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What The Media Tell Americans About Free Enterprise

December 21, 2000

  • News Media Advise Bush To Ditch "Big" Tax Cut (More)

  • Conservative Economists Could Have Helped the Broadcast Networks Get the Story Right in 2000 (More)

December 6, 2000

  • NBC's Today Again Promotes Wacky Tree-Climbing Activist (More)

  • Iron-Fisted Soviet Union Still Gets Good Press From The New York Times (More)

November 21, 2000

  • Economic Freedom Is Overlooked Concept At Broadcast Networks (More)

  • Kudos... to U.S. News & World Report (More)

October 30, 2000

  • NBC's Triple Play: In Two Days, Three Dramas Pushed Plot Lines Which Echoed Gore Campaign Themes (More)

October 26, 2000

  • News Media Promoted Pro-Gore Tax Activist as "Nonpartisan" Expert (More)
  • Gore Spin Echoed by Networks In Coverage of Texas Education Study (More)

October 10, 2000

  • Time Reporter Alleges Bush’s Tax Cuts Harmed Texas Tots (More)
  • No Post-Debate Scrutiny of Gore’s Social Security Claims (More)
  • Kudos... to FNC’s William La Jeunesse (More)

September 26, 2000

  • Oil Release Announcement Was Opportunity for Good and Bad Journalism (More)
  • CBS Evening News Broadcasts Unbalanced Claims of Liberal Activists (More)

September 12, 2000

  • Biased, Incomplete Network Coverage of Candidates' Drug Plans (More)
  • TV's Skimpy Tax Cut Coverage Shortchanges Voters (More)
  • Kudos... to ABC's Bob Woodruff (More)

August 29, 2000

  • Media Aid Environmental Hit Job on ABC Reporter (More)
  • Journalists Try to Pull Out the Plug on Electricity Deregulation (More)

August 11, 2000

  • Beware of Media's Election Year Economics Lessons (More)
  • Kudos... to USA Today (More)

July 28, 2000

  • Media's Routine Election Year Spin Against Tax Cuts Re-Surfaces (More)
  • Kudos... to Time's J. Madeleine Nash (More)

July 17, 2000

  • Gore Darts Further to the Left but Networks Tag Him as "Populist," not "Liberal" (More)
  • How to Spend the Surplus (More)
  • Kudos... to The Washington Times’s Patrice Hill (More)

June 30, 2000

  • Networks Let Government Slide Off the Hook in Gas Price Run-Up (More)
  • TV's Fed Coverage Omits Pro-Growth Views (More)
  • Kudos... to NBC's Tim Russert (More)

June 16, 2000

  • Liberals Featured, Conservatives Shunned in Death Tax Coverage (More)
  • Networks Silent on Government-Inspired Hospice Horrors (More)
  • NBC News Lends Support to Mandatory Vacation Law (More)

June 2, 2000

  • Predicting Presidential Winners: Is It the Economy, or Is It the Media? (More)
  • Kudos... to The New York Times (More)

May 19, 2000

  • Networks Give One-Sided View of Social Security Debate  (More)
  • Ford Fuels Good Press By Bad-Mouthing Own SUVs (More)
  • Odds Are, Regulations Demanded by Dateline NBC Won’t Help Anyone but Bureaucrats (More)

May 5, 2000

  • ABC News Sends Leonardo DiCaprio to High School (More)
  • Risky Business (More)
  • CBS’s Ray Brady, Always the Bear (More)

April 20, 2000

  • Global Warming: An Earth Day Opportunity (More)
  • Faulty ABC Poll Distorts Public View of Microsoft Case (More)

April 7, 2000

  • TV Reporters Aghast at Stock Slide, but Not At Government Prosecution of Microsoft (More)
  • Media Mavens Are Mum on Potential IRA Changes (More)
  • Kudos... to CNN’s Brooks Jackson (More)

March 24, 2000

  • TV Reporters Ignore Gore Gaffe on Economy (More)
  • Networks Add Fuel to the Furor Over High Gas Prices (More)

March 10, 2000

  • NBC’s Law & Order Presents Biased View of the Stock Market (More)
  • CBS Lauds Anti-Corporate Trial Lawyer (More)
  • Freedom vs. Rollerblades (More)

February 28, 2000

  • Who Runs the American Economy? (More)
  • Kudos... to the Washington Post’s Curt Suplee (More)

February 18, 2000

  • As Oil Prices Rise, Free Market Ideas Are Left Out in the Cold (More)
  • The 1980s, According to Mort (More)

January 28, 2000

  • CNN Earns Dunce Cap For Biased Newsroom Report (More)
  • Kudos...to CNN's Charles Feldman (More)

January 17, 2000

  • CBS Rings Alarm Bells on Global Warming (More)
  • There They Go Again - Media's Bias Against Tax Cuts Was Much In Evidence In 1999 (More)
  • Kudos...to NBC’s Today (More)


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