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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.


December 31 CyberAlert
Cal Thomas on FNC, NY Post & Mike Rosen Highlight Best of NQ; Third Runners-Up Quotes in the MRC's Annual Awards

December 30 CyberAlert
This Week Brings Aboard Al Franken to Take Shots at Bush; Tax Cuts and SUVs Really Annoy Eleanor Clift; NBC Tags Frist as “Moderate” and Then as “Conservative”; Media Not So Disgusted with Thurmond in 1948; Cokie Roberts Denies There's Any Liberal Media Bias, But...; Second Runners-Up Quotes in the MRC's Annual Awards

December 27 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Republicans Pine for Segregation & NBC Recaps GOP Race-Baiting; First Runners-Up Quotes in the MRC's Annual Awards

December 26 CyberAlert
Winning Quotes in the MRC's Annual Awards for the Worst Reporting; The 52 Judges Who Evaluated the Quotes

December 23 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos a Conduit for Hillary’s Smearing of GOP; That Frist is White and Senate Has No Blacks Stuns CNN Anchor; Woodruff Suggests Frist Just as Bad as Lott on Civil Rights; MSNBC Sees “Code Words” in Reagan Speech; Now CBS Highlights Racist Remarks by Democrats; Broder Contrasts GOP Favorably with How Dems Treated Clinton; Schieffer Slept Through Lott’s Remarks; ABC Hypes “Historic” Homelessness Made Up of Working Moms

December 20 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Recognition of the Judges for the Annual NQ Awards; Columns on the Quotes by Three Judges

December 19 CyberAlert
Time and Newsweek Use Lott to Smear GOP as Race-Baiters; Jack White: Reagan Just Like Wallace; Clooney Calls Bush “Dim” and Has Carter Photo in His Bathroom; PBS Airs Uncritical Promotional Show About Muslim Religion; MRC Announces Winners of Annual Awards for Worst Reporting

December 18 CyberAlert
Jennings Stresses Unfavorable Parts of Pro-Bush Iraq Poll; ABC & CBS Deride Missile Defense Plan; ABC’s Roberts Unfazed by Spike Lee Charge that Lott in Klan; MSNBC: Daschle in “Pragmatic Political Center”; NBC’s Today Hypes Portrait of SUVs as Weapons of Terrorism; ABC Plays “Top Ten Ways Trent Lott is Preparing for the Holidays”

December 16 CyberAlert
ABC Stresses Gore Got Most Votes & Gore Pull-Out Befuddles Stahl;
Lieberman Claim of Lott Presidential Succession Not Corrected; Schieffer Only Labels Conservative Guest; CBS & NBC Smear Legitimate Conservative Positions; Russert Again Raises Postponing Tax Cuts; Hunt Presses Granholm to Raise Taxes; Jennings Again Impugns Kissinger for “War Crimes”; FNC’s Fox Newswatch Debates the MRC’s “Mow-Mow” Impact

December 13 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Newsweek Reporter Concedes Media Taking on Lott for Democrats; Time Story Fed by Ex-CNN Chief Who Agreed with Lott; Washington Post Impugns All Conservatives as Racists; New York Times Hypes “Growing Wave” Against War

December 12 CyberAlert
ABC Finds Exiled Iraqi General Who Opposes Bush Too; Networks Focus on Trent Lott for Second Day; CNN on Carter: “The Most Respected American on the Planet Today”; Washington Post Reporter Denies Liberals Dominate Newsroom

December 11 CyberAlert
Bush’s SEC Pick “Controversial” to Jennings; In Lott Case, Networks Find Conservative Scolding Newsworthy; Media Hypocrisy: Skip Clinton Praising a Segregationist; Sawyer Blames Market Fall on Bush Selecting Snow; NBC’s Today Gushes Over Carter Getting Nobel; Michael Kelly Documents How Liberal Outlets Have Biggest Audience

December 10 CyberAlert
Jennings & Rather Display Scorn for Snow’s Tax Cut Agenda; ABC: Bush Team “Widely Accused of Favoring Corporate Interests...”; Liberal Columnist Dowd as Lauer’s Guide; NBC’s Brown: Kerry Not a “Liberal Massachusetts Democrat”; 60 Minutes Dismissed, But Iraq Was “Tantalizingly Close” to Nuke; HBO Movie: "Live from Baghdad"; “Top Ten Surprises in the 12,000-Page Iraqi Declaration”

December 9 CyberAlert
NPR’s Williams Advocates Double Taxation, Fox Colleagues Chide Him; 60 Minutes Scolds Bush for Repeating What CBS Reported; CBS Brings Back the Term “Gravitas”; NY Times Runs Edited Versions of Spiked Columns; Journalism Prof Applauds Column Claiming Conservative Media Tilt

December 5 CyberAlert
Another Anti-Bush Iraq Policy Twist From Peter Jennings; CNN Suggests Iraq Showing Its “Goodwill”; CBS Hypes Killer SUVs But Pickups More Dangerous; San Francisco and NBC Discover Cash Payments Attract the Homeless; NY Times Spikes Columnists Who Disagree with Editorials; Chung’s “Person of the Day” Trumpets Augusta Resignation

December 4 CyberAlert
CBS Tags the Liberal Mary Landrieu as “a Moderate”; Bill Schneider Praises Kerry’s “Intelligence” But He Failed Test; Former CNN Reporter Joins Kerry Presidential Effort; NBC Describes Federal Pay Hike as a “Cut”; CBS Discovers Another SUV Danger: Backing Up

December 3 CyberAlert
Jennings: Bush Out of Sync With UN, But PJ Out of Sync with CBS & NBC; WashPost Trumpets “Extraordinary Array” of Anti-War Groups; Newsweek Takes Note of New York Times Crusading; Couric Badgers Whitman For Caving to “Right-Wing Conservatives”

December 2 CyberAlert
NPR's Liasson & Williams Back Gore on Right-Wing Media Control; Jennings Relays Depiction of Kissinger as War Criminal; Headlines Conflict Over Bush Approach to Saudi Arabia; Washington Post Rues Business Donation Tilt to GOP; Hunt Bashes “Huge Tax Cuts for the Very Wealthy”; NYT/CBS Poll Bad News for Gore, But Stories Stress Dislike of GOP; Ted Turner Almost “Cried” Over Election Results; “Top Ten Things Every American Should Be Thankful For.”

