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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRCís News Division since the MRCís 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Bakerís mailing list of cyber-subscribers.


December 31:
Best Notable Quotables of 1997: Second & Third Runners-Up

December 30:
Newsweek Skips Lawrence; AIDS Reality; Best of NQ Runners-Up

December 29:
Weatherman Won Over, Best of Notable Quotables Tenth Annual Awards

December 19:
ABC's Labeling Disparity; Lawrence Lies; Sam's Sociology

December 17:
Entertainment Edition: Baldwin for Senate? Klink Attacks Right

December 15:
Missing Cisneros; Applauding Lee; Full Gore on Kyoto

December 10:
Notes Skipped by ABC; Koppel Disparages Warming Doubters

December 8:
CBS Ignores Lawrence; Carlson Blames Campaign Finance

December 5:
Lawrence Lie Buried by CBS&NBC; Gumbel's Blast, Warming Study

December 3:
No O'Leary & No Conspiracy; Reno's Image; King Rips Talk Radio

December 1:
Foreign $ Forgotten; Lister as Victim; Maher Mars Reagan

November 25:
Turner Hires a Liberal; Whitewater Check Not Checked

November 24:
Nets Never Touched Arlington; But Some Admit Believability

November 21:
Arlington Buried; Babies Before Baghdad; No Liberal Teamster Tie

November 18:
Entertainment Edition: Touched by the Left; Abortion Required

November 17:
Only CBS (Barely) Concerned About China $; Arctic Angles; Latest NQ

November 14:
Chung Chopped Off; Jones' Backers; Five Forgotten Facts

November 12:
Au Pair Before War; NBC Picks Up Whitewater Check; Harsh to Hersh

November 10:
CBS Blamed a Crime Victim; Clinton Absolved, But Reagan Blamed

November 7:
Praising Bill Lan Lee; X-Files on the Military's Cold War Hoax

November 6:
Election Spinning; Clinton Got Best Press on Fundraising

November 5:
Special Entertainment Edition: TV's Liberal Advocacy

November 4:
Rather's Discrimination; Banned in Boston by Liberal Intolerance?

November 3:
Yawning At Thompson; Nets Less Interested Than Public; Latest NQ

October 31:
Babbitt Battles the Nanny; Where's Trie?; MRC on CNN

October 30:
Thompson's Drug Scandal; Clinton as Human Rights Crusader

October 29:
Gumbel Goes Tab; Ted's Sorry He Had 5 Kids; Nets vs. Letterman

October 28:
Indonesian Gardener Talks But Nets Don't Listen; Hillary in the AM

October 27:
Shaw's Nanny Problem; Global Warming Distortions

October 24:
Nanny Over Fundraising; Child Care Crisis Silent No More

October 22:
Fundraising Bores Public; More Quotes of the Decade

October 21:
Clinton Call Letter; Starr's Gestapo Tactics Toward McDougal

October 20:
Stars Help Al and Hillary; Special NQ, A Decade of Bias

October 17:
Small COLA Bad; Admiring Hillary's Liberalism; Skipping Video News

October 16:
Herpes Before Video; Fred "Oliver Stone" Thompson

October 15:
Blame Lott, Not Ickes or Clinton; Overlooking TempleLaundering

October 14:
Reno Off Limits to Newt?; Nothing Sacred Confronts Abortion

October 10:
Reagan Did It Too; Post Promoted Counsel's "Integrity"

October 9:
Couric's Curt Campaign Reform Combat; No Clinton Scandal on CNN

October 8:
Nets Bemoan "Reform" Loss; Gumbel Bombs; Liberal Sit-Coms

October 7:
Video Clears Clinton; Reno Not Castigated; "Blunt" Admission of Mistake

October 6:
CNN & "Scandal;" NBC's Tribute to Anita Hill; Latest NQ

October 3:
State Scheme Skipped; PK's Enemies; Gumbel's Back

October 2:
Breaking Promise Keepers; Hyping Anita Hill's Tale

September 30:
Invoking Reagan; Katie Couric Outed; Either "Faithful" or "Far Right"

