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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC’s News Division since the MRC’s 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker’s mailing list of cyber-subscribers.

December 31
Clinton Enabled Military Win

December 28: Weekend Edition
Time Still Pines for "Gorby"

December 27
A Survivor Contestant Denounced the News Media

December 26
Jennings Cited "Root Causes"

December 20
More About U.S. Abusing Walker; Goldberg Book a Best-Seller

December 19
Worried About Walker's Rights

December 18
Bin Laden = Ashcroft; Katie Couric Gushed Over Jim Jeffords

December 17
Taxes Cut "As Much As Possible"; ABC Not Liberal Enough

December 13
Still Smarting Over Gore Loss; Goldberg Cited MRC

December 11
Ruing No Al Qaeda "In Custody"; MRC in VRWC

December 10
CNN's Familiar Slogan: "We Report, You Decide"

December 07: Weekend Edition
Today Show's Idea of Balance

December 05
Hamas Not Terrorist to Jennings; Thanks for the Bombing

December 04
"Restrain the Israelis?"; Pat Leahy's View Endorsed

December 03
Book Details Bias Inside CBS; Tax Cuts Blamed for Recession

November 29
"Home-Grown" as Bad as al Qaeda?; Rather with Marines?

November 28
Worrying About Civil Rights; Taliban "Law and Order"

November 27
Media Must React to Criticism; Why Another Book About Reagan?

November 26
Hurt Reporters Pentagon's Fault?; Vidal: U.S. Got Its Comeuppance

November 20
Jennings Told: "Nobody Likes You"

November 19
Parody of Reporters on SNL; "Terrorist" Too "Judgmental" for BBC

November 16: Weekend Edition
Sept. 11 Not "Terrorism" to BBC

November 15
CNN: Taliban Kept "Law and Order"; Vietnam Analogies

November 13
"Terrorist" U.S. Navy?; Rather Didn't Correct 2000 Error

November 12
Bush Drew Viewers to ABC; More on Clinton Speech

November 09: Weekend Edition
ABC's Down Spin on War Poll

November 07
Confused Criticism of Rumsfeld; NPR Retraction

November 06
Taliban Want Another Media Tour; Westin Coverage

November 05
CNN Defended Taliban Propaganda; Ailes Explained Rivera Hiring

November 02: Weekend Edition
ABC & CNN Took the Taliban Tour

November 01
"U.S. Is Targeting Civilians"; Kite Flying in Kandahar

October 31
Extra: ABC President David Westin Has Apologized

October 31
ABC's PR "Boon" for the Taliban; Geraldo Scolded the Media

October 30
War Not Going Fast Enough; Dan Rather Blamed U.S. for Funeral

October 29
Pentagon a Legitimate Target?; Diversity Before Accuracy

October 26: Weekend Edition
ABC as Gullible as Pakistanis

October 24
Video of Deaths U.S. Caused; Pull the Cipro Patent

October 18
Brokaw's Moral Equivalence; CNN's Platform for a Terrorist

October 16
So Far, No Defeats for Taliban; "Urge to Be Unbiased"

October 15
Kids' Bucks Vile "Propaganda"; Brokaw's Anger

October 12: Weekend Edition
"Taliban Officials Say"; Reagan Oldest Ever

October 11
Jennings Mad at Pentagon; U.S. & Taliban Kill "Innocents"

October 10
U.S. "Making Matters Worse?"; U.S. Supports Terrorism

October 09
U.S. Food Drops Just Propaganda; Tough Words from James Woods

October 05: Weekend Edition
Rooney to Apologize to Bush 

October 03
Dan "The Hawk" Rather; "Fox News is Not Located in Switzerland."

October 01
CBS's Liberal Senator; CNN "Terrorist" Update

September 28: Weekend Edition
Must Federalize Screeners; Granny Demented

September 27
Reagan Killed "Lots" of Kids; Flag Stands for "Xenophobia"

September 25
No "Terrorists" at Reuters; No Lapel Flags for ABC News

September 24
Americans 1st, Journalists 2nd; Bush Scolded for Invoking God

September 21: Weekend Edition
Bush’s "Powerful Speech"

September 19
Maher: We're "Cowards"; What Jennings Really Said

September 18
Dan Rather’s Patriotic Fervor; Newsweek: "God Bless America" 

September 17
Rukeyser’s Inspiring Comments

September 14: Weekend Edition
The Stirring "The Americans"

September 13
MRC Defers Media Bias Analysis of Terrorist Attack Coverage

September 11
ABC Leapt on Anti-Tax Cut Poll; Justices on the "Dark Side"

September 10
Bush "Taking from Granny"; Condit Linked to Bush

September 06
"Threats to Social Security"; "Conservatives" Block "Miracle Cures"

September 05
Not Enough to Spend; Will Reno Run on Clinton "Accomplishments"?