November 25 CyberAlert
Nets Rail Against & Distort EPA’s Clean Air Rules; ABC’s Shipman Denies Any Media Bias Against New Clean Air Rules; ABC’s GMA Honors Women Who Got Gun-Maker Held 5% Responsible; Ed Asner Blames America First & Laughs-Off Bush’s Vision

November 22 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CNN’s Anderson Cooper Portrays a Daschle-Limbaugh “Cat Fight”; Rather Has Time for Dog Bite But Not For Daschle’s Intimidation; CNBC Reporter Credits Tax Cut Hope for Stock Rise

November 21 CyberAlert
Bush “Goading” Iraq Into War Precipitously? Arabs Against War; Daschle’s Scurrilous Charges Against Limbaugh Skipped; Cable and ABC Swoon Over “What Would Jesus Drive?”; Nachman Decries Liberal Media “Pile-On” Over Ailes; Rooney: Journalists Liberal, I’m “Surprised” Conservatives Won; Gumbel to Host UFO Special

November 20 CyberAlert
ABC Focuses on Detainee Who Suffered “Torture” by Air Conditioning; Couric Pleads with Gore to Bash Bush; Gibson Harangues Barkley to Support Daschle Amendment; In JFK Story, NBC Features Shot at Bush on Iraq; Clooney Rails Against Bush War Policy; Ailes Memo? Jennings Does That Every Night

November 19 CyberAlert
ABC Criticizes Bush for Not Condemning Anti-Islam Remarks; To the Washington Post a Liberal is a “Centrist”; CNN’s Morton: Bush Not Conservative But Howard Dean Is; CNN Condemns FNC’s Ailes, But CNN’s Kaplan Was an FOB

November 18 CyberAlert
Gore Not Bitter Enough for Walters, She Urges Hillary for VP; CBS Movie Has Spy Hanssen Denouncing Gore; Unlike with GOP in '94, Not Tagging Democrats as “Extremist”; Media Writer: Outlets Should Cover GOP from the Left; Time’s Jack White: MRC Should “Declare Victory” Over Liberal Bias; “Top Ten Signs Barbra Streisand Has Gone Nuts”

November 15 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CBS Leads with Daschle Blast at How Bush Losing War on Terror; Jennings vs. NY Times on Greenspan’s View of Tax Cut; Myers, But Not Brokaw, Offers Same Treatment of DeLay & Pelosi; Couric Cheers Pelosi: “You Go Girl!”; Weekly Standard Picks Up on Dennis Miller’s Admiration of Bush; FNC Goes Live to Video of Limo’s Windows

November 14 CyberAlert
Jennings: Bush Assumed “Iraq Would Not Cooperate”; ABC Highlights Greenspan Opposition to Tax Cut Plan; Concern for “Backlash” Against DeLay’s Conservatism; Clift Defends Moyers’ Attack on “Radical” GOP Agenda; Helen Thomas: “Who do I hate today?"; Time: Dems Lost Because of “Conservative Bias in the Media”; “Top Ten Signs Saddam Hussein is Getting Nervous”

November 12 CyberAlert
Washington Post Labels GOP Senate Chairmen, Not Democratic Ones; An ADA Rating of 92% Makes You a “Centrist”?; New NBC Political Drama to Star Streisand’s Stepson; Media Prognosticator Scorecard

November 11 CyberAlert
Bill Moyers: GOP Imposing “Radical Ideology”; ABC’s Martin Rails Against Death Penalty for Juvenile Sniper; CNBC’s Murray Chastises Tax Cut Plans; ABC Tags Harold Ford as “More Conservative”; WashPost Headlines Betray Upset That Tax Hike Defeated; New Prime Time Show About Liberal Senator, “The Left Chamber”?

November 8 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Brokaw Scolds Bush for “Rolling Up Record Deficits”; Bush Allows Helen Thomas to Pose Left-Wing Question; Newsweek Editor: Bush’s “War Policy is a Crock”; NBC on Frost: “A Politically Shrewd Centrist”; NBC’s CEO Calls CNN “Liberal”; Jennings Afraid of Toby Keith?; Dennis Miller: Bush “Makes Me Proud to be an American Again”; “Top Ten Signs President Bush is Getting Cocky.”

November 7 CyberAlert
Nets Skip Historic Nature of GOP Success; Bush’s “Conservative Agenda...Ended Up Alienating” Jeffords; Bush Pushing “Deeply” & “Strongly Conservative” Judges; Schieffer: Frost a “Moderate”; Public Wants Government Doing Less, But Chafee in Way; Dems Too Shy for Fear of Having Patriotism Questioned; Helen Thomas’s Liberal Rant in Form of a Question; Alter: “Mondale Will Win Going Away”

November 6 CyberAlert
Baffling Why Poor Economy Didn't Help Democrats; Blaming Democratic Losses on Not Being Liberal Enough; Warning Bush to Not Pursue Conservative Agenda; What “Worries” You Most About GOP Senate Takeover? Highlighting “Republican Voter Suppression Tactics”; Bill and Hillary “Big Winners”; “Depressing” How Little Bush Doing to Fight Terrorism; CBS: “Moderate” Dems vs. “Ultra-Conservative” Republicans; Townsend Loss “Frightening”; Another Round of “Ratherisms”

November 5 CyberAlert
MSNBC Anchor Casts Ballot for Liberal Democrat; Streisand: Wellstone Crash “No Accident”; Debut of Liberal NBC Producer’s “Journeys with George”; CyberAlert’s “Media Pundit Prognostications” Scorecard; Election Night Network Television Expectations; A Hans Blix “Top Ten”

November 4 CyberAlert
Margaret Carlson “Afraid” GOP Will Hold House; Erskine Bowles a “Conservative” to CBS’s Bob Schieffer; CBS Resurrects Bush’s “Conduct as a Businessman”; ABC: Wellstone Rally Boosted Mondale, No We Mean Coleman; Alter Hopes Wellstone Death Inspires Liberals; Giuliani Notes Media Double Standard on Anti-Gay Bigotry; “Gruff-Talking Conservative” vs. “Cheerful Bear of a Man”; Jennings Highlights Desecration of Statue of Liberty; Maher: U.S. Not Good, We Kill for Cheap Gas

November 1 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Schieffer Overlooks MN Democratic Post-Crash Maneuvering; Scant Network Attention to New GDP Growth Rate; Gray Davis Campaign Web Site Features Martin Sheen; Update on Coleman/Rather and Lutefisk; “Top Ten Things a Drill Instructor Would Never Say”

October 31 CyberAlert
Rather Counters MN Controversy with Outrage at GOP in Georgia; CNN’s Brown Calls Dems and Repubs “Equally Shameful”; Time: Mondale’s From When Democrats “Hewed to the Left”

October 30 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Morning Shows Downplay or Ignore How Wellstone Memorial Service Turned Into a Liberal, Anti-Conservative Political Rally; ABC's GMA Delivers Glowing Profile of Walter Mondale

October 30 CyberAlert
Lamenting That Election About War, Not Economy; CBS Blames Cheney for Wellstone Snub; Castigating GOP But Not Democratic Political Moves in Minnesota; ABC Notes Muhammad’s Travel Habits; CBS’s Simon Hopes Bush Iraq Threats a Ruse; Ann Curry Expresses Pro-Life Assumptions; Nachman Rebukes NBC’s “Impulse Control Disorder” Over MSNBC; NBC’s West Wing Presidential Debate Tonight

October 29 CyberAlert
Castigating GOP for Politics “Even Before Wellstone is Buried”; Like NBC, Time Magazine Links Bush to Sniper’s Gun; Marveling at How Media Skip Sniper’s Islamic Ties; Nets Tag Another Shooter as “Gulf War Veteran”; Couric Pushes for Death Penalty; Republican Ahead of Democrat on Race Astounds Stahl; Sarandon’s Anti-War Rant

