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CyberAlert Editor Brent H. Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center (MRC), has been the central figure in the MRC's News Division since the MRC's 1987 founding. CyberAlert is an often-cited, near-daily e-mail report on national media coverage of politics he created in 1996. By the beginning of 2002 over 10,000 people, including many influential reporters, editors, editorial writers, commentators, talk show hosts, and producers had joined Baker's mailing list of cyber-subscribers.


December 30, 1999
Kristol Canned by ABC; Second Runners-Up in the Best NQs of '99

December 29, 1999
Time Praised FDR & Dissed Churchill; First Runners-Up in the Best NQs of '99

December 28, 1999
Best NQs of 1999: Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting

December 20, 1999
Jesus Goes Left; ABC's Liberal Showcases & Time Capsule; Naked Geraldo

December 17, 1999
McCain-Bradley = "Virtue"; "Divisive" Pope; FNC Showed Broaddrick Q to Gore

December 16, 1999
Huang Skipped; NBC's "Paternal" Castro; Bradley: Diane Sawyer's Boyfriend

December 14, 1999
Ted to "Save the Human Race"; Brokaw Hit GOP from Left; W's "Intellect"

December 10, 1999
Clarence Thomas Accepted Award on Behalf of Woman Who Wished Him Dead

December 9, 1999
ABC Decried Giuliani on Homeless; Stahl: Hillary "Knocked My Socks Off"

December 6, 1999
"Stupid" Tax Cut; "Alleluia" to Spending; Christmas "Saved" by Regulator

December 3, 1999
Cochran's Gore Dinner Date; FNC Up, CNN & Gumbel Down

December 2, 1999
How to "Pay" for Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy; Tipper Not Pressed on Homeless

November 30, 1999
What Pain "Hurt" Hillary? Gumbel's Reagan Insult; FNC Picked Up Dirkhising

November 22, 1999
Liberal "Centrist"; NBC Accented Hillsdale Scandal; Viewers Avoiding Gumbel

November 15, 1999
Gore - FALN Pardon Link Suppressed; ABC Discovered Boys & Girls "Different"

November 11, 1999
Gumbel: Conservatives Ruin "National Prestige"; FNC Showed What ABC Spiked

November 9, 1999
Anchor to Clinton:"How Does it Feel Talking to Me?"; Focusing on Bush Quiz

November 4, 1999
CBS Pushed Gun Control Again; Gumbel Denounced Entrepreneural "Greed"

November 2, 1999
Clinton's Buddy Bryant Gumbel; CBS Pushed Bush Drug Question

November 1, 1999
Gumbel Denounces MRC Ad; Insists That on Political Views "I Hold Them in Check"

October 29, 1999
Zilch on ABC, CNN & NBC on Huang/Riady Revelations; Helms' Women Problem

October 27, 1999
Budget Cut Realities; Lauer Urged Dole for VP; "Appeasement" of China

October 25, 1999
Cutting "The Penny That Cures Cancer"; Bathtubs Kill More Than School Shooters

October 22, 1999
"Partial-Birth" Avoidance; Another Car Bomber; Reno Warned of FALN

October 21, 1999
Crusading for Campaign Finance "Reform"; Democrat Ray; Rivera on Starr

October 20, 1999
Gore's Treaty Flip-Flop; Fishing With Wen Ho Lee; Spend or Hike Taxes

October 19, 1999
NBC: U.S. Nuclear "Overkill"; Sad for Clinton; GOP Doesn't Care About World

October 15, 1999
Thwarted FBI Skipped; Wright's Q Ignored By ABC & CBS; Clinton's 1991 Moral Concern

October 13, 1999
Coup Linked to CTBT Foes; Unabomber "Charming"; Clift Thanked Bush

October 8, 1999
"Patients' Bill of Rights" Cheered; Brazile's Dirty Campaigning Ignored

October 5, 1999
Clinton Warned Us; "Intelligent Catholics" Like Dung; Clinton Avoided Sex

October 1, 1999
China's Communist Success; Socialist Turner; Morris's "Cockamamie" Story

September 30, 1999
Beatty Not Liberal; Morris Distorted on "Airhead"; Clinton's Spittle

September 29, 1999
Hailing Maverick McCain; "Gipper Was an Airhead"; Leftist West Wing

September 27, 1999
Morris's Imaginary Friends Spawned by Acorn; Reagan's "Empty Mind"