September 29:
McConnell No Hero to NBC; CBS's Schieffer Blames His Bias on GOP

September 26:
Clinton on Race; Rather Attacks CBS?; "Republican" Starr

September 25:
Union-DNC Funnel Muzzled; Partisan Push; ABC's Liberal Priest

September 24:
Recounting IRS Abuse; Cokie's Soft Dream; Peter, Marv & a Woman

September 23:
Reno Leads, But Law Archaic; UPN's Murdering Businessmen

September 22:
NBC Skipped Meddoff; Pushing "Reform;" Turner's Logic

September 19:
Campaigning for Campaign Reform; MSNBC Priorities

September 18:
Two Nets Skip Hearing; Plante's Theory Uprooted; Kelley Call

September 17:
ABC Has Anti-Paula Policy; Jennings Reverses on Mother Teresa

September 16:
Bashing Jesse; Emmy Sermon; CNN Defends Itself on Hearings

September 15:
Gore & China Connection Ignored; Trashing Mother Teresa

September 12:
Berger Bumped; Networks Shamed into Covering Mother Teresa

September 11:
Morning Blackout; MSNBC & CNN Double Standard; Korean Famine

September 10:
ABC Ignored Fowler; Gumbel: Conservatives Don't Care

September 9:
Mother Teresa Trumped Again; CNN's Clinton FOB Says No to Scandal

September 8:
Gore Ignored; Mother Teresa Crushed by Diana

September 5:
Diana Dunks the Monks; Gore's Image Hurt; Hume Hits

September 4:
Diana Before Al Gore; Murdoch a Murderer?; Bye-bye Joan

September 3:
Clift & Carlson Not Liberal in Conservative Dominated Media

September 2:
Espy Blackout; CNN's President Must Pay; O'Leary Ignored

August 25:
Even Liberals (Not in Media) Realize Media Tilt Left; Latest NQ

August 21:
Zilch on O'Leary; Editors Wonder About Lost Credibility

August 20:
Chung's Charge; Teamsters Won; Diversity Would Have Pulled the Plunger

August 19:
Clinton's Celebrity Vacation; CBS Salutes the NEA

August 18:
Public Couldn't Follow Hearings; Coverage Boosts Teamsters

August 14:
Helms the Terrorist; Don't Blame Communism; Cunanan Tops Fundraising

August 13:
Welfare Disaster Averted; Crediting Bush's Tax Hike; Elvis

August 12:
GOP Gaffe Before Democratic Swastika; Killer Lawnmowers

August 11:
Democratic Obstructionism Spiked Again; MSNBC's Tabloid Priorities

August 8:
No Interest in Clinton Calls; Helms a Bigot; Nets Gun It for Guns

August 7:
Kaplan's Clinton Claims; "Bravo" to Tax Hikers; Conking Connerly

August 6:
Clinton Buddy & Adviser Takes Over CNN; Al Gore's Calls Ignored

August 5:
CNN Jumps on Giuliani But Drops Willey; Ray Brady's Bad Bias

August 4:
GMA Noted Lack of Hearings Coverage; Class Envy on Tax Bill

August 1:
ABC Finds GOP Abuse and Follows McCurry's Wish on Jones

July 31:
Nets Finally Find Hearings Newsworthy; CBS on Clinton's Harassing

July 30:
Money Laundering Piques Nets; Budget Deal Leads

July 29:
Chung Chopped; Democrat's Nazi Ignored; Flustered on Flushing

July 28:
WH Solicitation; Hearings Important; Media Reporter Scolds Nets

July 25:
Barbour Talks, Nets Discover Hearings; Clinton's Calls Clipped

July 24:
Morning Blackout; 2 of 3 Skip Immunity; Newt's "Asinine" Idea

July 23:
A CBS Diversion; Nothing Criminal Here; Cult of Christianity

July 22:
Trie's Treat; NBC on Riady in '92; Forbes "An Ugly Thing"