September 04
Powell to Block "Extreme Things"; Liberal Bias Confirmed

August 31: Weekend Edition
NBC News "Cheering for Gore"; Clift Defended Condit

August 30
Media Too Nice to "Racist" Helms; 6% of Media "Conservative"

August 29
Holiday Gas Price Scam; CBS Conceded False SS Fears

August 28
"Surplus Vanishes Into Thin Air"; Condit a "Very Conservative Democrat"

August 27
"Lock Box" & "Trust Fund" Mantra; Condit Defended by Maher

August 24: Weekend Edition
Chung: Condit "Conservative"

August 23
"Social Security Money at Risk?"; Surplus "Erased" by Tax Cut

August 22
"Race-Baiting" Helms; And He Fought "Help for AIDS Patients"

August 21
Roll Back the Tax Cut?; Dangerous Home Schooling

August 20
Corrected on SS "Trust Fund"; French Admired for Rejecting Bush

August 17: Weekend Edition
Tax Cut Blamed for Shortfall; "Conservatives Use Floggings..."

August 15
Bush Trip Skipped; Gumbel and Couric Advocated on Behalf of Texas Murderers

August 13
Scientists Disappointed; Bush’s Speech Was "Clintonian"

August 10: Weekend Edition
"Very Limited Research" Rued; Dan Rather: Replace CBS With a Newspaper

August 9
Bush’s "Excessive" Vacation; CBS: Bush’s "Disastrous Presidency"

August 7
"Dazzled" by "Candid" Clinton; Bush Vacationing 42% of Time

August 6
Norwood Like "Patty Hearst"; Dictator’s Hit on Bush

August 3: Weekend Edition
ABC Ignored Bush Approval Hike; Condit to CBS?

August 2
Bush "Too Close to Big Oil"; Hudson Dredging Approved

August 1
"Negative" Assessment of Bush?; Geraldo Thrilled by Clinton’s "Hero’s Welcome"

July 31
Clinton An "Honorary Homeboy"; Nets Focused On Celebration for Clinton's Office

July 30
CBS’s Hanssen-Reagan Link; Arsenic Rule Distorted; Bush "Doesn’t Play Well with Others"

July 27: Weekend Edition
Dems Not Chided for Breaking NAFTA; No Watermelon in Watermelon Roll-Ups!

July 26
Bush Chided for Vacating Treaties; CBS on Why CPSC Pick "Should be Recalled"

July 24
"Lecture" & "Tongue Lashing"; "Paying Price" for Standing with NRA?

July 23
Global Warming Over Missile Deal; Schieffer’s McCain Campaign Part 2

July 20: Weekend Edition
Rather Willing to ID a Republican; "Funnel" Tax Money to Religious

July 18
Extra: Wednesday Night Dan Rather Discovered Chandra Levy

July 18
CBS’s Non-Levy Salaciousness; Crack Down on "Gas-Guzzling SUVs"

July 17
No Energy "Crisis" for Bush; European Global Warming Upset

July 16
Bush Stole Election, Not Really; Bring GOP to Center

July 13
"Scoundrels" Blocked McCain; CBS’s Rove "Impropriety"

July 11
"Easier" to Discriminate; Worried McCain Will be Disappointed

July 10
CNN’s New Chief Admires Hillary; Rather Upset Tax Cuts Hinder More Spending

July 05
Tax Cut Eating Into Surplus; CBS Pushed Prescription Entitlement

June 29: Weekend Edition
CBS’s New Respect for Robertson

June 28
Rather Stressed Brock’s Recant; Bush Losing Support

June 27
CBS Took Up Case Against Rove; Supreme Court "Treason"

June 26
"Big Boost" for McCain’s Reform; Liberal = "Reformer"

June 20
Upset by Thanks to Congress & Bush; Ferraro a "Hero to Millions"

June 19
FERC "Finally Stepped In"; Liberal Night on PBS 

June 18
Media’s Green Agenda Conceded; ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos

June 15: Weekend Edition
EU’s Non-Ratification Ignored; Fodder to Show Bush Unintelligent

June 14
Fear of New "Cold War Dynamic"; Rather's Claim About Bush Twins

June 13
Looking to Government for Help; Bush’s "Controversial" & "Gaffe" Prone Trip

June 12
"Arrogance on Global Warming"; Goldberg Shunned by Rather

June 11
Global Warming Report Distorted; "Have to" Have Price Caps?