October 28 CyberAlert
Gun Control Integral to War on Terrorism; Hume Observes Reticence to Tie Sniper to Nation of Islam; Little Interest in Muhammad’s Admiration of 9/11 Terrorists; Washington Post Catches Up with CyberAlert; Several Top Reporters Registered as Democrats

October 25 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Snipers an “Army Veteran” & “Jamaican Teenager,” Not a Muslim Terrorist & Illegal Alien; More Interest in Gulf War Service Than Nation of Islam; Reuters: Military Created a Killer?; Brokaw Links Sniper Weapon to Bush Campaign; Simultaneous Exclusives With Same Man on CNN & MSNBC; Jennings Highlights 200 Anti-Bush Protestors; Turner Opposes Bush on Iraq; Dan Rather Laments “Whopping Deficit”

October 24 CyberAlert
CNN’s Woodruff Exploits Sniper to Push Gun Control; NBC Finds Nationwide Fear of Sniper; Two Weeks After National Review, ABC Finds Terrorist Visa Foul-Up; Kevin Spacey: Dems “Help People” While Repubs Want Power

October 22 CyberAlert
Jennings Relays How North Koreans See Bush as “Hostile”; FNC Warns Viewers About Iraqi Monitoring of Reporters; BBC Reporter: Bush “Glovepuppet” of Cheney & Rumsfeld; Today Promotes Jane Goodall’s Animal Rights Cause; SNL Audience Applauds McCain’s Zingers at Streisand

October 21 CyberAlert
Bush Mistakenly Targeting Iraq Because of Daddy; Tony Snow Undermines Daschle Premise; Basking in Glory of Clinton Joining Black Hall of Fame; Bush, Not Clinton, the Villain to ABC Over North Korea; Democrats Afraid of Russert?; Sean Penn: Bush Will “Sacrifice the Children of the World”; MRC Outlasts McEwen

October 18 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings: Why Is Bush Not “Threatening War Against North Korea?”; Brian Williams Mocks Iraqi Election; Journalists in Iraq Put Access Over Accuracy; Woody Harrelson: “This Is a Racist and Imperialist War”

October 17 CyberAlert
Jennings Fixates on Iraq War’s Impact on Stock Market; ABC & CBS Treat Iraqi “Election” Seriously; FNC Reports Results of MRC Study; Feet from Murder Geraldo Autographs Shorts of Hooters Girls; “Top Ten Ways CBS Can Attract Viewers to The Early Show.”

October 15 CybeAlert
ABC Focuses on Nationwide Resistance to Bush Iraq Policy; In “Festive” Baghdad, CNN Wonders if Saddam Can Be Re-Elected; Blame Bush’s “Hardline” Iraq Policy for New Terrorism; Gorbachev Admires PBS President; Banfield Goes While Donahue Stays; CBS Names Liberal Advocate to Host Early Show; "Top Ten Fun Things the Army Yells While Rappelling"

October 14 CyberAlert
Russert Again Presses Senate Candidates to “Postpone” Tax Cuts; Networks Celebrate Nobel Peace Prize for Jimmy Carter; Hume: Peace Comes from Armed Force; “Top Ten Signs Barbara Walters is in Love with Fidel Castro”

October 11 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Walters Asks Castro’s Opinion of Bush’s Iraq Policy; Jennings Not Upset ABC Skipped Bush Speech, Concedes Bias; NBC Uses Sniper Shootings to Hype Moore’s Anti-Gun Movie; Bernard Goldberg Tells Donahue He’s “Delusional” on Media Bias

October 10 CyberAlert
Jennings Hypes Saudi Opposition to Iraq War; Walters Praises Castro for “Great Things” He’s Done; NPR Hires Liberal from ABC; CNN Accurately Labels a Liberal; Sheen Complains Dissent Being Suppressed; Belafonte Calls Powell Bush’s “House Slave”; Whoopi Calls Corporate Crooks “Terrorists”

October 9 CyberAlert
ABC Tries to Discredit Evidence in Bush’s Iraq Speech; Media Skips Inconvenient Finding of Skewed NY Times Poll; Friedman Claims Bush Team “Bought and Paid by Big Oil”; Letterman Aboard Bush’s Effort to Oust Hussein

October 8 CyberAlert
CBS & NY Times Twist Own Poll to Show Bush’s Priorities Wrong; Russert Pleads Again to Rescind Tax Cuts; Fox Carries Bush Speech; Kennedy, Carter and Clinton = the “Fantasy” of Bartlet; Lauer Throws It to “NBC’s Penthouse Correspondent”

October 7 CyberAlert
Washington Post Finds Pro-Torricelli Republicans; “County's Growing Diversity Reflected in Those Gunned Down”; SUVs Kill as Many as Did the Terrorists; MSNBC Bumps Low-Rated Nachman; Lange: “I Despise” Bush & It's “Embarrassing” to be American

October 4 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CBS Reporter Declares Opposition to War on Iraq; ABC Looks at How Saddam Hiding His Palaces; ABC Sees Scandal in Non-Taxpayers Not Being Told of “Refund”; NJ’s “Clear” Election Law Not Clear to CNN’s Toobin; “Top Ten Saddam Hussein Campaign Promises”

October 3 CyberAlert
FNC Notes Donations by Justices & Democratic Double Standard; Thomas Rants About Killing Iraqis; Sawyer “Loves” Anti-Military Spending Poster; NBC’s Curry Gently Slams Streisand; Jessica Lange: “I Hate Bush” & Am “Ashamed” of U.S.; Alec Baldwin Mocks FNC; Patricia Heaton: God Will Judge Me, Not Barbra Streisand

October 2 CyberAlert
Jennings Unaware of McDermott Calling Bush a Liar; David Bonior, “R-Michigan”?; CNN Spotlights McCain Castigating McDermott & Bonior; Cronkite Signs Anti-War Ad; Matthews: Donahue Could “Bring Down” MSNBC; Stephanopoulos’s Liberal Reading; Dreyfuss Praises Streisand & Gore; Streisand Update; West Wing’s Liberal Donations

October 1 CyberAlert
Streisand’s Liberal Rants at Star-Studded Democratic Fundraiser; Barbra Urges “Offensive” Against Bush; Asner: Bush “Desecrating” America; Robbins: Bush Wants to Deflect from Halliburton; Cruise & Spielberg on Hussein; Top Ten List: “If Streisand Were President”

September 30 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Scolds Critics of Liberals; Combine Peter Jennings with Judy Woodruff and You Get?; “Serious Questions” About Bush Citing Iraq While Campaigning; Rebuking Bush for Personalizing War; FNC Beats CNN in AM But CBS Crushes Both; Moyers on “Corporate Greed; Fraud; Capitalism”

September 27 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings Keeps a Copy of the U.S. Constitution in His Pocket; Gore Iraq Hypocrisy & ABC Says He Cast “Deciding Vote”; Public Apathy for Bush Economy Frustrates Journalists; ABC & NBC Showcase Same Poster Guy for Family Leave; NY Times Prods Hate U.S. Comments?

