Shiite" Florida House; Bush "Scared" & Scolded for Recession Talk

December 01 Weekend Edition
NBC Tied Gore to "Honesty"; GOP Absentee Felony 

November 30
Rather Rued "Roadblock" for Gore; Jennings Suggested Gore a "Victim"

November 29
Extra: Morning Shows Hugged Hillary; NBC’s Shipman Tough on Gore

November 29
Dan Rather: The Bush "Fix" Is In; Voting Victims

November 28
Gore’s Claims Given Credibility; Another "Conservative" Judge

November 24: Weekend Edition
Pro-Gore Court Decision Hailed; Standing O for Harris Distorted

November 21
NBC Countered Hand Count Concerns

November 20
ABC on Court: "Conservative"; Nets Countered Bush Claims of Hand Count Problems

November 17: Weekend Edition
Only Bush Judges Should Be Recused?

November 17
Cheneys Fought Back; Tauzin’s Bias Charge Picked Up

November 16
ABC Didn’t Note Gore Violation; How Many Democrats on Florida’s Supreme Court?

November 15
Extra: Harris Deadlines Denounced; Democrats Just Want "To Get it Right"

November 15
Harris Handing Election to Bush; Boies Boosted; Baker's "Fear Stick"

November 14
Extra: Harangue Over Harris’s Politics

November 14
Tainted Harris v. Independent Judge; Homeless Votes Bought

November 13
Extra: Harris Blocking People’s Will?; Democrats Now Have "Moral High Ground"?

November 13
Counted "Fairly," Gore Won Florida; Hanging with Hillary on the Hill

November 12: Weekend Extra Sunday
Media Pundits Back Gore Strategy; No "Wacko Right-Wing" Justices

November 11: Weekend Extra Saturday
"Softer" Daley, "Harsher" Baker; "Kennedyesque Photo-Op"

November 10: Weekend Edition
Gibson Argued with Dole; Lawsuit Plaintiffs Praised

November 10
Gore's "Moral High Ground" vs. Bush's "Hardball"

November 09
Extra: Disenfranchised Voter Idea Pushed; Rather Reminded Viewers of DWI

November 09
Gore Aide: "We’ve Won the Election"; Florida "Irregularities"

November 07
Extra: 12 of 13 Top Slate Editors For Gore; Gumbel Baffled Gore Not Way Ahead

November 07
"Too Close to Call"?; Sour on "Interminable Campaign"

November 06: Extra
Gumbel Blind to Gore’s Race-Baiting; Rosie O’Donnell Played Barbra’s Anti-Bush Diatribe

November 06
Gore's Low Blows Ignored; Clinton Could've Used Bush's Excuse

November 04: Weekend Extra
Bush "Veracity" Questioned; Real Victim: Gore; FNC Unearthed Judge’s Politics

November 03: Weekend Edition
Gore Pot Use Not Hyped

November 03
Extra: No Leaker ID on Morning TV; Bush Failed "Smell Test"

November 03
Nets Jumped on Bush "Deception"; ABC’s Liberal Spin on Bush’s Tax Cut; Bush Flub

November 02: Extra
Anti-Bush Ad Not Rebuked; Lieberman-Cheney Inaugural?

November 02
Dan Rather Easy on Gore, Rough on Bush; Gore Ad Not Tagged "Harsh"

November 01: Extra
Bush’s "Harsh" & "Scare Tactic" Ad; Couric Took on Lieberman’s Spin

November 01
Gore Kiss "Heat" to Rub Off on Voters; CBS Turned Naderite Press Release Into News

October 31
Extra: Critics "Claim" Finance Excesses; Today’s Gloomy Prediction for Bush

October 31
Bush Belied "Unite" Message; Bush "Obscured" His Pro-Life Stand

October 30
Extra: Esquire’s "Monica’s View" of Bill; CBS’s Clayson Pleaded for Nader to Drop Out

October 30
Bush To Be a "Harsh Conservative"; Hume: Media Focus on "Daisy II" Showed Bias

October 28
Daisy Ad Over Anti-Bush Scare Call

October 27
Extra: Networks Pounced on "Daisy" Ad; Chinese Money to Dems "Unproven"?; MRC Cited on Comics Page

October 27
Dan Rather: Bush "Got Nastier"; Gore’s Forgiven Fumbles

October 26
Extra: Gore Asked About Russia Deal; Ad Linking Bush to Murder Ignored

October 26
Excusing Gore’s Tenn. Plight; More RAND Ranting; Media Skipping Gore’s Secret Russia Deal

October 25
"Texas Miracle" Just a "Mirage"?