June 08: Weekend Edition
Rather: "Uncle Cheney" in Charge; No Taxes, No Rebate

June 07
"Harsh Light" on Warming Policy; CBS to Daschle: "Are You Ready to Fight?"

June 06
Bush’s “Defiance” of Moderation; GOP Hit on Torricelli

June 05
Bush Policies Losing Support; "Need" for Moderates

June 04
FNC Realized Vandalism Reality; Post v. Post on Trashing

June 01: Weekend Edition
Al Gore III’s Speeding Ignored; Networks Pounced on Citations to Bush Daughters 

May 31
Bush Parks "Stunt" Denounced; Humans Over Park "Residents"

May 30
Price Caps Will Increase Supply?; Sympathy for Casey Martin’s Cause

May 29
"Moderates" Opposed Tax Cut; Conservatives the "Abusers" of Moderates

May 25: Weekend Edition
Jeffords: "Principle Over Party"; Vermonters "Socially Conscious"

May 24
Jeffords Mislabeled “Moderate”; In Wake of Jeffords Defection Bush Should Move Left

May 23
Cheney Event = Gore’s Temple; Nets Equated GOP Fundraising with Clinton’s

May 22
"Big" Tax Cut Yields Little Cut; Reagan-Hater to Take NY Times Top Spot

May 21
Liberal Hit on Olson Advanced; "Drastically" Reduced Government?

May 17
Plan from "Two Former Oil Men"; More Bogus Rather Claims

May 15
Extra: Dan Rather on Bill Clinton: "I think he’s an honest man."

May 15
Bush Team Too Influenced by Big Oil; Liberal Charged Price Fixing, ABC Jumped

May 14
Couric’s "Million Mom" Tribute; "Thank God" Democrats Blocking Conservative Judges

May 10
"No Way to Bankroll Big Tax Cuts"; "Staunch Conservative" Nominees

May 9
"Controversial" Judge Nominees; MSNBC’s Reno Lovefest; Bush’s SUV Lifestyle

May 7
Traficant "Embarrassment" to GOP; Lack of More Day Care Spending Denounced

May 4: Weekend Edition
Bush Just Like Jimmy Carter; Bush "Rammed" Budget

May 2
"Controversial" Missile Defense; Smaller "Big" Tax Cut

May 1
Bush Caused "Permanent Damage"; Daschle Wants to Poison Kids Too

April 30
Russert Validated DNC Attack Ad; Donaldson: Nuremberg Standard for Kerrey?; Alter’s Gorbasm

April 26
ABC to Bush: Most Dislike Policies; MRC's Report Card on the Networks: An F for CBS News

April 25
"Rocky Record on the Environment"; Bush’s "Camouflage for His True Conservative Colors"

April 23
Liberal Protesters Amplified; Gushing Over "Granny D"; "Reagan-Era Cynicism"

April 20: Weekend Edition
Day Care Bad? Let’s Have More; Bush Has "Worst Record" on the Environment

April 18
Bush’s Green: Big Business Money; NY Times Editor Admitted Stories Tell "You What to Think"

April 16
Tax Cuts Over Fighting Cancer; Bush "The Toxic Texan"

April 13: Weekend Edition
Bush "Exacerbated" China Showdown; ABC’s Tribute to Hillary on Her 100th Day

April 11
Jennings: "Why Not" Apologize?; ABC Focused on "Deep Cuts" But FNC Noted They Amount to 0.02%

April 10
"Arrogant" Bush at Fault on China; Nets Focused on Harm of Budget Cuts

April 9
Dan Rather’s "Objectivity"; Why Not Apologize?; Can’t "Eat, Drink or Breathe" Thanks to Bush

April 6: Weekend Edition
Bush Tax Cut Means No Help for Winnie; New Dan Rather Web Page

April 5
Rather Gave 23 Seconds to Recount; Couric Still Obsessed by Confused Voters

April 04
Rather Raised Money for Democrats; Katie Couric’s Ten Years of Liberalism

April 03
China Enraged by "Militant" Bush; "Historic" Win for "Landmark" McCain Bill to Ban "Attack Ads"

April 02
McCain’s "Monumental" Triumph; ABC Mocked Bush’s "Energy Crisis" Then Used Same Term

March 30: Weekend Edition
Mozambique Floods Bush’s Fault; McCain’s "Historic Event"

March 29
"Controversial" Kyoto "Rollback"; Tax Cut "Bankrolled" on Backs of Kids

March 28
ABC Suppressed Poll Which Found Most Want Bush’s or Bigger Tax Cut

March 26
Senate Debate But No Media Debate; Bush to Pack Courts with "Right Wing Nut Cases"

March 23: Weekend Edition
"Do the Markets Now Miss" Clinton?; Laura Bush Pressed on Gun Control

March 22
Imbalance on "Balanced Approach"; Bush Fooled People into Thinking He’s Not Conservative?"