September 26 CyberAlert
ABC & CBS Justify Daschle’s Tantrum & Distort Reason For It; Alter: Daschle Not as “Creepy” as Lott; West Wing Launches New Season with More Liberal Advocacy; Not on TV: “Sleeping Late with Bryant Gumbel"

September 24 CyberAlert
Rather Bucks Up Gore Credibility in Denouncing Bush on Iraq; NBC Recalls Bush Promise of More Tax Cuts; ABC& CBS Celebrate New California Family Leave Mandate; The View Takes FX’s 'Candidate’ Seriously; Al Neuharth’s Diapers; Terrorism on JAG

September 23 CyberAlert
Russert Again Presses for Tax Cut Repeal; Stephanopoulos: Gore & Bush Both “Going after Jesse James”; ABC Labels German Right But Not Left; Clift: Clinton Did More to Fight Terror Than Did Bush; New Bush Policy Recalls Reagan for Jennings; Poll Finds Media “Too Liberal”; Celebrities Denounce “Unjust” War on Terror

September 20 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings Rues Bush “Powerful Enough to Have...Own Way”; ABC: “Skepticism” for Iraq War “Runs Deep”; Brokaw Cites “Cycle of Violence” in Israel; FNC’s Asman Notes Iraqi “Lies”; Anti-Rumsfeld Protestors Elevated Visually; Lauer & Couric: Viewers Biased, Not Us; Al Hunt’s Vegas Weekend with James Carville

September 19 CyberAlert
CBS Attaches “When Did He Know It?” Verbiage to Bush; CNN Compares Bush to Foolish Cartoon Figure; NBC’s Pro-Ho Chi Minh Reporter; Jennings Highlighted Liberal Professors; NY Times Reporter Blasts SUV Owners

September 18 CyberAlert
Jennings: Iraq Allowing Inspectors “Without Conditions”; NBC Focuses on Anti-U.S. Iraqi Opinion; Tying Constitution’s Birthday to Iraq Vote; NBC Condemns Campaign Finance “Broken Promise”; More Attention for “John Walker’s Blues”; Fresh Shots at Liberals by James Woods 

September 17 CyberAlert
Cronkite Wants to Set the News "Agenda"; Star Jones Effuses Over Gore; Hillary a "Moderate" or "Keeper of the Liberal Flame"?; NY Times Baffled How "Hard-Line" Domenici Has Compassion; MSNBC Tune-Out; Gumbel to Be Replaced With a Liberal? 

September 16 CyberAlert
ABC's This Week Finds New Way to Pose Liberal Question; “Afford” a War & “Bush Tax Cut?”; Reporters Whine About Tough Job Since 9/11; “Sock” Jeb Bush; Jennings Denies Bias; Shriver Hits Campaign Trail; Walters Tired of Ragging on Clinton

September 13 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings: Bush’s “War Drums” & Iraq “Preoccupation”; “No Anti-War Constituency in Congress?”; Bush Speech “Argument” Not “Evidence”; Moyers’ Bias Awarded; NBC Uses 9/11 to Promote The West Wing

September 12 CyberAlert
Jennings’ Anti-Bush Comments Re-Run; ABC Prods War Criticism; Time for Healing Not Gettysburg; “Civil Rights Collapsed Along with... Twin Towers”; Rather Scolds Reporter; Clinton Boasts to Letterman

September 10 CyberAlert
NBC Trumpets Scott Ritter; ABC's "Magical" Iraq Solution; Cronkite: Terrorism a "Revolution of the Poor Against the Rich"; Liberal Environmentalism Will Appease Enemies; Reuters Blames U.S.

September 9 CyberAlert
Jennings "Raised with Anti-Americanism in My Blood"; Founder's "One Great Failure Was Race"; Hypocrisy on Iraq Ignored; Lauer Hostile to Arming Pilots; Germond: Liberals Are "Politically Correct Jerks"

September 6 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Only FNC Notes Unprecedented Rejection of ABA "Well-Qualified" Nominee; Washington Post Misconstrues Baker as Anti-Invasion; On FNC Kissinger Confirms NY Times Distortion; Lauer Scolds Heston

September 5 CyberAlert
Bush Iraq Predicament Own Fault; Iraq No Different Than Israel; NY Times Compounds Its Kissinger Distortion; Raines: Critics Biased; Ashcroft = Gestapo; Reuters: Anti-Human Rights War on Terror 

September 4 CyberAlert
Peter Jennings’ Resumes Campaign Against Bush’s Iraq Policy; ABC’s Liberal Labor Day Agenda; Russert Presses Anti-Tax Cut Mantra; NY Times: Osama Dead, No He’s Alive; CNN: Osama Dead AND Alive

August 30 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
The Best of CyberAlert and Media Reality Check from Over the Summer; Booing of Hillary Transformed into Applause; Letterman's “Top Ten” About Greenspan

August 28 CyberAlert
ABC: U.S. Leading Earth to Catastrophe; NY Times: Top Brit Against Iraq War, Oops, Never Mind; Estrich Concedes She Defended Clinton's “Indefensible” Behavior; Donahue's Ratings Hit Cellar

August 26 CyberAlert
How Court Cited Clinton-Era Abuses Suppressed by Networks; Washington Post Scolded Ashcroft, Ignored Clinton; NBC's Brown Perturbed Bush Gave Interview to Runner's World

August 22 CyberAlert
McKinney’s Opponent Got Money from “Supporters of Israel”; CBS vs. Katherine Harris; “Very Sensible” Left-Wing Group; CBS’s Rose Demands Clinton Get Credit; Gibson’s Clinton Tie; CNN’s Lewinsky-Lay “Separation” Game

August 21 CyberAlert
ABC: O’ Canada, Let’s Follow Thee on Iraq; “Mounting Opposition” on Iraq; Time Warns of “Secret” War Council That’s “Conservative”; “Arch-Neoconservative”; Blame “Ancient Traditions” for Chinese Killing Girl Babies

August 20 CyberAlert
Jennings Questions Bush Commitment to Beating al-Qaeda, Suggests Could be “Embarrassed” by Taliban Deaths; NY Times’s Embarrassing Correction on Cheney; McGovernite at CNBC; NBC: Tribute to American Taliban Over U.S. Soldiers

August 19 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos Rued “Cost” of Tax Cuts; NBC Followed NY Times’ Anti-Iraq War Spin; Global Warming Doubter Ridiculed; More $ for Amtrak; Koppel’s CNN Baby: “Thud”; Williams’ Offspring Goes Right?