October 24
Extra: Bush’s Threat to "Abortion Rights"; Risky SS Plan

October 24
Bush Too Partisan; Nader’s Threat to Gore; Afraid of Being Abandoned by Clinton

October 23
Pro-Gore Audience Parodied by SNL; ABC’s NRA vs. NAACP Disparity

October 21
"Enormous Waste" to Not Use Clinton; "Top Ten" Bias?; Rosie’s Rosy Embrace of Gore

October 20
Subverting "Compassionate Image"; "Nonpartisan" Democrats"; Letterman Leaned on Bush from the Left

October 19
ABC: Gore's Spin on Bush's SS Plan; Lehrer's Judgment; "Factually Inaccurate" Hillary Skipped

October 18
Extra: Russert Took on Gore; Lauer Scolded Matthews; Sheen Wants to Be "Pain in the Ass" to Bush

October 18
Rather: 3 Bush Errors, None by Gore; Dominated by Questions From the Left

October 17
Extra: Media Malpractice on Texas Health Care; Lieberman’s Farrakhan Praising Ignored

October 17
Media Suppressed Bush Errors?; Bush and Gore Too Frugal

October 16
Gore Vs. Bush Mistakes; Reagan Worse Liar Than Gore

October 13
Extra: Lauer Lambasted Lieberman; Clinton Nobel Lobbying?

October 13
Only CNN Noted Gore Fossil Folly; "Dastardly" Bush vs. Gore’s "Cunningly" Smart Verbiage

October 12
Extra: Lauer Dampened Bush Win; ABC Asked Gore if Credibility Doubts "Hurt?"

October 12
Surprised by Bush's Knowledge; Gore Exposed Bush Vulnerability

October 11
Extra: Bush Lead "Sobering"?; Couric: Reagan Fibbed Too

October 11
CBS Stressed Bush’s Unfitness; Landlord Gore Finally Mentioned

October 10
Extra: Sawyer Took on O’Reilly’s Slant; Bush Vs. Texas Tots

October 10
Gore Fibs Are "What We Want"; Bush Getting Just Payback

October 06
Extra: Prodded to Hit Cheney Harder; Lauer Excused Gore on Fibs

October 06
Moderator Shaw’s Agenda; Rather Raved Over Debate Tone

October 05
Extra: "Extremely Conservative" Cheney; Alter Defended Gore Gaffe

October 05
Standing Student Tale Skipped; ABC & NBC Ruled Gore Right on Bush Tax Cut Skew

October 04
Extra: Only GMA Confronted Gore With Gaffes; Lehrer Scolded For "Pro-Life"

October 04
Bush Scolded for Raising Scandal; Stephanopoulos Thrilled with Gore; Rather Bored

October 03
Extra: Bush Issued "Extreme Conservative" Warning; Bush Put "Tax Cuts Before Tots"

October 03
Bush Not Prepared to Be President; CBS’s Self-Contradiction

October 02
Gore’s "Teeny-Weeny Exaggerations"; More Bush/Big Oil 

September 30
Special: Media Missed Gore Gay Shift; This Week's MagazineWatch

September 29
Winnie’s Story "Totally Genuine"; Bush "Scare Tactic" in Calling Gore Liberal

September 28
Extra: ABC & NBC Morning Shows Hype Pro-Gore Tale of Can-Collecting Widow

September 28
Woman's Plight: "Wow," It "Resonates"; Drug Company Profiteering

September 27
Extra: The September 26 edition of MediaNomics

September 27
Focus on Bush's Michigan Troubles

September 26
Pro-Bush "Politicization" of Military; Gore Not Asked About E-Mail & Fabrications