September 24, 1999
FBI's Freeh Opposed Pardons, But Nets Don't Care; Beatty Better Than Reagan

September 22, 1999
Pardon Hearing Skipped; Raisa as Jackie; Stossel's Rare Spin; Sam on Pot

September 20, 1999
Pothead Sam; Video of Pardoned FALNers Making Bomb; Delete 2nd Amendment

September 17, 1999
Shooter's Anti-Christian Motive Missed & Noted; Nets Avoiding Pardons

September 16, 1999
Gibson's Gun Crusade; Pardons Pardoned; Floyd Blamed on Global Warming

September 15, 1999
Too Much Press Scrutiny of Hillary; Global Warming's "Killer Mosquitos"

September 13, 1999
Puerto Rican "Dreams"; Bias Conceded in Lack of Home Deal Outrage

September 9, 1999
Gullible for Hillary; Stephanopoulos Raised Bush Drugs with Bradley

September 7, 1999
Jobs Up or Down?; Witnesses Suppressed; Mislabeling by NY Times

September 2, 1999
CBS & NBC Got to Pardons; Clinton Raved About Woman from Past

August 27, 1999
Blind to Officer Blinded by FALN; Erbe Boasted of Heroin & LSD Use

August 24, 1999
Bush vs. Broaddrick; Clinton Seduced Nephew's Fiancé; Huang-Tied Nominee

August 23, 1999
CNN Blamed GOP for Media's Bush Focus; Hypocrisy Over Broaddrick

August 20, 1999
Bush & Drugs a Big Story on Outlets Which Ignored Broaddrick

August 18, 1999
DOD Security & Pardon for Terrorists Skipped; GMA's Gibson Dozed Off

August 17, 1999
ABC's GOP Analyst: Stephanopoulos; NRA Doesn't Care If Kids Die

August 13, 1999
Corporate America Dominates PBS; Cronkite Denounces Jarvik

August 12, 1999
Tragedy Overkill; Koppel's Idea of "Objective"; PBS on Y2K

August 11, 1999
"Pious, Sex-Crazed" Starr; Pinch Favored U.S. Deaths

August 10, 1999
"Huge" GOP Tax Cut; Jesse's Fan Club; Gore's "The Best Boy"

August 9, 1999
Whipping Black Conservatives; Notable Quotables: Praising Hillary

August 6, 1999
Two Nets Skip China Report; Out of Water?; No Corrections for Hale Tale

August 5, 1999
CBS's Dishonest Hit on Tax Cuts; Disputing Foster Affair; Snubbing Rest

August 3, 1999
GMA's Love-In for Hillary; CBS Let Cox Call Wen Ho Lee a Scapegoat

August 2, 1999
CBS Bought Hillary's "Candor"; $90,000 Skipped in AM; "Stupid Tax Cut"

July 30, 1999
22 Seconds for $90,000 Fine; Greenspan's Tax Cut View Distorted

July 28, 1999
Gerth on Citibank Tanked; FNC Revealed Trie Leads Being Suppressed

July 27, 1999
Ted Kennedy: Champion of "The Little Guy"; AP Re-Wrote Clinton's Lie

July 26, 1999
JFK Jr. a "Sun God"; ABC Wanted to Hire Him; Tax Cutters Have Low IQ

July 23, 1999
Tax Cut Helps Rich; Clinton's JFK Jr. Tale False But Media Buy It

July 22, 1999
Ted Tribute; Kennedy Family "Values" in "National Bosom"; No Scandal Qs

July 21, 1999
"Chubby" Ted; ABC Discredits a Tax Cut; PBS List Sharing: Newt's Fault

July 20, 1999
Reviving the Myth of Camelot; Dan Rather Awed by "Kennedy Mystique"

July 19, 1999
Chappaquiddick a Kennedy "Tragedy"; Rather Fooled & Broke Gun Vow

July 16, 1999
Killing Health Rights; Hockenberry Gun in Mouth; NBC Repeats Starr Bashing

July 15, 1999
GOP Killing Patient Rights; NBC: Sports Bra = Title IX Success

July 13, 1999
PBS Finds FNC Biased; Limbaugh as Model; Soccer Team Too Sexy?