July 21:
ABC's First Soundbite; Everyone Does It; Molinari vs. Bradley

July 18:
Two of 3 Ignore Hearings in AM & PM; FNC Scores; Bradley Starts

July 17:
ABC & NBC Spike Hearings; Even New York Times Finds Newsworthiness

July 16:
Hearings Get 26 Seconds on ABC; Hume Sees Bias in Coverage

July 15:
System's the Problem; Save NEA; Top GOPer Denies Media Bias

July 14:
No Hearing for Hearings in the Morning; Joe Camel vs. Mickey

July 11:
More Bruising of Brownback than Telling What Sullivan Says

July 10:
MSNBC Dumps Out; ABC Shows Nothing of Hearings; ER's Liberal Star

July 9:
Russert vs. NBC; No One's at Fault, It's the System

July 8:
Hearings Slighted; CBS Focuses on GOP's Deadbeat Dad Donor

July 7:
CBS Focuses on GOP; Rush's Win; Conservative-Bashing Kuralt

July 3:
McRee's Angles; Stomping Stephanopoulos; Blumenthal's Bombast

July 2:
Carlson's Class Warfare; Celebrities Pitch in for Bill; Latest NQ

July 1:
Foreign Scheme Begun in 1991; Stinging Starr; Top Ten

June 30:
Clinton's Calls Clipped; CBS Slams Brady Decision

June 27:
Tarring Starr; Letting Gore Off; Hushing Up Hubbell's Fraud

June 26:
Sex Slant Against Starr; Pruning Trie's Story; Where's Brown?

June 25:
Fewer Conservative Journalists; Disney Appeases Liberals

June 24:
Jumping on Jones; Blaming Capitalism for Chinese Oppression

June 23:
Brown Blackout; If Only McGovern Won; Russert Sticks Left

June 20:
Everyone Ignores Brown Revelations; Reporter Backs Quotas

June 19:
Scoop on Ron Brown; Today's Double Standard on David Brock

June 17:
PBS Claims Scandals Overplayed; CBS Denounces Talk Radio

June 16:
Racial Imbalance; Businessmen as Murders; Letterman's Top Ten

June 13:
Better Late Than Never: CBS & NBC on Fundraising; Latest NQ

June 12:
CBS Delivers Disaster Aid to Dems; Clinton a Great Father

June 11:
Huang's Secrets

June 10:
Purgatory for Molinari; Higher Taxes or We Create Another Hitler

June 9:
ABC & NBC Ignore Dead; GOP's Disastrous Disaster; Clift's Idea

June 6:
Tamraz Tanked; Molinari Complaints; Top Ten on Clinton

June 4:
Special flash notice edition

June 3:
Re-writing Reaganomics; FNC Beats MSNBC

June 2:
Special Entertainment Edition. "F*** Reagan"

May 31:
MRC on CNN; Clinton & Blair Both to Center?; Latest NQ

May 29:
YES! with Marv; Skipping Huang; More Liberals Than Molinari's

May 28:
Avoiding Clinton's Demand; Conservative Basher; Memorial Priorities

May 27:
Huang's China Sport; Journalists Aid the Enemy; Why Brokaw's Leaving

May 22:
Light on Lums; Equating Tuskegee to End of Quotas

May 21:
Networks Afraid of Partial-Birth; Hubbell's Son; Poor Susan

May 20:
Brokaw's Budget Baloney; Right-Wing Communists

May 17:
Liberals Promoted at CBS & ABC; Reporter Confronts Police; Latest NQ

May 15:
Partial-Birth Dearth; Advocating Scandinavian Socialism

May 14:
Conservative Bias?; Post Reporter's Conservative Budget Bashing

May 13:
Bananas First; Chinese Agent Eats with Clinton

May 10:
Make Feds Pay for Schools; ABC Pounces on RNC

May 8:
No Thinking from Rush; Family Hour Full of Sex & Obscenities

May 7:
Hollywood Hype for Bill & Al; No More Big Government?