September 25
Clayson Played Oprah to Bush; Washington Post Took Up Pro-Gore Bias

September 23
Sleep-Over List Spiked by ABC & CBS; NBC Praised Oil Release

September 22
Extra: GMA Hit Lieberman from Left on Guns Before Mentioning Hollywood Hypocrisy

September 22
Bush: "Pawn of the Oil Industry"; NBC Caught Up on Gore Gaffes

September 21
Extra: Leno Covered Gore Gaffe That Brokaw Spiked

September 21
Not Knocked on "Nudge"; Gore Gaffe Delay

September 20
Does Bush Have "The Smarts"?; Oprah Gentle With Bush With Exceptions

September 19
Bush’s "Message Make-Over"; Gore Flub & Made Up Costs Skipped

September 18
Gore Operative Directed Berke; Quid Pro Quo Blackout

September 15
Extra: GMA Diane Sawyer Proved Charge of Pro-Gore Omissions

September 15
Gore Fundraising Blackout; Hillary Sleepovers Avoided

September 14
Extra: Morning Shows Refused to Mention New York Times Story on Gore's Fundraising

September 14
Russert Asked Hillary to Apologize; Hillary’s Suspect Fundraising

September 13
Extra: Why Gore Looks Good: Omit, Omit, Omit

September 13
Networks Obsessed on "Rats"; Bush’s Dyslexia

September 12
Gore’s Flip on FTC Not Recalled; Gore Ogled by Oprah

September 11
Cheney Hit at Emmy Awards; Clymer on Bush; Cheney = Bull Connor?; Ban SUVs

September 08
Gore "Surging" or a "Dead Heat"?; Swayed by The "Kiss"

September 07
Gore’s "Message of Fiscal Responsibility"; Firestone Tires: Reagan’s Fault

September 06
Extra: Clymer’s Reporting Record; On West Wing Tonight: Prostitute Helped

September 06
 Gore’s Non-Negative Attack Ad; Rather Upbraided Bush

September 05
Bush Contradicted "Restoring Honor and Dignity"; GW Scolded

September 01
Bush’s "Negative" & "Nasty" Ad Condemned and Falsely Corrected 

August 31
Bush’s Unpopular Tax Cut; FOB Kaplan Forced Out By CNN

August 30
Nets Jumped on ADL Complaint; Lieberman Double Standard Conceded

August 28
Car Dealer Gun Giveaway Denounced; Ray Awaiting Rather Apology

August 25
Networks Suppressed Ad Content; Lauer Defended Bush on Miscues

August 24
Bush’s Tax Plan Assaulted; Gore’s Spending Ignored

August 23
Big Bounce Trumpeted; Clancy Hit as "Simplistically Conservative

August 21
Bush's "Harsh Words"; Networks Wrong on Who Leaked

August 18
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition

August 17
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 16
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 15
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 14
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 11
Did Clinton "Bare His Soul"?; Cheney vs. Lieberman Contrast in AM

August 09
Lieberman’s Praise of God Minimized

August 08
Lieberman Dubbed "Centrist"

August 07
Confounded by Gore’s Troubles; Bay State Not Liberal; Kerry Not Labeled

August 04
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition

August 03
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 02
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

August 01
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

July 31
Conventions 2000: Media Reality Check, AM Edition; PM Edition

July 28
Cheney "Outside" Mainstream; Convention Controversy; Cheney Pounded in the AM

July 27
Cheney Not Compassionate; Gore Called "Conservative" in 1992

July 26
Cheney Tagged "Hard Right"; Democratic Attacks Amplified

July 25
Rather's Specious Powell Scoop; Cheney Praised & Tagged "Ultraconservative"

July 24
Cheney a "Reasonable" Conservative; "Political Mistake" Not to Pick McCain

July 20
Exempting more income from taxation equals "Republican spending of the surplus."