March 20
McCain-Feingold Trumpeted; Corporate Investment in Bush "Paying Off"

March 19
Media Push for McCain’s "Reform"; Turner: "Wrong Man is President"

March 15
"Massive" Tax Cut "Too Small"; Liberal Whining About Quoting JFK

March 14
CBS Conceded Tax Cut Support, But; Same Show, Two Stories on Gore’s Confused Voters

March 12
NBC’s Florida Recount Disparity; Cokie and Steve Roberts Disagreed on Popularity of Tax Cut

March 09: Weekend Extra
Linda Douglass: Only GOP Guilty | Weekend Edition: Tax Vote Ruined Bi-Partisanship

March 08
More Rather Bias & "Ratherisms"

March 07
Bush’s Anti-Minority Census; No Outrage Over Byrd’s Derogatory Comment

March 05
Tax Cuts Will Bring Back Deficit; Reagan: "Eight Years of Tough Times"

March 02: Weekend Edition
ABC’s Denise $ Spin Contradicted; Rivera Steadfast for Clinton

March 01
CBS Spiked Pro-Tax Cut Poll; ABC Focused on Budget Cut "Pain"

February 28
Bush’s Speech Delivery Praised; Bush Reflected "Hard Core Conservatism"

February 27
Extra: Nets Pounced on Anti-Tax Cut Poll; Tax Cut "Favors" Wealthy

February 27
NBC Ignored Miami Recount; Tax Cut Not Popular

February 26
No Worse Than Weinberger Pardon; Cokie Believes Hillary

February 23: Weekend Edition
Bill Clinton Reacted with "Fury"; Worried About Impact on Hillary

February 22
Hillary: Hugh Rodham's Victim

February 20
Malaria, Drought & Drowning

February 16: Weekend Edition
Clinton Avoided "Is"; Will GOP "Overplay" Pardon

February 15
Congress Not Networks Examined; Wealthy Anti-Tax Cutters Promoted

February 14
Clinton "Treated Like a Rock Star"; Vignali Reported

February 13
Clinton Cocaine Clemency Clipped; Hillary Furniture Excuse Skipped

February 12
The Homeless Are Back; Early Clinton Furniture Shipping Ignored

February 09
CBS’s Anti-Tax Cut Crusade; Conservative = "Controversial"

February 08
Furniture Removal Barely Noted; Bush Rebuked for Hyping Bad News

February 06
"Still Paying Bill" for ‘81 Cut; Clinton Furniture Removal Skipped

February 05
"Huge" Tax Cut for Rich Denounced; Gumbel: Clinton a Victim

February 02: Weekend Edition
"Rights Groups" vs. Ashcroft; SNL Bush Imitator Voted for Gore

February 01
CBS Shocked by Bush Comments; Simpson Denounced Vouchers

January 30
Drilling Instead of Spending; Churches Don’t Follow Civil Rights Laws

January 29
Policies "At Odds" With Uniting; CBS Suppressed Vandalism

January 26: Weekend Edition
CBS Tagged Offner "Policy Expert"; Critics Won’t "Let Go" of Clinton

January 25
McCain "Mobbed by the Media"; Brokaw Distorted Ashcroft on Robert E. Lee

January 23
"Controversial" Abortion Order; But 8 Years Ago Clinton Just Fulfilling "Promise"

January 22
Clinton as Ray’s Victim; Rather Avoided What Clinton Conceded

January 18
Walters Pressed Bush from Left; Gumbel Complained Ashcroft "Not Going Quietly"

January 17
Gumbel’s Anti-Ashcroft Harangue; Ashcroft’s Religion a Disqualifier

January 16
Rather: Bush "Selected" President; Thompson’s "Hardline Anti-Abortion Stand"

January 15
Ashcroft’s "Agenda of Robert Lee"

January 12 Weekend Edition
Harris "Completely Inflexible"; Norton’s States’ Rights Distorted

January 11
CBS: Is John Ashcroft a "Racist?"

January 10
Stephanopoulos Tied to Chavez Hit?; Unlabeled Anti-Ashcroft Groups

January 09
Chomping on Chavez; Reagan Civil Rights Enforcement an "Oxymoron"

January 08
Chavez as "Extreme" as Ashcroft; Bush Didn’t Win

January 04
Bush Not Vindicated By Rate Cut; Hillary the "Most Admired"

January 02
Can Bush "Get Away With That?"; Norton an Evil "Protege" of James Watt 





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Robert D. Novak
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