August 16 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
“Self-Delusional Right-Wingers” in Waco; Bloomberg Chief Donated to Gore; From Clinton to the NYTimes; Cable Viewers Avoiding Donahue; Moyers Partied with Lear and Leahy

August 14 CyberAlert
ABC’s Snooty Summit Story; CNN’s John King Raised “Accelerating” Tax Cuts; Reporter Dreamed of Bush Copying Clinton; Sawyer: Spend More, Just Not on Summit; “CEO President...Aligned with Corporate Greed”; Kurtz Rebuked Colleague on Labeling

August 12 CyberAlert
Washington Post Labeled Conservatives But Not Liberals; Clinton “Our Last Legally Elected President”; ABC’s Anti-Bush Land Use Spin; “The War on Terrorism is Terrorism”; Anna Nicole’s Insight

August 8 CyberAlert
Reminder About Iraq Going Nuclear; “Firestorm” Over Bush’s Vacation?; Raines Extolled Clinton for “the Greatest Prosperity in Human History”; NYT’s “Bushophobia”; Keith’s “Warmongering Lyrics”

August 6 CyberAlert
CBS & NBC Hyped How Clinton Gave Bush Anti al-Qaeda Plan; Public Grades for Media Have “Tumbled”; More Democrats Trust CNN; CNN’s Grade Worth a “Spanking”

August 5 CyberAlert
Russert: Afford Iraq and Tax Cut?; Clift: “Awful” Tax Cut; Chen: “Huge Tax Cut”; Clinton “Inhaling Again”?; CNN Dropped in Israel; Moyers Arrested

August 2 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Cheney Like Enron?; CNN’s Kagan Scolded the Senate for Not Creating New Entitlement: “Shame on Them”; Couric Cheered Movie Plot with Adult-Minor Sex; Moyers’ Pontifications and Conflicts

August 1 CyberAlert
No Prescription Drug Plan = Death for Seniors; Sen. Robert Torricelli (?-NJ); NBC Linked Bush to Hoover; Early Show Ratings Up Post-Gumbel?; Geraldo “Smashed” Into a Bridge

July 30 CyberAlert
Bush Approval Plunged to...69%; NBC Skipped Cuban Defections; AP: Hillary Clinton a “Moderate”; FNC Noted How Media Ignore Rubin Role Because of “Near Deification” of Rubin

July 29 CyberAlert
Schieffer’s Skewed Homeland Questioning; Liaison Bollixed by Bogle; Clift Wished for Bush’s “Political Suicide”; Condit a Republican; Harry Smith’s Liberal Pontificating

July 26 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Now They Tell Us: Law Won’t Stop Corporate Crime; Traficant an “Independent”; Couric Obsessed About Bush Vacation; Pro-Abortion = “Moderate”; Flag Pins Denounced; Donahue’s False Media Critique; Bush Policy Recalled Nazism

July 24 CyberAlert
CBS: Seniors “Just Get the Shaft”; WorldCom’s GOP Ties; CNBC Anchor: Liberal Media “A Gimme”; Dancing with Reno a Reporter’s “Fantasy”

July 23 CyberAlert
Borger: Don’t Blame Clinton; CNN’s Karl Highlighted Congressional Hypocrisy; “Suspected Islamic Militants”?; 3rd Place Donahue; Jennings Special Tanked; Celebrities for Harkin

July 22 CyberAlert
Stock Market Fall: Cheney’s Fault; Russert vs. Hume on Impact of Sarbanes Bill; Hunt: “Reckless Tax Cut”; Koppel as “Smartass”

July 19 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
CNN’s Schneider: Cheney Parallels Agnew; Most Would Vote for Clinton to Solve the Corporate “Mess”; Corporate Media Hypocrisy; James Traficant (?-OH); Reporters Donated to Reich

July 18 CyberAlert
CBS: “Growing Concern” Over Cheney/Halliburton; Bush Wants to “Risk” SS Money in Stocks; Donahue: No Liberals on TV; “High-Chair” for Stephanopoulos; Bravo’s Liberal Cable News Network

July 17 CyberAlert
Greenspan's Resistance to Regulation Skipped; Bush Like Those Fleeing Titanic Dressed as Women; CNN's Jackson Dissected "Thin Reporting"; Spann "Let Down" by Bush? Adult Having Sex with Kid "Sweet" to All But Ashcroft?

July 16 CyberAlert
Only Worried About “Weaker” House Bills; More Focus on Cheney; Coulter’s Strange GMA Experience; ABC Countered Good Child Poverty Numbers; Brian Williams Now “Unbiased”; Bravo’s Cable News Drama

July 15 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos vs. Snow on Anti-Business; Corporate Misdeeds Occurred in Clinton Years; Learn from Clinton & Inundate; A Fresh “Gorbasm”; Phil Donahue Not Liberal?

July 12 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Trumpeting McCain, Bush Hypocrisy; But Bush Loans “Completely Legal”; Big Business-Bashing; Even ABC News Surprised by Attention Given Judicial Watch; 20/20 on Media Distortions

July 11 CyberAlert
Judicial Watch “Conservative” in Clinton Era, Now “Legal Advocacy Group”; JW Suddenly Newsworthy; Brown Whined About Having to Cover Clinton Scandals; Geraldo: Monica Distracted FBI from Terrorism

July 10 CyberAlert
Bush Didn’t Go Far Enough on Corporate Regulation; Bush Failed at “Personal Responsibility”; “All White” GOP “Embarrassing”; More on Couric and Reagan as an “Airhead”

July 9 CyberAlert
Bush “'Partner-in-Chief' With Big Business”; Hunt: Patriotism “the Last Refuge of Scoundrels”; ABC & CBS: Cars Cause Global Warming; Bush “Failed Miserably” on Conservation

July 2 CyberAlert
“Lot of Merit” to Pledge Ruling; 9th Only “Relatively Liberal”; “Judges United by Dedication to the Constitution”; 50 Percent Chinese Tax Rate “Only Fair”

June 27 CyberAlert
“Unorthodox” or Liberal” Court?; Sawyer Ahead of Her Time? She Dropped “Endowed by Their Creator”; Navratilova Bashed U.S.; Send a Boot to Jennings; Bye-Bye to PI

June 26 CyberAlert
Jennings Bitter Toward Bush Peace Plan; “Hardliners” Won?; WSJ’s Front Page Polemic; Couric Defended Her “Airhead” Insult of Reagan; CNN’s “Damage Control” in Israel; Chung’s Anchor Idea

June 24 CyberAlert
PBS Rejected Charlie Daniels’ Tribute, “The Last Fallen Hero”; Sunday Morning TV Too White & Male; Like a Liberal, Couric Saw a Conservative; Environmentalist Role in Fires Cited

June 20 CyberAlert
“In the Pocket of the Drug Industry”; CBS: Regulate Amusement Parks; Asner Lashed Out at the “Immoral” War on Terrorism; Dennis Miller Mocked Liberal Whining

June 19 CyberAlert
Israel “Knew,” But It Didn’t Help; CNN Distanced Itself from Ted Turner; Stephanopoulos: “Analytical,” Not “Ideological”; Today Covered Just One Side of Nick Controversy; NY Times vs. NY Times