July 18
NBC Knew of Slur Charge; ABC Pushed to "Integrate" Court; Jacoby Denounced

July 17
Russert Hit Gore Contradiction; "Abysmal" on NAACP

July 14
Bradley & Gore: Forget the Past; NARAL Test; Bush Scolded as Racist Lout

July 13
Roth’s Shift Left Heralded; DNA Proved Guilt But ABC AWOL

July 12
Gore’s "Quick-Silver Intelligence"; Whitman’s Racist Photo

July 11
Bush’s "Contrition" for GOP; Greedy Drug Companies; Mayberrys Move

July 06
Disbarment Barred; Supreme Court: "Far-Right" to "Moderate" 

June 30
Elian's "Freedom" in Cuba; Ros-Lehtinen Fired Back at Avila; Cuban Pioneers Just Like Cub Scouts 

June 30
Extra: "F***ing Idiot" Outburst by Gumbel; Donaldson Also Dissed a Conservative 

June 29
"Spontaneous Joy" in Cuba; No Deprogramming; New Texas Inmate to Champion; Jesus Slant 

June 28
2-for-1, Hillary & Bill?; Reno Ignored; Geraldo’s Viagra; Bill Maher’s Liberal Diatribe 

June 26
Clinton as Internet Pioneer; Bush’s Oil Ties; "Murder" of Gary Graham; Dennis Miller Raw 

June 23
About Bush’s "Truth"; Gary Graham Crusade; ABC Picked Liberal Over Limbaugh 

June 21
Conservative vs. Conservative; Better Healthcare in Dominica 

June 20
Bush & Gore Eat Dessert, Avoid Spinach; Liberals not Labeled; Missile Shield "Doubts"; Helen’s Plea 

June 16
"Dangerous" Summer; Coelho's Ethics Skipped; Fruit or Perscription; Judd Rose's Rants

June 15
Gore Conceded He’s No Computer Expert; FNC: Baptists Blast Clinton; NYPD Can't Win 

June 13
Oxygen Breathed Liberal for Gore; Death Penalty Errors Tied to Bush; Willey’s Letters 

June 12
Slumlord Slant Slammed; GOP "Fairy Tales" About Death Tax 

June 08
Gore’s Broken Pledge Excused; Aunt Jemina Thomas; Actress a "Huge" Hillary Fan 

June 07
More on Freeh/Reno Ignored; No Interest in Nashville; Shirtless Gumbel & Drag Queens 

June 06
FNC Aired Full Story on Gore’s Rental House; Letterman’s "Top Ten Al Gore Tenant Pet Peeves" 

June 05
"Slumlord" Al Able to Slide; Craig Pressed on Elian’s Freedom; Vintage CNN Bias 

June 02
INS "Acted Properly"; "Star Wars" Bashed; Rosie O’Donnell Pressed on Gun Hypocrisy 

June 01
Nun Goes Left, CBS Jumps; Parting Shot at Casey; Broaddrick Audit 

May 31
Vulgarity Unveiled; Disbarment Too Tough; Innocent Elian Move; Limbaugh = Rocker 

May 26
Vulgarities at Fundraiser; Making Fun of Elian Photo; Disinterested in Disbarment 

May 25
Tripp Trumped; Corroboration for Freeh Skipped; Erbe: Expect "Conservatives to Lie" 

May 24
CBS Tried to Discredit Disbarment; Forget "Personal Peccadillos"; Freeh Corroborator 

May 23
Democrats Always Wanted Disbarment; Hillary Not Liberal

May 22
Lazio’s "Nasty" Campaign; Baffling Lack of Hillary Backing; Evil Eastwood 

May 19
Non-Rudy PM Update: Freeh Memo Coverage; Elian Photo on GMA; MRC at NRA 

May 18
Bill & Hillary: "Together...Emotionally"; Elian Photo Spiked; Helen’s Liberal Legacy 

May 17
"Mockery" of McCain’s Reforms; Old Women Not Raped; President Helps Prostitute 

May 16
Bush’s SS Plan Welcomed & Denounced; Mom March Agenda Pushed; Labeling Disparity 

May 15
Moms Vs. "Powerful" NRA; Why Not Total Gun Ban? SUVs the "Meanest" 

May 12
Million Mom March Hype; Media's "Great Failing"; Today Hit Hillary from the Left 

May 11
Elian Afraid of Cuban Jail; NBC's Tribute to Greg Craig; The Real Donna Dees-Thomases 

May 10
Bush "Not Qualified?"; Untrue Not "False" Skipped; West Wing's Left Wing 

May 08
Bush "Voodoo" or "Far Right"