July 12, 1999
Dreaming of Senator Rodham; Her "Celtic Mist"; Rivera Loves Rather

July 9, 1999
Surprised So Many Object to Hillary; News Chief Tried to Mute Drudge

July 8, 1999
Avoiding Hillary's Sleaze; Rebuking Rudy & Equating Him to Hitler

July 6, 1999
Pouncing on Bush's Guard Preference; CAFé More Deadly Than SUVs

July 1, 1999
CBS's "Good Thought" to Restrict Free Speech; Another Spy Case?

June 30, 1999
Medicare Plan Doesn't Spend Enough; Clinton's Killer Fundraiser

June 29, 1999
ABC Pushed UN Report on Guns; Nets Ignored How China To Test Missile

June 28, 1999
Clinton China Admission & Dissembling Skipped; Salon's Coulter Smear

June 25, 1999
Whistleblower's Punished; Rahter Not Biased; Co-host Stephanopoulos

June 23, 1999
ABC Skipped Rudman Again; Clinton's "Hero's Welcome"; Bush's Mistake

June 22, 1999
Implant Dangers Deflated; Brokaw Praised Quindlen; Unwelcome Bipartisanship

June 21, 1999
CNN Let Clinton Avoid Chinagate; Bush "Extreme"; CBS Ignored Dingell

June 17, 1999
Gore Concern for Clinton Behavior Undisputed; Hillary's Religious Side

June 16, 1999
ABC & NBC Ignored Rudman's Report; Poll: Most Interested In Chinagate

June 15, 1999
Unlike Dad, W's No "Race-Baiter"; Rather Can't Say Gore's Wrong

June 14, 1999
Bush Spins; Christian Coalition = Inquisition; Anchorman Stephanopoulos

June 11, 1999
Clinton Earned a "Place in History"; Anti-Tax Pledge = Witch Trials

June 10, 1999
Special Edition: Today Gave Hillary Clinton 12 Minutes to Show She Cares About Kids

June 10 1999
"Gun Lobby" Puppets; Only FNC Noticed Richardson; CNN's McGovernite

June 9, 1999
O'Leary Leaked Secrets?; Lou Dobbs Quits CNN; Media Will Protect Hillary

June 8, 1999
Hot Day Means Global Warming; Giggling Over Al; Las Vegas Lost

June 7, 1999
"Hysteria" Over a "Red Menace"; NY Editor to Hillary: Run

June 4, 1999
Special Edition: ABC's Charlie Gibson Pressed Clinton from the Left on Gun Control

June 4, 1999
Hsing-Hsing NBC's Cold War "Symbol"; FNC Confirmed Cox Warnings

June 3, 1999
Hsing-Hsing Before Chung Ching; Ventura Hit on Guns; GMA's Clinton Week

June 2, 1999
"It Only Takes One" Missile; "NBC News Hosed Me" A Talk Show Host Asserted

June 1, 1999
CNN: Cox Manipulated Media to Hype China Coverage; Clinton's Cover-Up

May 28, 1999
FNC: Spy Scandal "Getting Serious"; CBS: It's No Big Deal

May 27, 1999
FNC Uncovered Retribution; Bias Pondered; HRC Hailed by Rather

May 26, 1999
Special Edition: Police Brutality Before Spying; Rather/Hillary

May 26, 1999
Gun Control Before Espionage at CBS & NBC

May 25, 1999
Reno as Victim; Clinton in on Cover-Up?; McCarthyite Republicans

May 24, 1999
Connecting $ to Spying; Clinton's Great Week; Nightline Absence

May 21, 1999
Gun Control Too Late; Cox Talks to Fox; Selleck vs. O'Donnell

May 20, 1999
FNC Displays Clinton Lying; Hitting Selleck; Clinton's Gun Buddy

May 19, 1999
Cox Clogged by Commerce; Today Showcased Webcam Zoomed in on Goldberg

May 18, 1999
ABC: Lanny Davis a Truth Teller; Media "Help" GOP Correct Gun Error

May 17, 1999
Nets Skip How Missile Made with Stolen Info; CNN: Hillary Has "Suffered"

May 14, 1999
Networks Ignore a 1997 Spy: Peter Lee; Jennings Derided Reagan

May 13, 1999
Rubin: Greatest SecTreas Since 1790s; Liddy Earns Media Approval

May 12, 1999
CBS & MSNBC Skipped Chung; Morning Chung Blackout; NBC Gets to Spying

May 11, 1999
Richardson Ignored; Russert Condemned Clinton But NBC News Disagrees