June 17 CyberAlert
Estate Tax Repeal Effort Unpatriotic; Salivating for Enron-Bush Scandal; FNC’s Burns Scolded CNN’s Brown; Reagan Bombing of Libya Condemned; MSNBC’s No Conservative Prime Time

June 14 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Rather Adopted Liberal Environmentalist “Rollback” Spin; CNN’s Brown Insisted He Was Just “Asking Questions”; Jennings Spiked Patriotic Song?; Goldberg on Rooney’s Bias Admission

June 12 CyberAlert
Homeland Dept. to “Throw Government into Chaos”; Clinton Staff Vandalism Skipped; Diane Sawyer Wrestled Son in Bikini; Howell Raines Drew a Picture of Lewinsky; Mike Tyson Read Goldberg’s Bias

June 11 CyberAlert
CNN’s First Concern: Dirty Bomber’s Civil Rights; Rather Imputed Illogical Political Motives to Bush; John “Joe McCarthy” Ashcroft; Russert’s Anti-Tax Cut Mantra

June 7 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Dan Rather Obsessed with “Timing” of Bush Speech; Conservative Concerns About Big Government Raised; Rooney Conceded Liberal Bias, Rather is “Transparently Liberal”

June 5 CyberAlert
Bush U-Turn After He “Conceded” Warming Reality; Conservative Upset with Bush Noted by ABC; Ashcroft Hit from Left; Rather Insisted He Was “Fair” to Ashcroft; ABC’s “Secret” Reported by NBC

June 4 CyberAlert
Nets Cheered How Bush “Acknowledged” & “Conceded” Global Warming Caused by Man; Many Scientists Don’t Buy the Media Line; Clift Claimed Hillary Is a “Centrist”

June 3 CyberAlert
Donaldson: FBI Rules “Trample” on Rights, “Intimidate” Worshipers; NPR: They Take Us Back to “the Hoover Era”; Peter Jennings’ One-Sided Indictment of the Pharmaceutical Industry

May 30 CyberAlert
“Testy” Bush Had a “Hissy Fit”?; Woodruff’s Softballs to Tom and Linda Daschle; Name “Jesus” Bleeped by ABC; More of Brian Williams’ Liberal Slant

May 28 CyberAlert
Rick “RATS Ad” Berke Promoted by New York Times; More on Rather’s Insinuation that Ashcroft Selfishly Protected Himself; Miller & Walters Praised Regulation

May 24 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Anti-Bush Communists Unlabeled; Dan Rather Lashed Out at Ashcroft for Daring to Counter Slanderous Charge; Jeffords Acted on “Principle”; An Actor Who Won’t Vote for Hillary

May 23 CyberAlert
Europeans "Fearful" of Bush the "Rambo-Like Cowboy"; Rather Pushed "What Did Bush Know"; Rather Relayed False Story Impugning Ashcroft; Lauer Assumed Conservatives Intolerant; CNN's Health Care Expert: Actress Laura Dern

May 21 CyberAlert
Bush Guilty of “Hurling Insults” at Castro; Warnings to “Distract” Attention?; NBC Exploited Kid’s Letter to Bush; Hezbollah Terrorist?; Gephardt’s Excuse: I Was Just Parroting Katie Couric

May 20 CyberAlert
Stephanopoulos: "For the Most Part," White House Hasn't Lied; Clift: Bush Credibility Hurt; Media Beast's "Phony" Scandal; Koppel's Rationality; CNN's Anti-Embargo Mantra

May 17 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Gumbel Joined “When Did He Know It?” Mantra; Dan Rather Fears Being “Necklaced...the Flaming Tire of Lack of Patriotism”

May 17 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Networks Apoplectic About a White House Cover-Up; CBS and NBC Ignored How Congress Knew; White House Should Have Refused Comment?; Blood in Water at Press Briefing

May 16 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Treating It as a Bush Cover-Up: “What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?”

May 16 CyberAlert
Bush “Knew” of Impending Attack?; Embargo Dashes Hope of Cubans; Lockhart & Gore as Fundraising Ethics Authorities; Walters Not Upset by Photo Use; Hollywood Hobby: Stripping in Front of Kids

May 15 CyberAlert
Networks Hyped “Controversy” Over Bush Photo Use; Davis “Forced” to Raise Taxes; Another Begala Shot at Bush’s Legitimacy; ABC: 1984 Most Popular Book in Cuba; West Wing Plot: Sue Network News

May 14 CyberAlert
CNN Effused Over Cuba’s Great Schools & Health Care; No Retort to Carter on CBS & NBC; “No Hard Evidence” for U.S. Charge Against Cuba; NBC Boosted Liberal Award Given by the Kennedys

May 13 CyberAlert
CNN: “Every Cuban Has a Family Doctor”; CBS: Bush’s “Hard Line” Inhibiting “Positive Moves by Castro”; ABC: “U.S. Embargo...Has Fueled a Bitter Feud”; Gun Rights View “Doesn’t Make Any Sense”; Juan Williams: Quayle “Spoke the Truth”

May 10 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Spending Equals Commitment to Education; CBS Back to Global Warming; Chomsky Accurately Tagged as “Left Wing”; NBC: Maybe Quayle Was Right About Murphy Brown; 1992 Blasts at Quayle

May 9 CyberAlert
Conservative Talk Radio Succeeds Because It’s Simplistic; JFK Jr: “Political Prince in Waiting”? Liberal Group to Honor Jennings

May 8 CyberAlert
Bryant Gumbel Forced Out by CBS?; New York Times Admitted Its Photos Distorted Reality; Geraldo Pleaded with Arafat; Walters “Impressed” by “Terrific” Sen. Clinton; CNN Going for Glitz?

May 6 CyberAlert
Pilots with Guns Scare Cokie Roberts; Chomsky “Quite Conservative” to the Washington Post; GMA Picked the Kennedys as the “Most Amazing Family”; Seymour Hersh’s Tirade

May 3 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Arafat as Mr. Rogers and Bob Vila; “Massacre” to “War Crimes”; Terry Moran Smeared Dick Armey as Favoring Ethnic Cleansing; CBS News Can’t Afford Clinton; CBS’s Balanced First Monday

May 2 CyberAlert
CNN’s Franken Doubted Honesty of Camp Delta Leader; ABC and CBS Still Relaying Jenin “Massacre” Charge; Pollster Agreed that Polls Are Skewed; “Compassionate Conservative” Not “Reality”; Only FNC’s Liberal Loses in Ratings to CNN

April 30 CyberAlert
Political Agenda of Report on “Big Oil” Disguised; ABC Concerned About “Root Causes” of LA Riot; Daschle Pressed to Repeal Tax Cut; Bush “Competency” at Issue; Liberal to Run Slate; Media Money Goes Left; Military Trial for Al Qaeda on JAG

April 29 CyberAlert
U.S. Blamed for German School Shooting; CBS Discovered a New Threat: Global Cooling; Pay Cut for Peter Jennings?; GMA’s New News Reader Raised Money for Bill Bradley

April 26 CyberAlert Extra Edition
Did David Brock Dissemble on CNN’s Crossfire About Whether He’s Been Interviewed on the Fox News Channel?