May 05
Anti-Bush Ad Promoted; Catholic Church Too Conservative; Dr. Laura Lashed 

May 04
Bush Up, But; FDA Not Regulating Enough; E-Mail Suppressed; Starr Nice to Lewinsky 

May 03
Drugs for Elian? Clift Stands By "Better" in Havana; Nostalgic for Clinton 

May 01
Anything for 5 Minutes of Reno; Helms = Castro; Knocked Down Cameraman Ignored 

April 28
Reno Showed Her "Humanity"; Elian Adjusting "Very Well"; CNN's Controlled Town Meeting 

April 27
INS Psychiatrist Without Rebuttal; Cuba Not Communist; Judge Judged Reno 

April 26
ABC & CBS Avoided Clinton Lie; Gun to Elian "Warmed My Heart"; "Crazy Family" 

April 25
Force Justified; Grandma: Elian "Finally" Happy; Clinton’s Broken Promise Not Pursued 

April 23
Reno’s Righteous Raid; Reno & Castro Care About Kids; Journalists "Laughed" At Fears 

April 21
McCain Applauded; DiCaprio’s ABC Frog Pond; SUV Dumped for Hybrid 

April 20
Reporter Called "Communist"; Redlener’s Radicalism; Anti-Anticommunists 

April 19
Castro’s "Luxurious" House for Elian; Helping Elian "Readjust"; Dangerous Global Warming 

April 17
Rather's Tears; Elian "Brainwashed?"; Stars Came Out for Gore 

April 13
Unsure Elian Better Off in U.S.; Pro-Castro Bias Dissected; Gore Exaggerations 

April 12
"Authoritarian" Rule in Miami, Elian to be "Sheltered" in Cuba from "Social Breakdown" 

April 11
Cuban-Americans Bashed; CNN Chief Clinton’s Overnight Guest; "Stupid" ABC 

April 10
Poor Better Off in Havana; Mother’s Fault; Award for Schieffer’s Liberal Analysis

April 07
Titanic Song for Clinton; Father’s Words "Passionate"; Castro in Control? 

April 06
Castro Succeeded; Economic Summit: Doom or Boom?; Freeh Memo; Leo-Gate 

April 05
"Cuban Good Life" Awaits Elian; Miami Intolerant; ABC to Dump DiCaprio? 

April 04
MS Lost, But Consumers Won; Scandal Avoidance, Except Hillary’s VRWC 

April 03
Leonardo DiCaprio, ABC News Reporter; ABC Muffled Elian; NBC’s George Roche

April 01
April Fools Edition of Notable Quotables

March 31
E-Mail Bounced Again; Judge Snubbed in AM; Liberal & Moderate VP Picks

March 30
Seconds for Clinton’s "Criminal Violation"; Ruling Buried at Press Conference

March 29
 "Best" for Elian; Equating Bush & Gore Fundraising; Knocking Noonan 

March 28
 ABC Skipped Gore’s Past; Coelho Quashed; Hollywood Helping Gephardt 

March 27
E-Mail Bounced by Nets; ABC’s Clinton Retraction; Shriver’s Edelman Glorification 

March 24
Just Seconds for E-Mail; Catholics & the Holocaust; "I Hope We Kill Bush"

March 22
McCain’s Gore Attack Ignored; 3rd Clinton Term; Clinton’s "Hump and Bump" 

March 21
Rather Raved for McCain; Clinton’s Nuclear "Healing"; NRA Blamed for Killing 

March 17
Bush Scolded for Not Embracing McCain; NBC Quoted LaBella; Geraldo’s Back

March 16
CBS "Reality Check" on "Carnage" Condoned by NRA; Brokaw’s Hero: Pataki

March 15
Sudden Wealth Syndrome; NRA Out of Context; Admiring Bradley; "Chug-a-Lug" Bush

March 14
NBC: 4 Seconds for Hsia, 6 for LaBella; Bush Sold "His Soul to the Wrong Group" 

March 13
LaBella Memo Snubbed; Hsia’s Shunning Shown; Imus Zinged Brokaw 

March 09
Gore A Bush Victim; Exploiting Tragedy for Gun Control; Sarandon’s Pick 

March 08
McCain Lashed Out Live; Brokaw Named Hsia; Gore "Mainstream" & Bush "Extreme" 

March 07
Bush’s "Hard Right Edge"; Temple Event Attack Skipped; Lifetime’s Gift to Hillary

March 06
The Man Inside Anne; Hsia Shunned More; Today's Expensive McCain Gimmick

March 03
Hsia Shunned; "Gun Control Roaring Back"; Jay Nicer Than Dave? 