May 10, 1999
CBS & NBC Refuse to Touch China; Russert Grilled Richardson

May 7, 1999
Spy Suspect Out On Saturday; Chung Revealed More; King Replaced Gore

May 6, 1999
CBS & NBC Skip China Hearing; Brokaw: China a Bigger Risk Than Kosovo

May 5, 1999
War Incompetence; "Great Women" Judged by ABC: Hill, Fonda & Clinton

May 3, 1999
Networks Ignored How Clinton Warned; Time's White: Ban All Guns

April 30, 1999
NBC Ignored Nuclear Data Transfer; Nets Avoid Implicating Clinton

April 27, 1999
Chung Delayed; ABC Showed Cassie Bernall's Faith; Koppel Lauded Hillary

April 26, 1999
Media Consider Cultural Culpability; NRA's "Cruel Reminder"

April 23, 1999
Gun as Deterrent Derided; "Fatheads" Urge Prayer; Fired by Energy

April 21, 1999
Shooting Prompted Gun Control Talk; ABC Hyped Hillary & French Day Care

April 19,1999
Cox Told Fox Energy Delaying Report; Arnett Axed?; ABC's Abortion Swing

April 16, 1999
Clinton Spy Cover-Up Skipped; Editors Applauded Clinton Retort of Talk Radio

April 15, 1999
CBS & NBC Blame U.S. in Kosovo; Starr's Stands; ABC: Benefits of Taxes

April 13, 1999
More on Fire Than Contempt; DOE Official Charged Cover-Up, Only CBS Cares

April 9, 1999
Special Edition: Busy Beavers Interest NBC, Not Clinton Scandal; Shunting Chinagate

April 9, 1999
CBS & NBC Avoided Fundraising; FNC Outlined Money Flow; "Witty" Zhu

April 8, 1999
ABC, CBS & NBC AWOL on Chung; ABC's Right to Carry: the Anti-Gun Case

April 6, 1999
Broadcast Nets Suppress China-DNC; Couric Deplored "Right-Wing"

April 5, 1999
Nets Skipped Chinese Military-DNC Donation Link; Gas vs. Milk for Kids

April 2, 1999
Nets Skip Warnings to Clinton; Giuliani Scolded for Criticizing Hillary

April 1, 1999
April Fools Edition (Vol. Four; No. 59); Not available 

April 1, 1999
Dan Rather Goes Gentle on Clinton; Spared Reagan/Bush Treatment

March 31, 1999
Time for Ground Troops?; Only Lee Wiretap Rejected; Geraldo Thanked Flynt

March 30, 1999
CyberAlert reader survey (Vol. Four; No. 56); Not available 

March 29, 1999
Starr Image "Grossly Unfair"; Actor Denounced "Success and Achievement"

March 26, 1999
Grand Jury Forewoman: Would Have Indicted Clinton; Gumbel's Blast

March 24, 1999
Sam on Clinton's "Credibility"; CNN Dug Out Gore Video; Kazan = Tripp

March 22, 1999
Some Rude to Kazan; "Evil Right-Wing"; CNN's Bruce Morton Took Sides

March 20, 1999
Press Conference Softballs; CBS & NBC Ignored Broaddrick; Dreyfuss on Kazan

March 19, 1999
China "Red Meat" for Partisan GOP; Brokaw Denounced "Conservative Dogmas"

March 17, 1999
Richardson Skipped; Rush Lambasted, Countered With Bias Proof

March 16, 1999
Communists Agree: GOP on "Witch Hunt"; Yearning for Senator Hillary

March 15, 1999
GOP: Witch Hunting, "Stupid" Cold Warriors; The Murdoch Conspiracy

March 12, 1999
Special Edition: Stephanopoulos "A Linda Tripp Type"

March 12, 1999
"Poster Boy for Betrayal": CNN Accepted Claim That Gore Created the Internet

March 11, 1999
Bill Clinton: "First 'Woman President'"; Chilly Clinton Bed; Biting Bittman

March 10, 1999
China Would Have Figured It Out; Rivera Accosted a Starr Deputy

March 9, 1999
"Wacko Right-Winger is Redundant"; Media Driving Broaddrick Story?

March 8, 1999
Two "Juanitas"; Morton: Monica a Victim of VRWC; Starr & Tripp Pummeled

March 5, 1999
Moinca: Victim of Right-Wing Conspiracy; Morton: Tripp "Evil," Starr "Big Brother."