April 26 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Palestinian Bombers Called “Victims” by Dan Rather; Goldberg Made It Onto Today, But Paired with Left-Winger; Stephanopoulos’s Anti-Israeli Sister; George to Plunk Down $2M Plus for DC Home

April 25 CyberAlert
Bush Matching Clinton in “Scandalous Fundraising”; CNN’s Cop-Out on Bias; NBC’s Mitchell: Cheney Really “Running the Show”; A Movie Star Chose TV Wrestling Over the Clinton White House

April 24 CyberAlert Extra Edition
MRC in NY Post; Real Politicos on The West Wing

April 23 CyberAlert
Jennings’ New Way to Criticize Israel; NBC Aided Gore’s View of Global Warming; CNN Anchor: All Bush Wants to Do With Land Is “Dig it Up”; Three “Conservative” Tags; CNN’s Pre-Conceived Agenda & Newest Liberal

April 22 CyberAlert
Pro-Palestinian March Covered, Pro-Israel One Skipped; WashPost Reporter Rebuked for Criticizing Gore; Contrasting Headlines for Same AP Story; Another Begala Cheap Shot at Bush; SNL Mocked Alec Baldwin’s Threat to Leave if Bush Won

April 19 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Credence to "Massacre" Claims; CNN’s Brown Scolded Ashcroft; This Week with George Stephanopoulos; From CyberAlert Readers: "Top Ten Reasons Bryant Gumbel is Leaving The Early Show."

April 18 CyberAlert
Rather Recognized Terrorists; Bush’s "Mammoth" Tax Cut; Clinton Praised Helen Thomas; Time’s Kid Liberal; Media Label Liberals More?

April 16 CyberAlert
Peter’s Palestinian Proclivity; Palestinian Teens "Trapped" in U.S. Understand "Despair" of Suicide Bombers; "No Greater Honor" Than to Kill Jews; Alec Baldwin Denied Saying He’d Leave U.S., But

April 15 CyberAlert
60M Skipped Clinton’s Enron Tie; Stephanopoulos This Week’s Solo Host; Gumbel Chided "Far Right" on Powell; Saudi Suicide Aid Noted

April 12 CyberAlert Weekend Editon
Congressman James Traficant (?-OH); Saudi Aid to Suicide Bombers Skipped; Terrorist and Victim Equated; MSNBC Imitating FNC?

April 11 CyberAlert
Cloning Opponents Labeled; Arab/Arafat Defiance Ignored; MSNBC’s "Leftist" Producer; Jennings on Goldberg & Bias; PBS’s CBS Liberal

April 9 CyberAlert
Israel Creating More Bombers; Israel Treated as Suspect; Gumbel’s Last Shots; Lamb’s Lament; Banfield’s About Face on Osama Interview

April 5 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Peter’s Pro-Palestinian Spin; And His Palestinian Friend; Gumbel Prodded Arabs to Attack Israel; Moyers Rant; FNC’s Liberal Bias?

April 4 CyberAlert Extra
Bye-Bye Bryant: Gumbel Announced His Departure from The Early Show; Highlights of Gumbel’s History of Liberal Bias

April 4 CyberAlert
Piling On Israel Bashing; Treat Palestinians Like the Taliban?; Give Osama a Platform; Comedian Tougher on Brock Than CNN & NBC

April 3 CyberAlert
Jennings’ Anti-Israel Skew; Thomas’s Pro-Palestinian Push; Bush Illegitimate to CNN’s New Host; West Wing’s Latest Liberal Rants

April 2 CyberAlert
ABC Scolded Pro-Israel Policy; Terrorists as "Freedom Fighters"; Today Promoted Slavery Reparations; MSNBC Pursuing Phil Donahue?

March 29 CyberAlert Weekend Edition
Jennings: Hezbollah Not Terrorist; CBS & CNN Wrong on Energy Claims; Tax Cuts Hurt Elderly; Leno: Clinton Had "Good Record"

March 27 CyberAlert
Bush "Influence Peddling?"; CBS Promoted as "Landmark" a Slavery Reparations Lawsuit; On JAG a Reporter Conveyed "Sincere Regret"

March 26 CyberAlert
U.S. "Imperialism"; Oscar Smear Campaign Analogized to Helms; Bye-Bye Bryant?; WashPost Reporter Sees Bias; Chung’s CNN Try-Out

March 25 CyberAlert 
A Brit’s "God Bless America"; Clintonite Candidates Celebrated; Global Warming Blamed; On JAG a Reporter Ruins a Secret Mission

March 22 CyberAlert Weekend Edition 
Finance Reform "At Long Last"; Lauer’s Switch on Tax Cuts; Terrorism Pay-Off for Arafat; Editor Takes Liberal Bias Seriously

March 21 CyberAlert
Jennings Scolds Ashcroft; CFR "Finally" Passed; Bush Team Too Secretive; Global Warming To Blame Again; Aaron "Skippy" Brown

March 19 CyberAlert
Brock Challenged by FNC; Catholics "Allayed" or "Reeling"? Fox’s Fun Over Terrorism; Kid on ABC: "I Want to Watch Letterman!"

March 18 CyberAlert 
"Environment...the Big Loser"; More Crusading by Sawyer; Anti-FNC Rant from CNN’s Aaron Brown; James Garner No Conservative

March 15 CyberAlert Weekend Edition 
Two Hours Pushing Rosie’s Agenda; "Flag Waving" Has "Infected Journalism"; NBC on the Real Arafat; Fonda’s Vietnam Revisionism

March 14 CyberAlert
Today Showcases Brock’s Smears; Gumbel: "Texas Justice is an Oxymoron"; Guantanamo Detainee Complaint Played; A Born "Fetus"?

March 12 CyberAlert 
Upset Bush Not Focusing on Osama; Media Money Goes to Politicians; Concerned About Conservative Bias & Jingoism; Dave Praised Koppel

March 11 CyberAlert 
Clinton’s Greatness "Crippled"; Afghanistan = Vietnam; Bill Simon "Anti-Everything"; Florida Vote More Damaging Than Terrorism

March 8 CyberAlert: Weekend Edition 
All Tax Cuts "Huge" to CBS?; CNN: Klein’s Clinton Book "Balanced"; Today Featured Bruni’s "Ambling Into History" & EPA’s Bush-Basher

March 7 CyberAlert
CBS Firsts: Too Far Left & Klan; Pentagon Reporters Assume Worst; Ted Koppel’s Liberal Prism; PBS Discovered Media Bias...on FNC

March 6 CyberAlert 
Rather’s Tribute to Valor; Helen Thomas’s Rant Against War Strategy; NBC’s West Wing "Non-Political"? Hardly; Koppel Top Ten?