March 02
Tears for McCain; CBS’s Crusade for More Medicare; Bush Flopped on Letterman

March 01
McCain Voters Prefer Gore: Bush’s Fault; Granny D, NBC Hero; Gentle Bus

February 29
Nets Pushed McCain "Holy War"; "Nothing Liberal" About McCain 

February 28
McCain Aide Boasted of Media "Base"; Day Trading Will Kill You 

February 25
"Far Right Organizations"; Campaign Ad "Poison"; Why Media Like McCain

February 24
Bush’s "Black Eye"; Rather Admired McCain’s Appeal; Puppet Sang to Sawyer 

February 23
Bush’s Tactics Cost Him; Avoiding Sharpton; "Ultra-Conservative" McCain 

February 22
CNN Legitimized Sharpton; Bush Too Far Right; McCain Can Still Win!

February 18
ABC to McCain: "Okay" Being Seen as Hero?; Clinton Disbarment Dismissed 

February 16
Koppel Scolded GOP Aspirants; McCain's Bus Live

February 15
Pro-Lifers Put Money Before Babies; Kneepad Nina Backs Hillary 

February 14
CBS Plugged New Fortunate Son; Never Turn on McCain?; Clueless Schieffer 

February 12
60 Minutes to Tout Convicted Felon’s Drug Charge Against Bush 

February 11
"Nastier" & "Uglier" Thanks to Bush Push Polling; McCain "Not a Hypocrite" 

February 09
"New and Nastier Bush Campaign"; Today’s Lauer Took on Buffalo’s Bauerle 

February 07
Giuliani’s Liberalness; Celebrities Back Hillary; Hitting Reagan

February 04
Trumpeting McCain’s Poll Surge; No Outrage Over Salon.com’s Terrorism

February 03
McCain Pronounced "Conservative"; Worried Bradley-Gore Fight Could Hurt

February 02
Bush Hit "Boulder," But Don’t Go Right; Pro-McCain Press; GumbelAid 2000

February 01
Can’t Agree on Bradley; Reporter Stumbled into Liberal Admission

January 28
Speech Never Tagged Liberal; Bemoaning Clinton’s Loneliness; He’s a "Martyr"?

January 27
More Abortion Troubles; NBC’s Dream Theme; Stahl’s Anti-CBS Conspiracy

January 26
Bush Hit from Left, Dems Not Pressed; Today Asked Gore About Marijuana

January 25
Bush Pushed Right Out of Mainstream; Clinton: Victim of Teen Oral Sex Culture

January 24
CBS: Bush’s Rush to "the Hard-Right"; Improper Hillary Query; Post's Oops

January 21
 "Squeezed by the Right" into Abortion Hardline; "Below the Belt" Questions

January 20
Thanks to Clinton "Less to Worry About"; Indignant About Q’s to Hillary

January 19
Frigid Weather: Blame Global Warming; Hyping Liberal Class Warfare

January 18
 Admired Clinton's Racial Efforts; Prime Time Newt Bashing

January 14
Rather's Warming Mantra; Hillary Quiz Scandal; A&E's 224 Year Old Bias

January 13
Cronkite Cautioned Letterman; Global Warming Jellyfish; More Toobin

January 12
Clinton Saving "America's Treasures"; ABC's Toobin Backs Hillary's VRWC

January 11
Merger Fears; Russert Argued for Internet; Bush Like Clinton

January 10
 Abortion Mantra; Brian Williams Booed; Debate Sponsor Condemned Russert

January 07
Russert & Williams Easy on Dems, Tough on Bush; Condemning Elian Supporters

January 05
 Welcome OSHA Into Our Homes; "Nasty," "Racist" & "Authoritarian" Giuliani

January 03
ABC Relayed Castro Propaganda; Century of "Red-Baiting"; Hang Gingrich





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