May 6:
Hopping Around Hubbell; Real Budget Numbers

May 5:
Friday's Deal: Imaginary Budget Cuts; Awful Tax Cuts

May 2:
Clinton's Balanced Budget Legacy; Latest NQ

May 1:
More on Chelsea Than Reno; No Burton Correction

April 30:
"Arch" Labeling; Socialized Medicine; "Strange" Dan Rather

April 29:
Nets Use Volunteer Summit as Platform to Demand More Spending

April 28:
Brokaw Volunteers More Spending, Ellen Endorses Quayle

April 25:
Tapegate Avoided; Biting Burton; Chain Saw Ted

April 24:
Susan McDougal a Martyr; Hard Right Ralph; Katie on Buns

April 23:
Larry King's Clinton Spin; Washington Post Labeling

April 22:
Hubbell Yawn; PBS Fights for Food Stamps

April 21:
Posting Bail for Newt; Liberal Bias Has Passed

April 18:
CBS Cites Newt-Dole Tobacco Connection; Latest NQ

April 17:
Letting Clinton Blow Smoke; More Fundraising Rules

April 16:
Time's Labeling; Ginsberg's Reality; Firing Back at Newt

April 15:
McDougal the Felon; Cut F-22 But Not Welfare

April 14:
Diversion Spiked; Crackpot Burton; Women Underpaid

April 9:
Advocating for Arafat; Gartner's Pulitzer for Liberalism

April 8:
TV Reporter Offers Money to Hubbell; Saving Salinger

April 7:
NBC Says Clinton is Hubbell's Victim; Poisoned Brains

April 3:
Contract with America Too Conservative; Grand Grenada Conspiracy

April 2:
NBC Finds Sleaze -- In London; Brokaw's Temper

March 31:
Talk Radio Conspiracies; Bank Robbing Journalists

March 28:
Praising Newt's Moderation; Cronkite's "humane" liberalism

March 26:
TV Skips Over Religion; Cronkite: U.S. Not a Democracy

March 25:
Pedophilia Blame Conservatives; Cronkite's Dream

March 24:
Rather Wrong; Hunt's Hit; Fawning over Finland

March 20:
All Nets Burton Bound; "Conservative" Sierra Club

March 19:
What 60 Minutes Will Show; Clinton Hammered Last Fall?

March 18:
Rosenberg a Victim; Lashing Limbaugh

March 17:
Hume Hits Pierre; 60 Minutes Avoids Full Story

March 14:
TV Bored with Scandal; Gumbel Gets Big Bucks

March 11:
Reporting Matches Polling; Basketball Baby; Latest NQ

March 10:
ABC Catches Up; Zahn Zaps Welfare; New Poll

March 7:
NBC's Liberal Reform Spin; Cronkite Bashes Christian Coalition

March 6:
ABC Ignores Scandals; Not Nixonian; Brokaw Hits Rather

March 5:
More on Fat Than Funds; Brokaw's Welfare Bash

March 4:
Quayle Did It Too; Good that BBA Lost

February 27:
ABC Downplays Overnights While Staffer Contributes

February 25:
Conservative Dr. K; CBS on Guns; ABC's Liberal Director

February 24:
"Republican" Ken Starr; Welfare Trouble; New NQ

February 21:
"Posh" GOP Fundraising; Communist OK -- He Sings Elvis

February 19:
CBS's Prime Time Sermon; Brokaw's Butt

February 18:
Russert vs. Donaldson; Media Companies Love Democrats

February 17:
ABC Too Arrogant to Debate Food Lion; Sawyer's Battle?

February 16:
China Tie Quickly Dropped; Horrible Hollywood Attack

February 12:
Clinton Contradiction Not News; Swearing & Sex OK for Kids

February 11:
Scandal Discoveries Ignored; Food Lion in Prime Time

February 7:
Ickes Ignored; Too Little OJ; Not Reading National Review

February 5:
CBS Wacks Watts; Can't Find Liberals Anywhere

February 4:
Nets Play Catch-Up; Broder from the Left; Clinton the Forgiver

February 3:
Database Discovered; Stahl Denies Bias; CNN's Spins

January 30:
Clinton as Victim; CBS takes on Grocery; Gumbel to Stay?

January 28:
Today's Gore Journey; ABC Exec on bias; NQ

January 27:
All Guilty on Fundraising; Hume on Hell; Lyin on Food Lion

January 23:
Nets Claim Food Lion Story True; CNN Hiring Liberals

January 22:
Clinton Innocent; Poetic Justice for Newt; Clift's Confusion

January 20:
Stars on Clinton; Hillary Misunderstood; CBS finds Bias

January 17:
DNC Revelations Ignored; Clymer the Democratic Adviser

January 16:
Dismissing Tapegate; Bill Moyers Not Liberal?

January 11:
Paula Ignored; Jennings Rationalizes Theft; Newt as Lenin

January 6:
Gumbel: Blacks Can't Be Right; Cronkite Wants Censorship: Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar: Zero! Bye-bye




"The MRC is the indispensable counter-punch to liberal reporting, providing timely, accurate, and balanced analyses of the most egregious examples of media bias." 
Robert D. Novak
CNN Crossfire Co-Host and Nationally Syndicated Columnist 


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