March 4 CyberAlert 
EPA Bush-Basher Extolled; Cronkite Helps Liberal Group; New Book Details How Media Distort Polls; Burleigh Now Worried for "Unborn"

February 28 CyberAlert 
"Bellicose Language" Blamed; Terror Suspect a Victim to ABC; NYT Euphemisms for Plagiarism; Bush’s "Brown-Shirted Thugs"; CNN v FNC

February 26 CyberAlert 
NBC: Clinton Helped Enron; Clinton Ties Buried By Papers; Thomas Raises Iran-Contra; NYT: "McCarthy Years...Similar to the Present"

February 25 CyberAlert 
Pickering’s Enemies Not Liberal; Clift: Gore "Should Have" Become President; CNN: Ted Kennedy "Roaring on Behalf of the Voiceless"

February 22 CyberAlert: Weekend Edition 
Ashamed of American Patriotism; Rather’s Pep Talk; Who Didn’t Take Off Lens Cap?; Movie Agenda Admired; Goldberg Trashed by Neuharth

February 20 CyberAlert 
Bush "Too Militaristic"; South Korean Support Skipped; Moore: Bush Should Resign; Banfield Boasts She’s Not American; CNN: Lost Time

February 19 CyberAlert 
Bush’s Unwise "Saber Rattling"; Racial Counting Mandated by ABC; Time: "Noble" Campaign Finance Reform; Expose of Bill Moyers

February 18 CyberAlert 
Bias Book Spiked by ABC, CBS, & NBC; Goldberg Recounted Angry Reaction from His Colleagues to Him and the Idea of Liberal Bias

February 15 CyberAlert Weekend Edition: 
Only Gore’s Take Relevant; McCain As CBS’s Expert; Hsia’s Light Penalty; Powell Hit by MTV with Anti-U.S. Views; Lay Worse

February 14 CyberAlert 
Finance Reform "Finally"; CNN’s Dobbs Provided Contrarian View; Anti-U.S. March in Iran Heralded as Anti-Bush; NYT’s Rubin Tribute

February 12 CyberAlert: Extra 
Ted Turner Called Terrorists "Brave," Blamed 9-11 on Poverty, Denounced Bush as "Julius Caesar," Forecast Environmental Collapse

February 12 CyberAlert 
NBC Found Global Crossing; CBS Buried Preference for Democrats; ABC Rued "Huge" Budget Cuts; Bill Clinton Still "Honest" to Rather

February 11 CyberAlert 
Budget = "Enron Accounting"; Worried About Too Much Nationalism; Bus Money to Canada for Jennings; Van Susteren’s Clinton Defense

February 8 CyberAlert: Weekend Edition 
Don’t Let Patriotism Mar Olympics; NBC: Women Good, Men Bad; No Snow?: Global Warming; CNN Off Track on Amtrak; Alter’s Obsession

February 6 CyberAlert 
U.S. War on "Innocent Civilians"; Fawning Over "Clinton at the Waldorf"; Traficant Fired Back; Pearl Abduction: Blame Conservatives

February 5 CyberAlert 
CBS Illustrated Liberal Point; CBS Didn’t Correct Enron Tax Story; Van Susteren’s Liberal Debut on FNC; Novak’s Quiz for Donaldson

February 4 CyberAlert 
Complaining About Budget Cuts; Bush "Conjuring Up an Enemy" to Justify Missile Defense; Refurbished Greta; Prime Time Stem Cells

February 1 CyberAlert 
"Right Into Cheney’s Office"; Bush’s "Assault on Women’s Rights"; Gumbel Pushed King Abdullah to Denounce Bush; GMA Fond of Fonda

January 31 CyberAlert 
Bush Plan: "Enron for Everybody"; Bush’s "Threat" to Daschle on Hearings; NPR Retracted Smear; Russert: "The Late Newt Gingrich"

January 30 CyberAlert: State of the Union Edition 
Bush Rebuked on Tax Cut, Not Calling for Campaign Finance Reform; Bush Chided for Not Citing Enron; CNN Essayist Found Speech "Unnerving"; NY Times’s Poll Result Slant

January 29 CyberAlert
Bush "Lying" About Enron?; Rather Tied Cheney to Enron Shafting Staff; Couric Rebuked O’Connor on Bush v. Gore; Susteren’s Whining

January 28 CyberAlert 
Paranoia: Lindh Repressed Enron; Campaign Finance "Reform" Hopes; Hillary Still Victimized by the VRWC; Ombudsman Concedes Bias

January 25 CyberAlert
 "Blacklist" of Lindh & Arabs?; So Much for CNN’s Conservative Outreach; Somalian Victims; Thomas Rebuked; ABC News Banned C-SPAN

January 23 CyberAlert: Extra 
Connie Chung’s Record of Liberal Advocacy at NBC, CBS and ABC. And Now CNN?; Chung & Newt’s Mom; How Rather Backstabbed Chung

January 23 CyberAlert
"Hue and Cry" Over Detainees; U.S. the Real Threat to Human Rights; Chelsea for President!; Director Robert Altman: U.S. Flag "A Joke"

January 22 CyberAlert 
Walker More Poet Than Terrorist; NYT Befuddled: More in Prison, Crime Down; Goldberg Fires Back; No Evidence of Media Bias

January 21 CyberAlert 
Moyers: Polluter-Bush Alliance; "Outrageous" Corporate Tax Dodge; Jennings Realizes Enron Bi-Partisan; "Excessive Hatred" of Clinton

January 18 CyberAlert: Weekend Edition 
"Dishonor" Winners Announced; Quote of the Year Picked by Audience; David Limbaugh Reported Rush's Hearing at "80 Percent"

January 16 CyberAlert 
Dobbs: Enron Gave to Dems Too; Not Even a "Whiff" of Scandal; Clinton's Links to Tyson Downplayed; Suffering Al Qaeda Prisoners

January 14 CyberAlert 
Bush Non-Favors a Scandal; "When Did They Know?" CBS Ignored Rubin, Had Time for Prince Harry’s Pot; Calls for Campaign Finance "Reform"

January 11 CyberAlert: Weekend Edition 
Enron as "Bush's Whitewater"; And "Worse" Than Whitewater; To CNN, Arafat is the Victim; Kinsley Insulted Goldberg as "Dense"

January 9 CyberAlert 
New Moyers PBS Show; Media-Generated Bush "Pakis" Hype; More Engberg Bias; Al Michaels Hit on Begala; ABC: President’s Ranch in Scotland

January 8 CyberAlert 
Tax Cut Deepened Recession; Salute to Engberg's Sleuthing; Shales: Goldberg a "No-Talent Hack"; CNN's Greenfield Cited MRC on Gumbel

January 7 CyberAlert 
Russert Presses to Annul Tax Cut; "Truth" = Taxes Must Be Raised; More SUV-Bashing; Even Maher Sees Media Bias; Bye-Bye Eric Engberg

January 3 CyberAlert 
FNC Hires Another Starr-Basher; Rosie for Reno; Pro-Life Murderer on NBC; Two Weeks Until Dishonor Awards; 4th and 5th Runners-Up

January 2 CyberAlert 
NY Times Flip on Rehnquist Rebuke; Washington Post's Euro-Envy; Another Complaint about "Patriotism" from Jennings; 3rd Runners-Up




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