March 4, 1999
Lewinsky "Afraid" of Starr; Alter Denounced GOP Over Broaddrick

March 3, 1999
NBC Suppressing Broaddrick While Plugging Lewinsky on ABC

February 26, 1999
Broaddrick Fades; NOW's Warning Skipped; CBS Crusaded for More Medicare

February 25, 1999
No Unwarranted Broaddrick Delay?; Hockenberry: Illegitimate Story

February 24, 1999
Myers Freed; Media Dismiss Broaddrick and Hope She Goes Away

February 22, 1999
ABC & NBC Resist Broaddrick Story; Starr Hammered More in Prime Time

February 19, 1999
Clinton Takes NH But Local Paper Fired Back; Morals Worse in France

February 18, 1999
ABC Promotes Liberal Protests; NBC to Ken Starr: "Have You No Shame?"

February 17, 1999
NBC Dramas Feature an IC; CNN's Liberal Town Meeting

February 16, 1999
CBS: GOP Must Move Left; Tripp a Bad Mom; CNN's Liberal Night

February 15, 1999
Snowe, Collins & Chafee "In Touch"; Clinton Vindicated?; People's Fawning

February 12, 1999
Special Edition: NBC's Today on Linda Tripp: A Betrayer Responsible for the Scandal

February 12, 1999
Revenge Rejected; Hero Heckler; Racist GOP; Oops: NBC Showed a Broaddrick Sign

February 11, 1999
Geraldo in Full-Gloat Mode; Actor Ron Silver Repudiates "Right-Wing Fringe"

February 10, 1999
ABC Put Sex Survey Ahead of "Real Issues"; CNN: Clinton Accepts Responsibility

February 9, 1999
More Trial Would "Terrify People"; Hitchens: "A Male Linda Tripp"

February 8, 1999
All a "Partisan Hit Job"; Donaldson: "Expel" Clinton; Newt Deserved It

February 5, 1999
ABC: Heckler Is "Voice of the People"; "Free Lisa Myers"; Starr a Felon

February 4, 1999
Brokaw Denounced GOP "Zealotry" and Hypocrisy; Gingrich Vindicated

February 3, 1999
Jordan Praised; Starr "A Nut Job"; FNC Picked Up Broaddrick Charge

February 2, 1999
Only FNC Hinted at Clinton-Lewinsky Collusion; Starr Targeted; Tax Cuts Help Rich

February 1, 1999
ABC Talks to PI Who Warned Willey; "Stalinist" Trial; Rivera Endorses McCain

January, 29, 1999
Partisan GOP "Rammed Through" Its Plan; Rather Castigated Senators

January 28, 1999
Not Enough Reporting on VRWC; Starr's Vindication Skipped; Pope & Clinton

January 26, 1999
Lindsey Graham's Aunt "Says He's Wrong"; House Managers Remind One of Nazis

January 25, 1999
Manager Meeting with Lewinsky Ruins Bipartisanship; Geraldo: Clinton a "schmuck"

January 22, 1999
Touting Pat Robertson; CBS: Clinton Brought Smiles to Kids; GOP "Un-American" 

January 21, 1999
Canonize the Popular Clinton; "Held Hostage" by the Trial; GOP Stuck in the '80s

Januray 20, 1999
Public "Loves" Clinton's Plans; CBS: Time for Ruff But Not Hyde

Januray 19, 1999
Why is GOP "Dragging This Thing Out?"; Hating Conservatives More Than Clinton

January 18, 1999
Discrediting Judge Nixon Comparison; Hyde: "Rabid" Conservative to "Statesman"

January 15, 1999
Trial Will Cause Market Collapse?; Rivera Attacks "Snotty" NBC Question

January 13, 1999
ABC Flaunts Flynt, CBS & NBC Refrain; Admiring Nancy Reagan for Moderating Husband

January 12, 1999
Rivera Showcases Flynt's Hit, Then Blames Clinton's Opponents

January 11, 1999
House Managers Similar to Klan "Night Riders"; House's Pile of Dung"

January 8, 1999
A GOP "Coup"; ABC's Labeling; Hyde & Company: "Zealots"

January 6, 1999
Conservatives Want to "Torture" Clinton; Byrd's Brain; Perry Smith: Fire Kaplan

January 5, 1999
Elizabeth Dole, "Social Conservative" and "Darling" of the Right

January 4, 1999
"Right-Wing Nuts" Employ "McCarthyism"; Spend More; China Tanked



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